Welcome to Red River

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  1. Brie got out of the car, looking up at the old house her aunt lived in. Letting out a soft sigh as she shut the cab door lightly, looking over at her brother Brendan, who was finally getting out himself. " Look at is as an adventure, Breeze." He told her with a smile, walking to the back of the cab to get their bags. Brie made her way back to help him, watching the cab pull off as they stood at the front path to the house.

    "We get to explore a big creepy house and town." Brie said with a small nod as they walked up the path. The one good thing about having Brendan as her twin was his up beat out look on life, even if he could be a complete jerk at times. She watched as he knocked on the door, waiting for a answer.
  2. tj was on the other side of the door .. on that side was the living room he was walking through getting familiar with the house .. --" knock knock knock" my head turned to the door could that be them already . I walked to the door and opened it to see Brendan and brie .."hey guys how was the trip.. ? " I step to the side giving them space to step in closing the door behind them.
  3. "Long" Brie replied as she stepped into the old house, moving in only enough so her brother could get in and the door closed. She looked around the foyer of the house. They had only seen their aunt in person once.

    "You'll have to excuse Brie, she's a little crabby today." Brendan laughed a little, whispering the last part to TJ. Brie just rolled her bright blue green eyes at her brother.
  4. TJ nods his head at brendans comment. " well Brendan I only arrived 20 minuets ago and your aunt kind of scares me so I didn't pick a room I waited for you to get here" I look from Brendan to brie then back. as he finished speaking he pulled out his phone and sent his sister a text reminding her to do the dishes.
  5. Daniel poked his head out a doorway in the far conner and smiled. "Ah, you're here- good to see you. I'm Daniel, the housekeeper. The Lady was expecting you, and a few more." He said cheerfully. "Please pick any bedroom you'd like, she should be down soon." He then left to do... housekeeping stuff.
  6. "I guess we should do as he says then." Brie said as she looked back at both guys. "I don't want to be the las to pick a room if others are coming also." She added as she looked up the dark stairway. It seemed to have candles lining the walls for light.

    "Lead the way princess" Brendan replied with a laugh, knowing it would annoy her, but not caring. "So why were you sent here this summer?" He asked TJ as they followed Brie up the stairs.
  7. "Well there is like this class assignment I have and my professor set me up with a women and it seems that she's your aunt.. wait wait (tj picked up his bags ) you don't remember me I lived next to you for about 4years we always played to get her.. then I moved ." I look at Brendan well if you don't remember it alright.. but yea I have to either prove that the things that happen in this town are not explainable by science or prove that they are and gather evidence .. an I guess I'll be working with you guys. " I head up the stairs behind the,m
  8. Brie looked back at the boy as he mentioned knowing them when they were kids. "Sorry love we don't remember to much of our child hood." She admitted matter o factly. "For some reason most of it's a blank and we don't know why."

    Brendan shrugged a little as he followed Brie down the hall until she stopped and looked in a room. "We were sent here to keep out of trouble." He added looking over at TJ. " but tell ya what, well help you if you help us." He added quickly as a plan started to form in his mind.

    "Watch what you say stupid, you don't know who is listening." Brie snapped under her breath as she motioned for the guys to follow her in a room. " I don't like where he bed is and you two can move it."
  9. as he moved into the room he drmattically faked a arm sprain . Then walked out the door waiting a sec he poked his head around the corner and smiled at brie as he walked to the bed .." where to ma'am" I drop my bags and prepare to move the bed . I do a few arm stretches and leg stretches . Waiting for brendan