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  1. You are cordially invited...

    ...to the Spring Equinox Ball!

    Their Majesties the King and Queen of Illiend formerly invite you to attend. There will be music, dancing, and food prepared by the finest chefs in the kingdom. For entertainment, we have hired the Dancing Dragons, the famous acrobatic group, to perform for your viewing pleasure.

    However, our main attraction of the night will be the formal declaration of Princess Amelia Antionette Leauve and Prince Edwin Alexander Leauve's eligibility for marriage! The prince and princess have turned sixteen years of age, and the king and queen seek suitable bachelors and bachelorettes of fine background to wed the young royals.

    Perhaps you shall be the one to win the hand of our beloved princess, or capture the heart of our valiant prince...?

    We hope to see you in attendance

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    Edwin yawned, earning a jab in the ribs from Amelia.

    "You're being rude," she hissed, and her twin rolled his eyes.

    "They're here for us," he grumbled back. Edwin propped his elbow on the arm of the throne, resting his chin on his palm. "They don't care what I act like, so long as I pick on of the princesses."

    "You should still show some sort of manners, like we were taught. We're representing mother and father, remember?" Amelia smoothed out her skirts as she said this, and tucked a lock of black hair behind her ear. Her heart was racing, and while - like her brother - she'd much rather be anywhere but here, at least Amelia could understand the necessity. Besides, at least his clothes were comfortable. Amelia was the one who'd been shoved in to a corset, tightened until her ribs were near broken. Edwin sensed her discomfort, and offered his sister a smile.

    "Sorry, Amy," he replied, straightening himself back out. "I just think there should be a better method for us to choose whom to marry. And that we should have a wider range of candidates."

    "It's for the kingdom," Amelia retorted, unable to hold back a bit of a sigh herself. "Our duty, remember? It's what we were born in to."

    "Well I didn't ask to be born in to this..."

    Amelia was about to argue the point further, when the music began to play, and guests began to fill the ballroom. The royal herald began announcing the names of each guest that passed through the doors, and Edwin and Amelia were expected to smile and wave politely. Amelia did so - Edwin required another jab to the ribs.

    Only after all those in attendance had gathered did their father stand, welcoming the room with a grand gesture.

    "Welcome, welcome, my good friends and neighbors!" the king greeted, smiling brightly for all. "It does me great pleasure to be your host, this evening. Please, enjoy in the festivities! We shall begin the evening with dancing and frivolity, and before dinner, the Dancing Dragons shall entertain us. Until then, thank you once more for gracing my humble kingdom!"

    There was clapping as the king returned to the large throne beside the queen. It was Amelia and Edwin's cue to stand, the prince bowing, the princess curtsying to the room.

    "Welcome to our home," they chimed in unison. One might say it was practiced, but a smirking glance between them said it was not.

    "Good luck," Edwin whispered while they descended on to the ballroom floor.

    "Save the luck for yourself," Amelia teased, bringing a chuckle from her brother.

    She had a feeling they were both going to need it tonight.
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  2. 'Do you really want to go? You don't have to. We don't expect you to get married or even fall in love until you are at least 18. You still have two years of childhood.'
    'Yes, Mother, I want to go. If anything it's a party. It's just one night. I won't be falling in love.'
    'Darling, you never know. But if you insist, go on ahead.'

    Aurelia did insist on going tonight, she loved this part of being a princess. The ball gowns, the music, and the dancing. She loved getting away from her kingdom and getting a chance to do something for herself. Going to this ball was doing something for herself, nobody was making her attend or forcing her to wear a certain dress. She was free to make her own decisions.

    The pink haired golden eyed girl stepped up the steps to the Illiend palace. She wore very thin pink shoes, as a fairy she hated shoes so she chose to wear thin and light ones, so her steps made little to no noise. Her wings were currently out and naturally fluttering behind her. They caught the lights of the ballroom and shimmered. Aurelia took in a deep breath while in the grand palace, trying to take in the beauty of it all.

    "Princess Aurelia Odyssey of Tralindale ." She was announced at the door while she was trying to take it all in. She felt so little in comparison to all the beauty. From the palace to the all the people, she felt like a stranger. Her right hand twitched and she began to tap her index finger on her thumb.

    Aurelia descended into the mix of people then watched and listened as the queen and king welcomed everyone. 'Wow. Their prince and princess look so regal. Well of course they do. They are royalty. Oh stop thinking like this, don't be so overwhelmed.' Aurelia was more nervous then ever, this was the first time she had attended a ball without one of her siblings. She didn't recognize anybody, of course there were a lot of people. Somewhere around here should be someone Aurelia recognized.

