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After Asir, what country should they go to first?

  1. Umilo Nation

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  2. Umoya Nation

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  3. Iqwah Nation

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  4. Ithunzi Nation

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  1. Welcome to Royalty; End of the Cassidian War.

    It's been centuries since the Cassidian War began. Kings and Queens had come and gone, fought and died, lived and conquered during these 250 years but none of the ruler have ever managed to put an end to the Cassidian War, also known as the First war. There hasn't been peace between the four nations for 100 years but hopefully that's all about to change. The current rulers of the four nations have finally all come to a unanimous decision to forge a new era of Peace among the nations, via their eldest children. However, certain things were never meant to be and soon enough the Royals shall see that as well, but for now the rifts between the Kingdoms will attempt to be mended with marriage.
    But be careful, not everyone wants peace in this fairytale.

    Episode One: Summer time in Oshil
    Summary: --NA--

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  2. Location: The Nation of Oshil
    Weather: Clear skies, Sunny. About 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The Occasional breeze.
    Season: Summer.

    The Nation of Oshil was fairly small to say the least. Glance at a map and Oshil would appear to be at the center of it with the other Nations flaking their respective sides. Since the start of the Cassidian War Oshil had been a country of peace and neutrality, If I daresay something akin to a Eden. The Oshilean people were content with the monarchy that ruled over them, there were no riots, crime was constantly at a notably low level as well as the percentage of peasants beneath the poverty line. The Oshilean people were average in all things, only notable for their stance on the War. As it stood, an air of excitement had settled over the population. Word had finally reached the masses that the Treaty of Peace was one step closer to being finalized, and everyone who was anyone knew that there would be a single catalytic event that would either make or break this fragile peace;
    The Banquet at Stratlaham Castle.
    The Castle itself appeared to be older than time despite it's apparent repairs and touch ups, the stone undergoing the natural wear and tear of the elements over a century. Stratlaham Castle was inhabited by the ruling monarchy, and was typically a quiet and peaceful kingdom, but currently the entire castle was doused in chaos. It was pertinent to the preservation of the newly formed peace, that everything was perfect. Servants were running through the halls, floors were being mopped, window dusted and wiped and flowers arranged and watered. The castle was impossibly large and given that size of the Royal family, more often than not many rooms went unused but considering that Stratlaham Castle would be housing four more royal families, their servants, soldiers, guards and Knights--the entire place had to be spotless. Hell, the other Nations had even sent over their own servants (excluding their personal ones) to help with the cleaning and such.

    Currently the head cook Alecto Dysart from the Umilo Nation was taking the reigns in the kitchens, a small militia of men and woman under his command, the Queen of Oshil constantly sending servants to retrieve updates from the man--the amount of pressure on Alecto was practically immeasurable. Failure wasn't an option. Many stayed out of the Kitchen's to avoid accidentally inciting the wrath and anger of any of the cooks inside, however it was tempting to enter the Kitchens given the smells that were wafting through the castle but the shouting and loud noises typically kept most away.

    The clock read about 5 o'clock, the Banquet hall was already filled with nobles and politicians from all over the world, aimlessly tittering away and rubbing elbows. The air was a bit tense in the banquet hall, the orchestra was doing their best to keep the mood light and airy, playing serenades they had practiced hours before. Servants weaved through the medium sized crowd of people, offering drinks and hor dourves to the guests that were oblivious to the chaos that was taking place in other parts of the castle. It was impossible to know when the other royal families would arrive, so everyone had no choice to work under stressful conditions until then.

    The banquet hall had been casted in a warm glow from the candle light, the balcony doors open to let the cool air filter in. A few people stood out on the balconies, drinking their flutes of champagne and watching the sun set. The Queen of Oshil--Samantha Smith, was one of these people. Her nimble hands gripped the banister tightly, here dark brown eyes scanning the horizon for anything notable. Samantha had caramel colored skin and dark brown hair that she kept cut short despite the latest trend in the country. Her eyes were almond shaped, her cheek bones prominent. Said eyes twinkled with delight when she caught sight of the horse drawn carriages making their way over the hill. According to the insignia on the armour of one of the knights--the Umoya Nation had arrived.

    Samantha gathered her skirts, and cut through the crowd as gracefully as any Queen could. She grabbed a young servant with auburn red hair and pale skin by her hand, pulling her close to whisper in her ear. "Please Alert Alecto Dysart--the head chef, that the Umoyans have arrived." With that being said, she let go of the hand of 17 year old Lyda Nye and went up the granite steps and out the double doors to the entrance hall. She smoothed out her skirts, the regal queen clearing her throat as she shut the double doors behind her. "Everyone listen closely!" She barked in a tone that would typically be used for addressing soldiers. All the movement in the entrance hall stilled, save for the dust particles that were dancing in the sunbeams. "We have about 10 minutes before the Umoyans arrive, which means put your finishing touches on the rooms--" she stared pointedly at the cluster of maids and manservants that had a bundle of sheets in their arms. "Open the doors to the second banquet hall," The guards ran off to do what they were told, going through the double doors their queen had just exited, "-and prepare the stables." The Queen said in one stern breath, the servants and guards alike scrambling.
    "If they're here, the others must be close behind! Now we haven't got much time, so go!"
    The Queen's crown sat beautifully on her head, her pixie short hair curled and ironed to perfection. Samantha was unmarried, her husband had fallen asleep in death years ago. So she was the sole ruler of Oshil, and the only parent her three children had left. Her eldest daughter Savannah was back in the banquet hall. Samantha returned to the banquet hall, pushing open the double doors and gracefully making her way down the staircase. The first banquet hall had thinned out a bit, given that a portion of the crowd had floated into the second hall. Her daughter caught her eye and Savannah smiled because she knew.
    The show was about to begin.

    About 15 minutes later, the trumpets sounded, thus alerting everyone to the arrival of the Umoyans. Samantha and Savannah halted their conversation and turned around just in time to see the guards open the second pair of double doors. "Introducing," the announcer began, the sheer volume of his voice shocking the guests into silence. "King Clifton Gust, and Queen Seraphina Gust!" The two entered the Banquet hall, the Orchestra came to an embarrassingly screeching halt and everyone simply...waited. Seconds later the crowd applauded--following the actions of their Queen--per the norm, the music resumed and Samantha let out the breath she had been holding and stood to greet her neighbours. Seconds later, their children were introduced. "Princess Camira Gust and Prince Aleen Gust!" More applause followed. Their guards followed in behind them, the four men (Women? It was hard to tell given the armour) walked quietly down the steps in a small squadron and then separated to attend to their respective wards, Kyla Doraan and Rauxin Teller among them.

    The War generals weren't announced, however announcement or not it was a bit impossible not to take note of Charles Flint IV when he entered the room. He was a hulk of a man and towered over many, looking every bit of the War general he was. Behind him entered the three royal advisers of the Umoya Nation; Xu Miroi, Tom De Castillo, and Wolfram B. Creighton. The trio also drew stares naturally, due to Tom's charming looks, Wolfram's gait, and the mature air Xu held. It was impossible not to look. Clifton and Seraphina made their way across the hall eventually, where they were greeted by Samantha and shown to their seats via a servant. It wasn't long before their coats were taken and drinks were slipped into their hands--whether it be wine or champagne. Samantha allowed a smile to grace her lips, her cheeks dimpling in the process. "My, my. It has been awhile, hasn't it?" She breathed her words, her fore finger tracing the rim of her champagne glass, the serenades of the orchestra feebly attempting to soothe her nervousness.
    The Ithunzi Nation arrived next, the trumpet blared and drew everyone's attention. "Introducing," the announcer began as he opened the double doors, "King Carlisle Aita and Queen Anastasia Aita!" The dark haired and fair skin man entered with his wife who was of a caramel-tan complexion and brown haired. The Queen's belly was obviously rounded with child, though despite that she moved with no hinderance. Their children were introduced next, Thalia Aita and Nicholas Aita. However, when the announcer opened the double doors a hell hound came bounding through. It ran down the steps, darted through the crowd before making itself comfortable on one of the balconies. The children followed shortly after, walking with the same grace their parents held. Of course the War Generals and guards entered after them, the Prince's Manservant--Asa Angelo, drawing a host of unwanted attention. Like the Umoyan's the Ithunzian Royals were seated at the same table the Samantha and the others were currently at.

