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  1. Ok so this is a school so i want you all to be on your best behaver alright no bad words no fighting. unless its gym class. and learn the best you can.

    No killing characters
    No I can't get hurt ok i think thats called god modding or something like that.
    you can be anything you want to be but a god ok thank you. halfings of gods are ok.
    NO SPARKLING VAMPIRES OR ILL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF AND FEED IT TO MY DOG (whos like a small little thing but has a very big bite)
    don't go crazy on bad words on OOC. i don't mind if your character is like that but keep it to a mimmen
    have fun.
    No romance.

    *after a beat down*

    i take it back romance is fine. *knocked out*

    small character sheet and your done to rp alright thank you ok.
    also this is Acadmey for anything but humans we don't want people die now. also this is a diffrent Acadmey you can waer whatever you want. also remeber if vampires hate werewolives in the past i think they still hate them now. ok good now off you go

    Bio: If you want
    Personaltiy: No need for this
    what you look like:
    Voice: I want to hear your voice. (not real life voice just get your favrout voice could be cry or pewdiepie or anyone i don't care)
    extra: if you want

    Name: Alice Cry
    Age: 18
    gender: female
    race: vampire
    Bio: I got nothing to tell you
    Personaltiy: Fuck Off
    Voice: Her voice sounds like Re-l From Ergo Proxy Warning spoliers to the show if you watch this

    extra: I..... I like lolipops. red ones mostly.

    Alice scand the halls as she walked by making way to her locker. she opend it to grab her stuff for class and closed it but not with out a lolipop. it stops her from being hungery for blood. once she started to move she notice some wolf boys come her way. lucky she moved quickly and got to her class to sit in the back before anything could happen.
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Lucifer (Luke for short)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demon/Incubus
    Bio: Son of satan and a Succubus. Doesn't know either parent and doesn't care.
    Personality: Lazy, cocky, teasing. Keeps people at a distance.
    Voice: Jack from Rise Of The Guardians. (Sorry if that's cheesy but it's all I could think of)

    Extra: He doesn't enjoy fighting or being told what to do. Even though he's an incubus he has no interest in doing the actions there suppose to do. He's attracted to beautiful people no matter the gender. Despite being lazy and not giving fucks, he does well in school.


    Luke sat in the class more towards the back and by the window, his head rested in his hand and he gazed out the window. He looked as if he were in deep thought on some big philosophical question though really, he was just debating on what he should eat for lunch. His eyes wandered to his usual eating spot in the courtyard behind some bushes and under a large oak tree that shielded him from others so, ultimately, he could either take a nap or simply think up new pranks to pull on a teacher or student. His thoughts continued, ignoring the warning bell signaling students had only a few minutes left to get to class.
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  3. Alice sat next to Luke not saying a word but notice him thinking deeply. 'and the jokester is at large' she smirked to herself shortly after the bell rang and the teacher walked in normale everyday stuff. 'Right now was history?' Alice put her head down 'not far that this is a morning class they should make night classes for people like me jerks.' she growled loudly and closed her eyes once the teacher started to talk, pretending to be a sleep. she just wanted this day to be over and done with no problem.
  4. It took Luke a while to be dragged out his daydream, but since the teacher seemed to no want to stop talking, he turns his he's and watches the teacher. His eyes scanned the board reading the words written down quickly and understanding them just as fast. Once he had finished reading he leaned back so his chair balanced on it's back legs. 'God I want this class to hurry. I wanna go take a fricken nap already.' He thought to himself and released a bored sigh.
  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Desdemona
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Demonic Kitsune
    Bio: Few memories of her past, no family.
    Personality: Split personality- Morbid loud mouth / Shy sweetheart
    Voice: Rebecca (Revy) Lee from Black Lagoon (WARNING: Language.)

    Extra: Pyromaniac tendencies during either personality. Sometimes licks eyeballs.

    Late, late, late. Desdemona growled to herself as she walked down the empty halls, continuously glancing from the sheet of paper in her hand to the numbers on the doors. Being newly enrolled to St. Lucifers Academy, she didn't have a clue where to go. Finally finding her way to the right classroom, she nearly kicked open the door with one of her combat boots. The previous event of being lost had her worked up and in no mood for sitting in a desk. She smacked down her enrollment sheet onto the teacher's desk, interrupting whatever speech he was giving. "S'pose to give that to you." She muttered as she glanced over the rows of new classmates, taking an empty seat in the front corner of the room. Most of them looked like they didn't want to be here, especially two in particular who seemed like they couldn't care less. Pulling her black hood lower over the protruding fox ears on her head, she slumped forward in her seat, murmuring to herself. "Some of these people would look better in body bags."
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  6. image.jpg
    Name: Katrina
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Succubus/Demon Cat
    Bio: Her mother was a Succubus and her father was one of the cat race, no not the adorable for legged kitties a demonic cat race.
    Personality: Loner, independent, loyal to friends
    Voice: Sayaka From Madoka Magica

    Extra: she has long nails like a cats claws and is also good at sewing, makes stuffed animals, she is also intelligent having a photographic memory she can listen to or see anything and memorize it.