    She patted down her dress made of lace that extended far out from her hips then began to tap her middle finger to her thumb, she had tired out her index finger. Her eyes darted around the place, hardly noticing the welcome was over until people started to talk again.
    'I guess that means it's time to have fun.'
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  3. "Waa!~ This.Is.A-ma-zing!~"

    Louise would've said that aloud and spun around with arms out,but that was just not right for a princess.

    The whole place is a big wonder to her,since she has never been anywhere out of Xyrillia.Come to think of it,how did I end up here anyways... she thought as she waited for her name to be called.The thought made her look back from yesterday,the day when she got the invitation.The queen of her kingdom,her mother,rushed into her room and didn't quite give her much options whether she should go or not.Even if her mother didn't force her to go,she still would've went.

    "Princess Sophia Louise Weiss of Xyrillia"

    Huh?O-oh yeah... she took a deep breath before walking in the door.She glanced around the ballroom and was mesmerized with all the people and how royal they look.Compared to the rest of the people in there,she was just simple and didn't seem like he had anything special,besides the fact that she has silvery-lavender hair that looks like they're shimmering when under the moonlight,or when the lighting is just right.Otherwise,she was just another regular princess that not much had probably heard of.

    By now,her curiosity should've led her wandering around and scrambling everywhere,but she was in another kingdom's palace.A palace.Not just a city.Not just a town.She was in the palace.

    "Oh well...I could always look around later...maybe..." she murmured.To be honest,she only came to the ball to see new things.That's the only thing she prepared herself for,and the thought of dancing with other people completely slipped off her mind.
  4. Clara yawned. Of all things she could be doing tonight she gets to stand in her brothers shadow and watch all the pretty girls swoon over him. She hated balls and dances anything of the sort really. She would rather be out, walking through her meadow and lying in the damp grass, tracing constellations with her finger. But her older brother glared down at her, not even trying to hide his disgust for his sister.

    Alderin smiled his greatest smile, he was of age and had to marry. He didn't necessarily want to get married but he wanted the throne of his kingdom, rightfully his. His little sister Clara yawned beside him and he rolled his grey blue eyes. She never wanted to act like the princess she was, it was always his job to be the prim ad proper one. Not that he minded much, it meant that the spotlight was his. And as the future king of his Syphas, the spotlight is where he belonged.

    Clara always disliked her dear brother. Cocky, over confident, he was. He always yelled at her for being unladylike and disgraceful. It wasn't her fault that she was born into this royal disaster. She just wanted to run, feel the grass blades brush against her ankles, and listen to the way the wind sings. Not to mention that it didn't matter how much she messed up, since she was last in line for the throne, it in no way affected her.

    "Prince Aldrin De'Beaumont and Princess Clarissa De'Beaumont of Syphas."

    Aldrin heard their names boom through the ballroom. He reluctantly allowed his sister to hold onto his arm. Making a proper entrance was what mattered now. For him anyway, since he knew as soon as Clara was given the chance she'd be stripping her skirts and running around barefoot in her slip through a field. Smiling and laughing. He truly hated to admit it but his sister was a kind girl, who's personality could capture any audience. Once they had entered, bowed and curtsied respectively, Clara was already across the room sitting at a table and trying to secretly slide off her heels. He once again rolled his eyes at her, but just as quick had thrown on a dazzling smile and introducing himself to likely wives and their fathers.
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  5. Carwyn slipped in through the servants door. Everyone was paying attention to the welcoming, and his arrival went unnoticed. The stable master most likely though he was sleeping in a pile of hay, and he had made sure the horses were taken care of before he left.

    Getting rid of the stench of horses was relatively easy for a vampire, making sure absolutely no stray weed remained in his hair was taken care of with a light brush. The suit had been taken care of before, a relatively old one, but well kept. The jacket was neat blue, shirt lighter blue and trousers black. The shoes were dark brown, a bit more worn down the rest of the clothes. He would easily pass for a member of lesser nobility.

    As soon as the welcoming done, a buzzing spread across the hall.
    Carwyn grabbed a class of wine, from a passing servant that were now circling the hall trays full of different drinks and small pastries for people standing around not dancing to enjoy. The wine was good quality, much better than servants were usually given. Carwyn settled to standing near the wall, enjoying being served every once in a while.
  6. Despite having been raised in an environment where social gatherings were a constant norm for business transactions and entertainment, the mere concept of being forced to attend a marriage settlement was... bothersome. On a normal occasion, even with his father threatening his accession to the throne, Ranir couldn't have cared less and never would have willingly partaken in this ridiculous ball. Threaten his precious collection of rarities accumulated for over 20 year, however, and we have a problem. Ranir is by no means a greedy man. He simply sees irreplaceable beauty in the things in which only few exists. With such pleasantries in mind, he had irrately set off from Noban to Illiend in the most foul of moods and finally arrived after a fair 6 days ride out, a mere morning remaining before the ball was to begin.