    After the Ithunzi people arrived, the rest of the arrivals went by in a bit of a blur. Before Samantha knew it, her entire table had filled up with King William Frost and his youngest daughter Sierra. His eldest daughter wasn't present, something about affairs in a region of Iqwah that needed to be taken care of.King Julian and Queen Fleur Leeds from Umilo--the same nation as the cook-- as well as their two children, Marco and Aurora Leeds. The royal guards followed after--both obviously women who wore expressions that dared anyone to trifle with them. The War General Bertram Islegard had accompanied the Royal family as well, but wasn't seated at the table. The personal servants of the Umilo royal family were occasionally needed but nothing major occured. The night was young, and the room was filled with Nobles, politicians and betrothed royals.
    What could possibly go wrong?
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  3. Sierra Frost, SkyBlue

    It was the day of their departure and for once in her life Sierra had no idea how to proceed or what to do to prepare for the journey. She had spent the last week for the first time in nearly a year in the castle for the entire duration of a week. She had left the castle but had not disappeared for a amount of time longer than at most six hours. She couldn't leave her father freaking out more than he may already be. She did care about others much more than she ever seemed. She would lay down her life for anyone before she let someone she thought cared about her die.

    That was another reason she never spoke. She felt afraid she couldn't convey how she truly felt if she began to get into an emotional conversation. So, in the end she reclined to the normal handing of notes..... Although with this coming trip and known banquet she didn't have any idea of what to do. She would have to speak as she didn't want to be rude but was unsure if she could easily when the time came. As the time passed she did what she would normally do.... she read, exercised by jogging around and kept herself bathed as she normally did.

    Finally when it came time for them to depart she knew full well that it was about time for her to get ready for possible motion sickness. She normally was very good with it but whenever she wasn't controlling whatever was flying she normally grew ill slowly over the period of hours. Eventually after roaming about the airship like a child she parked herself into a seat near the edge so she could look over to her hearts desire. She loved the feeling of the air brushing past her and this journey would be the farthest she has even gone. To think, she would see places she never thought were there.

    She of course spent the last few days studying maps for their journey but was not sure which route or even if they would go that path she laid out. To say the least it could be said she was obsessing over it all for the period she had known about it. As the noise of the Airship began to climb she realized that the last of the people that were accompanying her and her father were finally on board. The Airship departed slowly and began its climb towards the sky as they set off into the distant and far reaching horizon.

    Every minute of every hour she didn't spend sleeping she spent looking over the side even if it was raining. To those and even her father that watched it became evident that none of the rain hit her. Even without paying any attention she had grown to the point of just having her minds power focus slightly to keep the rain off her while keeping her mind truly focused on what she wanted. What she wanted to focus on was a string of mountains far in the distance.

    She had seen them on maps but never saw them anywhere up close. To her, nature was something to be kindly tended to and explored to the persons content. She wished to one day climb them but knew as of now that it would be impossible. Never the less she memorized the location and picturesque scenery before turning her attention back to her seat as she felt a growing sickness. She held her stomach and groaned. To her she wasn't sure if she was hungry or just getting motion sick slowly. In the end she just laid down on the seat and curled up until it passed.

    This same pattern continued every day until they came to a stop at their destination. Like a child on Christmas her eyes snapped like some kind of wolf watching prey. Her eyes darted around taking in all the sights as her mind screamed happiness. All the while her body language displayed nothing of how she felt. Only her eyes betrayed her excited feeling and emotional state. After a short period of time she found herself back on solid ground making her feel even happier as she was in control of her movement once more.

    She saw the commotion and controlled chaos of the entire event first hand as she walked in and saw all the people held inside. She felt so small among the others in the room but still was taller than most if not all of the girls around her. As excited as she truly was she still remained nervous as her eyes scanned the room constantly. It wasn't out of possible danger but in curiosity and a scientific lust she held about every individual. She wanted to know about them all but wasn't sure how to approach them.

    As always when she began to feel overwhelmed she simply calmed her mind and blanked her thought process until she gathered her wits. When she sat down with her father she finally began to look around at all the other people in the room. She saw the prince's and couldn't help but smile. She had never had a boyfriend as she was to socially awkward to ask someone. She felt love and felt her heart pull her towards people but no one ever understood her difficulty with voicing her feelings and thoughts in a way that couldn't be misinterpreted. With all hard things to get rid of.... it was a process that she had come a long way with. With everything now going she felt her heart fluctuate over all the people around her. She wanted to open up and maybe this was the place to do it..... Impressions especially the first one is the most important.

    She glanced over at her father and studied his eyes for any sign of how he was feeling. Like her she learned from her father the strong suit of keeping a face when needed. To portray ones emotions in a situation where they can be taken advantage of can be the area of life and death. In here she felt like she was among sharks and it was either sink or swim... She would has to swim and no only swim but control the water that flows around her like she does with true water.

    It was now that she would open up. She had to finally speak and control her own destiny. She was thought of and pitied because she appeared to frail. Although at times beneficial she had grown tired of everyone looking at her like she was helpless. It was the complete opposite and it was about time she showed how strong of a girl she made of herself. She learned how to conduct herself from her father but she learned how to become herself through her own self reflection and thought. It was time for this White Lotus to blossom.
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  4. Xu Miroi
    The treaty was to be signed today.
    Xu usually would have withdrew some of his usual tension at a time like this, but it's for that very reason that he was tense. Not every meeting in history has gone down so smoothly. His thought's overwhelmed him as he started toward a nearby window. He briefly looked toward Princess Camira and her personal Fanger, this slightly inched his anxious mind to a calm, no one would dare touch anyone else when there was this much heat. Xu stood near the window and overlooked the land of Oshil. Why couldn't the rest of the world be as peaceful as this kingdom seemed? For the sake of god, this place was in the middle of it all! He gave a faint smile, At least somewhere had a healthy relationship with the kingdoms. His thoughts were interrupted by a servant.

    "Drink sir?"

    "I'd say not. I do however appreciate your offer."

    "I see, good day."

    "Good day."

    Xu's eyes were then attracted to the Royals of Umilo. Something looked dangerously off about their boy, he... He wasn't twitching was he?.
    Behind them was a knight, No, a general perhaps, his armour was far too thick to be that of the average killbuck, he was probably sweating buckets. He looked away and leaned on the wall to wait for an imminent speech.

    Betram Islegarde
    Betram stood by the left side of King Julian. "Sire." He said to catch the Lord's ear. "Try to stay tame upon this day, One can't discuss politics when drunk beyond all hell." He pat the King on the back and went on his way. "What should I do? what should I do?" He said to himself, fairly bored. "I'll not get drunk either. Would be a terrific (negative form) example." Betram heads outside of the room... after taking a plate of fine delicacies. While alone he had some time to think. He grew fairly weary, it was as if he was slowly forgetting that dream of his to be a hero.
    That was NOT his plan. Betram wondered if his age finally caught up with him... only to realize that he is but 42, he still has some time ahead of him.

    Betram groans. "Ugh! This is so boring!" He was bored again... But he had some sweets to partake upon...

    . . .

    He chokes.
    Disgusting! These were all heavily slathered with fudge! The expensive, bad tasting fudge too! Betram sighs, he wouldn't want to waste something expensive like these though... It wouldn't be... "polite" He manned up and swallowed them all whole before going back into the room for some water, or "Adam's Ale" as his knights joked, whoever this "Adam" was. He figured he probably should have just settled for crackers and cheeses as a snack.​
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  5. ~Alecto Dysart~
    Umiloian Head Cook​

    Alecto was overwhelmed by the massive demands coming into the kitchen. The royalty was about to arrive and the staff was already beginning to run low on hor dourves. The wine was flowing like fountains to keep up with the empty goblets that bobbed through the door on their platters. Alecto was cutting fudge out of the massive pan. It smelled sickly sweet but the kitchen boy said that it always smelled in the summer. He sent a servant on his way, his tray piled high with assorted sweets. Finally he heard the herald screeching the arrive of the first royal family.
    Alecto rolled his eyes, “Umoya… the land of Gust. A gust of wind from my arse would make for a stiffer wind.”
    “Master Dysart, your audience is requested immediate,” a scrawny servant girl addressed him. Alecto walked out and saw a richly dressed noble; at least, he was richly dressed before he ruined his clothes with vomit.

