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  1. The year 2017, an outbreak had spread. One day, life had been normal, and seemingly the next, civilization was clinging to a small hope. Cities burned, families torn, lives taken at an alarming rate. This was no ordinary virus, no, for it had devastated worse than the black plague. Nobody seemed to know what the mysterious virus was, for it had killed faster than humanity could even process. Three years have passed, and little of the world before remains.

    Quickly, it was nicknamed "Virus Z" by the survivors, who were both fighting for survival against the infected and the virus itself.
    Quickly, survivors fled the large cities in hopes to find refuge in the less populated countrysides. Here is where our story takes place, in a small city in Montana. Formally known as Redville, but now lovingly nicknamed the "Safe Haven", survivors had banded together in a desperate attempt to protect themselves from the harsh reality outside their city limits.


    - Follow the Iwaku rules.
    - Keep IC and OOC drama separate.
    - You can have up to three characters. If you have used all three slots, and wish to create a new one, you can kill one off and submit a new CS.
    - You can start off your character in no group, but realistically, if they were to come to a city in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, they'd probably want to be in some sort of structured group for protection. So eventually, have them recruited. As in, soon.
    - No Mary-Sues and Gary-Sues, obviously.
    - Your character is not unbreakable. They can be infected, they can be shot, damaged, etc. If they leave a fight, keep it realistic.
    - Balance out their strengths and weaknesses. A super buff character may not be as fast as a slimmer, long legged character, and a slimmer character wouldn't be as strong as a buff character.
    - First come first served on the higher ranks. Just be active, or else your position will be given to another member.

    Here's some details I couldn't really squeeze into the description.
    - The virus had started in Spain, and spread throughout Europe and Asia quickly. America and Canada took in refugees, so there's a high chance of multiple nationalities.
    - First signs of the virus are (in order of stages):
    + Irritation or paranoia +
    + Insomnia +
    + Blood shot eyes +
    + Foaming at the mouth +
    + Involuntary twitching of limbs or eyes +
    + Fainting +
    + Constriction of air ways, making it hard to breathe +
    + Blood flow slows, making skin paler and more sickly +
    + Skin appears yellow-ish +
    + Hallucinations +
    + Loss of control over oneself +
    + Welcome to zombieland, kid +
    - It is possible to be infected through:
    + Bodily fluids. Blood, saliva, etc +
    + A weak immune system. If you're sick, it's more likely you can become infected just by chance. +
    + Polluted waters. +
    + Direct contact. Meaning: don't let the rabbis kid sneeze on you. +
    - Redville, now "Safe Haven" is a decently sized, yet small town with a former population of 12,340.
    - The final stages of loss of civilization happened about three years ago, so it's the year 2020 now.


    {preferably real, but if you prefer anime go ahead.}
    SHORT BIO: (Include how long they have been in Redville. This will be pretty important.)



    Alright. Here is a bit of the cut down copy pasted content. The only change is now that there is one group instead of three. We don't have nearly enough players for that.
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  2. Evie Appleby


    Evie 'April' Appleby





    Evie is quite a petite girl. Her slender frame and height of 5'4'' lends itself well to maneuverability - her key strength. She has very cute, girlish features and snow-white pale skin. Many would assume she was younger than she actually is. When she smiles, she has a very visible dimple on her right cheek. One of her most defining features is a small scar on the side of her nose which she gained during the evacuation of Britain.

    This except she wears a long sleeve black shirt and dons utility harnesses for her excursions. She also wears a love heart shaped pendant at all times and refuses to ever part with it.

    A bubbly and bright girl, Evie is usually a ray of sunshine within a group. Her helpful and understanding nature combined with her insistence on helping others make her quite likable to most. Still, despite all of her smiles and tolerance, rub Evie the wrong way and being ripped apart by the infected would seem preferable. She's protective of anyone she sees unable to protect themselves, i.e. young children and anybody she considers a friend or family. To try and harm those people is usually a fatal mistake. She was once squeamish and fearful, however, the journey from England acclimatised her to the world she now resided in and toughened her in that regard.


