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A small kiosk stands in the middle of nowhere, surrounding a ordinary red door. The kiosk is staffed by an exceedingly bored, excessively ordinary teenaged girl far more interested in getting the dirt out from under her nails then talking to you. And why wouldn't she be? She has seen great warriors, kings at the front of armies, walk up to her little desk demanding her to let them though. She has seen Gods and alien armadas arrayed before her, threatening her with enough power to rend the planet itself asunder. Ancient cuthoid horrors have torn though the skein of reality, squamous creatures anathema to existence itself, to simply set themselves down before her, asking politely from a thousand mouths if they could be let through.

She has turned them all away.

What are you to them?

Yet, the girl's phone rings. Seeing who is on the other end she quickly, almost in a panic, answers the phone.


A thousand worlds away, a Woman in Pink cheerfully speaks into her phone while a movie plays in the background. No one stops her- they sit in the rows motionless; men, women and children. They all look alive yet... empty. Admist the husks, the woman has her conversation; it is almost like a movie itself, a mockery of a real conversation, its real meaning unknowable to anyone if they easvedroped upon her words. Then, she stops, as if considering something. Then she says it, a simple phrase.

The phrase has been said many times in the past by countless people, but when spoken by Her, the words possessed a gravitas that they have never held before, and never will since.

"Let them in."


The girl hangs up her phone, visibly shaken. She soon regains her composure. For a moment, upon seeing the motley assortment of...things... before her, she considers what could make them different. Then the thought is quickly discarded, as she quickly loses interest. She simply places a little placard on the desk of her little kiosk.

[Welcome: to THE DOOR! We are currently accepting visitors!]

In all honesty, the whole thing seems weird; you don't honestly remember how you got here. Were you locked in a battle with a great demon just moments ago? Were you at the head of a great armada, about to change the course of the universe with a single word? Or did you simply get a flat tire, and the kiosk was the first thing you saw? It doesn't matter in all honesty. It couldn't hurt to humor the girl in walking through the door. Really, it doesn't even lead anywhere...


What is THE DOOR?
THE DOOR has always existed. From the ancient times when rumors about bizzare beasts surrounded the region THE DOOR resides in, to nowadays, where rumors about alien abductions seem disproportionately high around its location, THE DOOR, curiously enough, dosen't actually seem to exist anywhere, yet it exists simultaneously everywhere.

No one has even been chosen by THE DOOR to enter- that is, until you happened upon it.

Who does THE DOOR chose?
THE DOOR believes everyone is special; that said, only a few will ever be chosen by it. YOU, THE CHOSEN OF THE DOOR, can be anyone or anything you can think of- from a great demon warrior, to alien dancer, to some random schmoe that happened on THE DOOR's kiosk late at night due to a flat tire. For characters, all you need to give me is:


Feel free to even use a character from another role-play- THE DOOR dosen't discriminate.

THE DOOR loves everyone- but sometimes THE DOOR has to let you die.
Within the realm of THE DOOR, you are not immortal. If you do something dumb, THE DOOR will sadly have to let you suffer the consequences of your actions. THE DOOR, will never take a life automatically, and will leave things up to a die roll, modified by how awesome you are. This shouldn't be an issue; THE DOOR only takes karmic retribution to god-modders.

Feel free to ask THE DOOR for help.
If you need to send a PM in relation to the game, put "I beseach THE DOOR" in the header. Or you can ask for help in this OOC thread. THE DOOR will listen and judge your words appropriately. This might be a powerful tool, but might also screw you over. Just be careful what you ask THE DOOR for.