    It took him less than an hour to make himself look presentable that evening and even less time to make his way to the main building. Tugging at his robe where it unceremoniously tightened around his neck with a frown, eyes as light as the sand of the desert flickered around, taking in the attending guests exiting their carriages and drifting their way through the grand doors as a servant announced their arrival. With a lasting sigh of defeat, Ranir stiffened his back and walked through the doors with his chamberlains trailing along, his introduction ringing behind him.

    "Prince Ranir Bervezli Aestolij of Noban!"

    With mute composure, he glided into the room and gave those he deemed unimportant no more than the necessary glance and nod but greeted his current or hopefully future country's partners with a more formal gesture. Game start.
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  7. "Oh cheer up, would you?" Hreza groaned, playfully punching his friend in the shoulder. Andrezja glowered at the older man and turned to face the window once more. The royal and his companion, where on their way to the Spring Equinox Ball, and so far the ride had been painful. Hreza had gone on and on about nothing. And Andreja had said nothing.
    In truth, he hadn't even wanted to come to the damned ball, but Hreza had forced him, claiming that Andrezja needed to find a love to brighten his days, or some other crap like that.
    Andrezja had tried to explain that as a Phooka, he really didn't need a love to brighten anything, but Hreza would have none of it.
    "It'll be fun!" He had said, and Andrezja had sighed and given in. Not that he had any choice really, Hreza was his Prince and his best friend. It was hard to say no to the guy.

    When they finally arrived, Hreza hopped out of the carriage with an eagerness to explore, get drunk, and of course, flirt like there was no tomorrow. And Andrezja had to be yanked out, so he could commence with the dreaded 'courting'.

    "Hreza can't I please just pose as your animal companion? Or just stay in the carriage?" Andrezja pleaded, trying once again to get out of having to attend the ball.

    Hreza shot him a smile, wrapped an arm around him and whispered, "No!"

    "Prince Hreza Birai'man of Nagali and Lord Andrezja Birai'man of Nagali!"

    So there they were, Andrezja staring at the ground as he leaned against the wall and Hreza--

    Where the hell was Hreza?

    - -

    "Princess Amelia and Prince Edwin," Hreza practically purred, giving a short bow and a wide toothy smile. "Congratulations on your eligibility to marry." Somehow in the time span of five minutes, Prince Hreza had crossed the room and now stood in front of the young royal pair, his gaze bouncing from the princess to the prince. "You know, if you want to get his over with in one fell swoop, I could just marry you both. My kingdom is famous for polygamous marriages after all." He suggested, wiggling his eyebrows at them.
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  8. The ball was underway, and the guests had already begun to mingle. The twins were about to figure out a way to slip in amongst them, mentally preparing to be bombarded by a bunch of elderly lords and ladies desperate to have their children and grandchildren married in to royalty, when they were stopped quite suddenly by the Nagali prince. He seemed quite a handsome fellow, if not a bit forward as he addressed the pair. Edwin found him rather amusing - he always had to give credit to a free spirit, and bowed in kind, a grin curling up on his face.

    "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Prince Hreza," Edwin greeted. Amelia curtsied politely.

    "A pleasure for me, as well. We're happy to have you in our kingdom," she stated formally. Edwin almost wanted to roll her eyes, and remind her that if she was so intent on following through with this charade, then she should at least ACT available.

    Of course, before he could consider the benefits of doing so, Prince Hreza was already cutting to the chase. Both twins blushed at his suggestion that he marry both, though Amelia was the one who seemed a bit offended. Edwin merely laughed.

    "Thanks for the offer," he replied coolly before his sister's temper could ruin the moment. "But it'd be a liiiittle weird being half married to my sister. We might be twins, but we don't like sharing EVERYTHING, I'm afraid."
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  9. Clara leaned on her elbow, watching her brother charm the pants off of girls while she sat a table. She watched as Princes and Princesses were introduced. The swooned over the ballroom and over each other. She blew a stray strand of hair out of her face. Bored and not barefoot, could it get any worse? She tugged at her skirts. She hated balls and dances and dancing. She stepped on everyone's feet. She stood and made her way over to her brother standing next to him, but not really saying anything. She'd smile and nod politely at people who introduced themselves. She felt so uncomfortable here.