    + Archery
    + Reminiscence
    + Helping/caring for others
    + Making friends
    + Simple luxuries
    + Things that are soft/fluffy
    + Sky blue

    - Anything slimy
    - Firearms
    - Cruelty
    - People being stubborn
    - Conflict
    - Hubris

    + Brave
    + Nimble/Agile/Dexterous
    + Accurate with a bow and somewhat with a gun
    + Good cook
    + Quick reflexes
    + High stamina
    + Smart

    - Selfless to a fault
    - Not too physically strong
    - Self critical
    - Claustrophobic
    - Not too apt with blunt melee weapons
    - Hides/bottles up emotions

    - Hunting bow (excursions only)
    - Quiver filled with arrows (excursions only)
    - Harness-mounted flashlight (excursions only)
    - Flares (excursions only)
    - Basic medical supplies (excursions only)
    - Fluffy blanket (excursions only)
    - Hunting knife
    - Heart-shaped pendant

    "History is all too often just a chronology of events as told by the survivors, the victors and the evidence. What we fail to realise is that all too often the lessons of our past are too a lesson for our future. We learn from our own experiences in life, so why not the experiences of those before us?" -- Evie Appleby, 'History: Story or Fable?', her first written assignment for Sheffield University.

    April 1998 - Evie 'April' Appleby is born to a British soldier and an Irish immigrant, Nicholas Appleby and Ashling McCarthy.
    June 2006 - Nicholas Appleby and Ashling McCarthy marry, settling down in York with their daughter.
    May 2013 - Evie Appleby takes home gold in the national archery tournament.
    October 2016 - Evie Appleby moves to Sheffield University to study history.
    December 2016 - Evie Appleby leads Sheffield University to victory in archery.
    January 2017 - First British patients of Virus Z are brought back from Spain and quarantined in the Royal Hallamshire hospital in Sheffield. Evie is called back to York by her parents.
    February 2017 - Britain closes its borders to the EU and collapses the Channel Tunnel. Nicholas Appleby is put back into active service as the 4 YORKS are mobilized.
    March 2017 - The virus devastates southern England and the north begins mass evacuations - priority is given to women, children and families of servicemen. Evie and her mother are moved to an evacuee camp in Liverpool. The centre of government is moved to Edinburgh.
    April 2017 - On Evie's birthday, the Battle of York takes place as infected swarm the city. Sgt.Nicholas Appleby is declared M.I.A after last being seen leading his platoon south of the wall to draw infected away. York falls. Liverpool's drinking water is compromised and cases of infection spread throughout the city. Ashling Appleby is left unaccounted for in the chaos.
    May 2017 - Evie Appleby boards the last ship to America from Liverpool 5 days before the city falls.
    July 2017 - Evie arrives in America and is settled into a refugee camp in Boston, USA. The virus ravages its way through America at an alarming rate. The EU goes completely dark.
    August 2017 - Evie Appleby meets Jake Hulme and Rachel Hulme, a couple evacuated earlier in the year from Milford Haven, Wales. The Boston Refugee camp is attacked by Raiders from the south and the perimetre is compromised to the infected. Evie, Jake and Rachel flee west, hoping to find refuge further in-land.
    December 2017 - The trio take shelter for the Winter outside of Brantford, Canada.
    February 2018 - Jake Hulme falls ill with a cold. With a lowered immune system, he becomes infected by Virus Z and turns. Evie and Rachel lock him in his room, barely escaping with their lives and flee west once more.
    November 2018 - Rachel Hulme is captured by raiders while scavenging in Bismarck, North Dakota, USA. Evie Appleby finds the raider camp and is the last person seen leaving alive.
    September 2019 - Evie Appleby is found by survivors near "Safe Haven" and has been with the group ever since.​

    - Evie is very well-spoken but still has Yorkshire and Irish influences in her accent.
    - She is often found reading whatever books she can scavenge whenever she has some free time.


