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Are you interested in possibly joining the Circus?

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  1. Welcome To The Circus
    "What were you expecting, some sort of magic trick where a man pulls a rabbit out of a hat?" I bet that's what you think this about. I bet that's what you think I'm going to say. No, that's what you're going to say. Welcome to the Circus! Where life is... Peculiar, strange... Unusual. But we here, well, we embrace it. And here's the funny thing, young man. You. Want. In. And we'll let you, if you would just sign right here...
    A young man one day came to our establishment. For whatever reason, we honestly didn't care. Hell, I didn't care. He asked us one thing, "I'd like to join you on your travels." I only poked and prodded a little, it's something that Adam will tell you later that I did more than just a little of, but don't listen to the fool, he only plays with the kitty cats. I looked at the young man and stated to him very simply, "All you have to do then is follow me. We will have you sign a contract, read it thoroughly of course, I wouldn't sign it if I was you if I didn't read it completely, there's things in there you won't like. Then sign it and seal it with blood. Then you're a part of us." Strange, you'd think, why would we have you sign it in blood? Well, whether he asked or not, I cannot remember but I'll tell you since you asked so nicely. We are a family, a group, a company that entertains and provides services to the public. We are a well greased machine. Blood on paper, that's our way of saying welcome to the family, it means nothing. Well... I'll let you think that. I did say we were unusual, of course. Anyway, from there, the young man began his travels and such, and he... he "discovered" things, whether he liked them or not, well you'll have to follow him to see. See what position he takes in our home, who he deems as a love interest (watch out for Adam the Animal Tamer, he's one to be real wary of), and what injuries he conjures up. I'll be there the entire time, don't fret, I wouldn't leave him to suffer on his own. But he did choose us and not the other way around. Oh, and the very last thing that I said to him was, "Welcome to the Circus, young man. Adventure can only await you."
    [[ "Welcome to the Circus" focuses on the adventure of your character, a young male who you design to your liking and such, with, sadly, my approval. Along the way, the Ringmaster, the Animal Tamer, and possibly one other special guest, will try to win favor with your character. This means that they will either try to pursue a relationship, establish themselves as enemies, or have something special in store to help your character gain power in the Big Top.
    This roleplay will serve mainly as a sort of RPG kind of thing, if that makes sense. In other words, your character will decide the fate of the roleplay. If he decides that he finds interest in the Ringmaster and wishes to pursue more than just friendship, his relationship with the other two would not be the same. However, there is a set system to how things begin and how they end following in this order.
    • In the beginning he will meet the Ringmaster and join the Circus with a purpose in mind. You decide that purpose (putting it in your skeleton but we'll talk later on that) and while the events may change, your character will keep that in mind as his goal. That is your goal for the story.
      • Now, depending on what the goal is (ex. to be ringmaster, train animals, etc.), my characters will shape themselves to to that goal. Another good example, say your character wants to be a tight rope walker, then maybe it will be the Ringmaster's job to try and bring his death or better yet, help him. That will then decide who shows up less and less as the story goes. Your character will also have a small choice in deciding which of my three characters he will let help him in his travels, as you yourself would do in real life. (I have three working characters, but as time goes, eventually two will show up less as the other takes a spotlight with by your character, make sense?)
    • During the roleplay, your character will then make a change that will set things in motion to bring about the close (when we both agree it is time or that the climax is needed), which will be one of my characters trying to stop yours from reaching his goal, one trying to help him, and one simply pulling the strings for the other two. This is where your character has already decided who is and who is not on his side, and who he should watch out for.
      • Just as before, everything is shaped to the things your character decides, so keep that in mind. My job is to write to help/destroy/manipulate him. This is the part of the roleplay where your character has decided who he wants to associate with and where some things that the Ringmaster said to him when he first joined will come into play. Your character will find out why he had to sign in blood, why adventure is waiting on him and not the other way around, and what was meant by "injuries". Please keep in mind that this is where violence, mindfuckery, and sexual themes will or will not come into play at the hands of my characters.
    • As the climax starts to come to a close, your character will decide once and for all if he wishes to stay with the Circus or leave. If he chooses to leave, his contract will be destroyed (as you will learn with the progression of the plot). If he chooses to stay he has succeeded in his goal and has found complete acceptance within the Circus. It will also be established what has happened to the other two, the ones who were not trying to aid in his succession.
      • At this point in the story is where we wrap things up, which, is honestly pretty obvious. And, as if you were playing an RPG with routes, my other two characters will sort of "fade" into the background and then the story will only be the two of them, ie your character and the person they chose to be with (my character). This will probably be the least tricky part of the story and hopefully will decide if we do a sequel or not, depending if we even get that far, but you get the idea.
    I know this all sounds kinda confusing, maybe even a little silly and more or less stupid, but the idea to me seems fun. The generalization is that it's not the standard "here's a plot I made up, lets take two characters and try and make it work" but more of I have a general idea, and with your help and with your character's decisions, can my characters move.

    Last but not least, this is definitely a very difficult situation to play out. We must be able to talk and get along. If we can't, then this idea isn't going to get very far. You must be able to give a little and I must be able to give a little. I also would highly appreciate it if you wrote in third person past and if you need an example then you probably shouldn't be reading this, sorry for being blunt. If you are interested in this idea, send me a message labeled "May I Join Your Circus?" so I know that you've gotten this far and that you're honestly really interested in this. Otherwise, you can even post here just being like, "Hey, may I join your circus?" Then I'll PM you what I'm looking for.

    There will be: [[ Male x Male Romance ]] [[ Violence ]] [[ Explicit Language ]] [[ Mature Context ]] [[ Abuse ]] [[ Mindfuckery ]] ]]

    Questions, concerns, or whatever, just ask. I'm willing to explain more if you're willing to try this really crazy and possibly impossible idea with me.
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  2. Wow! That really is a great idea!

    It's a bit complicated, but it also sounds like fun. I wish you the very best of luck in finding a partner. I'm looking for one where I can actually be a girl for once. Nice to meet you! :smile:
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  3. i love it :)
  4. @Casuna - I wanted to say thanks for being interested, but I've found a partner. But hopefully you'd be interested in reading it once we get started? It'll be titled the same as this and such, in the One[x]Ones.
  5. your concept and theme is very interesting. now I understand that you found a partner. but if you ever feel interested to RP with Dick Grayson (Trapeze acrobat) please let me know. I'd be honored to RP with you.
  6. @BatBrothers - go ahead and send me a PM and we can talk.
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