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    Alexander Markus Queen

    ||Mood: Stressed Out || Location: In his office||

    He sighed and pushed a hand through his locks of hair. This case was seriously stressing him out! Not only were the amounts of people missing rising, but his own brother entered REOL! Soon all of his precious siblings were going to leave him! He couldn't lose another one... So he was working even harder than before. Even when he issued break he always stayed overtime and somehow his grey hairs were getting worse. He wasn't even that old and work was taking it's toll. He hoped that after this case he could relax even for just a moment. But there was no time for that yet. He didn't even know what to do. But he tried to keep calm despite all of his research leading him no where.

    Jaxton Von Hellsing

    ||Mood: Laid-Back || Location: Patrolling REOL||

    Jaxton grinned as he walked around the halls, looking at all of those stupid humans. He couldn't believe how ignorant these fools were. As they relaxed and spent their time here the demons had a large source of energy to feed off of. The King was brilliant! He was glad that he was apart of his personal guards. Especially with Khirel on the force. He was by far the finest demon he ever laid eyes on. In fact, he had a crush on him. Which was painfully obvious, but he didn't mind. As long as he could be with the other male it would suffice for now. But as of now, he was currently looking for him around the vast open space surrounding him.

  2. Lucifer Grenzier
    ||Mood: Relaxed || Location: Within the Throne Room inside REOL||

    "Hahahahaha!" Lucifer laughed. Not only were the police and military incompetent, more and more people are starting to swarm towards the paradise that is REOL. He had finally created an almost endless energy source for him and the other demons to feed for a long time. Although demons live for an endless amount of time they don't have much power without energy from humans. Lucifer had discovered a loop hole as long as they can keep the detectives and mercs sent after him by the government or rich husbands who miss their wives at bay. Well, fuck 'em. They were Lucifer's now. Sometimes he would take some of the human residents as toys to appease him for a little while. Although they never lasted long he hadn't run out and it didn't look like he would any time soon either. He was the Demon King for fucks sake. He could do whatever he pleased because there was nobody to stop him. Lucifer called out to the Demon Lords in the Throne Room "Listen and listen well, we have this set up well and that last thing any of us want to do is fuck up. You come to me before you do something. Understand?" He was curious at how they would respond to the quite threatening speech.

  3. Kin Oshiro


    || Mood : Albeit bored . ||
    || Location : Throne room of REOL . ||

    A hum could be heard as a fox spirit made her way to the throne room of REOL . She seemed upbeat about something , but that was completely different from what one could tell from the bored look on her face . Once entering the prestigiously decorated room , Kin stood by one of the oil-painted photos of Lucifer himself .

    For a sadistic and sly man , he sure does love himself , the pinkette thought to herself before taking a small smoke from her long pipe , letting the puff of air suspend in the air before disappearing .

    "You're in a good mood today , Lucifer ." , she said after the male had given a speech that left a lot to one's imagination , before giving an amused smile .

  4. Courtney

    Courtney rummaged through the sheets of her copy of the case file, trying to understand it all. The REOL case was taking its toll on those working on it, especially the Chief. Poor guy was starting to look 60. There was no pinpoint direction in the REOL case either, just people going in and not coming back out.

    She sighed and put her face in her hands. The detective would have rubbed her face out of frustration, but she would have messed up the eyeliner she had on. No need to make a bad day worse. "Come ooonnn..." She groaned as she picked up the documents again, trying to find anything that could lead to a clue. What the heck was so great about REOL that no one was leaving? Or was that place murdering them one by one like she saw in those horror movies? Unlikely, but in a case like this, everything was a plausible theory.


    He walked around REOL, making sure everything was in order. Khirel found this plan to be working splendidly for their King. Plenty of humans enjoying themselves here while giving the demons something to feed off of. It was absolutely genius, something to be expected from the King of Demons.