    “What are you trying to do, poison us with this foul fudge!” The man screamed. “I should have your arrested for this, you are a royal cook not a pauper’s baker.”

    Alecto tried to console the man, “Sir, a thousand and one apologies, but I was not the one who prepared the fudge for this evening. However, I will find out who the assassin of your taste buds is.” The sarcasm in his voice was blended so well the man drunkenly waved him away.

    “Get back in the kitchen and do your job you damnable fool.” Alecto could feel the heat rising within him. He turned and walked into the kitchen, straight-away finding the fudge and tossing it, pan and all, out a window. “Hopefully some one will at least be grateful to find it.” He turned and saw the kitchen boy whom lied to him. Alecto paused and pondered his next move. How do I want to go about this? He decided on a more lenient punishment. He walked forward and caught the boy by the hair, swung him towards the brick oven. “You lied to me Loren, and now you’re going to do exactly what I tell you to do, or I’ll find that you tried to poison the Iqawah family’s dinner.” Alecto could see that he had startled the boy, “Grab that pan of fudge out of the fire.” Loren reached for a towel, “No Loren, you're going to pick it up with your hands; like this…” Alecto grasped Loren’s arms and put them into the oven. The searing heat swept over Loren’s hands as he yelped in pain. “Hurry before your hands catch fire.”

    Alecto stepped back as Loren thrust himself into the oven and beheld the last pan of fudge before dropping it onto the nearest table. His hands were crimson red where the hot metal had touched. The skin had begun to bubble and break in other places. Loren fell to his knees and stared at his hands in shock. Alecto dropped to one knee and knelt inches from Loren’s face, “Don’t ever lie to me or anyone ever again.” Alecto put his face near his hear. “Understood!” Alecto screamed. Loren’s face turned quickly to face Alecto. Tears rolled freely down his face. Loren nodded. Alecto stood up and looked at the gawking servants, “Did the party stop? Is the treaty signed? We are behind schedule; back to work!”

    Alecto reached down and picked Loren up by the crook of his arms. “Go and get some herbs from that box over there, wrap them in cloth boiled in water and then wrap your hands with them.” Alecto walked out to greet his king and queen. Alecto felt bad for the cruelty he had performed but the punishment was exacting and fair for the price against violating his honor. He entered the banquet hall in time to see the final royal family parade into the hall. Alecto fluffed his hair for excess flour and prepared himself to greet nobility.
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  6. Allen

    Allen had been excited to get out of the castle for days, being able to travel was always fun, even if it was just to a stuffy signing of peace. Of course, he was glad about the war ending, he had lost many of his friends in the war. However that didn't mean that he wanted to be in a room with other royalty where it was going to long drawn out conversations about his future and what he was going to do since he wasn't the heir. He didn't worry about his future, he knew that he would have to eventually, but for now he was enjoying just getting to wake up next to his boyfriend ever day. It was like a sense of danger whenever they got together and Allen loved that.

    Since they had already been introduced, it was time for them to basically just wander around. Allen straightened his tie, he had been forced to actually get dressed today in something that was presentable. His mother had said that he needed "To look like the rightful prince to the Umoya kingdom." He had grumbled about it but he had done it, he didn't like to disappoint his mother. He picked up a glass of wine and took a sip. It was delicious, Allen had fallen in love with all the different types of wine since he had had his first sip when he was younger. He took another sip before deciding to wander around a little, hoping to have someone to talk to that wasn't an elder man at some point.
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    • King Julian Prince Marco Heaven Heart


    • King Julian and his royal family arrived last. They always knew how to make an entrance. Their cook, being the best cook in all the lands came to the Oshil kingdom first. King Julian knew that anything Alecto made would be amazing. He had his beautiful wife's hand as he walked in with his amazing outfit. He had on a red and silver robe, made from the finest seamstresses in the four nations. When it came to clothes King Julian was always on top. No one could compete with his style.

      As he made his way towards his seat, he could see the other royal families, the one Umoya; their Queen was magnificent maybe Julian would have a little "chat" with her alone. He also saw Camira, the eldest princess, she would be the one his son would marry. Good luck was all King Julian could think. Speaking of his son he didn't know why he always wanted to bring his three tigers with him everywhere. He could see how the other guests and servants were afraid of them. Julian would have a talk with his son later today.

      After awhile Julian's General Betram came up to him. He asked him to stay tamed today. Julian was known not only for his outfits but his drinking habit too. "Oh Betram, don't worry so much, I can handle my ale." Julian brushed him off has Betram walked away. Julian saw his cook Alecto come out of the kitchen. He stood up and walked over to him. King Julian brought him to the center of the room. "Ladies...Gents! This man Alecto Dysart, will be your cook this evening. He's one of if not the best cooks around. He also happens to be Umilo's Head Cook." Julian didn't want to embarrassed Alecto but he liked to show off his people and their talents.

    • Prince Marco was not excited at all for this "thing". Marco didn't want to get married, he was only 21, he could still have some more fun. His father told him that he needed to do it. Prince Marco would only do it because he thinks that it will be the best way to get the Umilo throne. The one thing that made him ok with the whole thing was he could show off. Prince Marco came in with his three tigers, he made sure that they growled at every royal they passed by. They really growled when they saw the hounds from the Ithunzi Nation. "Stupid dogs!" Marco kicked back one of the dogs, they whimpered away. Marco just grinned and made his way to his seat.

      Prince Marco started to laugh at his dad giving praise to the cook. Only his father would give praise to a glorified butcher. Prince Marco then laid his eyes on Camira his future...uhh bride to be. She was nothing like his type, he was more into tan skinned black haired girls; like the ones in Umilo. Marco hoped she had a sense of humor or something, if she was boring this marriage wouldn't last long...for her that is. Marco saw the Umilo General throwing up, ha! Marco could have told him that the fudge tasted like dirt here. The only food that had amazing taste was Umilo's of course. Prince Marco wanted to do something "fun".

      Prince Marco walked over to Camira. He would play the charming prince, for awhile. He wanted to feel her out before he judged; liked his father would do. "Care to dance my lady?" Marco twirled his hand out to the princess. The music wasn't his kind of music but it would have to do for now.

    • Heaven Heart was focused on watching all the other people around. She was the King's Guard and no one would catch her off guard. She loved how the Leeds walked in with an air of sophistication and importance. They came in like they owned the building. Heaven was proud to be with them. She just didn't like how King Julian looked at the Queen of Umoya; she hoped that Queen Fluer didn't notice it.

      Heaven Heart had kind of a crush on the cook Alecto, he was super handsome and dashing. He may have been a cook but he was the head cook. She loved his cool gray eyes, she could look into them for years. She blushed and giggled like a school girl when she saw him be praised by King Julian.

      After Alecto's praising, Heaven excused herself from the table. She wanted to see how he was doing. She had on a nice plain gold dress, King Julian wanted everyone in his royal camp to look as good as he did. She made her way towards Alecto. She curtsied to him, even though he was not a royal it was still a sign of respect. "How are you today Alecto. You look as dashing as ever." Heaven never talked like this before, she was acting to proper even for her liking, she was just really nervous around him.

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  7. Jamison Wyles

    Jamison knew for a fact that he wasn't supposed to be here. His sister Maximus had told him that he would be staying back in Umilo while she was away, where he would be watched over by the servants of the castle. Of course, he didn't want to stay. In fact Jamison had wanted to go more than anything, given that he's never been on a ship let alone gone to another country before so the desire was practically impossible to rid himself of. However the day before the Royals and such were scheduled to leave he had gone and asked Prince Marco if he could go on the trip, of course the older man had granted his wish, so here he was in the Nation of Oshil tending to the many kinds of animals in the stables.

