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  1. Age Of Elements Overview

    and here be our In Character thread. Time to start us all off.



    In all of the cities, there is a History that is taught. A History Long through the ages that has been passed down from generation to generation, using a combination of wrote Transcription, and Storytelling to the youth of the land. Even within the free country, this history is passed down.

    "Long ago, There was but one dragon. This Spiritual being, Infinitely powerful, and infinately wize, used his power to create the creatures of the land. His Creations were the perfect embodiment of the 4 foundational Elements. As time went on, each of these dragons created more beings, but before they passed on, Their children lay the foundation for The Elemental climate we all enjoy today. As time went on, these Dragons were conversed with via the Dragon Priests, Whom many of you may have seen within the 4 nations. To this day they are still charged with Communicating with the beasts of legend, and interpreting their wishes. Failure to Heed the Dragon Priests is, in most circumstances, worse than a direct disgrace to the leaders of the individual nations. They used to be the Dragon riders, in the times of olde, before the great disappearance, back before bending." A Long Pause would Ensue. "Little is known about These dragons by anyone who isn't a dragon priest themselves. However, with this being said, There is a Little you should know. Not all of the Dragon of Spirit's offspring were Pure in their Intentions. Several of them were tainted. One of the Pure Dragons Was Izana Kunigiri, if the old Tomes were deciphered correctly. The full story is known only to the Dragon Priests, But, He failed to keep watch over his Mischievous Brother. Willingly suggesting a punishment, he was stripped of his Dragon Status, and Locked in a reincarnation Cycle. Commonly referred to as the Izana Cycle, or, As you are no-doubt familiar, Izana Day. It is Unknown whom the Host of the Legendary Dragon is, but one thing is speculated. Each of the Legendary Dragons recieved an Item to keep along their person every Reincarnation, for those that ended on that Path. Some may be Necklaces, Some may be rings. It is unknown if any others exist, If Izana is the only one, Only the Dragon Priests know for sure. However, it is Thanks to this Izana, and his relatives, that we enjoy Bending as it is. Now, For those of you present that haven't Chosen, Here is a Basic Run Down of what the Elements symbolize in the nations that take after them."


    Water is the element of change. The People of the Water Tribe are Capable of Adapting to many things. They have a Deep sense of community and love that holds them together through anything.


    Earth is the element of Substance. The People of the Earth Kingdom are Diverse and strong. They are Persistant and Enduring.


    Fire is the element of Power. The People of the Fire Nation have Desire and Will, and the energy and drive to Achieve what they want.


    Air is the element of Freedom. The Air Nomads Detached themselves from Worldly concerns and found peace and freedom.

    So, there you have it. All of the elements have their strenghs and their weaknesses. It is up to you whether to choose one, or try to master them all."

    As the Story enes, a Radio Starts playing the Sounds of an announcer Talking about Pro-bending in the pre-game.

    In the training area, Mako Stretches, Throwing a few short Firestrikes, and some Airbender-like dodges. "So, Is everyone ready for our Match today?"
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  2. Kain smirked while already floating above in the training pits. Standing on a piece of earth that his air bending was aiding in to keep levitated and quick. He fired a series of boulders at the the training dummies while using air to knock those dummies just of range within range of the boulders. As he circled around different groups of training dummies doing the same thing he gloated out loud "Magnificent Kain doesn't even need a team! He's got enough bending skills to take down a team of three all by himself!" and for some reason was speaking in third person. Though of course he still had a team, the rules of the competition made sure of that.
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  3. Jundi blinked. Hands in his pockets, a few people looked at the remarkably casually dressed and equipped boy as he passed by. His grey eyes looked at the arena in front of him; a scrunched-up ticket located somewhere within his pocket along with his hand.

    The original plan was to just move on through this city... but, after helping some old guy recover a bag from a tree, here he was. Watching some... competitive... sport.... thing. Fun. But Jundi didn't really have the heart to ask for anything else from an OAP, and hey, he got some candied nuts.

    Handing in his unkempt ticket, Jundi ate a candied nut as he tried to ignore the huge amount of noise in the stadium. The old man had explained the rules for Jundi, but to be honest, he hadn't listened. The basic gist of it was that two teams tried to knock each other off this hexagon-shaped platform. Not really his kind of thing. The old man had suggested Jundi could enlist, but... that wasn't happening. He barely knew anybody from around this area, which is why he kinda wanted to move on; there wasn't even many people to talk to.

