Welcome to the Dark Side

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  1. Osheth.
    The only habitable planet in the Aret system. Widely considered to be the 'underbelly' of the galaxy, the harsh world is rife with crime and illegal activity. Most of it is a giant metropolis, with the remaining natural space being the planet's chaotic oceans. The frequent storms and the even more frequent conflict between the various planetary factions resulted in a world that's home to many different types.
    A bar, situated on one of the middle levels of the city, is typically home to all of them.
    A bright sign, styled after the old 'neon' signs from when Earth was the only planet humans inhabited, declare the place to be the "Dark Side Bar". The lettering was bright red, the border in purple. A small parking lot of sorts for the various hovercraft its patrons drive is to the left of the entrance.​
    This place is where everybody comes. Everyone from aliens to humans to werewolves, whether they be bounty hunters, mercenaries, or priests come to the place. They share a few tales, have a couple of drinks, maybe even make a friend or two.​
    The place itself?​
    There's a huge darkly toned metal bar, behind which you'll usually find the bartender. Red stools line the side the customers sit on. A few red bowls made of what looks like ordinary clay are set on the surface of the bar, containing nuts or their equivalent from various planets. The floor is smooth, red, and patterned elegantly. Tables line the walls, both of which are made of the same darkly colored metal. Chairs or booths are matched up with the tables, the cushion on them being covered in a synthetic dark red cloth that resembles leather. The whole place is spotless, and the bartender works hard to keep it that way.​
    So go ahead, walk in. Sit down, have a drink, tell a few stories.​
    And welcome to the Dark Side.​
    The bartender for the place was polishing off a particularly stubborn stain from one of his glasses. His name is Aurelius, and he owns the joint. He's the one who keeps the place tidy and manages to get drinks to a bar full of people every night. He's not the type to mind the work, though, seeing as he loves his job. Not many other occupations that bring you into contact with so many people, so many stories.​
    Looking at him, you wouldn't expect him to be a bartender.​
    He's six foot four, just under two meters tall. Since he's heavily built, the man looks somewhat like a human tank. His hair is blond, cut short enough to stick up on its own. There's a cowlick in the back which makes the hair spiral out in a strange way, but it's easy to get the feeling that Aurelius doesn't mind. Brown eyes evaluate the glass before him, searching for remnants of the stain. His face is rectangular in shape, with heavy brows, a crooked nose and a strong jaw. A jagged scar cuts a jagged line from his hairline to his jaw, cutting through his eyebrow and down his cheek. The thing might be from a blade, but it might have been from a beast. He's always dressed casually, with a simple white tee-shirt made from synthetic fiber, black pants made from the same material, and shoes designed for comfort.​
    Setting the glass down, he looks up as the first guest of the night walks in.​
    "Hey," he states simply. "What can I get you?"​
  2. Jae stared blankly for a moment before answering. "Umm, a simple water would suffice." She said. She didn't drink, and she only came here because there was nowhere else that would be at all a 'vacation area' as her boss told her. I just need to relax. I'm finally taking a break, why am I so uptight still? She thought to herself as she sat down at the bar. Her jet black hair was cut just below her thin jaw and her violet eyes seemed to spark as she took a quick look around the room. She didn't seem to be a heavy lifter type of girl, but she was very fast and lethal. She worked nowhere and everywhere, very well versed in the skills of different areas; mechanics, killing, detective, almost anything. She didn't like the idea of settling on one thing, so she tried for everything. She sat quietly, her eyes fixed on the counter in front of her and her hands folded simple in her lap after she tucked a stray hair behind her ear.
  3. Aurelius nodded, filling a glass. This woman seemed to be the type that Osheth usually attracted. Not a criminal, he didn't think, just a multi-talented individual. Of course, you could never tell just by looking at a person. He set the glass on the table in front of her, noticing how tense her body language was. "Got something on your mind?" he asked, voicing his thoughts.
  4. Jae looked up. "Thanks, It's just, it's weird not having to work. This is my first vacation in..." She paused, counting in her head. "Well, for a very long time." She said, looking up casually. Her face was neutral and she relaxed slightly, letting off her guard a little. Nothing is wrong, or the boss would call. She thought, taking another glance around. "So, do you own this place?" She asked, a hint of admiration in her voice. It's so clean, amazing.
  5. "Yeah, it's mine." Aurelius smiled, leaning against the bar. He was damn proud of the place. "For a few years now. Benefits of mercenary work, I suppose," he said, then offered a hand. "Aurelius Sojornus. Call me Ace." Asking her about her profession was tempting, considering that this was her first break in who knows how long. He didn't want to pry, though, so he didn't ask.
  6. Jae shook his hand. "I'm Kate Rasti, but I go by Jae." She smiled a little, taking a refreshing sip of her water. "I do nothing and everything." She said, her eyes sparkled at this. "Right now I've been sent to this place to relax, my boss told me I work too much." she let out a silent sigh, forcing herself to relax.
  7. "Pleasure to meet you, Jae." Aurelius smiled at her, listening to her response to his unspoken question, then tilted his head. "Who's your boss?" Alright, maybe a little prying couldn't hurt. He was pretty curious. Same as he was curious about every person that walked into his bar. Same as he was curious about everybody, really, but he'd only get to meet so few in his lifetime.
  8. Jae paused. "I've only met him once, when I finished my first objective. I never heard his name though. I've never really cared much to know it, he's not very friendly." She chuckled slightly at this. That's how most of the people she met where. Not friendly, suspicious of everyone. She didn't think it was right, inhuman.
  9. "Most people here are like that." It was why he usually restrained his curious side. She seemed different, though. Not quite as weary of other people, less afraid to let something incriminating slip. He barely even knew her, but he could respect this woman for that. "Course, with all the shady things goin' on, it isn't too surprising," Aurelius added, nodding.
  10. "Yeah." She set her elbow on the table and rest her head in her hand, definitely feeling more relaxed than she did only a few minutes ago. "It seems no one has a clear conscious, everyone has done something wrong in their life that they regret." She looked up at Ace, a small smile on her face.
  11. The door swung in, a dark clad figure with a harsh glare in her eyes stepping through the doorway. A smaller figure slipped in behind her, barely a step apart. The two look like an odd, mis-matched couple. The woman, while not tall, strikes an intimidating figure. Broad in shoulder, dark hair cut short, her once lovely face a canvas of criss-crossing scars, one such pulling her lips up in a permanent scowl. The other seemed entirely alien, with dark blue skin covered in luminescent swirls of art that seemed to pulse softly on a thin and willowy frame. Two large eyes of pure white seemed to claim most of their face, however they were largely overshadowed by the fact that the individual seemed to have been born without a mouth.

