Welcome to the Abbey ( Female seeking Male for MATURE/Ageplay - Maiden/Head Monk)

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    Seeking Older Males expedience roleplayers. I want one on one, ' Hard Core Roleplayers', action. Ones that always need their daily fix, just like I. Who loves to escape reality, by entering their own words. Or ones wishing to add to already established already worlds, known as fandom.

    Seeing as I do ' One on One ' roleplays It goes without saying, that we both will have to play multiple characters.

    I only do long terms. I'm in this for the long run, while seeking long lasting friendships. And who knows, I know this may not be a dating site but things could/can happen down the road. You knows, right?

    No one liners. A love detailed paragraphs. And if you're on roll, all the better. I absolutely love it, when my partner ends up writing a “novel” gives me more to work with. I'm not a Grammar Nazi. I merely require your writing to be readable. Clear and understandable.
    * NOTE Ask for my Kink list *

    (For further information on rp listed below connect me. I will then provided all the required things blahahaha <3You can also find my highlights/Wants list posted below)

    Welcome To The Abbey(FANDOM BASE)
    The story is centered around the three monks( Legantir, Blucher, and Braulio ) from the film " Justin and the Knights of Valor" and my OC Trinket. But I am more going for their looks/personality/name, back story..I am pretty much stealing them, out of their own cannon universe for my own universe.

    NOTE! You have to see the film, to know the characters personalities. (then we can add it their personally) If you haven't already that is.

    Trinket is merely a girl who loves nature and all her woodland little friends. For almost all her life she has kept to herself, preferring the company of animals to humans. She is a self taught healer (mostly tends to animals) and has used all sorts of tools, tonics, and a couple of magical ingredients.
    And for this Trinket is deemed ' different' by the town. Leaving everyone to misread her daily actions and methods. Trinket ideas and dreams have made many arching a brow. Then one day the town turned on her. They destroy her inventory and banished her, let a the neighboring town deal with her ' wicked and unnormal ways'

    The next few years of her life went like this. Arriving in a new town, only to be shunned some time later.
    It seemed the rumors followed her where ever she went.

    A small outbreak happened in the newest of towns she has arrived in. Affecting many, as Trinket ends up being struck with the same sickness too. Given her history and rumors the townsfolk turn all blame on her. Before she explain herself and try to help the few inflicted(and herself) A angry mod forms, believing if they killed her ' The Witch' the plague would be lifted.

    She tries to tell them, ' I am no witch..." Coughing through her screams of fear. "..Why would I inflicted myself?!" No one listens. Quickly running through her shop/home collecting what little things she could carry, before seeking out. Being sick didn't make her all that swift, meaning she was quickly spotted.

    She run as hard and as fast as she could. She just wanted to loose them. Then from there she could collect what little coherent thoughts she still had left, in her feverish mind.

    After what felt like hours of running she lost them. looks like her luck is finally changing. Trinket ends up collapses upon the docks that lead to small island Abby.

    ...Reopening her eyes to find herself laying upon a bed, disrobed in nothing but her undergarments. Covered in nothing but the bed sheets(she was running a deadly fever, and was stoked in her own sweat. What else could do they do? The thought of stripping her fully nude, came as improper to them. But still, they had to remove her stoked clothing.)

    Trinket makes out three blurs slowly coming into forces. Still delirious she starts throwing false accusations at them, dew to her sudden state of less clothing. Eventually Legantir manages to settle her down. Once she has their attention she explains her story. The three monks agree Trinket should remain within the Abby walls under their watchful eye. It isn't right to leave a poor defenseless girl alone in the world.

    Slightly recovered and free fromher bedridden state, Trinket still seemed rather weak. (Probably because of her lack of moment during her bedridden state.) She still required help with the most simple things, leaving Legantir tend to her needs. When ever asking for more personal assistance. (Brushing her hair, her helping her up, or helping her dress down for a bath..ect) Feeling he was only one man enough qualified of the job. As Braulio would end up giggling like some embarrassed school girl. As Legantir feared Blucher may scare the Trinket with his "playful" and flirting ways.

    You would think this would be harmless and his intentions pure, however... He starts to get to doubting, even after she is perfectly fine. He soon offers Trinket choice to remain here with them. As he could see in her eyes she wanted to ask it, but didn't want to impose on them.

    She has become a habit, tending to her needs and wishes. And old habits are hard to break, as the saying goes.....Legantir is realizing he is starting to have impure thoughts for his young friend...

    And it would seem Trinket has her own naughty thoughts for him as well....

    Oh how will this end?
    What am seeking here/ A few highlights

    -Am seeking romance with the head monk Legantir
    And If you don't do cartoon/CGI refs, I notice one of his Live Action roles, reminded me lot of Legantir if you wanted to use that as ref http://sta.sh/2i3syse1ocx?edit=1

    Legantir was voiced by Charles Dance (and fashioned to look like him) And I notice one of his Live Action roles, reminded me lot of Legantir if you wanted to use that as ref http://sta.sh/2i3syse1ocx?edit=1

    - Ageplay: Leg-60s (but I have my thoughts, he could older. He does use magic, maybe a secret sorcerer as well as a monk? And many sorcerers do have a form of semi-immortally on their side) Trinket-17
    - The Frollo x Esmeralda like syndrome. Only Leg isn't cruel or wicked like Frollo, is. He's tying to deny his lust for Trinket. But will end up snapping in a romance way. He is a good man, never would he hurt her. He comes to realize he needs her and Trinket needs him too.
    - After the two have their "fun" story will not end there...As I said long term..Maybe Justin(the main character in the film) will return. Yes! Legantir try explaining your actions to Justin, Braulio, and Blucher

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