    Bag of candied nuts lazily in his hand, Jundi slouched over on one of the seats, trying to ignore the screaming fans around him. He didn't recognise a single one of the names being screamed, so it was just a mixture of jibberish to his ears. The only thing keeping him sane was the delectable taste of candied nuts. Walnuts, to be exact. So good.

    Laying back on his chair, he took up a fairly relaxed position and closed his eyes for a moment, ready to fall asleep if everyone stopped shouting. He'd picked a seat away from as many people as possible, in a vain attempt to get some peace. Rowdy types really ground his gears, so this place ground his gears into a fine pile of iron dust.
    "Welp... this is a thing..." He muttered to himself in dismay.

    He supposed watching fighters fall into the water would be pretty funny, at least.
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  4. "Only cause you're on my team, or I'd have to wipe the floor with you myself," Sung said to Kain. He stepped toward a training dummy with his right leg and struck it with his left hand. Stepped out to the side with his left leg to another training dummy and struck it with his right hand, dissolving it into dust. Then he leaped into the air, using his airbending to carry him to a training dummy further away, and lashed out with the heel of his right foot, crushing a dummy. He was ready to fight anytime.

    Somehow he'd made his way to a place like this, and managed to form a team to enter. Sung was basically just in it to knock some people around, though.
  5. "Aw don't be like Sung. You shouldn't want anyone to touch a floor covered in your own blood!" Kain teased as his earth platform soared to the ground landing in front of Sung with Kain standing on top of the now implanted boulder. "Well, at least we're on the same team. So it will be someone else's blood today" he finished before sticking his head up, mouth wide open and bended some water to appear over his face and fall into his mouth.
  6. Emiko walked into the stadium with her nose in a pamphlet she was given. It was so loud here but I guess that's to be expected with such a popular sport. The Dragon Priestess wanted to get to know everything about the world and this was one of the things everyday people liked in the city. Looking up, the beautiful young woman was getting whistles as she passed. Spotting a not as crowded area with a young man looking rather annoyed, she strolled up there and smiles gently with a nod. Then her nose was in the pamphlet again, trying to figure out the purpose of this sport. "Is this just for the amusement of seeing someone knocked into water?" Emiko wonders out loud, looking on the other side.
  7. Jundi had opened one eye to see what all the sudden wolf whistles and pervy comments were all about; it was pretty easy to figure out who they were directed at. Huh. That was a woman you didn't see everyday.

    He wasn't a pervert, which was good, because most perverts ended up with huge red marks on their cheeks. He was more intrigued than excited at the sight of the woman. She was pretty, sure, but the choice of clothes interested Jundi more than the curves. Most people here were just dressed in ragtag clothing, but she was dressed in some pretty fancy stuff. Mostly blue. Blue... meant... water, right? Was she somebody important? Eh, who knew.

    Jundi returned the smile with a small, casual one of his own, before eating a candied nut and closing his eyes again. He thought the smile would be it in terms of interaction with this woman, but then she said something that made Jundi chuckle. Heh... she had the right idea, in his opinion. Great minds thought alike. He supposed he might as well start talking to some weird looking stranger; why the hell not? It beat any other forms of amusement here. She seemed pretty chill anyway - not one of the people screaming random names or encouraging shit as if it actually meant something.

    "Heheheh... pretty much." Jundi spoke up. "You should see firebenders when they fall in water. They're like cats." Jundi chortled, reminiscing about a time some fire-bending bandit attacked him on the road. Jundi responded by blasting him into a river with an air blast. It was fucking hilarious; the guy got so mad that he ran away. Worst bandit ever.
    "But seriously. The best part about this event?" He paused with mock drama. "The candied nuts, obviously. Got mine for free." Jundi said - whilst it was in a joking tone, he was actually kind of serious. He could get used to these free candied walunts. He paused, ate another, and looked at the girl for a moment.

