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  1. (Ok I want to tell you a little story about this rp.... this was not my rp from the start this was an Rp started by a guy long time ago.... I can't find it anymore I believe they deleted it already V^V I missed that rp it was fun!! I also meet Thomas McTavish BUT ANYWAYS!!! I'm redoing this rp I don't remember much from this rp only that it was about people that exorcist ghost, demon ect... (2 or 1 was like a demon... I forgot XD) but yeah its just about a group of people that hunt ghost ^^)

    (ALSO I put Religious Themes because well we may meet Like I don't know god or Lucifer or Hades or ghost of Mary I HAVE NO IDEA!! I just put it there!)

    Welcome to S.E.W.D!

    Demon Hunter, Exorcist, Priest, Monk, Even Demons (I will only have some demons >.> it wouldn't be far to have a lot of demons after demons! only 1 or 3) Even Half-lings (This as well Can't be to many but many like 6 or 7 but you have to be ether Demon Hunter or Exorcist)

    if you ask what does S.E.W.D stand for it means

    S: Supernatural
    E: Exorcist
    D: Demon(S)
    (THE WORST NAME I EVER CAME UP WITH!!!!!!! well I did have worst but STILL!!!!)

    Please fill out you registration and then you are welcome to the Group. also people don't kill some Fellow Demons on the way in ^^

    Character sheet:
    Pic: (What do you look like and discrip is fine ^^)
    Name: (Demons have Demon Names and then they have Human Names:)
    Age: (19+)
    Race: (Human, Demon, or Half-ling?)
    Job:(Demon Hunter, Exorcist, Priest, Monk. Demons don't have jobs but Half-lings do its ether demon hunter or Exorcist.)
    Partner: (Only demons!!! Demons MUST HAVE A Partner!! you can ask someone or you can make one!!)

    Demon Form
    Her human for his just like that but she has no horns or tail and she wears her fun dresses....
    Name: Demon Name: Illusion...... Human Name: Alice
    Age: Looks 20 but Is much older
    Race: Demon
    Job: none just take down the demons that are hard to take down.... all demons do that...
    Powers: Illusions. making it seam like something there when its not.
    Partner: (Unknown)

    FUCK LUCIFER BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS WHERE IS EVERYONE!!!!" Alice yelled. she didn't see anyone in the building. hell there was not even A ghost! she was alone for over an hour! she growled and went back into the bosses office. (Note: bosses is not in there!) sure the boss told her to watch them but when they all DISAPPEAR ON HER! that not far! did they go out with out her? did they went to get food? with the word of food her tummy started to grumble. "They better bring me something to eat if they are out eating" she growled out and sat in her chair. "I'M HUNGRY!!!!" she yelled so that everyone could hear her.
  2. [​IMG]
    wolf form (demon form)

    human form: is profile pic

    Name: Demon Name: Fenrir Human Name: nivek
    Age: 20
    Race: Demon
    Job: taking down the harder demons.....i think?
    Powers: wind bending
    Partner: human named alex (taken)

    nivek was running through the building then something fast hit nivek and slamed him out the window nivek turned to try an land the fall but just landed on his partner alex. "ow" nivek said. nivek tried to get up and just simply said "ALEX COME ON TAKE CARE OF THIS THING ALREADY!"
  3. Name: Alex
    Age: 19
    Race: Human
    Job: Formerly apprenticed in demon hunting
    Powers: Energy Manipulation
    Partner: Nivek/Fenrir

    "Then get the fuck off of me and let me focus!" Alex yelled, trying to shove the wolf away for some breathing room.
  4. "THEN START FOCUSING YOU COCK LITTLE WENTCH" nivek yelled at alex. then a minitaur tackled nivek as he through the beast down "hurry up and kilol the damn thing i cant hold it for ever!!" nivek told alex.
  5. YOU SUPID BAKAS*!!!" She growled walking out of the office. "Alex! Nivek! GET THE FUCK UP RIGHT NOW!!" she was pissed and they could tell by her voice. "I have something to say to everyone so YOU" she pointed at Nivek " Be a GOOD PUPPY and STAY!!! and Alex GROW UP AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR DOG!" she growled with that said she got up and tried to leave out the front door. (Note: I written try you can stop her or she just has someone stoping her)

    (I'm going to poke @Thomas McTavish see what he's doing!)