Anyone ready to face THE DOOR?
Finally, I'm accepting characters at this time. Feel free to bring anyone as mundane or weird as you want; just remember, Karma favors the meek. I'm looking for around 3-5 characters to start, then I might run multiple adventure parties in a group instead of a thread.
Character Name: Phillip Renfield
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 33
Birthplace/World: Alternate reality of Earth
Occupation/School/Grade: Detective, Lieutenant
Marital Status: Divorced


General Appearance:
Strengths: Strong sense of justice, honest, upright, reliable, determined
Weaknesses: Strong sense of justice, stubborn, mildly chauvinistic.
Abilities: Phillip wields with him the embodiment of Fidelacchius, Amoracchius and Esperacchius – Faith, love and hope respectively. Both Fidelacchius and Amoracchius manifest themselves in a physical form, which will be further elaborated below. However, Esperacchius manifests itself as a ‘fire’, conjured from the inner most of Phillip’s soul. It is a fire that cannot burn Phillip, but against beings with dark intentions it will not only burn them physically, but also spiritually. This applies moreso for beings with dark origins. One thing that is common amongst all three is that they cannot injure an innocent being, and Phillip can only use these three with pure intentions. His intentions cannot be marred by any selfishness. If he were to use them with selfish intentions, these weapons will ‘unmake’ themselves – Simply put, they would be no more. The strength of these three ‘weapons’ all stem off Phillip’ emotions. If he was feeling despondent, Esperacchius would just fail to work. If he was feeling faithless, Fidelacchius wouldn’t work either. This works the same for Amoracchius.

Out from these weapons radiate a brilliance that will cause any dark being to fall back or be momentarily paralyzed, and for those of pure hearts that light will instill the characteristics of the emotion that they represent, be it Faith, Hope or Love.

While using Esperacchius, the Fire of Hope, one can argue that Phillip becomes superhuman, but in fact it is merely that the Fire of Hope fills him with hope to the point where he gives the fight his all, adding to his own physical strength, speed and durability, allowing him to reach peak human levels.

Aside from such superhuman abilities, Phillip is an excellent marksman, practicing regularly at a firing range with his gun, the embodiment of Fidelacchius and he is fit, a mark of someone who exercises regularly at a gym. Phillip is also able to hold his own in hand-to-hand combat, having received both police training and other forms of training such as his weekly MMA sparring sessions at the local gym plus experience from the field contributing to his repertoire of street fighting moves.

Due to his occupation, Phillip also shows proficiency in interrogation, able to play both the good cop and the bad cop. Along with that Phillip has a sharp eye, backed up by years of good records having managed to catch minor details that led them to discover major leads to crack cases.


Fidelacchius – Manifesting itself as a Colt 1911, this gun when fired at a dark being will never miss, not unless Phillip’ aiming was really off, like he wasn’t really aiming at it at all. The bullets are empowered by his faith, burning those that he believes to stand on the side of injustice – Unless they are innocent, of course.

Amoracchius – Manifesting itself as a pair of handcuffs, whoever is fettered by these will become as docile as a baby doe; tamed by the power of Love. They will find themselves losing the will to resist once cuffed.

Aside from these two, Phillip carries an extendable police baton and a combat knife from his time in the Navy SEALS.


Current Goal/Purpose: To return home.
Inabilities: To stand aside and watch the innocent get harmed.
Fears: To find himself powerless to protect, to have to go to a higher power.
General Personality: Phillip is generally a nice guy, friendly to those around him and can be described as charismatic. However, he does know when to be serious and when he is, he tolerates no nonsense. If you were to disrupt the overall serious, business mood he will not hesitate to demand that you leave, or even make sure you do leave personally regardless of your relationship towards him. As a normal human being Phillip experiences emotions, and many times they have misled his judgment. He experiences hate, love, passion, anger and fear – Most of all. However, what puts him apart from others is that he embraces these emotions and he admits both their disadvantages and advantages. Instead, he uses these emotions to drive him. He uses his anger to overcome his fear, he uses his fear to prompt him to strike, he uses his hate to push himself on and he uses love, love for life to get him back onto his feet when all seems lost.