    He sort of wanted to ask what was with the cool clothes, but she was just a stranger. He didn't want to pry too much.
    "You new to all this too?" Jundi asked in a more serious tone, already knowing the answer.
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  8. "Heh, feel lucky you're on my team today or that little comment woulda cost ya something," he joked back, tapping Kain lightly on the arm. "Y'know when this thing's gonna start? I'm itchin' to lay it down on some poor souls," he asked, scratching his head.
  9. Somebody was actually talking to her? Without any weird comments? Emiko turned to the relaxed looking fellow with a sparkling smile and almost grabbed his hands to shake them happily, but saw the candied nuts. Laughing at his comments, she blushed at his comment about being new to this and hung her head, her hair ornaments clacked against each other.

    "Is it that obvious?" she starts sheepishly, "Yes, I'm from the Free Lands and I was under a lot of training there. This is my first time in an actual city..." Looking up at him, Emiko grins and holds out a hand. "I'm Emiko, a travelling Dragon Priestess. Nice to meet you.'
  10. Kain shook his head once he gulped his water and responded "Probably not too much longer. Crowd's can lose focus pretty quick if they go too long without a fight". Then cracking his nuckles "And our fight will be something to last the ages" before teasingly patting Sung's head.
  11. Mako watches the two fight, and Chuckles a little. "Seems My teammates are running a little late, but I wouldn't Underestimate us." He smirks, Grabbing his Blue Helmet with a Red marking and the red belt, putting both on after a custodian comes in, telling them that their teams are up next. "Prideful Penguins And Sneezing Shearshu's, you're up next. You've got 5 minutes." Mako, Keeping his necklace on, tucks it underneath the protective gear before heading out onto the field, Hoping his teammates make it in time.

    Announcer Continues to Commentate all the while, Glancing at Emiko for a moment, before glancing to the participants Walking onto the field. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Let's hear it for the Prideful Penguins, err, Mako? Is he seriously planning on taking on three other benders alone? Where are his teammates? For those of you that Don't know, Since I see a good deal of Kiddo's in the crowd, the Rules of Pro-bending are simple. Knock your opponents off the rear of the stage before you get knocked off. Only one type of Bending is allowed per player, Designated by the color of belt and markings on their Uniform. Red for Fire, Green for Earth, Blue for Water. You Know the drill Folks."

    Mako glances around and sighs, Taking a few Deep Breathes. "Easy Mako. You got this." He glances around, Hoping his two teammates make it in time.

    (If you don't like the team names, I'll alter them. ^^; )
  12. "Whoa. You're a Dragon Priestess? ...Cool."

    She was a Dragon Priestess? That certainly answered Jundi's previous question if she was important. His sister used to talk about the Dragon Priests and Priestesses all the time... heh. He should've bought Samadi along; she'd probably be fangirling right now.

    Jundi looked at Emiko's extended hand, wondering if she wanted a candied nut, before realising he should shake it. He cleared his throat, blushing ever so slightly as he gently shook a Dragon Priestess's hand.
    "Jundi. Just a regular traveller." He said with a wink.

    He paused as the announcer began, well, announcing. The crowd began to go ballistic, which caused Jundi to groan slightly. But it looked like one guy was seriously considering taking on three others. Jundi wasn't 100% sure of the rules, but it sounded impossible. It was like football - you needed your team-mates at your back - right?

    Jundi silently wondered why Air-Benders weren't mentioned. Huh. Probably because they were rarer than others. He liked to keep his skills a secret, though, and would certainly never think about using his years of training to knock people off some hexagon. ...Even if it would be pretty funny.

    "Guess it's about to start." Jundi patted the seat next to him, offering for Emiko to sit down. "Sit here if you like. I tried to get as far away from everyone as possible, if you hate noise as much as me." He laughed quietly, eating another walnut as he watched in a laid-back fashion.

  13. Jiang Li walked into the stadium. She had no idea what brought her here, was it a dream? A vision? A directive from the queen? She wondered what it was, as she felt she had involuntarily, or partially of her own control, found her way here. Of course, seeing what the others who were already there were doing... she wondered to herself, why was she here? Did she, a person who had no powers, or at least no knowledge of any ability similar to what she was seeing, did she really belong there?