    (Baka Means Idiots just so you know unless you already knew that maybe others don't)
  6. nivek struggled with the beast and yelled to alice "like to see..." the beast started to lift nivek. "you try this" he continued to say as he was thrown arcoss the hall.
  7. Character sheet:
    Human Form
    Demon Form

    Name: Vladizhlopht de Liberadoria, Vladmyre the Liberator
    Age: 21
    Race: Half-Demon
    Powers: Foresight, Multiple Weapon Mastery, Hyperactive Senses and Reflexes
    Job: Liberator (Demon Hunter/Exorcist Hybrid)
    Partner(s): Light, Ether, and Rage, his living weapons given to him by his Demon mother.

    Vlad sat in his chair patiently awaiting what seemed to be heading his way, catching his comrade before he was flung into the wall at the end of the hall.
    "You need to be more careful, Pup, these things take a bit to take down, and can hurt you pretty bad if you're not careful."
  8. Vald?" Alice called out. "How long have you been there... never mind" she glared at the dog-demon and his partner. "how many times have I told you not to bring work home! are you trying to tell them 'Hey where here come and get us!' I hope not!" she sighed and made an Illusion for the beast so it would make it easier for them to take it down. one rule in this place you start it you finish it. help can't be asked.... but distract was never in the rules though.
  9. "She called me 'Vald' again..." he mumbled as he let go of the dog-boy, opening his cloak as he got to his feet. "So, which of you wants to take care of this? I got woken up from my nap, so I intend to beat the living crap out of what did it." His gauntlets, sword, and cross all began to glow in an otherworldly light, each taking on its own color as they began to tremble. "So, everyone then? Fine by me." The red aura surrounding his gauntlets mixed with the blue from his blade, enveloping his left arm in a purple hue as the right appeared a burnt orange, his eyes glowing a deep crimson as his skin lost all color. "Wake me up, will you?! I'll show you how scary a half-demon can really be!" he called out as he charged it, jumping on its back and planting his sword into its shoulder blade as he wrapped the chain of his combat cross around its neck, pulling on it as he called to the dog. "You gonna sit there all day, or are you gonna help me take this thing's head off?!"
    (Wasn't technically asking, more like commanding with a question. XD)
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  10. nivek shook his head "ok that does it im tired of the crazzyness for one night im gonna go eat" nivek said as he got up and rushed to the door hoping that his partner would fallow him.
  11. "Get back here you little- Ugh, fine!" he said as he felt the beast trying to remove his chain from its throat, removing the Ethereal Edge from its back as he switched hands, swinging around its neck before stopping at its face, staring it in the eyes as he plunged Ether into its skull.
    He stayed in place, waiting to see if that had finished the beast off, standing at the ready if it wasn't enough.
  12. Alice sighed. "Need help Vald?" she smirked she liked caling him Vald even though he hated it. "I think its dead love no need to be ten-" before she could finish she noticed something move from the corner of her eyes. "who there!" she growled out turning to where the shadow was. "show yourself!" she didn't feel a presents. "Could it been my imagination? well I am an Illustriousness it must be that my powers are getting to my brain" she smirked to herself. "Come on Valdy boy lets go eat something or better yet get me something to eat I'm hungry!" she pouted at him.
  13. "Alright, alright." he said as he removed his blade and returned his weapons to his cloak before changing back into his human form, noticing what she'd seen as he walked closer to her. "I saw it too. That was no illusion. I suggest we leave. Now. What would you like me to prepare tonight?" he added as he gently grabbed her arm and headed for the exit.
  14. "your right.... lets go..." she said waiting awhile before speaking again. when they left the building it started to rain. "My hair...." she pouted. "come on lets go somewhere dry and away from the office." she said with worry. "where your place again?" she asked looking up at him. well trying to with out the rain falling into her eyes. "by the way I want pasta. that is if it ok with you..." she said with a smile. like not her normal smirk and lustful smile. a real nice kind smile.
  15. Vlad returned her smile, adding a mischievious look to it as he moved on, shielding her from the rain with his cloak.
    "You know exactly where I live, you freeloader." he said playfully. "It's kinda hard to forget, but I guess that thing back there shook you up a bit. It's not too far from here, just up the next couple of hills, and on the right." he continued as he shifted his matted hair from his eyes with his free hand. "How's lasagna sound? I'll cook, but you've gotta start carrying your weight around the house before I start charging you some form of rent."
  16. roaming with alex to a local resturant so alex can by them food since nivek is in wolf form still.
  17. she pouted at one of his comments "I was not scared of the thing Back there!" she said hitting him lightly. "But lasagna sounds nice" she said with a smile. "I don't mind that at all now let get going I want to eat and get out of the rain!" she giggled. "but you know that thing in the office... I have a bad feeling" she said softly looking ahead as if the answers where there.
  18. upload_2014-8-12_17-3-13.jpeg
    Name: Marcus Dimitri
    Power: exorcise demons from this plain and into the next.
    "Take care of yourself John!" Shouted Marcus over his shoulder as he pushed open the door to a small corner cafe. The rain was pouring down from the cloudy night sky of the metropolis city. It came down on his short hair and sliding down the side of his slender face. His work clothes which were also tailored fit were also getting drenched. He sighed and dug into his pocket to pull out a smoke and then lighting it with the cover of his hand. Even during a storm he would find a way to light a smoke. He closed his eyes and took a deep pull from his cigarette before raising his head and blowing it out onto the night sky. His stomach was now full and his addiction level was reached he decided to walk back to the office not a few blocks away from where he standing.

