Welcome to Temptation

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  1. There she was. Locked out of her own apartment. Her arms filled with bags, several canvases leaning against the wall, and her key stuck in the lock not wanting to budge.

    One would think someone who was as successful as she was could afford a better apartment. Oh no. That would make life too easy. Setsuna Sadako didn't do easy. No, she spent all of her hard earned money on art school, instead of getting a nice apartment. Leaving her fighting with an ornery door in her Uncle's apartment building.

    "C'mon! OPEN!" She shouted, not caring if anyone else in the place heard her. She kicked the door. Next week the draft for Welcome to Temptation was due, and she REALLY needed to get working on that. The hentai manga was her biggest secret. If any of her family or friends knew that she was really Harumi Tetsuya, they would probably never let her live it down. It wasn't like she wanted to be a hentai artist for the rest of her life! She just made such great money! Art School wasn't cheap.

    "ARRGGHH! STUPID DOOR!" Now she was reduced to cursing, as Setsuna dropped all her sacks to the ground. Two hands twisting and gripping the knob as she kicked furiously at the corner. "LET ME IN. LET ME IN OR I'M GOING TO BURN YOU DOWN, DOOR!"

    Setsuna wasn't too worried about looking crazy.
  2. Just as the threat was uttered, the door did open... to a very naked and very familiar man, eyes eager and playful as he smiled down on the smaller Setsuna in his trademark mix of innocence and wicked seduction. Before anyone but he had even a chance to react to these new events, the strange but very, very familiar man extended a dusky arm and dragged the young mangaka inside. That was as the door closed and locked that he finally spoke.

    “Let's be lovers~!” He said, advancing on the poor woman with a suggestive smile and a strange glint in his eyes.

    The sun was setting outside, and as his ridiculously fit body moved, it shone burnished bronze in the dying light. Slanted eyes, that the girl knew perfectly to be sea green, were shadowed by thick kohl enhanced lashes as they fluttered half closed in anticipation of a kiss...
  3. Setsuna should have screamed. She was in her head at least. A naked man grabbing her and dragging her in to her apartment was alarming and she was pretty sure she was about to get molested and robbed.

    Her back was against the door and her hands were raised up, prepared to fight to death if she had to. And then...!


    Sea green eyes are what triggered the familiarity, but disbelief was strong. Her eyes briefly wandered down, but quickly snapped back to his face as her cheeks burned red. This man was the spitting image of her manga star. Better than any drawing she ever made. Of course, he had to be a cosplayer and a fan. A really on the mark fan.

    But he was naked in her apartment. This was kind of scary!

    Her hand moved out to press against his bare chest, holding him at a distance. Solid as a rock and hot as hell. He wasn't a hallucination, anyway.

    "I- you- um-. Uh...!" Setsuna struggled with being tongue-tied. "You don't belong in here. How did you get in..?"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.