    Aldrin laughed and smiled with guests, mingling, and charming. His sister came to his side. He looked down at her, noticing how uncomfortable she was in this situation. Her hands were clasped together so tightly her knuckles were white. Clara was not of age, so she had no real need to be here, but as always, their parents had forced her into a dress and sent her along. He grins widely, kissing the hands of women and shaking with men. He cracked jokes and gave compliments. That's what he was here to do anyway. Find a potential fiance. So he can have the throne. That's all he really cared about, and all he really needed.

    Clara stepped away from her brother, walking through the crowds. She found herself at a window, staring out into a court yard. Maybe no one would notice if one princess took a little walk. And surely they didn't care. Or didn't care much. She glanced backwards at her brother, who was laughing along with everyone else. She made her move to the door. She didn't leave immediately. Standing, trying not to draw the eyes of on lookers.

    Aldrin felt his sister leave his side, but didn't bother looking for her. He was having a good time, making friends and meeting people. Clara was a problem child and for all he knew, she was probably on her way to cause trouble. And he didn't want to be a part of it. Not even a little bit. So he stayed and laughed along. Maybe he could establish a good enough friendship and open up a new trade opportunity.
  10. Carwyn tasted the pastries being carried around, but finally settled to drinking wine. He was a vampire, so the all food tasted the same, and he could easily hold his liquor. In almost no time at all he found himself discussing with some old duchess whose name he immediately forgot. She blabbered constantly, occasionally questioning Carwyn's background. Carwyn dodged the queries, at least the one's he actually payed attention to, which consisted the first two minutes. After that he stopped listening, only nodding every once in a while. The old lady left finally, frustrated for the lack of attention. Carwyn sighed in relief after noticing she left.

    A problem surfaced. One of the nobles whose horse Carwyn had tended was steadily moving towards him. It was unlikely that the noble would recognize his face, or that he had even taken a look at him. But there was no need to take risks. Carwyn scanned to ball room to find someone with whom e could easily engage into a conversation with. He spotted a girl close to the doors, looking like she was just about to escape. Feeling a bit sorry for interrupting her escape he approached her.

    "Hello. I'm Carwyn Dorten. It's a pleasure to meet you." he bowed to her.
  11. Clara lowered her head and curtsied, "Hello, Carwyn Dorten, I'm Clarissa De' Beaumont. The pleasure is mine." She smiled, raising from her curtsy. She was happy she didn't fall and trip, as she usually did. She didn't want to be rude, but her eyes still made a speedy glance at the door knobs. She knew that she wouldn't just smile and leave while someone was talking to her, since she was incapable of doing so. She raised her chin to look Carwyn in the eyes, then just over the top of his head to her brother. He, still paying no attention was laughing along with a beautiful young woman.

    Aldrin was paying more attention to a lovely young woman, who was very charming, and telling lots of jokes. But he managed a glance over to his sister, to see her standing by the doors. She was approached by a man, who bowed. She smiled and curtsied. Good, he thought. She should be social at least once while they were here, they'd traveled a long way, and if she had come just to stand and stare all night, it wasn't really worth it. He turned back to the woman, laughing at another joke that she told, but he wasn't listening, to lost in his own thoughts. He quickly recovered, focusing back in on the girl.
  12. Louise stood awkwardly with a glass of wine resting on both her hands as some people from the other neighboring countries introduced themselves to her.She was ashamed that she barely remembered half of the names of the people she just met and the name of the Kingdom they came from.

    Her glass was still full and untouched.She doesn't really like wine...or at least she hasn't tried any yet.She took a deep breath and sipped from the cup.Blergh.She quickly withdrew her lips from the drink and sighed."How could people drink these stuff?" she mumbled,setting the drink down on a tray one of the waiters were carrying.She often saw her parents drink a cup of wine after dinner,then loads when in parties.But she never tired any because she thought the scent was weird.

    She walked towards the open doors of the balcony and went outside,putting her hands on the railing and looked down at the view of the city.It was something that she has not seen before.If she could,she would just get out of the place and explore the city.She then shifted her gaze up at the moon.The moonlight made her silky silvery-lavender hair seem like it was shimmering,and she could see it just by looking at the strands of hair that rested on her shoulders.Her current angle,look, and pose was perfect for a prince-charming-takes-fair-princess-away-from-the-castle scene,only that there was no prince charming around...or at least,nobody nearby,and if there was someone who was going to take her away from the castle,she just wishes that they take her to the city to kill boredom and get answers for her curiosity.
  13. After a 2 hour ride from his kingdom, Haru finally arrived at the ball. His carriage driver opens the door for him as he steps out. The carriage rides off to where the other carriages were kept. Haru breathes in the crisp fresh air, taking in the sight of the grand castle. He walks down the path, up the front steps and into the castle. He takes off his scarf and peacoat, revealing his ocean blue short sleeve shirt with a darker blue vest with Aquamarine and Sapphire wave detailing along the bottom. He lets the guard take his coat and scarf, putting it away with the other guest's coats. He goes up the steps leading to the grand ball room, stopping at the top.

