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  1. (IC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/welcome-to-the-dwma.40777/)

    Basically, you are going to be a student of the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Your goal? Become a better meister/weapon, and Collect 99 evil souls and the soul of one witch to make a death scythe usable by death himself... but you might not survive to see that... there are forces at work beyond just evil souls and witches, that would like nothing more than to see the end of the DWMA, and all who oppose them.

    Recap!! (Read this is you need to know what has been going on, plot-wise.)
    So far, everyone has enrolled, and, has been walked around the schools, and, gained their rooms. Everyone has met Shinigami (death). (more to come)

    1. What I say goes. Trust me. I don't do anything without a reason. Feel free to ask me why I'm making such a decision, but don't argue with me over it.
    2. Don't argue. If you have beef with someone, take it up elsewhere. This isn't a thread for arguing. It's for discussing the rp, and having fun.
    3. Do not godmod/auto-hit another player, or major character. Chances are, if I'm controlling the NPC (major), you can't harm it without asking me first.
    4. The CO-GM's word will be law also. Only second to mine.
    5. Your students are first year. The goal is not to be as badass as you can. You are here to help your partner move forward. If you start pulling crazy bullshit, I have every right to kick you.
    6. Now that "class" Has begun, please only use the OOC to speak out of character.
    7. When you accept a mission, I'll make a thread and link you to it.
    8. When two characters have a conversation, go into a conversation between players to iron it out. No more posting whenever!
    9. About partnerships:
    • If your character uses paired weapons, then, the weapons should both be run by the same owner, unless I believe it's ok otherwise.
    • If you run a character with a weapon as a part of them, you do not need a partner, and will therefore not get one. You will have your own room to yourself, and no other character will share that room with you.
    School Rules:
    1. Only Partners will share a room.
    2. Rooms are co-ed, if there are any "problems", notify a professor.
    3. Battles between dtudents may only happen if there is a professor there to watch.
    4. If you want to change the room layout (beyond a simple two bed, one bathroom and kitchen layout), ask a dorm professor.
    5. Witches/evil humans may NOT be students.
    6. Certain missions have certain requirements. Mind them when you select a mission.


    Class: (weapon/ meister You may only be one of those two. Nothing else.)
    Partner (character and it's player):
    Skills: (I will ask for a decent explanation as to why you have certain skills. Not everyone has weapon blood, the ability to be multiple weapons, to shoot soul waves, or see souls.)

    Class: (Weapon/Meister/Skilled Normal/Normal)
    Race: (Optional... this is just in case you are say... a zombie, or a stone golem or something.)
    Job: (If you are a teacher, list what you teach.)
    Partner: (In case you are a meister/weapon.)

    Class: (kishin egg soul/witch/skilled human/other)
    Race: (seems a bit redundant, and also optional. just fill it in if you happen to be an other.)
    Job: (optional)
    Partner: (in case of being an evil meister/weapon. Optional)

    arget: (Evil human/etc. you don't have to make a full-blown sheet. just describe them, and their power.)
    Needed abilities: (if any, such as soul perception, soul wave shooting, etc.)

    Rooms/teams-( 5 )-
    Room 001: Lucas Everette - meister::Ezra Fitzgerald- weapon -- senpai (both)
    Room 002:
    Room 003: Maria Gale - Meister -- Aka~Kitsune::Tartarus - Weapon -- ChaosMage
    Room 004: Annie Larkwood - Meister -- Silver::Rhoan Phillips - Weapon -- Catz in Pajamas
    Room 005:Seradandi Klik - Meister -- ChaosMage::Doragon Yoru - Weapon -- Obsidian L Scarletta
    Room 006: Jack Weiss - Weapon/Meister::Jack Weiss - Weapon/Meister -- over-senpai (both)
    Room 007: Erin Hawkins - Weapon -- Kigarra::Cassim Freed - Meister -- Nadrojo

    Albina Turan - succubus -- Kid Jesus

    Teachers/Faculty/Other -( 2 )-
    Akuma Hashimoto " Kuma " - Teacher of History - meister -- Akuma
    Sayako - Weapon - Nurse -- Aka~Kitsune

    Needing partners-(0 - 0 Meister- 1 Weapon)- Pay attention to what is needed before you make a character.
    Ellen Young - Weapon -- Clockworker42

    You may also try to apply for:
    Villain(s) Notes on villains:
    • Ask me before you make one.
    • DO NOT Make a Sorcerer, also, I'm wary about granting a witch as being a Player character.
    • You have to plan with me and whoever you battle before you fight students.
    • I Have the right to control your villain. I will notify/ ask you about it first.
    • Please note that you could get killed off pretty quickly.