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  3. Name:
    Elizabeth Harven
    Beth, Eliza, Scarecrow

    Nationality: Irish-American
    Physical Description:
    Beth stands at 5'6, She's a skinny thing and is flexible. She can run pretty fast, I guess you could say. She has red hair that falls mid-back, Blue eyes and fair skin with very light freckles on her arms and face.
    It's possible she loves her leather jacket more than life itself.

    She's sarcastic, a girl who would rather be on her own than be immersed in a group of people she didn't know. She's a bit of a loner, I guess you could say, but tries her best to be friendly and kind. She has so much some trouble trusting others, because even if they are alive, she's seen what the living can do. And boy, it isn't pretty.
    + Weapons of any kind. They fascinate her. Whether it be a complex gun, a unique melee item or just simply a cool looking knife, she loves them.
    + Singing. She'll usually be found singing what songs she remembers.
    + Shooting/Practicing shooting
    + Helping others, getting others better.
    + Being a Doctor.
    + Fixing up cars or making weapons.
    + Walks in the rain
    + Soft music
    + Stories
    + Books. Books books books.
    + Flames. (She tends to be a Pyromaniac. Keep the butane away from her.)
    - Rude people
    - People who judge based on appearance. It's the apocalypse, people. Not everyone is going to look like they came from a five-star hotel.
    - To be blunt, Assholes.
    - People who criticize based on little knowledge about said person.
    - Not having her coffee in the morning
    - The fact that she doesn't know if her half-sister is alive.
    - Cliffhangers
    - Gut-wrenching authors like JoHN GREEN.
    - This world.
    - Death
    Short bio:
    Beth arrived a few weeks ago, although she hasn't done much socializing. She's given services in place for her stay, and has been provided medical equipment to further her research. (That's the reason she has that much.)

    Beth, or better known as Scarecrow in her school, was the small-time drug dealer in her hometown. She was only known by that by her peers, and she was a fairly good girl other than that. Don't get me wrong or anything, she wasn't supplying meth or heroine to anyone. Just small things, like Baclofen or Ritalin or things that teenagers were into. It was just small sales to keep her on her feet during the times she went on a rebellious streak and her parents kicked her out of the house.
    Her father owned a clinic, and she often bought meds from the person that supplied said clinic. Her father taught her a lot about medicine, and as an early child she was always bright. Her family died in the beginning, and she learned anything and everything she could from her father's old textbooks. She sought the cure for the VIRUS, but months and months later she still had nothing. She realized one day, as she was teetering between another high due to the failure of her 'life mission', that her family would want her to live and do what she could to survive, and if they could see her then they would've been ashamed. She cleaned herself up, planning on making it out alive, even if alive was just one more week. She makes weapons and other things to sell, trading those things for food, water, necessities, ect. She sells the remaining drugs to people who have something she wants in exchange, usually biding her time unless she was in critical need for something or unless a particular person had something she wanted most. She had stolen drugs when shit hit the fan, living off of small-time sales and doctor services. (Because, y'know, in the end of the world you're bound to get a few cuts and bruises here and there.)
    She sells Cigarettes, Batteries, Weapons, Pills, Bullets and services to people who need help or have something she could use.
    On her mother's deathbed, she confessed that Beth had a sister. That's one of the reasons Beth decided to get her life in check and go on a journey to find her. Even if she was one of the undead.
    Medical Training:
    Beth was a shadow of her father, quickly learning many things about being a doctor and following in his footsteps. She can recall from an early age she was extremely good at school, jumping several grades before she was at the age of fourteen. Her father taught her everything she knew, with him being a great doctor. She was exceptionally smart, She had a Scholarship to MIT before the outbreak. At the age of 18 she was a full-fledged doctor, taking courses online and passing all her grades with flying colors. After becoming a doctor from online courses, she graduated college online when she graduated High school at eighteen. She then got accepted to MIT, a college she wanted to go to to get the rest of her degrees. But, right after she graduated College for her second degree, the outbreak destroyed everything she ever cared about. She still is an exceptional doctor, but she has lost interest in most things. She only lives for a few things nowadays, one of them being someone others can rely on, the other searching for the cure on this never-ending journey.
    Aside from being a Doctor, Beth also dabbled in Engineering. She often fixed up cars before everything, and she was actually pretty good at it. Not as great at that than being a doctor, but you get the picture. She does what she can fixing up cars now, putting armor on them or attaching weaponry. Being that she has the right parts, of course.