    There is plenty of more work to do and I hope the other members are not up to no good. He thought as he strolled down towards the office. The sound of the rain gently hitting the surface of rooftops and the paved street were soothing music to his ears. The clarity and serenity he missed dearly before taking the role he found himself in six years ago. Before I funded this team. He thought as the passed left his mind as he made a left to find himself in front of the gate that blocked the world from the office.

    He unlocked the gate and walked through before locking it back up when the smell hit his nostrils. Marcus knew that smell well and tossed away his smoke. "Now What?" He asked out loud and reached into his drenched black pants and pulled out a small silver charm from his left pocket. He rubbed it between his index finger and thumb before it began to light up. A small green aura began to form around it and then the aura began to trail off leading Marcus to the corpse of the deceased demon. With his heart as ease that it was a demon and not one of his members he crouched over the body to investigate. What the hell is a demon doing here of all places? He asked himself before viewing the fatal wounds on the demons body. It looks like Vladmyre did this one in. Thought Marcus as he sighed and rose from his position. Thinking of which, where is everyone? Did everyone decide to take the night off? Clearly his tranquility and peaceful thinking ended. It was going to be a long night.
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  19. As per usual, Vlad had to carry Alice over the threshhold to allow her through the barrier he'd installed to keep demons out of his home. He never really minded this, but it was usually what came after that made him somewhat dislike living with the beautiful demon, but not enough to throw her out, because no matter what he said, he secretly cared for her, no matter how much she she might've disliked him in return.
    From what he'd figured, she had to know something of this, otherwise she wouldn't ask so much of him.

    As he set her on the couch in the living room of his small manor, he made his way to the kitchen, gathering ingredients as he prepared tonight's dish, setting a timer before sitting on his chair, thinking of the beautiful woman merely a few feet away, yet trying to hide these thoughts under what else he should make, looking to her from time to time to see what she was doing.
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  20. walks past the steet that marcus was on and reaches the resturant at the end of the street and alex entered it. nivek sat out side since he was still inm wolf form he would 'scare' most of the regular people so he got up and went to the ally way way where him and alex meet back up once alex has the food. nivek laid down waiting for alex to get him food.
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