Welcome to the Carnival (Trickster & Maxwell)

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  1. Saga allowed a soft sigh to pass through her thin pink lips as she walked towards the carnival. Faint screeches and hollers for help as well as carnival music could be heard, and it greatly unnerved her. She had heard of the Watson Brothers' Carnival before, but had only thought it an urban legend. It seemed no one else besides her and Chance could hear the festivities and voices though, as no one else was outside investigating. She thought back to the reason that brought her here in the first place, blue green eyes staring down at the pavement as she walked.
    She sat in her room, grinning stupidly. It was about 3:05 am, the dead of night. Saga had invited five friends over to stay the night: Chance, Drake, Halie, Andrew, and Maya. They had all decided to play Truth or Dare on a whim, and it was Halie's turn. The blonde female was standing at the window, staring out of it. It seemed she had spotted something when her already bright brown eyes glittered and she spun to Saga, pointing a thin finger at her.
    "Truth or dare, Saga!"
    The raven was startled by the sudden movement but slowly smirked, feeling rather confident at this particular moment. She sat up straight, leaning towards the group of five.
    "Dare," she replied quickly, almost like a reflex. Halie chuckled before giving the same devilish look right back.
    "I dare you to go to the carnival down the street. I saw it, you guys. I saw the carnival everyone talked about earlier this week. I want you to check it out, Saga. You can take someone of your choice. But only one."
    And that was why Saga now stood in front of the brightly lit festival at approximately 3:13 am with her friend Chance, gulping down the lump in her throat as she looked up at it. Now she wasn't feeling so confident. She had heard terrible rumors about this place. And she was almost elated she had decided not to go alone. She turned her head to the brunet male next to her.
    "Ready to go inside, Chance?" Saga offered a weak smile. She hoped Chance was feeling more confident than her right now. They were going to need all the bravery they could get.
  2. Chance couldn't help but a soft snicker at the thought of walking into the carnival at this early in the morning. Frankly in the back of his mind he was scared witless, but he simple pulled out a cigarette and lit it without a second thought blowing the smoke out his nose feeling it tickle.

    "Don't mind if I smoke do you?" he asked sheepishly staring down at his bright yellow converse.

    He looked back up at the carnival gate rolling his sleeves down to hide his tattoos. "Honestly I'm not sure. I guess."

    Chance looked over at Sega with a shrug half tempted to go back and punch their friend who dared her in the first place to come here, but he couldn't. He didn't want to frankly.

    "Lets get this over with..." he muttered taking a long puff of his cigarette before squeezing through a the bars of the fence leading into the park.

    "What's the big deal with this place?" he asked trying to ignore the carnival song in the background, mixed with screaming. He pulled the cigarette already gone out of his mouth dropping it onto the ground, and rubbed it out with his foot. "Haven't heard anything but rumors."
  3. "I don't mind," Saga breathed, following Chance through the bars. She frowned as her eyes darted about, taking in every detail. The booths were torn apart and there were flames scattered around the area. It was probably best they avoided the orange-red dangers.

    "Apparently most everyone who was here in 1999 was killed by an arsonist and vandalism. The rides collapsed and flames engulfed the festival. The story says it took almost a whole day to put out all of the flames and take away all of the hazards of the place. Which makes you wonder, is this the real thing? Or just an illusion?"

    And it was a good question.
    Was this an illusion? She would have mulled it over even more, but they had some exploring to do and get out because it seemed the gate behind them disappeared. Making sure Chance was following, she wandered around. It was after a few minutes of walking about aimlessly that Saga's ears were met with loud sobbing. Turquoise orbs widened.

    "Where is that noise coming from?"
  4. Chance looked at her in disbelief for a moment before pulling out another cigarette and stuffing it behind his ear for later. "1999 huh?"

    He sighed softly following her around since it was her dare after all. His hands in his jean pockets. Just as she started to fallowing the sound of crying Chance felt a wave of heat up his back, and the smell of cigarette smoke burning came by his head but it wasn't lit when he checked it.

    "Has anyone ever wondered if it was haunted?" he asked putting it instead in his breast pocket following Sega into a lane filled with old carnival games that had fallen prey to years of rot.
  5. Saga nodded in response, "Yeah, 1999. It might be haunted, now that you mention it. Now, I'm still wondering where that crying is--"

    The scent of a cigarette burning also wafted into Saga's nostrils, causing her to wrinkle her nose. She was about to ask Chance if he had lit another tobacco filled stick before a young girl crawled into view, causing the raven to freeze with horror. The child before her was aflame, at least her back was. The little girl's body was being racked with loud sobs as she dragged herself across the rocky ground, unable to walk or crawl due to having bloodied stubs for legs. How was this person still alive even!?

    "Help...!" the female shrieked, reaching out towards the duo, "Help me!"

    Saga thought about it for a minute, after all it'd be cruel just to leave her be. But shouldn't the human(?) before her be dead? Her flesh and clothes were burnt away, and her missing legs... This had to be a trick she concluded. No human could be surviving this.
    She looked to Chance, trying to see if he was thinking the same.
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