    Weaknesses = -
    Strengths = +
    - She cares too easily. Don't mistake care for trust. She has trouble trusting, but if someone dies in the arms of their love, she's most likely going to break down and cry.
    - She's not good with death.
    - Most times she will be the girl who questions everything someone says or does. In the best interest of others, of course.
    - She's still a teenager, which calls for rash decisions and bad judgement skills.
    - She's more likely to shoot at someone than walk up and say hello.
    - She's wary of people, because she's seen what they can do.
    - Average physical strength.
    +/- As a doctor, she cares about others, but as a person she has trouble trusting.
    +/- She's not extremely strong, but she's not exactly weak either.
    + Her strength is mostly made up of her personality.
    + She has a spitfire personality, which goes hand in hand with her ability to take on projects without little fear.
    + She has a 'leader' ability/attitude, but all the same she wouldn't want to be the one responsible for the life or death decisions.
    + She's a good shot with her sniper. She's named her sniper Spike.
    + She can carry heavy weights on her back.
    + She has very good BALANCE.
    + Great doctor.
    +Good sniper.
    +Beginner Engineer.
    + She's a free runner. It was a hobby before everything happened, and she's still pretty good at it. It makes for an easy getaway, if she needs to.

    + Rambo knife with holster
    + Mk Mod1 Sniper rifle with Silencer and carrying strap.
    + Taurus 357

    Two sets of camo skinny jeans,Three Black Tank tops, Two Black/Purple skinny jeans, Khaki cargo pants, Black leather jacket, Hooded grey denim and fabric jacket, Black leather jeans, Leather gloves and a bike helmet.
    + Compact for makeup
    + Fire starter
    + One lock pick set
    + Five assorted cans of food
    + Four water bottles
    + Jerky
    + Two cans of spam
    + Heavy-duty black respirator
    + Three rolls of toilet paper
    + Binoculars
    + Duct tape.
    + Books. She loves a good book. She has a few in her possession.
    + A crate of batteries, different sizes, for sale.
    + A few packs of cigarettes. She makes her own, For sale.

    + Two sets of Camo skinny jeans
    + Assorted T-shirts (Graphic design, Baseball Tees, Flannel)
    + Two Black/Purple skinny jeans,
    + Khaki cargo pants
    + Army outfit. (Don't ask her how she got this.)
    + Riot gear outfit. (Probably not best to ask how she has this, either.)
    + Black leather jacket
    + Hooded grey denim and fabric jacket
    + Black leather jacket
    + Leather gloves and a bike helmet.

    Medical Equipment: (Used by all three people in her group.)
    +Five Medical kits, bandages, gauze, tweezers, ect.
    + Three full bottles of Antibiotics, Three full bottles of Opioids, Three full bottles of Antidepressants and Antipsychotics.
    + Three vials of Insulin
    + Anesthetic, Water purification drops, Five Epinephrine injectors
    + Selection of needles/syringes, Sharps box, Vials for collecting blood.
    + Stethoscope, Thermometer, Defibrilator, Selection of tubes/scalpels
    + Small Torch
    + Pocket Diagnosis set, Multiple books on Diagnoses, symptoms and diseases.

    Vehicle: Converted Ambulance.

    Small lab
    Back of Ambulance changed into living area.
    Microscope, Lab tools
    Gasoline Can with Funnel. (Gas can is empty, at the moment.)
    Clothes (For all three People)

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  4. That's a bit too much shit for one person I'm thinking. I mean, its been three years since the outbreak so people are either very well equipped or their dead by now. Drop the weapons that are in the ambulance and then come back to me.

