Welcome To The Circus

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Would you ever join the Circus?

  1. Yes, without a doubt.

  2. No, this isn't my kind of circus.

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  1. Welcome To The Circus

    "Welcome to the Circus, ladies and gentleman," the man in the middle of the Big Top said with a smile a mile wide, his arms swept in front of him in a dramatic manner. "What you see here will leave you aghast, shuddering in your seat, and rendering you speechless for decades to come. We are a one of a kind act," his voice bellowed to the farthest corners of the tent. "And I can assure you, we are the most amazing thing you will ever experience. Please, enjoy the show."
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  2. The Circus was a place where only the damned went when they ran out of places to run to. It was a shunned establishment, looked down upon by the many who had visited it, and the people who had fell victim to it. It breathed danger, death, mystery and hate. It was dark. That was all anyone could say about it. All Ringmaster had heard about it. Since he was little he had never heard anything good about the place he loved. All he was told was that criminals joined the circus. Freaks, weirdos, people who didn't fit in to general society - those were the ones who joined the circus, took to the life of living on the road and entertaining others for a small fee.

    "We're ready whenever you are," a voice came from the front of his tent, pulling the Ringmaster from his thoughts. He stared at the flaps of the entrance and wondered why no one ever seemed to dare to step in. It wasn't like he would kill them on the spot.

    "Excellent," he said as he finished by putting on his hat. His hair was a dark blue black color, seeming to shift in the bright lights around his tent, shimmering like a fishes scales, and falling in soft waves just past his shoulders. His eyes were fabulously done up with blue shades. A dark blue eyeliner helped make his jade eyes pop, their lines thick and attractive. The shadow he used was a lovely light blue, matching the color on his lips, sparkling and shifting in color just as he hair did. There were designs on the corners of his eyes that swirled in a dramatic way, hinting at something alluring and mystical. Underneath his right eye there was a small black tear drop, merely for effect with no purpose - or so many would have assumed, if they knew better.

    The man wore a dramatic costume to further emphasis his role within his beautiful world. Dark black trousers that fit way too close to his form were accompanied by thigh high tight white boots with a heel that added at least three inches to his already towering height, and were laced up the back. His shirt was a dark blue with elegant ruffles down the front, adorn with a delightful white bow tie. He grabbed his jacket from it's hook and shrugged it on. It was a black, matching his trousers, with short flaps that just barely came together when he snapped the button shut. The coat tails they had just touched the backs of his boots, long, and if he said so himself, more of less irritating. The costume was an old one, one he wore only for shows, but it got the point across that they were no Barnum and Bailey Circus. Time was ticking, and he could hear it clear across the room as he pulled out his pocket watch to check the time. Close now, maybe a few more minute before the last of his... "viewers" found their seats and ready themselves for the spectacle they were about to witness. He pulled on his pair of white gloves, checked to make sure his top hat was in place, and grabbed his cane before turning on his heels. The game was soon to begin.

    Across the way, Adam was readying himself for the show by gently tapping Rei and Arra's sides, making sure both females stayed close to him as they walked towards the Big Top.

    "Ladies, this is going to be big show, Ringmaster thinks we have a new one in there tonight. Stay close, and pay attention," he told the two tigers as he opened the flap for the performers to enter. They maneuvered around the gathering actors as they walked to their posts, sitting down on the place where plush pillows had been laid just for their comfort.

    "What do you have in store for them tonight, eh?" a woman asked as she smiled to the young man who was clearly their master. Lorraine was a sweet woman, a bit too nosy, but sweet nonetheless.

    "Not sure yet, the girls always surprise me," he smiled as Rei nudged her head into the back of his legs. "Apparently Rei has something in store for us, she's been doing this all night," he chuckled and turned to pet her large head. He loved his girls, had been with them for years, had been there when they were born, and took the best care of them. He knew more about the two then he did anyone else in the circus.

    "Do you plan to bring out Tyron?" Lorraine asked as a hawk landed on her shoulder. "Poor boy hardly seems to do many shows anymore," she cooed as she reached a hand up and let Martin gently nibble at her finger.