    Khirel, aside from his patrolling, was also watching out for Jaxton. A fellow knight, and the person who held blatantly obvious feelings for him. Now, Khirel was completely aware of the other's feelings, but he chose not to acknowledge it. Jaxton was physically attractive, yes, but Khirel had his issues with him. The first being that Jaxton flirted with everyone so he couldn't be serious, the second being the relentless flirting towards Khirel specifically, and the third being that Khirel preferred spending his time alone, while Jaxton preferred to be with him whenever he got the chance. If any sentence could summarize that issue it would be "I just don't understand why you can't spend your alone time with me."

    Some residents who had seen Jaxton flirting with Khirel found it "cute", and would even help him find the source of his affection when said source was trying to spend time alone. It agitated him, but by orders, he couldn't take his aggression out on the humans. So, inanimate objects felt his wrath the first chance he got.

    The moment Khirel caught a glance of Jaxton, he immediately turned around and started going in the opposite direction. He already knew what was going to happen if Jaxton caught sight of him...


    Maricianna was one of the many in the lounging area, browsing the internet on her laptop. She had one earphone in as she was listening to music in the meanwhile. Her parents were trying to contact her via social network, but she purposely ignored them. They had tried waiting for her at home, because if she had run away, surely she would have to be on the streets for a while, right? She would come home with a dead phone and apologizing, wouldn't she?

    Unfortunately for them, that wasn't the case.

    She fell in love with the place known as REOL. Here, she could do what she wanted, whenever she wanted. No one would force her on stage for any reason whatsoever. Maricianna finally felt at ease; Nothing could top the happiness she was feeling here at REOL.

  5. Lucifer Grenzier
    ||Mood: Anxious || Location: Within the Throne Room inside REOL||

    "Yes I am in quite a good mood. You don't look quite as energetic however. Maybe you need something to do?" Lucifer asked in a joking matter. Although he had a past with Oshiro she was still under him but he could have fun with his subordinates. He waved her closer. Lucifer had his throne in the center of the room opposite of a grand door. He had two seats quite near him however one could only sit there if he allowed it. "Sit closer" Lucifer told her. He wanted to know her thoughts. Perhaps he should just under her mind by force but that would take work and he rather liked her. He just asked to make things simple and pleasant among each other. "So why are you upset?"​
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  6. Kin Oshiro


    || Mood : Amused . ||
    || Location : Throne room of REOL . ||

    "Are you as charming as you are caring ?" , the demon Lord teased back before walking over to the demon King and taking a seat next to him . Kin Oshiro was aware that there were rumors among the residents about the two of them , as well as the demons residing in REOL , but she wasn't too concerned over it . If anything , she would be more worried if they were to reach Lucifer . That is , if he was to be displeased by them .

    "I'm not upset , just thinking ." , Kin replied .

    It was true that she wasn't upset , but she was rather...unsatisfied . Indeed , she had to give the Demon King as much credit , sometimes even more , for this brilliant plan of his to crush humanity , in a way . Maybe she was getting her sadistic side from him , but , it seemed as though the residents were too oblivious . "Say , does any of the humans have the slightest idea of what we are doing ?" , she asked while playing with the sleeve of the male's attire .

  7. Lucifer Grenzier
    ||Mood: Soothed || Location: Within the Throne Room inside REOL||

    While ignoring Oshino's playing around with his sleeves he responded to her question. "Of course. While most people will be fooled have you heard of the phrase too good to be true. While this is what some people view this place of, and the relatives of the people we took could have known they went here. We just have to be careful." He didn't mind her touching him or his clothes as he would have made it very clear if that wasn't acceptable. He never really liked having people touch him but women and of course his favorite toy would be allow. He looked into her eyes and ran his hand through her hair. He wanted her do to something for him but he wanted to play a little before moving with his plans. He was going to have one of the knights keep an eye out on the close relatives of some of the people they took from inside REOL. He needed to know if they had been looking into REOL. For now however he would amuse Oshino for a little while.
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  8. Jaxton Von Hellsing