    Honestly, Jamison felt quite devious going behind his sister's back. However he didn't feel the least bit apologetic. Max was always telling him 'No', saying he couldn't do this or that and it was severely frustrating. It wasn't as if he had to listen to her anyway! He was 6 years old, big enough to take care of himself. He didn't need his sister to tell him what to do, all the stinking time! Besides, she was never around anyways. No one was ever around, save for the Prince of course. Prince Marco was his best friend in the entire world. Well, at least Jamison thought he was.

    The little boy was harshly torn from his reverie by the high pitched whinnying that suddenly filled the entire stables. The current horses in the stalls included the pegasi from Iqwah, the arabian* horses from Umilo and the camels from Umoya. Said creatures were poking their heads out of the stalls, stomping their feet and flicking their tails to ensure that their uncertainty and displeasure was made known. Jamison looked around, trying to locate the source of their distress. He had been sitting atop of a keg of oats so the six year old hopped down and dusted off the back of his pants as he continued his search. It wasn't until three minutes passed did Jamison catch sight of what was distressing the other animals. Four Hellion horses were being led into the stable, their hooves clicking noisily against the stone floors. Their massive bodies rippled as they walked, their coats were the color of polished obsidian that looked leathery to the touch. The other horses--excluding the camels who had sat down lazily to chew on Hay and oats--were excited further and began rearing in their stalls, and flaring their nostrils. But what had six year old Jamie standing wide-eyed with his mouth agape was the fact that the horses had six eyes--3 on either side of their head. Currently only two of the six eyes were open--the glaringly red orbs seemed to be burning a hole in his skull and melting his brain.

    The hellion horses were being lead by the reins into their respective stalls, they went quietly unlike many of the other creatures. Jamison began running through the stables, trying to placate the other horses with food and soft words until he had calmed a large portion of the horses down. To be entirely honest, the massive stable was quite busy with knights bringing their horses in and servants cleaning stalls and replacing food. Jamie watched as the bit and bridals were removed from the hellion horses, one by one, his eyes never leaving the trainer until the man walked out of the stable. The first thing Jamie did was run over to the Hellion horse's stalls, and open one of them. He shut the stall door behind him and went to go stand atop of the barrel of oats inside of the stall. He clicked his tongue and took a chunk of day old carrot out of one of his pockets and offered it up to the imposing horse. This could go right under 'one of the most foolish things' he's ever done, Even Jamie knew that entering a stable with a strange horse was something you should never do until you get to know the horse better, but the six year old couldn't help himself.

    "C'mere horsey, horsey. Want some carrot?"
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  8. [​IMG]
    "Ey!" A vicious voice bellowed down to him where he slept on his cot, a steel toed boot jabbed him in his back, agitation leaked in a growl as he rose onto his elbow, a scowl touching his hardened features that were dusted with soot, grime, and dirt. He lay in the stables of his new found 'home' nation, how amusing. He was here and had a home however, traveling there was time consuming and useless, besides, by the time he arrived home he had to travel back to the stables and attend the beasts he lurked with. "What the hell do you want?" He snarled through gritted teeth, minding his temper as one of the men who attended the royals looked down at him where he lay, "you're requested to attend the Banquet and watch the stable there, after all, ye'are the best, ain't ya?" The man questioned with a smirk on his old, disgusting face. Ivan scowled and let out a heavy exhale, slowly shifting to rise up to his feet, "when must I be there?" He asked, and once he was given his time, he left for home in order to get dressed before heading off to the banquet, it would take some time but he was offered a ride with the few servants that would also be attending, how delightful. A crammed space with people who did not desire to be in contact with... However, Ivan sucked it up and forced himself into the crammed space when the time had come, dressed in fresh clothing - ready to be soiled. He was dressed in loose black pants that were tucked into tall boots, his shirt was beige and loose as well, rolled up to the elbows with a dark leather vest over his chest, buttoned up. Ivan tucked away his dingy golden locket, a hand brushed through his black hair, his hair wasn't all that long nor short, the bangs touching almost past his thick eyebrows but no further.

    Soon enough the six foot three inch tall man was able to step out of the crammed compartment and into the open once they arrived, ahead of time for the sake of greeting who they were attending. Ivan marveled the magnificent building, how spectacular. "Hey!" He was smacked on the back of his neck by the same man who'd kicked him, his narrowed gazed fixed on the shorter, pudgy man, lips tugging to a snarl in order to reveal his teeth, how disgusted he was. "Ya' not here to gawk! Get yer' ass to work!" He snapped viciously, to say he was upset was an understatement, he was furious, nearly livid. This man... If he could, he would decapitate him and send his dismembered, headless body into the river's water to wash him out to see where the beasts of the ocean would devour him... If he didn't get snagged on a branch and devoured by wolves, that is. The little day dream nearly had his head whacked again, he put himself to action and took the grand beasts he was in charge of into the massive stables. Once he managed to unhook the great beasts, he tucked them to their proper stables and placed in fresh water and oats with clean hay, the stables must have been cleaned just that morning in order to insure the creatures would be sated. The stables were locked and their items removed, seated where they belonged and could easily be identified. He noticed one was dirty and went off to fetch a soft and hard brush in order to groom the creature, the speck of dust would manage to bother him all day if he didn't...

    When Ivan had exited the stables, a little boy had come running in and was having the time of his life in there, watching all the grand beasts that were held behind thick planks of wood and nails. He couldn't blame a child's curiosity but it was no safe place for children. When Ivan scavenged for the brushes he came up empty and had to wander about asking others where it might be and once he managed to get his rough and calloused hands on them, he was returning - he was taking his time until he heard an odd clicking sound, a stable opening and shutting... How unusual... Perhaps it was a guard or knight? No, he'd already seen them leave with empty hands... A glower etched on is lips and his pace picked up into a light jog, only when he entered had he seen a tiny head bobbing in one of the stables, that tiny head must belong to a tiny child he was lurking with hellion, not good. Sure, some of these creatures weren't dangerous and other's weren't - to some extent but no animal could be trusted fully. They were domesticated, sure, but they were still wild at heart, all animals were. He set the brushes down when he saw an old little carrot floating around, "hey," he called out before arriving to the stable, his hands moving in swiftly and lifting the child from under their arms, swinging them out of the stable before the beast could snap its jaws on the carrot. He watched those ruby eyes glare at him, "y'know how dangerous that is? You could have gotten your damn hand bitten off and then what would I tell 'em?" He practically fussed after he set the young nameless child down, a hand firm on his shoulder to keep him from bolting. "Hasn't anyone told ya' not to hand 'round here or anything? It's dangerous and a little kid like you could get hurt or even killed." He scolded, his voice was harsh - though without meaning to be. "Come on, tell me who your parents are and I'll bring ya' to them." He murmured down, having to bend his being to be able to grasp the child.
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  9. Jamison Wyles

    Jamie clicked his tongue once more, some how managing to completely get the horses attention. The great beast was making her way across the stall and Jamie was leaning as far as he possibly could over the edge with his hand stretched out and the carrot rolling to and fro in his palm. As the horse was making the short trip across the stall, Jamie had taken to whispering childish nonsense, "-Ya know," He had begun, wiping his sticky mouth on the back of his hand. "If you eat my carrot horsey, that means you have to be my bestest friend forever, right?" The horse continued to trot, the boy's soft voice lulling the creature closer. "That means you gotsa' let me pet you and comb your hair and stuff." Jamison nodded his head slowly, his tongue poking out the corner of his mouth, the anticipation and excitement causing him to wiggle in his seat. Just as the horse was about to snatch up it's beloved treat (and possibly a chunk of Jamie's hand as well), Jamison himself was snatched from atop of the barrel of oats. "Y'know how dangerous that is? You could have gotten your damn hand bitten off and then what would I tell 'em?"
    The six year old's mood soured instantly, his face scrunching up in anger and the carrot falling from his hand. "Hey! Get ya stinky hands off me!" He grunted and squirmed in the shockingly large man's grip, however he quickly gave up in favor of glaring angrily up at the man who had stolen him away from a potential friend. Jamison squirmed a bit more, but all his attempts were done in vain due to the tight grip the man had on his shoulder.