    Katrina ran to her class with a stuffed animal in her hand and a sewing needle and thread in her mouth and a sewing kit in her other hand. She leaps over the other girl who had just come in and lands in the seat just behind where the other late girl would sit, waving her enrollment papers at the teacher and making him come get them. Pointedly ignoring the teacher while she sews up a stuffed cat in her hand her own cat ears and cat tail twitching only every once in awhile. Her ears stand straight up listening to the teacher despite doing something else entirely.
  7. The vixen would give a short-lived, sideways glare at the girl who had decided to jump over her. Her nose told her something she would observe a split second thereafter; That girl had feline DNA. Friggin' cat. Her left eye twitched behind the frame of her glasses as she sunk lower in both her seat, and the hoodie that was large enough to hang at her knees and conceal the fact she had on a plaid skirt. She's not going to sit there the entire semester is she?! The thought caused an audible groan of discomfort. It wasn't that she disliked this girl, no, it was simply the fact that she'd had bad experiences with felines. Now, her fingers tightly gripped the sides of the desk until she was white knuckled, her face slowly turning a matching shade that screamed 'Ill.'
  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Lair
    Age: 18
    gender: Male
    Bio: His mother and father were both Reapers. So he decided to become one himself, though he lacks the silence. His father and mother both abandoned him and he has always been by himself since a young age. He cares more for his scythe then anything in the world and often puts it before himself.
    Personality: He is a very cheerful person, normally talking to anyone. He is always glad to help people but annoys them more then anything when he does. He always has something to say even if it is totally off subject.
    Voice: Regular Voice: (Hei's voice)
    Reaper form Voice:
    extra: He has a human form, which is his carefree self and the other is his reaper form, for serious situations. In his reaper form, black wings spread, his scythe that is normally strapped to his back glows a bright red with small amounts of blood to large amounts of blood dripping from it's end. He also gets an armored cloak that he can have his face covered or uncovered. When uncovered his face steams from gray smoke and his whole eye socket becomes pitch black.


    Lair runs to his class, but looks at each student and giving them a very enthusiastic wave as he runs by.. He has his scythe strapped to his back and it moves on it's own to get out of people's way. He runs into the class and with a loud yell, "Hello everyone!" He goes by a student, "Looking depressed as ever my friend, keep that." He saw Lucifer, "Make sure to keep your head up bud, everything outside is just as exciting as in here." He saw the girl in the back, "Keep alive, I can still talk to you if I yell loud enough!" He saw the two girls and sat behind Desdemona, "Terrible day we are having isn't it?!" He sat back in his seat, his scythe twitching back and forth to get comfortable.
  9. Desdemona quietly groaned, doing her best to reply with a weak, "Uh-huh." without her stomach heaving. The new boy's excited attitude and swaying scythe made her feel even more nauseous. She sat up slumping forward over the desk, her forehead hitting the wood with a light thud. Oh god, I'm gonna be sick! The girl grabbed at the hood over her head, pulling at the ears underneath it to try and distract herself.
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  10. Cry glared at the new kid. "your lucky that i cant kill you reaper because if i could i would make it very very painfully and slowly." with that spoken she got up and left. "you make me sick" she said to herself. she walked around to hid from the sun