    ||Mood: Laid-Back ⇒ Impatient ⇒ Unhappy ⇒ Ecstatic|| Location: Patrolling REOL||

    The demon huffed as he couldn't seem to catch sighed of the white haired male. He knew he probably saw him as a joke due to him flirting with everyone. But anyone could tell that it was slowly deteriorating. The only person he seemed to be flirting with now was Khirel. And he knew he found him annoying. But he wanted him to at least acknowledge his feelings. Even if it was just a little bit.
    But he knew he couldn't force him to. That's why he just continued to pour his affections onto him. He knew that the chase would be worth it. It just had to work! But if it didn't work... Then he wouldn't be giving up so easily. In fact, he'd never be giving up. Which was quite unfortunate for the other demon, so it'd be best if he just accepted them at some point.
    He was oblivious to the fact that Khirel was nearby, but as soon as one of the residents got his attention and pointed out the male who started to walk in the other direction, he grinned. So that's where he was! He thanked the resident before happily walking towards the other demon, quickly catching up to him. He was so happy that he would be able to talk to him! That's all he wanted to do... Most of the time.
    "Khirel~♥" The lovesick demon called out to the male, "Why do you keep hiding from me? Is it because you're shy~?"

  9. Khirel

    Khirel, hearing that voice, knew he was screwed. He had caught up so quickly as well, which meant that his only option to have gotten away was to start running the moment Jaxton figured out where he was. And he hadn't seen Khirel when said white haired man had spotted the other... No doubt someone ratted him out. Bastards...

    He looked over his shoulder towards Jaxton, half glaring with the eye that wasn't covered by his hair. "No, I'm not hiding; I'm doing my job. Perhaps you should do the same elsewhere." Khirel told him, looking forward once again to continue the redirected path he had chosen the moment he saw Jaxton. No point in trying to slip away from him now.


  10. [​IMG]
    Mood: Neutral - - Location: Her Room -- Pool
    She had woken up late--well not that late--just late enough for concerned friends--if she had any--, to wonder where she was. Now that she was at REOL she had no reason to get up early and form a routine. What was even the point? It wasn't like she had anyone to look forward to. Dylan was gone, probably looking for a new girl to 'save', her sisters probably didn't even know about the broken engagement and her mother...Well Lorelei doubted her mother would want to see her after the fight they'd had. So for now...For now Lorelei would just wander around or--"...Pool." She mumbled, pushing the covers off of her and stumbling out of bed. Taking a swim would make her feel better, it always did. Then after that she could at least try to meet someone. Make new friends who knows? Just cause her family and ex-fiancee didn't want her, didn't mean no one did!

    Ducking into the bathroom for a second, Lorelei washed up and grabbed her bathing suit before heading to the pool.
  11. Kin Oshiro


    || Mood : Amused . ||
    || Location : Throne room of REOL . ||

    "Hmm ? Well , I expected that . I mean , who wouldn't be concerned about their relatives or friends staying for such a long period of time in REOL ?" , she replied before her eyes wandered around the throne room .

    "What I'm worried about is if the...residents here are going to be aware of what we are doing ." , the fox spirit replied before grinning like a child at the act of the Demon King .

    The pinkette was still a fox spirit after all . But she needed to keep her focus on what she was doing here in REOL . She knew that Lucifer was the one that made her a Lord , and no doubt , a few others knew that , as well , but she didn't like that . As such , she pulled away from the Demon King before replying , "As much as I'd like to spend more time with you and your hands , I have to go . See you later , Lulu ." . Kin then bowed once before heading to the exit of the Throne Room .

  12. Lucifer Grenzier
    ||Mood: Annoyed|| Location: Within the Throne Room inside REOL||

    After Oshino left Lucifer wasn't in the best of moods. He had wanted to play a bit longer before she left, and he had a task he needed done. He sighed out loud. Nothing to do and nobody to talk to. Being bored was never a good thing for the Demon King as it means that usually something bad is coming up. While annoyed that Oshino left he started to plan
    some interesting schemes including the detectives of the city and their families. Perhaps he would change the objective of his chosen knight to searching for the families of the government to try and persuade them to come to REOL. Famous politicians promoting his paradise would be and immeasurable help. If it all goes well he could even think about setting up another one. After a little bit he moved to his room where he had his computer. He decided to play on there while waiting for something interesting to happen or he gets some more ideas to further his latest plans.
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  13. [​IMG]

    Mood : Casual
    Location : Patrolling REOL

    "Oh , thank you !" , a female smiled widely at the vampire .