    "Now the horsey ain't gonna want to be my friend no more, cause your ugly face probably scared the poor baby!" Jamie was sure he could try again, perhaps with a different horse with three eyes. He hated grown ups! They were all just like his sister, they never let him do anything and they always treated him like a stupid baby! But not Marco. Nope, Marco was his friend and that meant Marco had to be nice to him and Jamie had to be nice to Marco. That's why the Prince didn't yell at him like he yelled at everyone else, and why he told him stories about the dragons. (He wasn't supposed to tell anyone that the Prince told him stories. Something about tarnishing a reputation, or something of that sort.)

    Jamie licked his lips before chomping down onto the man's beefy hands, his dull teeth somehow managing to pierce the flesh. The six year old backed away as soon as he was released, a mocking smile on his lips. "Hey, don't you know how dangerous that was? I could have bitten your damn hand off!" Jamie mockingly echoed the man's words back to him before making a face and running off, his sandals kicking up dirt and hay as he ran. Oh he was so telling Marco on him! Jamison ran all the way up the small hill, down the path, and through the entrance hall of Stratlaham castle. He slipped under the arms of the two men guarding the entrance to the banquet halls, his face flushed with heat and anger. Jamison managed to hop down the steps, all while avoiding the announcer who was trying to snatch him up and look for Prince Marco at the same time.

    Jamison found his beloved Prince sitting at a long table with a bunch of other adults. They all had drinks in their hands and silver plates of food in front of them. He accidentally stepped on the dresses of one of the many royals and then on the tail of one of Marco's bengal tigers--which one? He hadn't a clue, the stupid cats all looked the same to him.-- He finally got to Marco, the six year old was breathing heavily, resting his hands on his knees as he stood before the Prince. "Hey Marco! There's a big dummy outside, and he won't let me be friends with the horses, and he was being mean to me!" Jamison hiccuped, his face was red and splotchy, glistening with sweat. "I bit his hand and called him a dummy, but you've gotta go yell at him and make him do something d-d-d-degrading!" Jamie stumbled over the word he had been recently taught by Prince Marco. The Prince was always teaching him lots of things, sometimes they were bad words that Max said he wasn't allowed to say, but other times they were normal words that he could say whenever he wanted. Jamie's chest puffed out a little at his pronunciation of the word, his mind running rampant with all the horrible things Marco could make the mean man do. The Six year old was completely oblivious to the fact that he had probably interrupted a important conversation, and tugging on the Prince's slacks was probably not the most appropriate thing to do. But he's six, what more do you expect?
  10. [​IMG]

    A glower was still pressed on his face as he eyed over the young man before him, he was just a little kid so he was attempting to be tender and gentle but he couldn't help it all too well, it wasn't his nature to be gentle, kids weren't excluded... He brushed a free hand through his hair before the child bit down on his hand, a low growl left him and he ripped his hand backwards, "you little son of a bitch!" He snapped, unable to keep that soiled mouth of his shut, he glared down at the child as he mocked him, he ought to just kick the child across the stable! He was about to reach down and snatch the child by his neck but the little thing had escaped his clutch, he wanted to shout at the child, wanted to dare him to come back so he could whop his little ass, however, he resisted the very tempting urge and bit his tongue, a heavy exhale leaving his nose. He was just a kid, he needed to cut him some slack, right? Wrong. Whatever though, he had work to do, though if he saw that little demon again, he'd throw a pitch fork covered in horse shit at him. Ivan snapped from his thoughts when a hoof knocked against the door to their stable, his eyes snapped towards the beast and then remembered the Pegasus that held a dirty patch of white hair. He let out yet another irritated exhale and snatched up the two brushes, headed towards the stable in which he climbed over the door and into the pin with the large winged creature, how beautiful, a danger disguised as a beauty. Ivan walked over to her, offering his hand before he brushed her neck with his hand, "there, there, ol' gal..." He murmured, voice low as he ran the brush against her upper back, removing any dirt on her body before he rubbed her nose. "Atta girl," he praised before he left the stable, he truly admired their beauty but he was wise to admire it from afar until he had to get up and personal with the beasts.

    Ivan set the brushes down as another set of horses were brought in whom were carrying another carriage, who could it be? He wasn't allowed to see, he was only allowed to tend to these horses... He let out a grumble as he was so rudely addressed to as 'boy', he was older than these fuckers... Ivan snatched the reins and guided the large beauties into the stable, removing their gear before he guided them into their separate pens, removing the bits and bridals from their beautiful, massive heads. After they were off, cleaned, and placed in their proper place, he gave them their needed water and oats with hay. "Today's gonna be a long ass day," he muttered as he snatched up a broom, sweeping the hard cement flooring into the open on the exterior of the stables. His bright blue eyes were kept down, today would surely be miserable, he knew it would be, what good could come from a day of labor with hardly any pay? He was taking care of beasts that didn't belong to him, how annoying... He wanted to be back at the stables he'd slept on his cot at, there were a few old hounds lurking around and small cats that would occasionally come in, the horses that lurked there were known well, he enjoyed their company since he knew them best, spent time with them, he had a week to adjust to them after their previous care taker died. What a shitty day, right, after all, what could possibly go wrong?
  11. Tom De Castello, #FFA07A

    Several minutes after arriving Tom had already gathered a considerably large harem of women each with lovely, youthful faces and exceptionally powerful titles to match. They blushed with every compliment, giggled when kissed upon the hand, and swooned with the promise of a more private meeting should it be requested. By the time he settled himself upon his seat he had procured fifteen or more invitations that he began splitting evenly throughout the remainder of the time he would be spending at Oshil. Time of which he will undoubtedly spend forging connections and private alliances. Although now was the time for discreetly observing the surrounding royal family.

    The first he took notice of was the Leed family and their betrothed son, Marco. Handsome, young, exceptionally charismatic, and a complete sociopath. Or so his sources have informed him. Such an...unstable man would be dangerous company indeed but a challenge Tom would fully risk. The prince's father however seemed far more straightforward. In terms of sexual desires that is. It had been quite sometime since he had shared a bed with a man but he was sure of his ability to stay on par with his majesty. The queen was a beauty in all sense but would be far more alert and suspicious of all his advances should Tom try anything.

    The next to capture his attention was the Queen of Ithunzi and her prominent belly that had said to be carrying the King's third, unborn child. Their two other children stood at attention behind them and gracefully followed their parents lead as they settled themselves among their chairs. Tom began by studying the King but only smirked as he realized he could not read a single emotion behind the captivating man's passive mask. This both intrigued and slightly frustrated him as it was beyond rare to come across a person who was able to completely escape his searching gaze. The smirk gracefully morphed into a smile however as a pair of obsidian eyes flashed towards his direction. Tom bowed his head in respect and greeting as the King of Ithunzi returned the gesture. Damn, he was observant too.

    Tom turned his attention to the Iqwah royalty in order to avoid arousing suspicion from the dark haired royalty and immediately noticed the out of place calm radiating from the King. His words were gracious, well spoken, yet held a sense of easy formality that it seemed to ease all of whom was present to hear them. So this was the desirably young looking king from the north. It was well known that he was without a wife and remained a single father after the queens untimely death. Such a tragedy...that most of the fresh noble woman seemed eager to take advantage of. It seems that the eldest daughter could not make it to the celebration due to private matters but the youngest was fully present although unusually quiet. Perhaps Tom would have to make conversation in the later hours to come to ease any of the princess's worries.

    Satisfied with his examination Tom casually leaned back against his chair and appreciated the scent of fresh wine before taking a slow sip from the fine glass.

    "What do you make of the royals Wolfram or perhaps a dame has finally acquired your unfortunate attention?" He jested, facing his naturally stiff and passive companion.
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    • King Julian & Prince Marco

    • Prince Marco noticed that Camira wasn't paying him any attention. He didn't liked be ignored. He would make her pay for ignoring him. He went to go sit back down. On his way to his seat he could see his father smirking at him. "Like you always got the girl!" Prince Marco was boiling with anger now.