    "Yeah I know. I mean, I could, but honestly it's up to the girls. You know how they are. They decide who they want to play with. Maybe it will be Kimon tonight. Arra, what to you think?" he asked the younger girl who growled in agreement. "Okay, so Kimon it is," he said with a smile. His costume was just as dark and gothic as everyone else's. He wore tight black trousers, a dark red suit jacket that was a little too old to be wearing anymore, and a ruffled white shirt that was open enough to expose some skin. His boots weren't exactly like the Ringmaster's, but sturdy enough for his job. He looked down at his girls and smiled, before making a gesture for them to remain there while he walked off, grabbing the ring of keys he kept in his back pocket. He past many, smiled at few, and finally got to the cage that was little less of a cage and more of a small room of luxury. There was a dark red velvet curtain draped over the steel bars and when he walked up the slanted platform to unlock the doors, there was cushions that were pushed off to the side. Honestly, the room was better fit to be a small home than an animal cage. There was a large bowl of meat and water in one corner, some toys in another, and on the cushions themselves was Kimon wrapped protectively around Kirien. The leopard lifted his head to the sound of Adam walking into his room and yawned.

    "Come on, you're up tonight," Adam addressed the leopard who untangled himself from his friend. The wolf looked at him with a dull expression before heading back to sleep. "Sorry, Kir, not tonight. We'll go hunting later," he promised to the other, who clearly didn't care, as the leopard followed him out. He locked the cage door behind him and cast his eyes over to Tyron's cage. The lion had a similar set up to the leopard, but less plush, and more toys. While he loved all his companions, they all didn't love the same sort of comfort and luxury. And while Tyron was the oldest, he still loved to chew on things more often than any other cat did.

    The two of them walked back to where the tigers were waiting and Adam waited for them to exchange greetings before he snapped his fingers to get Kimon to come to him. The leopard, though normally stubborn, turned and sat in front of his human master. Without much difficulty, he put on a thick studded collar. The girls wore bejeweled ones, much too gaudy for his liking, but fitting for the extravagance of the show. Plus, the ladies didn't seem to mind so much. Once finished, he pushed up his sleeve and checked the time, seeing that it was getting dangerously close to opening and Ringmaster still wasn't around. Really, Bas, let's go, he thought with a sigh, running his hand through his creatively dyed red hair. The man knew that something was being planned by their boss and he wasn't sure what. He wasn't sure if he wanted to know, either.
    "I told you that you are not allowed to touch Kissa's things!" Riven growled in a voice that was much too deep for his features. He looked boyish for his age, but he didn't care. The dumb fuck had gotten bit while messing with his beloved cobra's things and she had bit him. "You dumbass, you should have known better!" he hissed and kicked at the idiot who was convulsing from the venom in his veins. "I don't milk her often, you knew that. God-- I hate you, I hope you die a far more painful death the next time," he growled as he grabbed the idiots hair and pulled him off to a corner. He would die shortly and despite how much he wished for him to be dead for good, Ringmaster would have something secret in store for him if he actually followed through. Rolling his eyes, he dug his nails into the man's chin and forced it open as he twitched and groan. "Shut the fuck up, I'm doing you a favor. This is gonna fucking take hours to fill back up," he said as he pour the foul smelling antidote down the fuckers throat. He was so pissed. Who the fuck in their right mind messed with a cobra? Especially Kissa! She had a temper and unless she liked you or knew you were safe, she lashed out. He wanted with every single fiber of his body to let the man suffocate to death, but he knew that wouldn't be good for the two of them. They'd be out of a home faster then they could blink. After the man had the cure in his system, Riven practically threw him and walked away. Kissa was wrapped around protectively around his neck, and she wasn't about to bite him any time soon.

    "Stupid inbred fouls, don't listen when I say not to touch the venomous snake," he mumbled to himself as he headed back to his tent. He didn't need to put on a show tonight, only afterwards would he entertain the remaining attendants to a show where he and Kissa would do a little dance for a small fee. On his way back, he turned his brown eyes to the ticket stand not far away, where a line was standing, paying their way in before they could see the crazy that was simply named "The Circus". "I hope they know what they're in for," he scoffed before heading into his tent and allowing his snake to sleep in her home.
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  3. Who let the bearded lady into the ticket line?