    William bowed slightly before making his way back to his patrol . Honestly , he found the need to patrol a place like REOL - basically a demon's nest for humans , almost useless . Sure , it needed guards at bay , but what exactly was he guarding ? Guarding the humans from getting away from this 'paradise' ? Although , he couldn't really complain as he signed up for this job . Somehow , through all the work he didn't like , he found solice in this , haven , of a sort . As he made a right turn off a corner , he witnessed the exchange between the other two Royal guards , such as himself .

    "Yo ! Jaxton , Khirel !" , the blond called out with a light smile , waving at them before jogging towards their direction . He hope he wasn't disturbing anything that was going on , knowing the complicated nature of their relationship .


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  14. Jaxton Von Hellsing

    ||Mood: Ecstatic ⇒ Playful ⇒ Annoyed || Location: Patrolling REOL||

    Jaxton grinned at the male. He didn't seem to mind the glaring. In fact, he would let the male glare at him all day, but only because it counted as staring at him. But as the male spoke, he laughed softly. "Really? Well, it seems like it. One of the ladies near the pool told me you turned away the moment you saw me. There's no reason to hide from my love~♥ And no need to. As long as the others are doing their job I can spend all my time with you," He told him happily, a stupid grin embracing the demons features. It was very clear now that this demon was never going to leave the other alone. Because he was unfortunately the apple of his eye.
    But he seemed to speak too soon. Cause he then heard for not so far away, "Yo! Jaxton! Khirel!" He clicked his tongue and looked over at the male with a glare. No hard feelings, it wasn't anything personal. He just wanted to be alone with the male which, was hardly possible. 1) Because of his job most of the time 2) Because Khirel always avoided him and usually chased him off after a while 3) Because he couldn't find him and 4) because people always seemed to interfere.
    It was blatantly obvious that the male did not want the other's company, but he didn't want to hurt his feelings. So, he sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose before smiling at the other knight. It wasn't one of his nice smiles, more of those fake ones when you're trying to be nice type of deal. "Hello Willam. What brings you here?" He asked through gritted teeth.

  15. Khirel

    Mood: Annoyed => Relieved | | Location: Patrolling REOL

    Khirel's jaw clenched hearing that one of the women staying at REOL had ratted him out. Dammit! Why did the humans of REOL think this kind of shit was cute? "There's plenty of reason to avoid it, Jaxton." He commented back to the other demon, refusing to use the word "hide". Khirel wasn't "hiding" from this play boy, he was simply avoiding the affections Jaxton kept pouring on him. Though it wasn't much longer before another royal guard, William, made himself known and was coming their way.

    He silently sighed a breath of relief. Had this been another time, Khirel wouldn't have been so happy of William's company all that much. But under this circumstance, he was welcoming it with open arms.

    "Here to join the conversation? Please do." 'Or if you have an excuse to get me away from here, that would be even better.'

  16. Kin Oshiro


    || Mood : Curious . ||
    || Location : REOL lounge . ||

    Little human , big human , tiny human , big human~

    The fox spirit was seen leaving the Throne room earlier on , and by now , she was making her way to the esteemed lounge of this paradise that has to be heaven . How ironic . She was humming to herself , or to be more exact , singing , to herself , as she passed many humans , obviously bored .

    "I wonder what I should do ." , she said to herself before noticing all , and she meant every , Royal Guard gathering at a corner . It was obvious the tension was high .

    Jaxton , because he was annoyed at the fact that he couldn't spend his love sick time with Khirel , alone .

    Khirel , because he couldn't get away from Jaxton's smothering love .

    And finally , William , who was just....oblivious to the whole situation .

    The pinkette mentally slapped herself before mumbling to herself , "You have got to be kidding me ." . Although , she did pity each of them respectively . But she was determined to stay out of it , unless any of them really really wanted help .

  17. [​IMG]

    Mood : Oblivious -> Flustered
    Location : Patrolling REOL

    As expected , Jaxton was not at all glad to see the male approach them , but considering William could be dense at times , he was completely ignorant to that fact and merely smiled widely before scratching the back of his head .