    "Prince Haru Nanase of Oshan" The greeter announces to the guests.

    He walks down the steps, descending to the crowd of guests. He wasn't really one to go to balls but he knew his parents wanted him to go. He knew how important it was for his kingdom to have a prince to rule at his side when he comes to the throne. His parents fully accepted and supported him being gay, not wanting to force their son to be someone different. He just hoped this prince could accept the possibility of them being together.

    He makes his way through the crowd over to the long banquet table of food and drinks. He gets himself a glass of red wine, remaining by the table watching the other guests mingle. He was always the quiet type, never being one to socialize easily. He takes a sip of his wine, looking among the crowd for the young prince. He smiles when he spots the blonde, green-eyed boy. His heart skipping a beat taking in the sight of the gorgeous prince.
  14. "Moreover, look at you dear. At this rate, you will remain single until at least your thirties. "
    "And this is your most compelling argument?"
    "I believe it is. You know what to do, Yevgeniya."

    The ice princess ground her teeth as she recalled this atrocious dispute in which her father had an obvious superiority in terms of arguments. He, the King, had been by her sides since she was a toddler and more than anyone else, he knew her aspirations and priorities. First, the safety and goodness of the kingdom, second, her unwillingness to marry. Mixing them both in a single affair was merely asking for the fourteenth Great Wars of the Continents, a much lighter consequence than a flare-up thrown by the princess.

    Awaiting next to the grand door, Yevgeniya was the second in line to be called in the royal parade. All these fine materials and sparkling accessories were not inspiring her good vibes. Jewelry and silk were not a common find in Ballad, hence her clothing of the night resumed itself to be a mere pair of horse-leather boots along an unrefined wool dress. "Great," thought the heiress, despite knowing these fabrics were considered to be high class in her kingdom, "I'm going to be the pauper in this ball." Yet, before even having the time to ruminate further, the clear voice of the announcer echoed:

    "Princess Yevgeniya Skopin-Shuisky of Baladd."

    Let's the show begin.
  15. Temula could hear them through the door. The grand entrance of Prince Edwin and Princess Amelia came first. Of course a servant girl didn't know the royal heirs personally. Amelia seemed a good lass and Edwin a bit of a wanderer. After the twins were announced, the visiting royalty and nobility would be.

    Temula heard something of a princess from Tralindale. Apparently the rumors that that country was a myth were unfounded. Xyrillia was announced...that was expected. They were neighbors to Illiend but had poorer soil. An alliance would be welcome.

    "Hurry it up, girl." Fema snapped. That was one of the cooks, and she was waiting for Temula to finish cleaning out the oven and get out of the way. A pie had boiled over earlier and left a sticky burn, which Temula now scrubbed. The distraction caused her to miss the next names. As she finished and stood, the prince from Oshan was being heralded.

    "Lila! Lila?" Fema held a tray of cheeses and looked about frantically for a certain servant girl. Lila, with her blonde curls and dainty nose, seemingly blessed by fate, was nowhere in sight. "Temula," Fema ordered, obviously irritated, "take this out to the banquet table. Just do it quickly and be back; try not to be seen."

    Without eye contact, Temula took the tray and exited to the grand ballroom. The sight gave her pause. Lords and ladies, princes and princesses, all in their finest jewels, some more dazzling than the queen herself, stood about the room. Temula's lips began to part in awe, but she clamped them shut and averted her eyes, proceeding to the nearby table with her delivery.

    "Princess Yevgeniya Skopin-Shuisky of Baladd." the herald announced. Temula set down the tray and turned toward the latest spectacle. What she saw was a woman who wore simpler clothes than the other, but who had an air of calm majesty about her. Like...like a lady of the woods? "Be quick about it," Temula silently reminded herself, and started to hurry back to the kitchen, nearly running over a blue-eyed guest.

    "Pardon me," Temula quickly said to Haru, her eyes shifting about with uncertainty. She was meant to be as visible as a shadow. Should she have kept silent? That would be rude though. Could she leave now? What was the protocol when someone not meant to exist made contact with nobility? Temula curtsied, thinking what was proper for the head cook may be proper for this fellow as well.
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