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  1. Somewhere over the rainbow, down the rabbit hole, at the barricade, and in your wildest dreams... West of the state capital, and just off of 71, lies the sleepy small town of Pageson. With a population of 234, there are no secrets in this close-knit community... Except for one.
    Suppose you lived in a town where your life was constantly on the line. Where animals are found with their hearts ripped from their chests, and graves are found dug up and robbed.
    Suppose you lived in a town where people went missing, and then were found dead in the forest.
    Where whispers of animals and creatures roam freely, but have never been found?
    Suppose you lived in a town where secrets are everywhere, and things are never what they seemed.
    Suppose you lived in a town where strange occurrences were more often then normal ones.
    Suppose you lived in a town where you were constantly being watched, and you didn’t even know it.
    Suppose you lived in a town where escape was impossible, and if you tried to leave, you’d end up dead or worse.
    Suppose you lived in a town where no one is who they say they are… not even you.

    Pageson is more than just a town. It's a nightmare. It's the story people would pass around at campfires. It's the thing kids feared more than the monster underneath their bed. It's the reason so many children stayed awake at night. Because what's more scary then knowing about a ghost town? Living in one.
    Of course, as the children grew older they became less and less afraid of the so-called place they once thought was scary. They realized that it was something that their siblings would tell them, so they would stop annoying them. It was something bullies used to frighten others. It was the thing that eventually, everyone stopped becoming afraid of. It's the thing that nobody but the new generations feared. The story passed on through every generation like a wild fire. And soon enough, they found out they weren't scared of it anymore.

    The talk in the small library reminded you of the cafeteria on a Friday. Everyone was busy chattering away, what they would be doing over the weekend and who was throwing the best party. Only this time, it wasn't that simple. There had been rumors about the woods for ages. Hell, you grew up with the campfire songs and the stories that haunted your dreams. Although, that's all you thought of it. Stories. Oh, what you'd give for that belief now.
    Two days ago, on August seventeenth, a man had been walking with his dog in the woods. "Don't go," His wife had said. "It's dangerous out there." He shrugged it off with a shake of his head, and assured her he would be fine. With a sigh, she knew there was nothing she could do to prevent him from going there. It was his job. He was a reporter, and he was trying to get one last story before he retired. He decided that 'Perdition Pines, Fact or Fiction?' Would be a nice title. So, with a camera and a flashlight, he set out with into the forest that surrounded the town, his best friend named Buddy by his side.
    What he found was more than he expected to find. It was drastic, it was horrifying, and it made him throw up.
    He could barely look at it after he first found the body. He had seen some bad things. But never this bad. No, never this terrifying. The body was laid out like a doll, except for the markings in the skin. There were vertical lines up and down the body. Like someone took a razor blade and slashed it through in even little slashes. He fumbled with his phone, and when the 'No signal' message flashed, he took that as a sign from god and got the hell out. He called the police, and in thirty minutes half of the Pageson police department was in the foggy, wet forest. The scene was gruesome. But that wasn't the worst part. No, Not even close.

    The reporters wrote a story on it later that day, explaining how there was a murder in the forest. All those stories when you were a kid actually started to make sense. They explained how the body had been cut all the way through, but there were no signs on what could've done it. Not even a weapon could create such straight lines. They said not to worry, and that there would be police detectives from all of the county looking into it. But it didn't help. Even the adults were scared. Will they find the truth to the matter? Or will it continue to get crazier from there?

    Start from entering the library or being there. You can be talking to friends about it, listening into other's conversations. Let your mind wander, explore the possibilities of other attacks. The sky's the limit...
  2. Robin had taken a look at the body herself. Or, at least what she had seen through the dozen cops zipping around like flies. The reporters hadn't told them everything. It looked mauled. Shredded, even. Like someone stuck it in a wood chipper then laid it out nice and neat. It made her sick to even look at it. So, she left the woods and made her way to school. She picked up the last class and grabbed her homework, setting out for her sister so she could distract her from her Nerding. That's what he called her when she was in her 'Nerd' state. Although, it paid off to have a smart sister. She was smart herself, but not Jade smart. Jade was like a female version of the entire chess team times two. And that's what she liked about her. She was very smart, but she was also very intriguing. It was hard to get inside her head, but she still tried. Together, they had moved mountains. (Of homework.) She smiled and sat down across from her, resting her head on her hand. "Did you hear?" She asks. Of course she heard. She was just excited to tell her the most grueling thing she'd ever seen.
    Jade looked up from her laptop, and rolled her eyes. "You know, ever since I started school here, all you've done is drove me crazy." Robin gave her a bored look, then reached into her backpack and pulled out a large package of Swedish Fish. Jade grinned in response and tore the bag open, stuffing a few into her mouth. "So, What did you find?" She said, but it came out kind of garbled because of the red candy she was currently chewing on.
    She looked around at the other students before talking to her. "They only found half the body. And the worst part is, it looks like it was shredded. Literally shredded. Like it went through a grinder or something. Some of the blood was gone, too. It looked absolutely revolting." She said, her smile turning into one of a devious grin. "I was thinking, we could go back there tonight. The cops will probably be gone by then with the body, but we could try and figure things out. Like where the other half is, and where the rest of the blood was. I have a theory." She says, looking around them and making sure nobody was in hearing distance. "I think whoever it was, was killed in one place, mauled, then moved to another place. But the question is, who would do that? And are they leaving clues? Do they want to be caught?" She knew she didn't like gory scenes, but she was aching to find out what happened.
    Jade went silent, and looked down. Robin furrowed her brows and tilted her head. "What?" She asked, crossing her arms. "Look, I know you don't like gory stuff but you don't have to see it-" Robin was interrupted by the younger one. "It's- It's not that." She sighed, and looked into her lap, suddenly losing all interest in the chewy candy. She pulled out a tissue from her pocket and spit the candy she was eating out. It made her sick to even think about it. "I-I was there." She whispered, her voice going down to octaves Robin didn't even know Jade had. "You were what?" Robin's voice turned into one of a whispering panic. "You were there?!" She gave her sister an incredulous look. "You couldn't of been." The older blonde gave her sister a calculating look before looking around her. "Do you mean.." Robin trailed off. Jade's head snapped up. "No! No." Jade shook her head and slowly looked up into her sister's eyes. "There.. There was this group of people. We went out to go to a party, and it was in the woods. Well, During the party, I went to go to the bathroom, and when I came back everyone was gone. I think it was a prank on me or something." She shook her head then looked back up. "I tried to leave, but I got lost. And then I heard this sound.. It was like someone or something was eating.. Then I walked towards it, despite that alarm in my brain saying, 'You idiot, Don't go through there!' I went anyways, and I found this.. this.. body." She clasped her shaky hands together. "It was.. It was clawed. And there were these marks... I went down to get a better look and I tripped. I fell on the side of the body. There was this goo.. It was disgusting. But that wasn't the scariest thing. I swear, it was like.. something was watching me. I don't know how to describe it." She rolled up her right sleeve, to show a gash about four inches long with bruising around it. "I got this when I fell." She says, quickly rolling it back down and looking to her older sister for help.
    Robin listened with a critical ear. "Okay.. Here's what were going to do. You're going to take the day off and go home. Don't tell anyone what you just told me. Alright?" Jade nodded and got up, grabbing her things. "And Jade?" Jade looked back. "Yeah?" Robin thought for a moment before piecing her sentence together. "I love you."
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