    -(The lowest tier missions)-(0)-
    One Star-(Only one star and above students may accept these)-(1)-

    mission 1 (open)
    Target: Evil Human= "Serial murderer" Buffalo Bill
    This evil human is a hunter of woman. It appears to be skinless, Short bloody hair, oafish body, large powerful hands use to rip people apart and big yellow human teeth. It wears the skin of the woman it kills like a cloak once it eats the womans soul. It is currently has a womans face over its left side of its face. This Evil human has killed 8 people so far. It hunts a night.
    Rank: 1 star
    Needed abilities: none
    Notes: This Evil human has low intelligence and has burst of speed but mostly moves slow

    Two Star-(Only two star and above students may accept these)-(0)-
    Three Star-(Regular students may not accept these missions. As such, you'll never see one on the board. Missions of a three star rank are of utmost urgency, and could likely result in the death of even an experienced Meister/Weapon.)-(0)-

    Peregrine has made our banner. If you ever run into them, say thank you for all of us!
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  2. Name: Tartarus
    Class: weapon
    Appearance:[​IMG] As weapon- was thinking either sword or spear. Maybe Chakrams if possible.
    Personality:Calm, collected, smooth talker,
    Partner:Maria Gale
    Skills:none fully developed yet, but practicing to see soul wavelengths.
    history: Tartarus always felt like he was special. That he could do things others couldn't. Imagine his surprise when he learned he could be a weapon that hunted rogue souls! After learning that he had been accepted into the academy, Tartarus could not have been more happy, more excited...and more sad. Even though he was a socialite, ladies man, player, whatever people wanted to call him....he had no real friends. When it came time to find a partner, he felt afraid that he wouldn't be able to find one.

    Will probably have to be modified, but just wanted to get it up.
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  3. That character is acceptable. It can be touched up a little more though.
  4. I would like to be a villain, Are the villains just witches.
  5. You may be a powerful evil (kishin) soul person. I haven't decided whether there'll be an abundance of witches or not. However, witches aren't the main villains.
  6. [​IMG]

    Name: Rhoan Phillips
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Class: Weapon
    Human Appearance: A rather tall boy standing at a solid six foot four inches, Rhoan looms over most people with his lithe, athletic build. He has very lightly tanned skin and long dirty blonde hair that is often kept in a loose ponytail. Rhoan's slate grey eyes are often covered by his round jagged armed glasses. (Top)
    Weapon Appearance: As a Weapon, Rhoan's is a large, bladed steel fan that can be used as either bluntly or as a blade when opened. His fan has an intricate tribal flame designs.
    Personality: Rhoan is a rather mature individual‚at least internally. However, externally he is active and childish, often saying random things to break tention or complaining when things do not go his way. This is not to say that he completely hides his true personality, he just has problems showing people. However it is appearant ADHD and lack of brain-to-mouth filter that often gets him into trouble as he says the first thing that comes to mind which is usually a snide comment or sarcastic remark.
    Partner: Annie Larkwood
    Skills: Although this is more of a personal skill, Rhoan is fairly adept at reading body language.
    History: Rhoan was raised in a loving home with five older siblings, two brothers and three sisters. However, he and his eldest sister were the only two whom had inherited the ability to turn into weapons. Needless to say he stood in his sisters shadow for years, constantly trying to out do her but failing due to lack of experience. It was only after his sister was severely injured by a raven witch that he saw how infantile their fued was and started spending his time caring for his sister where his sibling would not and his parents couldn't.

    After being accepted into the academy Rhoan was both relieved and worried at leaving his sister who was now back in the care of her miester. While also being worried about finding a partner.
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  7. Oh!~ Can we do multiple characters?
  8. Yes, But I would prefer you to not, unless there is an odd number.
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  9. Name:
    Maria Gale





    Maria is overly shy. Prone to stutters and hiding, the girl simply seems to exert no self confidence at all. With mainly books for company she will often react in simplistic ways to any confrontation or communication with other people. From blushing all the way to completely avoiding, she is often avoiding any interaction at all. Why she does this is unknown. She finds solace within the silence and poetry she is quite intelligent and tactical. Maria has a skill in observation, her lack of talking or participation in scenes make it a lot easier to observe others and store information she gathers away. With a king heart, Maria will try to help anyone to the best of her abilities, or at least until her shyness prevents her from going any further.


