Welcome to the Dark Side ((OOC))

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  1. Osheth.
    The only habitable planet in the Aret system. Widely considered to be the 'underbelly' of the galaxy, the harsh world is rife with crime and illegal activity. Most of it is a giant metropolis, with the remaining natural space being the planet's chaotic oceans. The frequent storms and the even more frequent conflict between the various planetary factions resulted in a world that's home to many different types.
    A bar, situated on one of the middle levels of the city, is typically home to all of them.
    A bright sign, styled after the old 'neon' signs from when Earth was the only planet humans inhabited, declare the place to be the "Dark Side Bar". The lettering was bright red, the border in purple. A small parking lot of sorts for the various hovercraft its patrons drive is to the left of the entrance.​
    This place is where everybody comes. Everyone from aliens to humans to werewolves, whether they be bounty hunters, mercenaries, or priests come to the place. They share a few tales, have a couple of drinks, maybe even make a friend or two.​
    The place itself?​
    There's a huge darkly toned metal bar, behind which you'll usually find the bartender. Red stools line the side the customers sit on. A few red bowls made of what looks like ordinary clay are set on the surface of the bar, containing nuts or their equivalent from various planets. The floor is smooth, red, and patterned elegantly. Tables line the walls, both of which are made of the same darkly colored metal. Chairs or booths are matched up with the tables, the cushion on them being covered in a synthetic dark red cloth that resembles leather. The whole place is spotless, and the bartender works hard to keep it that way.​
    So go ahead, walk in. Sit down, have a drink, tell a few stories.​
    And welcome to the Dark Side.​
    So, you're welcome to play what ever kind of character you like.​
    Mages, humans, vampires, elves, aliens, gunslinging mercs.​
    Anything at all.​
    Just keep your posts legible, don't play other people's characters for them, and avoid fighting OOC, please. That's all I'm asking. c:​
  2. =O yay, sounds very interesting...mind if I join? =)

    Do we need to set up our character here or anything?
  3. You don't have to ask to join. c: It is a jump-in, after all. Love to have you.