    "Oh , nothing much , I was merely wondering how the two of you were doing , considering we have not talked for quite some time ." , the vampire replied happily . I wonder , the British thought to himself before his eyes traveled elsewhere .

    "Were any of you headed somewhere else ?" , he asked before his eyes caught sight of a certain female in a kimono , seemingly looking at them . William could feel himself getting edgy , just by her gaze and he blushed lightly .


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  18. Jaxton Von Hellsing

    ||Mood: Annoyed ⇒ Mischievous|| Location: Patrolling REOL||

    The demon frowned at that. Why did he want to avoid his love so much? He wasn't /that/ bad. He clearly wasn't that much of playboy anymore and he was definitely devoted. "And what reason is that? I don't flirt with anyone else anymore. And if you want space I guess I could give you a little more alone time.... As long as you at least spend some of your time with me. I'm not that bad. Just give me a chance," He told the other guard, almost begging. He just wanted to spend time with him... He didn't even seem to care that he was saying that all infront of the blond. But it couldn't seemed to be helped.
    Though as the other demon spoke he sighed. He supposed he was right when he said they haven't talked. But it wasn't like he wanted to talk to him. All he ever seemed to want to do lately was be with Khirel. Which was completely normal to him. Even if it just showed how desperate and foolish he was.

    "No where in particular..." He trailed of trying to think of a way to get him to leave. And then it hit him. He knew the sight of a crush from a mile away. And it was blatantly obvious that William had a crush on Kin. Unfortunate for him though because she was actually the lover of the King. He didn't want to spoil it for him though. That way he'd be able to leave them alone!
    "Hey Will. I see the way you're looking at Kin. You should go and talk to her. I won't be offended if you leave. You obviously like her. So try and make your move on her man," He told him with a grin. Hopefully this would work and he'd leave the pair alone.

  19. Khirel

    Mood: Relieved => Slightly annoyed; Anxious/Regretful | | Location: Patrolling REOL

    Khirel sighed at that and ran a hand through his hair. Jaxton should be thanking his lucky stars that his source of affection didn't hate him. Otherwise, Khirel would be doing his damn best to try and drown Jaxton in the pool.

    "William, unless you want to answer to the King, "making a move" on Kin is not a good idea." He told his fellow knight as a warning. Khirel didn't want to see William dead because Jaxton wanted him to go away. In fact, he knew that if Jaxton didn't get his way anytime soon, he was going to keep following Khirel to the point of having already spent time with him. Not ideal time, but spent time with him regardless. So, Khirel looked over at Jaxton, swallowed his pride, and hoped he'd be able to get something out of this.

    "If I agree to spend time with you today, will you leave me alone tomorrow?" If he had said that as being left alone today and spending time with Jaxton tomorrow, it would mean a longer day with him and simply dreading it all night. Khirel would rather get it over with now and look forward to a quiet day tomorrow. The other demon would surely take what he could get, since this offer only happened once in a blue moon.


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  20. [​IMG]

    Mood : Flustered -> In denial -> Confused
    Location : Patrolling REOL

    "Hey Will. I see the way you're looking at Kin. You should go and talk to her. I won't be offended if you leave. You obviously like her. So try and make your move on her man ." .

    The blonde's eyes widened in surprise as he once again , took another glimpse of the fox beauty . What is really that obvious ? , William thought to himself before digesting what the other demon had said . Make a move on....NO WAY . In hell or back , literally .

    "I-I-I can never do that ! S-She does not like me like that ." , he mumbled to himself before playing with his own fingers , like a typical child would when in trouble , but his mood dampened a bit by what Khirel had replied to him .

    "William, unless you want to answer to the King, "making a move" on Kin is not a good idea." .

    The blond ran his hand through his hair before sighing , "I do not understand why everyone says that Kin-san and the King are together . Obviously , they do look together but at the same time , they do not ." . Honestly , it was frustrating not knowing the relationship between the two . They were together , but they weren't together . He almost felt his heart ache a bit .


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