    Healing Wavelength - Maria's wavelength has been known have healing capabilities. Of course spending a lot of time secluded she has messed around with the strange ability. Her mother, also a Meister has a healing wavelength.

    Maria's mother, Tia is an active Meister while her father had ceased continuing as a Meister due to injuries. At a young age it was discovered she was a Meister her parents were delighted but had expected it. So, until she was eligible to enter the Academy, or at least a the point where her mother would deem her ready she spent a lot of her time studying. History, tactics, any information they believed would assist her in battle. Except, Maria was not a person who desired to even enter a battle, to make a death scythe or to save others. At this point she simply feared the horrendous idea and rebelled quietly to that set future. Watching Tia and her weapon in battle one day, save some people, she became slightly less against the idea and so was later ended into the Academy. Of course, that didn't change the fact she is uncomfortable socially and was far to shy to barely speak a word or two without the dreaded stutter.
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  10. Okay! If no one takes the nurse I might end up making one...or a weapon...or a bad guy... :3
  11. Your character needs some serious revising. I said I wasn't sure whether there'd be that many witches or not. I should have said: don't make a witch. Even further: Don't make a sorcerer. Sorcerers are even rarer and more powerful than witches, and while I MIGHT allow a witch, I'd never allow a player controlled sorcerer. However, your description of power is nowhere near the level of a true sorcerer's, and is more reminiscent of black blood or weapon blood, or something of the like. You also never explained WHY yours has the power it does, and, You are too old to be a student of the academy in my opinion. Your character is not Acceptable. That doesn't mean it's not salvageable. Please revise it.
  12. You did a good job! Exactly the example of what I'm looking for.

  13. If you wish, you may. You seem to get how to make characters. Please pm me if you wish to make a villain though. I might have to divulge some plot.
  14. Thank you C: Still deciding on what I would make x-x Villain seems really fun...
  15. Well, go for whatever you feel. I'll be online if you need to know anything.
  16. Okay! Thank you ^^
  17. Made a new teacher/faculty/nurse sheet. I am in the process of making the villain one.

    *edit - done with the sheet and notes so far. *
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  18. Name: Ellen Young
    Gender: Female
    Class: Weapon
    Appearance:Ellen has a stocky build. She is short and curvy. She has long, crazy, red hair and brown eyes. Her skin is tan and covered in freckles. She always wears the same pair of orange goggles on her head. In weapon form she becomes a large, ornate double-headed axe with a steampunk-esque design.
    Personality: Ellen is someone most people can get along with. She's mostly mello and prefers to listen rather than speak, as usually doesn't have much to say. When she does speak, she usually makes sarcastic comments or attempts to rationalize the situation in some way. She's a very orderly and balanced person, even if her appearance might suggest otherwise. However, she is very confident, even to the point of being cocky. She also finds it hard to trust others and ends up relying on herself too much.
    Partner: Jasper Ducheneaux AKA “Jazz”
    Skills: Her family is well known for having very adaptable and easy to work with soul wave lengths. This means that it would be much easier for any meister to use her in an emergency.
    History: Ellen was born to Dallas Young, a weapon whose meister had retired, and his wife Allison, a normal human. Ellen's father was terrified that Ellen might not have inherited his weapon blood. So when Ellen finally discovered her weapon form, he was eager to start training her right away. Her mother, however, was quite apposed to this idea. She wanted her daughter to have a normal childhood at the very least. So the two decided to compromise. During the week, Ellen would go to a normal school like a normal child and on the weekends she would study and train with her father. This didn't work so well, though, as Ellen preferred being a weapon to being a normal kid. She would draw her weapon form all over her school papers and spend all of recess going over what her dad had taught her last weekend. Her mother eventually gave up trying to convince her that normal school was just as fun and allowed her father to prepare her for the DWMA.
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  19. Accepted.
  20. ok..modified my post some. Hope it helps. :)
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