General History:

Phillip was born into a family of soldiers and policemen, though not all were straight. There were a few black sheep, less than desirable people in their family that were cynical and crooked, though they were not cast out or excommunicated – Family was family, after all. Phillip from young was molded to become one of them, and he did. Having been born in Texas, Phillip handled his first gun at the age of nine and he still remembers how to ride a horse, even though he moved to Chicago at the age of ten. Joining the army after he finished college, Phillip served in the Navy Seals and he took part in both Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm, though when the Gulf War ended he left the army and joined the force instead. Despite his tenacity and determination to serve justice, Phillip was forced to take up the jobs that no one wanted to do – The most difficult, dirty cases in the precinct of Chicago, all because he offended the wrong people. He mouthed off multiple times when he watched guilty criminals walk free, all because they handed over a few large bills underneath the table or because of ‘lack of substantial evidence’, even though it was obvious that they were guilty, offending many high-ranking people. It didn’t help that he had arrested a few high-ranking people who were well-connected, either.

It is at the point of 2012 that this Earth began to diverge itself from the original reality, forming an alternate one. 2012 wasn’t the end of our world – It was the end of another’s. The realm of the supernatural collapsed upon itself, and it’s denizens flooded to our plane of existence. Within weeks the Earth was overrun with creatures from nightmares. Demons, vampires, werewolves and the sort. Governments collapsed, cities fell and people died. However, when the disaster struck Phillip was met by a being, speculated to be an angel one night, when he was drinking himself senseless after he watched a murderer and rapist go free. The angel had manifested itself in the form of an old janitor and had spoken to Phillip, and when the conversation was over, the old man had tapped Phillip’s forward once, and he immediately felt sober once again.

Phillip, now armed with Fidelacchius, Amoracchius and Esperacchius, arguably humanity’s greatest weapons; Faith, Hope and Love, led his team against the supernatural that had invaded Chicago, the city that he had sworn to protect. Due to his newfound abilities, Phillip became the scourge of the supernatural – Many a demon had fallen to his gun, and many more scuttled away back into their corners when they heard his name. Within a year and a half, Chicago was relatively free of any supernatural scourge.

But. The supernatural held their grudges. With so many of their kin dead at the hands of Phillip and his team, they had been gathering for a secret strike. It was a giant ambush on the precinct in the dead of the night, and it worked. The siege went on for about an hour and a half, the police that were still at the precinct managing to hold out against these beings at Phillip’s leadership. However, they soon were reduced to four – Phillip and the last three members of his team. The last memory Phillip had, was when he went back to back with his team as the demons, vampires, nightmares of every shape and size converged upon them.

One by one, the people that he fought alongside fell.

And eventually, Phillips did, too.

And he found himself at the Door, with no recollection whatsoever of what has happened.
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Edit: character's cool. He's accepted!
Name: Lucy Bogo


Cyclops/small one eyed being.

Lucy is small, blue, and has one big eye. Her eye has long eyelashes, her eye doesn't take up most of her head but it is what gets the most attention. Her face is rounder than the usual skull, though her plumped face makes up for it. Lucy's eye is the colour violet purple, big and pretty as it is, it gets very distracting for many that look at her. Her hair is blond and has short tight curls. From curling her hair so much it automatically stays into a curl, wet or dry. Her body is rather plumped and child esqu, for she has barely any chest, making her a pear shape. Her cheeks are always rosey (in this case a darker shade of blue than her skin.) Lucy has a button nose that is close to her pursed lips, making her a little less abnormal than most cyclops.

As for Lucy's outfit; she always wears lolita/doll like dresses. She enjoys wearing pastel accessories all over hair, arms, and dress. Lucy also wears knee high socks or stockings to go with her wardrobe. Lucy enjoys her job as a cafe mistress because of her purple-pastel maid outfit and maid hat she always wears. Seeing Lucy in such outfits make her much more child-like than her appropriate age, which doesn't fizz on her at all. Lucy likes to wear as many bows as humanly possible. All the colours that consist in her outfits are pastel purple, pastel blues, chocolate borwn/Mint, pastel pinks, whites.

Lucy is a happy person no matter what is in her way or what is making her feel bad. Her shyness and etiquette behavior make most people enjoy being around her. Lucy being very shy around strangers makes her have a quite tone that is both sweet and almost sad. Lucy tries to handle things as best as she can, but gets frightened easily. She always has the attitude to please others (hence why she made a perfect cafe maid) and it always sticks with her.

