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This is the city of Slater Haven, a sprawling crime ridden and brooding metropolis of about six million inhabitants. The most interesting and disturbing fact about Slater Haven is not the city's crime, politics or drugs, it's who in fact lives here. Slater Haven has the highest concentration of vampires in the continental United States. The blood sucking night walkers are everywhere from the city's top ranking politicians to the vagrants begging on the streets. The vampire population is more or less an open secret that is just barely hidden from the rest of Humanity. The two main vampire Houses that control Slater Haven are the Stri'Goi House and the Feratu House which have been at odds for centuries. However now tensions are at an all time high and the two powerful vampire covens are on the brink of all out war. However in the midst of this, there seems to be a more immediate problem. A sadistic serial killer is roaming the streets of Slater Haven and he/she seems to be targeting vampires in brutal fashion. The killer employs all the traditional vampire hunting and killing methods of ancient and contemporary tradition. Their calling card is leaving a "Welcome to Slater Haven" sign post replacing Slater with Slayer. As such the various media and newspapers began to dub the city "Slayer Haven". This seems to be only the tip of the iceberg as various agencies suspect that there is more than one killer, possibly the start of a new and dangerous faction of Human Vampire Slayers now occupying the city. With war just on the horizon between the two main vampire Houses and a dangerous new threat of a contingent of vampire hunters on the loose, Slater Haven has become a volatile powder keg of intrigue, murder and conspiracy.


Slater Haven City.jpg

****So this RP will be a somewhat unique take on the vampire genre. The vampires of this universe share a number of tropes with traditional vampire lore, such as drinking blood, weaknesses to garlic, silver and sunlight. However this latter weakness is subjective to different individuals as some vampires have taken a different evolutionary path and do have limited tolerance to sunlight. There are two distinct types of vampires, supernatural and biological. The first type have obtained their vampirism through mystical and occultic means and suffer from all the traditional weaknesses associated with their kind. The second type are biological, occurring naturally and are simply a more evolved offshoot of the Human Family, like Neanderthals and Homo Erectus. In fact their species name is Homo Sapien Sanguinarious. Vampires also operate within dynastic covens known as Houses, however there are many vampires who swear no allegiance to any particular House and operate as free agents of sorts. Within the vampire underworld the biological vamps are known as the First Bloods, while the supernatural ones are reffered to as Erebans. There is a deep animosity between these two factions and at the present time, The Erebans hold the upper hand. However The First Bloods possess a number of traits that their Ereban cousins do not hold. First Bloods, as a naturally evolved species, are generally much stronger physically and have much greater stamina, speed and agility. Also they suffer from none of the traditional weaknesses of vampires. They can walk freely in daylight and hold no aversions to holy relics, silver or garlic. The Erebans, essentially being normal Humans that were turned into vampires through supernatural means, boast other powers at their disposal such as immortality, hypnotic power and mind control. Much more detail will be posted an RP Extra Lore thread if this gains enough interest.