Welcome to Red River

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  1. "Welcome to Red River. Population, six hundred fifty four" Bree read as her father changed the sign on the out skirts of town. Another death had occurred in the small town. Death was a normal thing, but when you lived in Red River, death at the age of forty three was anything but normal. People around here lived forever it seemed. Everyone new everyone and crime was never a issue. People just followed the rules. Yes teens were going to be teens and stir up a little trouble here and there. To push an adults button was part of growing up, right? Bree looked up to her father "Do they know what happened yet?" She asked as she pushed a few loose waves behind her ear.

    "Not at this point." He replied as he got down off the ladder, taking it back to the truck. "So your to be in before dark now." He added sharply. Her father was never one to demand much from her. So whatever was going on was serious. "Come on kid. I'll drop you off at the diner. You can meet up with some friends and stop worrying" he said smiling as he opened the door for her. Bree just watched as he got in, looking out the window as they drove off to the heart of town.
  2. Mike was silently walking down the main street of his small town having heard of the death of the 43 year old he thought it was normal the main street was quiet or quitter then usual he thought to himself he hoped his childhood and closest friend was okay they had not spoken since the news of the death he looked at the ground noticing some rubbish he bent over picking it up placing It in a bin that was close by.

    Mike decided to head to the diner as that is where he and Bree usually met he continued down the road stopping in front of the diner looking in he saw the regulars who were either there for the best pie in this town had to offer or to oogle at the owners daughter who was a waitress at the diner Mike shrugged walking into the diner he took a seat and waited to see if any of his friends would show up today.
  3. Bree smiled as she climbed out her fathers truck. "Don't worry I'll be home before dark. " she smiled as she waved goodbye.

    Bree walked in the small diner, smiling at Mike once she saw him. "Why hello there, stranger." She said taking a seat across from him. "And how have you been on this sorrow filled day?" She asked, resting her chin on her hand as her dark blue gray eyes meet his.
  4. Mike smiled looking in to Bree's dark blue gray eyes his green eyes moving slightly "as good as can be expected I suppose. The town is a whole lot quitter today well quitter then usual it's a weird feeling.... how are you Bree?"

    before Bree can answer a waitress comes over "hello kids what can I get you today?" mike turns and looks at the waitress rubbing his chin "just a chocolate milkshake for me thank you."
  5. "I'll just share his." She said smiling up at the waitress. "And come chicken noodle soup to go please. " Bree added as more of a side note. She knew her dad was going to be late coming home tonight and didn't see the point in cooking for herself. She watched as the woman walked away. "Dads on high alert. Gotta be home by dark. He's acting kinda weird." She said looking back at Mike. "Movie night?"
  6. Mike nodded placing his hands on the table "sure a movie with you sounds great" mike leaned back as the milkshake came he nodded to the waitress looking back to Bree "so this is the first time I think you're dad has given you a curfew what is going on must be serious." mike took a straw into his mouth sucking some of the drink out of the glass staring at Bree.
  7. "I know. He was so grr about it, I didn't even try and push the issue that I'd be with you." She replied looking back at him. "He's been at the police station all day, pretty much. Even made me go with him to change the sign."

    Bree looked out the window as very few people passed. Sure the town was quiet. But things were usually a little more alive then this. They had a fall festival coming up and the town should be buzzing. She let out a soft sigh as she looked back at Mike, playing with the paper from his straw. It was a way to not let her nervousness get the best of her.
  8. hmm "how should I take that?" mike smirked taking another sip of his milkshake. Mike then looked at her his face having a serious look on his face "Bree you're dad will be fine he can take care of himself and as long as I am breathing I will not let anything happen to you everything will be back to normal soon in till then you have me to rely on." mike smiled softly looking at Bree
  9. Bree smiled over at him. "You make a pretty awesome best friend." A small giggle escaping her lips. "Everything about this just feels weird and wrong." She added with a little shrug. Bree pulled the glass over from Mike, taking a sip before pushing it back to him. "I still don't see how you drink all of that and feel sick afterwards. It's so rich."
  10. Mike shakes his head smiling at Bree "I am not that awesome you give me to much credit I just care about you so I do want any outstanding person would do protect the one he cares about as for the drink you know I have a short memory I keep forgetting how rich they are lucky for me I am fit and can have one every so often.

    Mike places a few dollars near the drink and stands up staring at Bree with a warm smile "shall we go I don't think you"re father would like me if I kept you out much longer."
  11. Bree just stood up and walked over to the counter. Grabbing the bag with the soup in it. She gave her money to the lady at the counter. "You lovely ladies be safe going home. Dad said to call if you need anything " she told them before leaving. After her mother passed away, Bree would spend countless hours at the diner when she was to young to watch herself. And to that her father was more then grateful.

    She walked over to Mike. "I'm ready to go now. My knight in shining armor. " she smiled up at with a small wink. Teasing him was one thing she loved to do best. "You know not many outstanding people are in this world anymore. I mean look at what some of the kids we go to school with are turning into." She pointed out as they walked the short distance to her house.
  12. Mike shaked his head as they walk down her street Mike slides a hand onto Bree's back rubbing it softly as they get to her home "You make a fair point I don't see many guys being gentleman so I am unique just not unique enough to have a girl friend I guess or maybe I am to unique."

    Mike sticks his tougne out as he waits for Bree to open the door smiling staring at her.
  13. Letting out a small giggle as she rolled her eyes at him. "I'm the wrong party to talk about a girlfriend with. You know if you started dating any girl at that school, it would be a whole... "You can't hang out with Bree. Or your not paying enough attention to me. " she said in a snotty little voice and she unlocked the door, letting them both in. "And then who would I have to hang out with on nights like this?" She asked as she locked the door behind them.

    Bree walked into the kitchen of the small house, placing her bag on the counter. "Call me selfish, but I like having my best friend around. " she smiled over at Mike with a little wink.