      Later on the day was getting boring. Marco needed something to do. Then all of a sudden he heard a little boy call out to him. "Hey Marco! There's a big dummy outside, and he won't let me be friends with the horses, and he was being mean to me!" It was Jamie, Marco told him that he could come but he would have to stay with the horses. If anyone knew that Jamie was here they would surely ask too many questions. Jamie didn't look like a normal Umilo native at all. Marco picked Jamie up and brought him outside. On the way he saw the faces of the other royals, he saw the concerned and angered face of his father also. Right now he could care less about what they thought.

      Marco usually didn't laugh a lot but when Jamie stuttered over the word degrading he thought it was pretty funny. He didn't like anyone messing with Jamie, he couldn't have his little protege spy getting in harms way now could he? "Listen Jamie you can't just run in there like that ever again. OK? Remember what I said, you have to be a spy...silent non noticeable." Marco tried not to look too angry he didn't want to scare the boy...ha! Who would of ever thought Marco out of all people didn't want to scare someone.

      As they made their way towards the stables Jamie pointed out the guy. "You stay here...watch and learn how you scare the living shit out of someone." Marco walked over to the man, without a word he pushed the man to the ground. He stood over him. "Now listen...boy!" He looked older then Marco but Marco knew it would sting to be called boy.

      Marco stomped his boot into the man's right arm. "If you ever...talk or touch that boy over there in a disrespectful way again. I'll have you skinned alive!" Marco didn't bother to hear the man speak, he walked back to Jamie. "Now you come back with me and I'll get Alecto to get you something to eat, I know your hungry."

    • King Julian was very amused at his son's disappointing attempt to woo his future bride to be. He would never get a girl to like him if he didn't know how to charm her first. His wife Fluer was beautiful but the other queens were pretty in their own right also. "Love I'll be right back I want to congratulate the expecting couple on their baby." He of course meant the King and Queen of Ithunzi; King Carlisle Aita and Queen Anastasia Aita.

      King Julian went over to them, nonchalantly like he was going for a stroll in the Umilo Valley. "Hello Carlisle and Anastasia, you both look magnificent today." King Julian had ears everywhere, he is a powerful king and all; so he heard the rumors about Carlisle being courted by men, so Julian would play around with the charm. He would charm them both. The more information he got from the other three kingdoms today the better his kingdom would fair in the whole peace treaty.

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  12. [​IMG]

    Everything had been normal, he attended to the creatures as he should of when he was suddenly shoved from behind and forced onto the ground, it'd been unexpected and he smacked his face onto the cement flooring, his reaction time delayed, unable to protect himself from the crash out of sheer shock. His brow was cut and the bridge of his nose cut open, on his back he rolled to face his attacker - only to see it a royal acting so... Brutally. My what cruelty, and people trusted a vial man like this to care for their needs? How disturbing... A glare twinkled in his lively eyes, his lips pulled to a snarl as he balled his fists, however, he stayed on the ground and took what this man gave out, if he were to lay a hand on his precious silks he would have his hands butchered... They'd believe a royal over him either way, for all he knew this man could make up a lie and claim this was in self defense and since there were hardly any witnesses - he would be put to death. What a cruel fate, no? Though the man still spat at him, going so far as to call him boy, well if that didn't just piss him off. He ought to slit the man's throat and smear the blood on his father's door at night. However, he kept these wretched, beastly thoughts to himself - eyes flickering towards his arm as it was stepped on, then he caught sight of the little boy. It'd be so easy to hide a child's body... Though these malicious thoughts ended as words were spat at him once more, the prince removing himself from the scene without remorse, without care for his actions. A death being skinned alive would end this life slowly... Painfully... He would suffer, but didn't sinners suffer? He's suffered all his life and now he was being humiliated in front of some spoiled rotten child, though the man - like the lowly dog he was whom hid behind his crown, scurried off with that fetus of a child. Ivan rose to his feet with difficulty, letting out a low grunt as he struggled to his feet, joints aching from the impact to the ground, but what hurt worse was his face.

    After he was on his feet, Ivan brushed off his pants and glanced at the creatures and arriving horses, letting out an exhale, he went and searched for the nearest person, requesting they cover his work so he could tend to his medical needs. Once he managed to find a young woman who would lend her hand, he gave a kiss to her cheek before leaving her side and going to the large building, he didn't care for the names of important landmarks, it wasn't as though he would be here on a daily basis or anything, no, he needed to know the minor things, besides, he was only here because he was big, strong, and able to pull a stubborn hellion or Pegasus into into its pen. However, he didn't need to have open wounds in a stable that was brewing bacteria and having bugs zipping around, what if one landed on the open wound and put some microscopic parasite into his body? Hell no, not about to happen. He traveled up the hill and along its guiding path, headed to the doors where it was guarded, mentioning the need of medical aid and once he was directed where to enter the building and how to get to the medical ward, he started. He had to go around and through a separate door so not to encounter the royal, fuckers. However, he didn't mind it much, he'd used other doors all his life. He went through and followed the instructions he was given, headed to the medical ward for his help, though when he strolled, he took his time, marveling the building he was actually allowed to walk through. He admired the art, how clean it was, how nice it was... He compared it to his old home, when he was growing up. A tiny little shack with dirt floors and cots made of hay where they slept, rags for blankets and clothing and yet they were always happy... Could the royal possible be happy with what they had? He knew they were, they lavished in what they had. He felt ill at the thought of how these people were, stuck in this high world... He knew a single royal he actually liked but... He hadn't seen them in forever, he doubted they remembered him and the more he thought about it, the more depressed he felt, what if he had been used? He rubbed his face and winced at a few minor cuts and scratches on his cheek. Whatever, fuck them.

    Ivan managed to the ward and knocked his hand on the door, a bit of dirt smeared onto its white surface and he quickly rubbed it away with the clean sleeve of his shirt... A dirty rat in a clean kitchen was how he felt as he stood there waiting at the door, he wondered if anyone was in there, would he get the medical help he needed? He didn't have to wait long before a busty, round woman was opening the door, blonde curly hair bouncing at her shoulders. Explaining he needed her attention, she granted him access and attended his wounds, cleaning them and patching them up, it'd been awkward when he was seated in a chair, her breasts in his face, he wasn't embarrassed but it was awkward, she didn't seem to notice, however. He bounced his foot and kept his eyes averted as she cleaned the wounds and once they were patched up, she sent him on his way. Along the way out, once more, he marveled the building, stopping every now and then when he heard chatter but brushing it off and continuing. He thought about snooping around... He saw no reason why he shouldn't, he could claim he got lost, but then again, it was rude and he could face extreme punishments for his act... So, he started towards the path he took to leave, taking his merry time.
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  13. icholas Aita

    Nicholas C. Aita was an observant person, something he prided himself in and a trait he valued in others. The ability to simply sit back and watch was something that he believed everyone should be able to do, however there was a difference between seeing something and understanding what you see.

    Currently he sat in the banquet hall next to his father of course and directly across from Thalia. Contrary to popular belief, Nicholas hadn't been dreading this particular event. He wasn't particularly interested in marrying either one of the Frost sisters, but he would do what needed to be done--some sacrifices simply had to be made. For now, Nicholas simply watched the room quietly, sipping some unidentifiable dark wine as he did so. His eyes flickered over the form of Prince Marco Leeds of Umilo and within a few seconds of watching the Prince he had already come to several interesting conclusions.

    • Reckless
    • Psychopath
    • Arrogant
    • Volatile
    Nicholas determined these bits and pieces of information based on how some of the other servants and guests acted around the Prince. From the wary glances, the flinches at every wide hand gesture Marco made, and the sound of his voice seemed to have some of the servants trembling. Their responses were all quite contradictory to the sight before him, the painfully charming prince who was chatting up his bride to be. His mother looked unwell, he could see it in her posture. Perhaps she was getting sick? Naturally, he would have offered to walk her to her rooms but they had just arrived to Oshil, and knowing her, she wouldn't want to retire so early. Nicholas sipped his wine looking away from his mother as he did so. The dark liquid stained his lips, and went down smoothly. He watched Marco for a few seconds longer before growing bored, however he briefly glanced back at him. Was he twitching?
    How interesting.