    Saul grimaced, his view completely obstructed by the wall of flesh standing before him. Never before had he seen someone so large. I didn't even know that people could get so fat. The young man swayed where he stood, wanting to step around the person before him, but he couldn't even stretch that far. If he took the necessary steps to see if there was anyone in else in front of him, it would look like he was leaving the line altogether, and he was hardly in the mood to battle for his spot back.

    He sighed in resignation, stuffing his fists into his Carhartt and bouncing on the balls of his feet to warm himself. While temperature-wise it wasn't too cold, the breeze that ruffled his cropped blonde hair cut right at his skin, leaving him chilled. Saul pushed the jacket out to dip his face inside, giving a long exhale of hot air to warm the tip of his nose, which had begun to feel frigid.

    In some sort of horrified fascination, even as much as he wanted to, he could not stop staring at this being before him. Well, it's a circus. What was I expecting? It was miraculous clothing existed for the person to squeeze into and cover all parts of them, for that matter. He couldn't help but compare her to a penguin, noting how short and stubby her arms were that rested on her infinitely wide love-handles. Or maybe it's a guy after all. Either way, it has boobs. As though to further emphasize his analogy when the line moved forward, she took slow, waddling steps forward, her feet turned inward at an unnatural angle.

    The outline of the woman began to give off a glow and he knew he would be next. Saul crumbled the folded bills in his fist for further assurance that he didn't lose it. He had allowed a gap to form between himself and the obtuse woman, as he was too impatient to shuffle after her slow progress, but now he scooted up behind her. If she turns around I'm screwed. He pushed out the increasingly sardonic thoughts of his mind and tilted his head over to the tent, shuddering a little in his jacket as the wind tickled him and made the hairs on the back of his neck stand. Lights danced in his vision, rippling across the bright colors of the fabric. Crap, it hasn't started, has it? Saul withdrew his arm to check the face of his watch, pressing a button on the side to have a green back-light light up the block numbers. He shook his head, recalling that the tent has been looking like that on and off for as long as he has been standing in line, probably running tests on the lights.

    He looked back to the line before him and in return was met with an absolutely scarring sight to be ingrained in his mind's eye for years to come. It had only been a little, but the woman before him had been forward just enough for the hem of her shirt to lift, revealing an intricate system of wrinkles crossing over her stretched skin as well as the beginning of a butt crack, as her pants apparently fit even worse than her shirt. "Jiminy Cricket," he swore under his breath, lifting his chin from out of his coat to bury his chance in his hands. Even after having closed his eyes, he could still vividly picture what he suspected may have been hairs...

    Saul's eyelashes tickled his palms as he opened his eyes again, trying desperately to take his mind off of that mental image. It didn't work. He slid his hands down his face, pulling his thin, boyish features along with it. The woman had straightened up at this point, struggling to pull his shirt back down, before turning to make her exit. Just in case, the young man stepped out to the side, not wanting to be in the splash zone should she fall.

    He shook his head in exasperation, fully aware of how exceedingly harsh he was being, but there was no way that he was about to start feeling guilty about it. As he approached the gentleman manning the ticket booth, who had the rather conflicted face of someone trying to act professionally, he began to feel relief and a little less claustrophobic.

    The man finally managed the return his focus to the line, and a polite exchange of smiles was made, though on Saul's part, it was only genuine for the fact that he was a little bit taller than the man. "Hello!"

    Saul had already been digging in the tan jacket for the wad of bills that had remained sitting in his pocket. He slid it across the counter, not bothering to count them. "Just one for tonight's showing."

    He nodded, grabbing the money and running his thumb over the bills to count them. "Oh, you're in for a treat. I heard the ringmaster has something very special planned for tonight."

    I'm sure he does. Saul vaguely wondered how many other people this man had said the same thing to other the past week alone.

    Finally, the whirring of the machine cut off, and the man handed him the pink ticket, flashing a charismatic smile. "Please, enjoy the show!"

    Saul only muttered a quiet "Thanks" before taking the ticket and turning in the direction of the tent. The woman from earlier had only managed to lumber half-way from the booth, making painfully slow progress. Saul shrugged his shoulders, adjusting the straps of his backpack before taking long strides forward, determined to take a swerving arc to cut around the woman. Narrowly missing bumping shoulders with some innocent bystander, he managed to assert himself before her, taking his first step into the brightly lit tunnel of the tent.
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