    Giving the area a once over, the two moved to take a seat at the bar. As they grew closer, a subtle humming began to fill the air, not loud enough to draw attention, more like a soft background music one would tune out during conversation. The scowling woman motioned to the bartender, two fingers curling in to her palm in an odd hand gesture. "Sorry to interrupt, but I'd like a drink. Something strong, I'm not picky." The humming grew louder, though not jarringly so, forming words out of its music. "This one wonders if the owner would carry Illysian wine?"

    "I ain't paying for your expensive tastes, Ismere."

    Ismere turned their gaze to their partner a moment, before addressing the bartender again. "In that case, this one wonders if Aldon Ale is available?"
  12. Rincewind Kale had been tossing around the idea of doing something in his head, he had for awhile just been sitting at a table sipping a bad beer. He then got the horrible idea to do something, really anything at all. Rincewind had been studying at the Nivin Star System as to perform "magic" and those types of tricks. He had just mastered making something small float in the air suspended by magical power. He began to perform this trick on one of the bottles of champagne on the bar when seemingly out of nowhere a rather pretty woman wearing a revealing dress stepped into his vision. Rincewind's eyes moved distracted by all matters of flesh and skin, then he lost his focus and the bottle of rather expensive champagne fell upon the barkeep's head, shattering loudly.

    "OH MY DEAR SOLAS!" Rincewind snapped back into the real world looking at the bartender.
  13. Jae turned slightly as the two newcomers came it. They look like..partners. Not close enough for couple..but too close for strangers. She watched as they approached and ordered, they seemed to be safe. As she turned back around, she stepped off her stool just as bottle shattered over Ace's. She'd seen it come down, but she knew she wouldn't have time to catch it. Then, the loud voice of apology told her what happened. She simply wiped the chair off and sat back down, crossing her ankles and setting her head back in her hand. "Are you okay?" She asked him, holding out a towel she'd seemingly took out of nowhere.
  14. Aurelius shook his head rapidly, trying to clear his blurry vision. This was far from the first time he'd been hit in the head, but it was definitely the first time he'd been hit by a full bottle. "Y-yeah, just a bit," he began, trying to answer Jae's question, then pausing and waiting for the place to stop spinning. "Bit dizzy." He pushed a hand through his hair, trying to get rid of any glass pieces, then took her towel with a nod of thanks and cleaned himself up. He'd pick up the mess after he'd served the customers that had just entered their drinks. As for the one who did it, though... "You'll pay for that?" he asked Rincewind, assuming that the man was responsible. The tone wasn't angry, wasn't threatening, as Aurelius would rather avoid fighting.
  15. Rincewind's face went pale. "I am most sincerely sorry sir. I truly had spent the remaining amount of coin in my purse upon this beer I am drinking before me." Rincewind squirmed a little in his chair. "I don't know how I can repay you." Rincewind was scared and he wasn't one to reach for his knife but then again, if things got dirty he wouldn't hesitate. He was nervous to say the least.
  16. The two partners flinched as the floating bottle was dropped, splashing its content across the bar and its owner, splashing up the left arm of the scarred woman, a few drops hitting her cheek. The humming in the air buzzed, as if Ismere was trying to hide the fact they were laughing. A harsh growl left the woman's lips, turning to glare menacingly at the culprit. She made a move to grab her sidearm and fire at him, but a calming hand on her shoulder stilled her movements. "This one thinks Xam should let the barkeep handle this. Less blood that way." Anger not entirely quelled, the woman consented to sit and sip at her drink, watching with a burning gaze to see how the barkeep would handle the troublemaker.
  17. Jae looked over to the man. "What's your name?" She asked. Her eyes were calm and she gave him a small, sincere smile. She could tell he was nervous, and she didn't want anything to happen that wasn't needed.
  18. "Work with me until you pay it off, then," Aurelius offered. Suing the man for the maybe one hundred credits that the bottle was worth would be pointless. It'd cost more than that in filing fees, let alone the travel required. He could use the help in the bar, anyways. After nodding seriously, he walked over to the fairly odd couple that had entered just a bit earlier. "What can I get you, again?"
  19. Rincewind had considered his offer carefully, thinking it over and nodded slowly. A few seconds after he cleared his throat and answered the woman's question. "M-My name is Rincewind. Rincewind Kale." Rincewind sipped his beer slowly and looked out the window.
  20. Jae nodded, walking over and sitting across from him. "I'm Kate Rasti, but I go by Jae. Have we met before?" She asked. He seemed..familiar, but she couldn't place him.