    And gasoline is going to be rather hard to come by. A lot of it was grabbed up in the first few months of the outbreak, and no new gas is being made as far as these characters know, so if you do have a vehicle, keep it in mind that you are probably constantly running on barely enough gas to do anything. This goes for anything wanting a vehicle.
  5. Cut out the vehicle, replaced it with a bike. Cut down the medical supplies.
  6. Alright. Cool. Thank you. It all looks good to me now.
  7. Ach, I just realized why I had put so many supplies. I was going to add two more characters. Going to work on them now.
    Would those (extra) supplies be accepted if I had two more characters to even it out with?
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  8. Tirearmor Shotgun Marauder.jpg

    NAME: Sean O'Malley
    AGE: 25
    GENDER: Male
    NATIONALITY: Irish born, American raised.
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Skinny and slightly malnourished, due to the group's lack of food. Brownish-reddish hair, and a solid amount of muscle mass. He has a tattoo of the lunar cycle vertically along his spine, with the full moon having the face of a human skull imposed over it.
    OUTFIT: Black, steel-toe combat boots, camo cargo pants, A black wifebeater as an undershirt for his chest armor made of recycled tires, leather, and chain links from an old chainmail shirt, and a brown bandanna. He has bizarrely sharp canine teeth, almost as if he files them himself.
    PERSONALITY: Sean is going to Hell, and he knows it. Having been born in Ireland and raised in America, his speech mixes American, Irish, and stereotypical Irish slang with a bad attitude and a good sense of humor to create a man raised by Catholics and damned from the beginning. He considers himself a "Naturalist" type of pagan, with his gods being the very earth and nature itself. And like nature, he believes the strong have the right to rule, and the weak have the obligation to submit or die. Sean is usually very level-headed, though he seems constantly agitated. He's angry, not stupid. He loses his cool when in pain, however, entering a sort of "berserk" mode in which his animal instincts kick in. He becomes faster, stronger, and more brutal than normal, once even having gone so far as to crush a rival's trachea with his teeth.
    LIKES: Any kind of meat. Bone anything. Wood and stone tools. Copper metal. Any form of rock music, as loud as it can possibly be played. Tavern songs.
    DISLIKES: Weaklings. American country music. Thieves. Cowards. Defectors. The British. Pigeons.
    STRENGTHS: Tough, high pain tolerance, tactical, low food intake, little sleep needed, stronger and more brutal when enraged.
    WEAKNESSES: Too stubborn for his own good, becomes enraged and irrational when in pain, hard time focusing, not subtle at all.


    Stuff (open)
    Dirty Spas 12.png An old Spas 12 shotgun. He carries extra ammo for it, always with 8 in the chamber.
    Mower Warblade.jpg A homemade machete forged from a lawnmower blade. Makes a pretty good people cleaver.
    Omnitool 2.jpg In addition to his weapons, he carries three packs of cigarettes, a multitool with a knife, screwdriver set, a saw, and pliers built in inside a satchel, and a deconstruction tool he stole from the local hardware store, pictured above. It has a hammer face, pry bar function, nail puller, two-tier board gripper for tearing our boards of wood, a hex wrench and a piercing spike on the bottom. This tool also makes a good people-deconstructor in times of emergency. He will beat the living shit out of anyone who tries to take his gear without permission.


    Attached Files:


    George 'Geo' Ridana

    Geo's a tall, fit man whose height is 6'2". He constantly keeps up his physique with workouts and hunting, sometimes spending hours in the zombie-infested world, improving his fighting techniques or his physical aspects.
    He's a good fighter, an even better liar, and the 'handyman' of the team.