    Nicholas eyes flitted over the King, who appeared to be a more toned down version of his son. His eyes danced over Allen Gust, the boy looked to be painfully young and much too shy to be rubbing elbows with this lot--poor things. He idly wondered how long he would last. Nicholas scanned the crowd for his sister, having lost her when she begun to dance with the Umilo Prince. No matter, there were hundreds of other people to observe. The eldest Princess of Iqwah wasn't present, apparently she had gotten tied up in some other affairs in her home country--he didn't mind. Business was business and if he was honest with himself, Nicholas would say that he was relieved.

    Queen Samantha of Oshil was a graceful woman, though Nicholas could see the stress etched into her face and wound into her shoulders, he mused that it was hard running a country by yourself. Nicholas stood, his glass of wine in his hand as he did so. Quite honestly she was doing a great job, the country was peaceful and the people were content and the economy was good. What more could a person want? Nicholas escaped to the balcony, nearly wilting under his mother's burning gaze. He briefly made eye contact her and he could practically hear her threatening him to return to his seat and mingle. He flashed her a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes and his mother's face twitched. Nicholas snorted as he walked onto the balcony, dusting off his obsidian black pants as he went. The over coat he wore was equally dark and complemented by the wine purple button up shirt he wore. His skin was pale much like his father's, his eyes a dark navy blue and his hair a inky black. The wavy locks were pulled back into a messy bun of sorts and the sides of his head were shaved.

    Nicholas looked up from his glass, in time to see a filthy little boy come running through the banquet hall. After observing Marco for those few moments, Nick completely expected the boy to get backhanded across the face and sent crying to his mother. However, he was simply picked up and taken out of the hall. These people were just full of surprises weren't they? Some how Nick managed to drain half his glass without noticing, but he didn't particularly mind, there was more where that came from. However he didn't plan on getting completely intoxicated tonight, he had things to do, people to see, items to collect... Nicholas continued to watch the guests, they floated about like fish in a tank. Of course he wasn't alone on the balcony, there was a trio of women--sisters?-- who had taken to giggling and staring at him and it seemed someone else had garnered the same reaction from the duchesses and ladies of the land. His vision was obscured by corsets and skirts and curled hair, but as soon as the women cleared away he was met with the sight of a dirty blonde haired man.
    Nicholas choked on his wine before turning around to grip at the banister with one hand and lean a bit over the edge. A grin split the soft flesh of his face, a dry laugh rising from his throat.

    "Well, I'll be damned."

    Nick quietly murmured to himself, as he fished the pocket watch from his over coat. He'd recognize that face anywhere--Tom was his name. They had met a while ago (years?) back when he was traveling with Yves and co. He had to sleep with the man to get his pocket watch back. Of course they had met under false pretences, Nick had been pretending to be some daft naive young thing and the other had eaten it up. He stole his watch and left in the middle of the night, and he and Yves were in Umilo by morning. After getting a bit of fresh air, Nicholas re entered the hall, placed his empty glass on the tray of a passing by servant and returned to his seat. The urge to slip away from this party was beginning to gnaw away at his resolve, so he had might as well busy himself with something.
    "So, Thalia." Nick began, picking a string bean off her plate as he spoke. He ate it in one bite, wiping his fingers off on a napkin. "What do you think of Captain crazy, eh?" He arched a dark brow, his voice naught but a mocking whisper. He glanced pointedly at the Umilo Prince before offering a half dimpled grin.
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  14. Sierra Frost, Blue

    All the nosie and commotion filled her ears and slightly confused the girl who had never been exposed to this before. She felt like running around the room to listen in on everyone to figure out their stories and learn what she could from all of them. To say the least she felt like a Cicada trapped in its shell waiting to explode out like some demonic creature. She wanted so bad to just ramble on and on about everyone in the room but sudden clamed up as she saw the others enter the room. She suddenly felt like she should have brought her secret wolf. It was easily taller than everyone in the room by atleast a few inches. To her that wolf was nearly the world.

    After all her pondering she finally took the time to just relax and watch all around her with the pale blue eyes characteristic of her. She gazed about almost predatorily. She studied them all and took in what she could. She yerned for more information and that drive lifted her up and out of her chair.... somthing she thought she could never do in a nervous wracked situation such as this. She had been the only one not talking as of yet and realized it may be attracting unwanted attention to herself and possibly people wanting to talk to her. At this moment in time she ws happier just observing everyone.

    It was then that somthing occured that made her rethink a person. The 'Psychotic' prince as she had grown to call him in the last few minutes made his way to a young black child. She was half expecting him to eat his face but did the exact polar opposite and led him out of the room in a oddly caring nature. To her.... she didn't understand at all as to why he acted the way he did then changed suddenly. Then again.. she of all people knew the taming of Wild beasts... Maybe it was a gift the child had as well.

    All things considered she was doing far better than she would have ever expected herself to do. She just continued her casual stroll throug the masses of Nobels and Rulers as if none of them mattered. She hoped she would attact attention but for a girl with distinctive snow white hair it was difficuly anywhere but in her home nation not to attract unwanted attention. A young nobel boy turned towards her and with a graceful bow acknowledged her. Sierra felt herself freeze solid like a block of ice in her home nation. Within a second she cooled and melted before nodding. The man smiled and turned around not picking up on her awkward sense.

    After all... she was a master of hiding her motives and feelings at all times. She had to be! She was among sharks now and it was time to sink or swim... she was to swim and refused to be devoured. She was to be the hunter and no longer the prey. She was tired of being pitied and felt her heart stretch as she began to actually get upset over her thoughts. She grumbled lightly and strolled past her older Sisters Husband to be. She glanced over to him and seemed to peirce through him with her pale blue eyes. In that split second she looked over his body and sized him up at the same time.

    She couldn't help but suddenly giggle as she passed right by him. She then realized that it could be taken the wrong way. What she truly giggled at was her animal like instincts. She had spent more time around feral beasts than other humans and it seemed to be rubbing off on her. She seemed to have a mindset to kill or be killed in a place of...... well.. supposed to be peaceful individuals. In the end... maybe it isn't as bad as she thought. Everyone in the room seemed off their kilter in some way or another.

    Many of them off their rockers more than some of the others. From what she observed and studied on her sisters husband to be he seemed one of the more calm of the two. The other oldest prince was batshit crazy and truly creeped her out more than scared her. Very few things in the world scared her now.... a charging Polar bear taking the cake.

    She made her way out on the Balcony and took a deep breath of fresh air. She opened her mouth and sighed in relief "Ahh.... Lovely.." She said suddenly surprising herself. Her cheeks lit up red but she didn't look around to see if anyone was near. She just wanted to gaze out across the landscape and take in the beauty of the nature across the land. To her... nature was more important that any human life.

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  15. Wolfram Creighton

    "What do you make of the royals Wolfram or perhaps a dame has finally acquired your unfortunate attention?" Wolfram licked his dry lips, the scotch warming him up from the inside out. He bounced his good knee out of habit as he sat back and unabashedly watched everyone in the room. He wasn't looking at Tom, but he responded a heartbeat later none the less. "Sadly yes--your mother." Wolfram briefly turned to Tom--who in his opinion looked like a wet golden retriever-- and offered a sarcastic smile. "She sends her love." With that being said, he turned back to watch the Royals, leaning back into his chair as he did so. He sat in one of the corners of the room, pushed away from the table with his cane balancing on his knees. "The Umilo King is having an affair--correction, he's having multiple, the Ithunzi Queen is pregnant with twins, The Umilo Prince is psychotic but for reasons undetermined has a soft spot for that little boy," Wolfram rambled off his findings, uncaring if someone overheard and took offence. "The Ithunzi Prince seems to have recognized you--too late to steal a look at his face, he's looked away." Wolfram sipped his scotch, the only thing keeping him awake, given that he hadn't slept in 3 days. "Oh, and I'm fairly certain that woman you promised your bed to is not a woman. Shall we go check?"