She would usually be carrying a small purse with spell gems, more accessories, pepper spray, and pictures of her pet rabbits.


Lucy is good at befriending people or using her gem magic to unlock things or open doors. She never uses it for anything combat, and if she were to use it for fighting it turns into different elements she could use to defend with.

Big, scary, intimidating people. Under pressure with something. She is easily startled by the unexpected.

History/Before THE DOOR:

Lucy was born in a realm called 'Perpin'. A realm that is between the realm of dreams/nightmares and the living/human realm. Perpin is made up of creatures that are both made by the living/human's imagination. The thought of a being is recycled through this realm and thus a creature is born. The god of Perpin is also the soul bound that makes up the dream world, and at most times, the dream world is infused with the Perpin realm creating more life in Perpin and forever a on going cycle of reused thoughts. The creatures are born through the god and are placed in whatever place in Perpin the god feels suited for the being. There are as many places in Perpin, just as much there is countries on Earth. Perpin is a replica of Earth but much so different in what is within it. The creatures within Purpin have no thought or recognition of them ever being formed from dreams or imagination of a human being. Everyone there is never a being that is completely human, only creatures that are human-like are just memories of a person's relative from the human realm. The cities and civilization in Perpin are either close alike in culture or are far from any other place in Perpin. Technology and government/ruling are also different (Just like Earth but much closer together).

In Perpin there is never war, just paradise for all. Even those that come from nightmares are confined in their own area and are made to stay there. Nightmare fueled beings are no different than any other thing in Perpin, once their soul from the dream realm comes into contact with Perpin, the evil is drawn out from them and they just become dark beings (They all look much different than what they originally looked like, but now they are less meaner/evil looking but all have black skin/tones). Although there is odd conflicts with them, (Usually just stealing things, causing havoc with crops) which means magic is used for most beings to ward them off in case of trouble.

Lucy was born in a land of bubbles, in a cottage town of cyclopes and centaur people conjoin. The town is small and under a small hill for protection against any hasty dark-beings that want to steal things. Lucy there worked at a small cafe called 'Snooch n' Boosh', a very popular place to get exotic drinks and enjoy herbal teas specially made by cafe mistresses. Lucy was one of the well known cafe mistresses around town. Lucy loved working there, seeing her friends and making people happy was very satisfying for her.

Lucy was asked out to a date the following morning she was working. A boy named Boboya, which was a neighborhood friend, took an interest in Lucy and asked her out for an evening of eating. Lucy was happy about the outing, and of course a bit hesitant, she took the offer.

Lucy thought this was going to be the best time of her life, everything going happy and well like normal... She made plans that day to feed her rabbits, take a bath, and hopefully get a good night kiss from her date that night.

Lucy waited at the fountain late that night, holding her basket of fresh bread, her purse at her hip, and an on going flushed face. Lucy was in her nicest doll-get up. The white dress shimmered with the pink accessories of bows and charms. Lucy was ready for the date, but surely wasn't ready for what happened to her.

Lucy took a step forward, her head somewhere else along with her eyes, before she felt herself fall.

Fall into a spiraling hole.

(OOC: I hope I filled this out right and if I need more info on anything please tell me! Thank you.)
All your characters are fine for the game.

I would suggest to Lucie and Jackie to give a bit of background as well- what they did before they wound up at the door, a little bit of history. It will make the adventures that come up a bit more relevant to the characters.

Also, Panda- good background on your dude. I will be able to work with it well. One question- does he remember dying or did he just collapse?
I have edited it to where he has a small background. If I should make it longer please inform me. :D
If its allowed, he will remember dying. Like getting cut down. He will remember the people he fought along side, just not their identities. Neither will he remember that he has his powers.
YAY! I'm approved! =D
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It's perfectly fine- I just wanted to know :p

No probs.
Cool! We are going to have a very bizzare menagerie of characters already! I'll wait a bit to see if anyone else wants to join, and then I'll start up the session tomorrow afternoon.
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Just a brief update- I think I'm going to hold off on starting this RP until Friday, just to give a few others the chance to join. I could start now, but the more the merrier!
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