    (im sorry please dont take it to haert)
  11. Lair smiled at Cry, "I can't think of anyway better to die. Make sure to stay out of the sun, my dear. I'd hate for you to experience any pain at all!" His voice filled with sarcasm. He looked back to Desdemona, laughing, he leaned over his desk, looking just over her left shoulder "You feeling fine? You look like you're about to up chuck." His scythe leaned over her left shoulder, seeming to look at her as well.
  12. "Ha ha!" She laughed loudly at the sudden malicious words passed between the two, highly amused by them. "What was that about?" The fox didn't really care, but she was curious. Laughing was a bad idea. She suddenly stood up nearly knocking over her chair, and if Lair and his weapon weren't quick enough, her shoulder would have rammed against his chin and the scythe before she ran out of the already disrupted classroom. Leaving behind a bag that looked similar to a rabbit.
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  13. The scythe moved as soon as she moved, Lair on the other hand, got hit straight in the chin. His head sort of snapped back and made a loud cracking sound, "Ouch. " Another loud snap occurred and his head was normal again. He sighed heavily, I'll never get use to that. He looked at the bag. "What the hell?" His scythe dipped low and picked it up. He cocked his head to the side. He looked at his scythe, "Carry that for me will you?" He say back down in his seat, his scythe holding the bag. I'll find her later.
  14. Still unsure of the maze of hallways, the female got lost a second time after miraculously finding her way to a trash can. Friggin' cat. The thought brushed through her head again. If it weren't for that feline smelling like... Well, a feline, then she wouldn't have gotten sick to begin with! Since the halls were still pretty much desolate, she pulled off her hood and exposed her ears. Might as well find my locker. She took a piece of gum from her pocket, tossing it in a mouth full of sharpened teeth before strolling down the corridors.
  15. Quietly Katrina had watched this all go down, normally a loner by nature because of her cat instincts she didn't bother to put up much of a fuss over it when Desdemona had run off and she snatches the bag off of Lair's scythe. "I can give this back...besides I wanna look at it; don't worry I'm not gonna poke through it." She examines the handiwork of the bag smiling softly before turning it over multiple times to check for any torn up patches. Somewhere in the back of her mind Katrina wondered if it had been her fault the other girl got sick but shrugs it off. She had no idea what species the new girl was only canine type species were put off by her smell. Katrina smelled like a cat, but she didn't smell as terrible as many others, especially if she used her special ability as a succubus. "Maybe I should do that...if she is a canine species...it would make her feel better, probably." She said this to no one in particular before letting out a sigh.
  16. The scythe's point seemed to look at Lair, Liar shrugged. "I don't know, I'll ask her." He got up from his seat, the scythe poking Katrina on the shoulder. Lair bent down a bit, trying to get a better look at her. "My scythe wants to know who you are talking too." He smiled, his Scythe moving around on his back and seemed to be looking at her. That was a weird put question. He stopped for a second, and realized something. He looked at her, "Don't take stuff off my Scythe by the way." He held out his hand, "Plus, finder's keepers. Unless you want me to follow you around and make sure she gets it. Which I find rather bothersome." He poked his palm with his finger. "Bag. Hand. Please." He smiled at her. Now?
  17. With a little glare Katrina shakes her head. "No way, this thing is beautiful I want to ask her about it!" Katrina seemed dead set on not handing it over and somewhere in her mind she wondered if her succubus techniques would work on him. She decides she doesn't want to use them too much and her ears pin back to the top of her head; her ears were rather funky looking being a indigo purple with hot pink streaks all through the fur on her ears and her tail. She looked kind of like a tiger because of the strange pattern of her tail and ears.

    Katrina sticks her tongue out at Lair and breathes on the girl's bag, covering it in the smell of oranges to stifle her cat smell from the bag. If she was a canine she would rather not make the girl sick if she ever wanted to talk to her about the bag. So she breathes out some more of the orange smelling perfume covering herself in it. It's not a strong perfume either, but it covers up her natural scent. "I guess you're gonna have to follow me around Mr. Reaper." Looking down Katrina resumes sewing up a stuffed cat and holds it up for the reaper. "Do you like cats? If not I can do foxes too."
  18. Once at a set of lockers much larger than her 5'2 stature, the female reached back for... Darn! I left my bag! She grumbled incoherently to herself, pulling her hood up and pushing another piece of gum into her mouth. The rabbit-like bag was old and kinda worn out, but it was sturdy and she took care of it. She left everything in that bag and she had no way of knowing which locker was hers or how to get back to the class. Screw it. She began jiggling the door of one of the lockers, hoping it might open. There wasn't even a good reason for wanting the locker open, she just wanted to see if she could fit inside one.
  19. The Reaper looked at his Scythe, the Scythe seemed to do the same. He looked at the scythe confused, "Do you like cats or foxes?" The scythe moved it's blade back and forth. "We're good. But thanks." He looked at her ears, "Sooooooo." He outstreched the word for a good long minute. "What's your name? Lair, and this is scythe." He pointed at it with his thumb. He looked at her ears and the scythe tapped one of her ears. "Lets go ask that.... whatever she was about her bag. She might want it back." He raised an eyebrow, "Or might want... to give.. it to.. you?" Is that what she wanted to hear?
  20. "I'm Katrina." she says it simply smiling a bit as she finishes examining the worn bag. "I should ask before I fix it up." She pinned her ears to her head once more as the scythe poked her ear. "Careful you Scythe! My ears are sensitive!" Without a second glance at Lair and his scythe she gets up; carrying the three stuffed animal things out of the room. The teacher calls after her but this only earns a flick of her tail at the teacher, blantently ignoring him. She smelled like oranges now, so maybe the other girl wouldn't freak out so bad about being near the cat demon succubus. Man that's a mouthful... She thinks idly as she walks down the hall looking for the girl. When she spots her she walks up to the girl and smiles at her. "There you are. I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Katrina, also I'm sorry for jumping over you...and...well...I've seen how worn out your bag is...so I was wondering, would you like me to fix it up a bit? It shouldn't smell like a cat...I think that's what got you sick anyway."
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