    Wolfram was antsy, he felt as if he was suffocating in this sea of people, and backing himself into a corner didn't help. Dark bruises beneath his eyes marred his face, and he was currently sporting a gash across the bridge of his nose and cheek--he had gotten into a fight several days ago over the kidney stones of a goat that he desperately needed for his experiment. "Oh nevermind, I'm sure you'll find out soon enough." His hair was a bit wild, but his clothes were clean and his face shaven. "These people make me sick, it's quite obvious they dislike each other, yet here they are kissing cheeks and shaking hands as if they're old friends." Wolfram hummed. Honestly, the man couldn't remember the last time he had gotten a full night's rest and slowly but surely sleep deprivation was taking it's toll. He hadn't eaten in three days either, scotch having taking the place of food.

    "Is that normal behavior for a average human being,Tom?"

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  16. Sybil Vane, #D87093

    The usually bright and wonder filled eyes were clouded in obvious anxiety as Sybil walked along side the kings many entourages. She knew that today was a very important event for the Umilo and Umoya royalty as their two eldest children were being wed in just a few days time. That she would need to be on task and vigilant in order to make sure that all necessities in which the King, Queen, and of course the Prince had were met and satisfied. Of all the things she could and should be worried about there was only one. A man that had one point been her everything dominated what little attention she had and nearly sent her crashing into the following servants. Thankfully, one of the royal guards had steadied her gate with a firm hand on the shoulder. But before Sybil could even utter a thank you the redheaded soldier had already walked ahead to stand behind the King and Queen.

    Shame coated her very being as she realized how selfish her thoughts had turned. The past was the past and she wouldn't let something like that affect her duties. With a firm expression and newfound determination she tried her best to push away any negative thoughts clouding her mind. With every step they took towards the double doors however Sybil's resolution began to crack and become brittle. No matter how much she assured herself that she was free of the past it would never be true. Not when every month she was reminded of everything that could have been by just a single white rose.

    Eyes wide and soul trembling she noticed that they had already reached the entrance. The announcer was ready and doors would be opened at any moment. At any minute. Second. Now. For a moment Sybil was completely distracted and in awe at the spectacle before her. She had seen and served under many balls and parties as requested of her job but this was absolutely grand! All the clapping and wide smiles eased her worries considerably as she took in the gleaming and polished hall. That however changed considerably as a pair of obsidian eyes pierced her own. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as she took in his face, nearly unchanged since before. She was relieved that he looked as healthy as he ever did and smiled unconsciously at the thought. That was when her gaze shifted to the woman who sat beside him, belly round and full of life.

    Sybil immediately diverted her attention back to the present. This was not right. For her to worry about someone elses husband. A deep and steady breath filled her lungs as she slowly exhaled the cool air. She would be alright. She had to be alright.

    For the rest of the time she was needed Sybil made sure to keep her distance and to always never let her eyes wander too far. A peculiar scene did manage to capture her attention as a young child, by the name of Jamieson, ran directly up to the prince himself. It wasn't a secret to her nor the other servants who the child was and watched as he was carried out followed by the prince. It wasn't long before his son's disappearance did the king himself take leave of his chair to wander the banquet hall. Sybil dutifully followed until she realized with shock where he was heading.

    It was far too late however as he stopped in front of the King and Queen of the Ithunzi kingdom. Knuckles white and hands clasped tight together, Sybil kept her gaze firmly planted to the ground.
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  17. Asa Angelo, #DDA0DD

    Unwanted looks, furtive glances, and loud whispers were already suffocating the young man as he stood in attention by the prince's side. Although he was already far too used to the feeling and willed himself to keep steady from the stares piercing his back. Everything was going smoothly so far and the thought successfully comforted his taut nerves. As per usual Asa had gone and worried unnecessarily about nonexistent threats or impossibly disastrous scenarios. Such assumptions were common for the worry wart of a servant but his more than rational brain won out in nearly all occasions.

    He was still of course wary of the other royals but they all seemed more or less pleasant and not as threatening as the maids and butlers gossiped before their departure. In fact the supposedly 'savage Iwah King and his beastly daughter' were the most composed and welcoming in his opinion. Thankfully most if not all the other rumors were becoming obviously as false and ridiculous as they had sounded. Although he couldn't really say the same thing for the prince of Umilo whose abrupt leave sparked a wave of whispers from the preening nobles. He hadn't appeared as violent as others had said but then again Asa wasn't exactly a detective in hidden persona's.

    For a moment he made the mistake of shifting his gaze slightly to the left and caught the eye of a primly dressed man who was shamelessly studying his figure. Asa shook of the unnerving feeling and repositioned himself so he wouldn't have to at least face the man's general direction. A few minutes passed when he noticed the King of Umilo approaching the King and Queen. His greeting was fairly polite and stature, nonchalant but respectful all the same. The women standing behind him must have been his personal maid. She was unmistakably beautiful as she was receiving just as many imploring stares as he was if not more. Although she seemed not to take notice and appeared intent on staring at the marble ground before her.

    It didn't take much to see that something was obviously bothering her. Asa knew it wasn't in his place to be concerned but years of caring for the other servants under his wing didn't exactly help with the ignoring factor. Not when the air suddenly felt so charged and filled with some sort of energy that left him feeling as if it wasn't his business to even get involved in whatever was transpiring.
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  18. Thalia Aita, indigo
    "What a dreadfully long day this is turning out to be."
    Thalia sat with back straight, head held high, and hands folded gracefully in her lap. Her long brown hair had been done up in a quite intricate braided hairstyle, with bits of shiny black ribbon interwoven throughout, and she wore a ballerina-length purple gown. Yes, she was the picture of proper and refined, just as one is meant to be when in the public’s eye - or at least, that's how she hoped she appeared. This behavior soon grew tiresome, however. For a brief time she had watched the others at the banquet, paying special attention to the royalty from Iqwah. Her brother wasn't really going to have to marry a princess from there, was he? It seemed so unfair. After all, weren't they meant to be barbarians? Upon observing them, she quickly found they acted the opposite. Nevertheless, Thalia found it difficult to shake the idea. She had grown up believing people from the other nations were bad, and it wasn't a thought she could simply expel from her mind within such a short amount of time.​
    Soon, though, she lost interest in the goings on of the people around her. She found herself so incredibly bored that the incident between the Umilo prince and the young boy barely managed to reclaim her attention, and even then only for the very minimal amount of time. She quickly found her mind wandering to other places, and as it did so she couldn't help but feel the current situation was terribly cruel. Here she was, she had finally traveled, she had finally gone somewhere where the sun shone for most of the day - and yet she was stuck in some stuffy banquet. The mere injustice of it all was enough to make her want to shove her plate onto the floor, slam her hands against the table, and storm out of the room. Yes, she wanted to cause a scene. She wanted to make sure everyone knew just how displeased she was with them and their silly little peace dinner. That didn't seem like a very ladylike thing to do though, and she imagined her mother would have her head if she were to carry out such an act. Instead, she simply leaned forward, rested her arm on the table, allowed her head to rest against her hand, and attempted to act as if she was actually interested in the whole affair.​
    Her brother coming back was a welcome distraction, though she had half a mind to smack him for sticking his grubby fingers in her food. Oh well, it wasn't like she had really felt like eating anyways. Snapping back to attention, she sat up straighter, allowing her hands to once again rest in her lap. “Oh, him?” She asked, casting a glance in the direction of Prince Marco. She allowed her eyes to linger on him for a moment, squinting as if she thought that would better help her to get a sense of his personality. “Well, I don’t know. It’s not like I’ve really met him. It doesn’t seem like he’s all that well liked by the servants, though… minus that strange little boy from earlier.”
    Waving her hand dismissively, she leaned forward a bit, quickly commenting on the one thing she found most interesting about the Umilo royal family - as she was known to do absolutely any time the subject came up. “They can control fire, can’t they? I wish they’d just… start one. Then maybe I’d actually be able to stay awake.”

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