  14. [​IMG]

    Lillian Grove

    The gentle breeze blew across Lillian's face and wisps of her hair flew about. The jeweled band she wore on her head, bounced around on her forehead as she walked steadily. She was walking towards the pro-bending competition as he dress was blowing in the wind. She was smiling to the people as she walked by, she wasn't known well here but the elegant dress would easily make "friends." Lillian looked rich, although she was only due to her saving it up and living very minimally for years. With each step her dress floated behind her elegantly as she stepped into the stadium. She was late and wasn't even dressed, so she ran down the entrance for competitors and quickly got dressed into the attire for pro-bending.
    Running back she made her way onto the platform, she wasn't going to let Mako go up against the three on his own.
    "Sorry I'm late Mako, I was late the dance was prolonged because the star was late!" Lily said as she prepared herself by Mako.
    Lillian was completely unrecognizable on the platform, her dress was replaced by the attire they wore and her hair was up in a ponytail. Lillian looked at the opposing team, she was ready for this. Lillian was known in pro-bending for her dodging abilities. It was a pro to dancing, she was fluent enough to move her body in ways to dodge attacks but attack at the same time. Lillian stood ready to fight as she readied her water and looked around waiting for their third.
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  15. Mei quickly made her way into the stadium and ran to the entrance for pro-benders. She quickly changed before heading to the platform.

    "Sorry sorry!" She sighed as she stood to Mako's other side. The girl had just gotten into pro-bending and was still getting used to the change of pace from her usual routine.

    "Didn't mean to make you wait Mako." She added a bit sheepishly.
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  16. Sung knocked away Kain's hand as he patted him. "Man, ya got no respect for your elders," he told him before they were called to fight.

    "Well, that's our cue. Alright, let's go," Sung said, walking onto the stage fairly calmly. He just waited for it to start now.
  17. Emiko almost shook his hand off in excitement when he acted as if she was just a normal person. Every other time she introduced herself, people would start groveling at her feet as if she were the actual dragon. It was such a relief to have someone treating her like a real person. Almost tearing up, the young woman heard the announcer and smiles excitedly.

    "I can sit next to you? Thank you so much!" she says, sitting down gracefully and looking down at the thing. "I love the energy here though. It's so much livelier than the temple." Jundi seemed nice enough and wasn't being creepy or groveling. "Oh! His teammates showed, now it's okay. It would've been terrible if they didn't show up." Oh, by the dragons, am I talking too much? Too little? Talking to people was definitely not the best thing she can do.
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  18. Mako looks at his teammates. "Well, we will DEFINITELY have to work on Both of your timelyness, but you're here now, so Lets kick someSneezing Shearshu Ass!!!" He smiles mischievously as the announcer announces Round 1 and then the bell rings. as this happens, Mako immediately throws a roundhouse-kick fire ark towards the center of the opposing team, aiming to separate the two so it's more evenly one on one, with a bit of a buffer in case something goes wrong. "You Ready to lose, ShearSHOOze?" Not the best at trash-talking, Mako's strengths lie in his ability to dodge and evade like an airbender, while launching fire strikes at his foes like a certain Angry banished prince may have in the same situation: Fierce, swift, and powerful.

    Announcer: And the Prideful Penguins Firebender wastes no time in trying to separate the Shearshus. What will their next movement be?"
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  19. "While we work on that we can also work on your trash talking skills Mako. They need some work." Mei said lightheartedly as she bumped her fists together, a habit she picked up before fighting people. She got the earth provided to her ready, and waited for their opponents to attack. She had a good reason to win this match and most other matches. She didn't want to get knocked off into the water. Mei might've told someone about the fact she couldn't swim, if she did she couldn't remember.
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  20. image.jpeg
    Zaya Mardy

    The young brunette walked into the stadium, somewhat shocked by all the people there was packed into the building. Luckily, her somewhat worn brown clothing didn't make her stick out too much, but maybe the fact that she looked completely and utterly awed did. Alright Zaya, first things first, you gotta find yourself a seat, then you can gawk at the games all day long. Mentally slapping herself out of her amazement, Zaya began searching for an empty spot, only to find nothing. Rig as she was about to give up though, the earthbender managed to find a small empty patch...on the complete opposite side of the stadium. Welp, it could be worse, there could be no seats, she thought, sprinting out around the outer walkway, hoping that nobody would take the seats she targeted.
    Within the next five minutes, she was close enough to see who she was going to sit by. A woman, dressed in blue fancy clothes was talking a man who wore clothes similar to those around them. Walking up to them, the young girl stopped for a second to take a breath. Once her lungs weren't burning for air, she tried to get the attention of the female. "Excuse me, is anybody sitting here?"
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