    SHORT BIO: Geo's been in Redville for a few weeks. He arrived with Beth, and they're accomplices, for lack of a better word. They were rescued by the Redville scouts after being in the middle of a hoard with no way out, the only thing protecting them a small house. The Redville crew rescued them, and brought them back to the Safe Haven.
    Geo was born to a couple of high-power executives with the swanky house and the Lamborghini in the garage. They were a power couple, ones that had worked their way up the ladder to executive position. That was what people knew them as. What they didn't know, was that the couple were criminals.
    Con-men, Wrongdoer, Breaker-Of-Laws. Call it what you wish. But they had pawned many out of their money, and even more into dept. Well, turns out they didn't want a child. They only kept him because Abortion was the one line they wouldn't cross. They left him at the steps of an orphanage, in which they never looked back.
    Growing up, he had foster parents that were cruel or con artists themselves. To them, the whole foster parent scheme was a con. They adopt an unknowing kid, they get paid to look after them. What else was that easy?
    He always saw how they got the better end of the deal, as people like him always drew the short stick.
    Funny enough, he grew up after an 'image' of them. He learned the ways of the con artist, pick-pocketing street walkers, boosting cars. Anything he could do to make a bit of quick cash, he would. He was too smart for his own good, and that added to the fact that he rarely got caught. If he did, he could always worm his way out of it somehow or another.
    He had felt guilty at first, thinking that he was taking people's hard-earned money. But then he stumbled across a truth that had stuck to him like wine to your favourite shirt. Everyone has something in their closet. Something that makes them less than everyone else. But if everyone was less than someone else, where did it stop?
    He learned that everyone has something they've done, or not done, to make them responsible for it. And that calmed his nerves. Let him sleep better at night, knowing he wasn't taking from truly innocent people. I guess there's a truth to that, but at the same time, does that make it right?
    His smooth words and charismatic attitude is one thing that can lure people in and use them to his advantage.
    George Ridana is charming, sophisticated, and probably one of the only people left in the world that can manipulate people like putty in his hands.
    He uses his good looks, his fitness, his brilliant out-of-the-box thinking, ability to talk, lie or charm his way out of (or into) anything, and charisma. These traits prove to be crucial necessities in his line of work, and serve as an advantage in the many instances where his or another person's life is on the line.
    Relation to Beth:
    They're accomplices. She found that he was a good negotiator and he found that she was a good doctor. He contributed the medical supplies he did have to her. It wasn't like he could use them like she could, anyways.
    Romantically, he doesn't like her. He thinks of her more like a sister than a lover, or anything in that realm.
    He hates guns, but has one for emergency purposes.
    A S&W Bodyguard.

    Handmade knife he'd made from bone.

    'Brush' Sword.

    Essentials, Toilet paper, Fire starter, Water bottles, Food, Small battery-powered radio, shirts and jeans, rope, State maps, Respirator, Standard first aid kit, Whet stone, Bones, Knife handles, sharp metal pieces, fishing wire, expandable fishing rod, small tackle kit.
    People. Cons. Elaborate plans. Good thinkers. Being in charge. Playing people. Mangoes. Knives. Hunting. Fighting.
    People who know who he truly is. Mosquitoes. Zombie bites. (Well, Dur.) Apples. Granola bars.
    Lying. Conning. Hunting. Fighting, whether it be zombies, others, or himself. Being handy. Is good at creating Aliases, backstories. Protecting others. Surviving. Good with knives.

    Just one thing. Don't-Don't get yourself trapped up with him. He's charming and might seem amazing, but he might just be the one to break your heart. And now, if you get a broken heart you get careless. And careless, in this world, is as good as dead.
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  10. "I think Sean and Evie are going to get along famously!" Peanut said, sarcastically ;) It's going to be really fun to see how their relationship plays out. I don't imagine they'll be friends paha~ @Thomas McTavish
  11. Also, what's the survivor hideout going to be like? Are we going with the hospital where the White Eagles were, the church, or something completely fresh?
  12. Oh, no, they'll get along just fine. I'm certain that there won't be any problems between them. *sarcasm detector beeps furiously, then sparks and fizzles before ceasing to work*
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  13. At least she's half Irish. XD There's a least a tiny, minuscule bit of common ground haha

    I get the feeling Evie'd have a sort of sister-like relationship with Beth. :) @CookieMonster
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  14. I think so too.
  15. For three characters, yes that would have been acceptable.

    Edit: And it will be a few days before I have an IC up, so be ready for that...
  16. Room for one more?
  17. I'm actually going to re-add a vehicle, I think I'm going to stick with the converted Ambulance. Because they could live out of that for a few days, find a small amount of gas, live in a house or something and keep going. (Assumedly if they are away from SH.)
    I'm also adding another character, to which I'll re-add the medical supplies I took out, adding a few more supplies for the group that would be stashed in the Ambulance. (Clothes, food, ect.)
  18. PICTURE:

    Everleigh 'Eve' Griswald
    Everleigh is 4'3, A small girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. She has faint freckles around her nose, barely visible. Her golden hair is curly and shoulder-length.
    A t-shirt and jeans, usually paired with a hoodie and sneakers.
    Eve is a sweet girl who always tries to brighten somebody's day. Whether it be her friends, other survivors or even small animals or insects. She has an optimistic view on life, even in this constant horror. Beth and Geo do their best to shield her from the scary world out there, but for the most part she's not afraid. She's quite smart for her age, and quite aware of others around her. She speaks in quotes, sometimes, and those are easily her favourite things.
    Pretty flowers
    The warm sun
    Having company
    Being able to see the sun while it's raining
    Soft beds
    The Cold
    When people are mean
    Being in trouble
    People looking down on her because she's young
    Being hungry

    Hard beds
    Scary people
    She's sweet and kind, despite the circumstances. She'll always be seen with a smile on her face. (Unless something sad happens.)
    She can get into small places easily. She can climb things, onto counters or on top of things easily. She can also climb through windows, which helps when you need to get into a house or check a small area out.
    Even though she's so young, she's a smart girl and picks things up easily. More than once she's been the one to give their small group good plans on how to escape, find food or other things.
    Empathy- She can read people like books.
    Others underestimate her constantly, but it gives her an advantage.

    Weak- Not physically strong.
    She's not exactly the fastest runner, so sometimes she has to be carried by Beth or another survivor if they're running from danger.
    A kid-
    Being a kid in the zombie apocalypse screams easy target, whether it's the undead or other survivors.
    Gets tired easily-
    Because she's small, she gets tired easily when having to travel or run for long distances. She has to stop for rest every now and then.
    Lack of sleep due to nightmares.
    Incredibly scared of Thunderstorms. Can barely function when in one.
    She also gets incredibly scared of Zombies or the infected.

    A small photo of her parents, Two water bottles and some food, A large kitchen knife, extra clothes, A blanket, Her favourite teddy bear. She uses her school backpack to carry things.
    She came with Beth and Geo, living in the converted ambulance for days at a time. But she wasn't complaining, they had comfortable beds in the back of the Ambulance.
  19. Looking forward to the IC ^^

    And there sure is @Xytheus
  20. [​IMG]

    NAME: Ryan Teer
    AGE: 25
    GENDER: Male
    NATIONALITY: American
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 6'0, Average build.
    OUTFIT: Typically wears cargo pants, a jacket with hard plastic in the sleeves, a utility vest, motorcycle gloves and a black ball cap. Sometimes he wears a paintball mask when he goes on excursions.

    PERSONALITY: Condescending, resilient and generally dislikes people. Though he becomes much friendlier when he's drunk.

    LIKES: Silence, antique firearms, creative methods of killing zombies, history.
    DISLIKES: Stupidity, fire, people.

    STRENGTHS: self-sufficient, smart, fast.
    WEAKNESSES: Lacks control, not good under pressure, often is a danger to himself and others, slightly alcoholic.

    -weapons: Kukri, bayoneted M1 Garand(8 clips) and a GP100(24 rounds) revolver.
    -supplies: toilet paper, basic medical supplies, alot of alcohol, solar charger, and roughly 200 packs of ramen.
    -random things: Several history books, 45 pencils and 1000 pages of wikipedia he printed out before the power went out.

    EXTRA: Ryan has an obsession with history. He preserves every piece of it he finds and he tries to record the daily occurrences in the town.

    SHORT BIO: Ryan came to the small town of Redville 5 years before the virus hit. He was part of a construction project that went sideways and he got stuck there without enough money to leave. He became a ranch hand and saved up enough money to move to the nearest city. When the virus spread he decided it was best to put a hold on his plans and hunker down. Apparently, he was wise to do so.

    THEME: Remember me for centuries - Fallout Boy
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