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    **This RP is VERY Similar to a Harry Potter RP**
    Ariscia is a place like no other. It is a place of magic, a place of wonder, and friendship, and many other things. Ariscia is a simple place for such a complex place. Yes, I know you are thinking that doesn't make much sense, and you're right! That's the beauty of it all, it's such a magical place that it's always changing... unless of course you're a muggle (that is a person of the non-magical type) and living here... then you're most definitely, without doubt, in the simple part of town... We find that non magical humans tend to get lost and confused much too easily when the alleyways and streets are always moving, not to mention that the houses and buildings around are always changing.

    Well, back to the main story here. Ariscia is home to one of the greatest magical schools ever known... if not THE greatest. Kliambora is a magical academy located right here in Ariscia. It's an academy for the people between the ages of 8 and 18 who are sent an Owler's invite (a message carried by a bird) to attend this simply amazing school. There is however a catch. You see, Kliambora, whilst located within the borders of Ariscia is still very, very, far away. In fact, the only way to get to Kliambora is to use a form of transportation such as a magical broom, or griffin, hippogriff, pegasus, or by chance the occasional flying car. But have no fear, if flying perhaps isn't your style you can always walk down the hidden staircase in the train station, stand in a chimney way, throw some magical blue 'sleepy powder' on you and say the magic word "achoo" ... actually, that just tends to come out since the pretty blue powder makes you sneeze. Anyways, within a matter of seconds after "achoo-ing" you will have fallen into a deep sleep and you shall be launched up through the chimney (get ready to feel like Santa Claus for a very brief moment) and into the ari. After floating (well, technically a flying fall) for oh say... 45 seconds, you'll end up sliding down a very long, completely enclosed chute. You will probably begin to awaken and wonder why you're sliding down some dark, most likely pretty cold, chute very quickly. You may even scream... that is, you may scream if you scare easily or if you dislike the dark... After some time (depending on your size and weight it takes between 20 minutes and a half hour) you will be released into yet another chimney (Yay, more Santa Claus time!) where, after landing in the chimney way, you will have arrived at the school... and will most likely be covered in soot and possibly some remains of the blue powder.

    Now that everyone is on the same page, or in the same spot more like it, let's continue. After your arrival things tend to get a bit dicey. The students who aren't here for there first time (so pretty much anyone who isn't a first year or a transfer) gets to go and put their things in the dorm rooms (yay!). Everyone else (that's all you newbies) gets to wait outside the Grand hall... After fixing up your appearances (unless you want to look like a fool when you are sorted into your house) that is. After the sorting ceremony there is a great big welcome back feast and "yadda-yadda-yadda."

    Oh yes, I did mention houses and dorms. Kliambora is a boarding school (it is much to far away from everything to commute). There are the girls and boys dorms just as in almost all other boarding schools, and there are three, four, or five people to a room. The dorms are not separated by grade or age, but by house (and obviously gender). Now I should probably Explain those houses that I continue to mention so you can stop staring at me like I have 69 heads. Kliambora is a school of magic (obviously!) and it is broken up into 5 houses. The Houses are as follows:

    Wolfwing House ~ This house usually draws the most loyal, brave, and quite frequently the most bold of the students. Most students in this house are rather genuine, they stick with what they believe in and support those who win their trust. A student in this house is definitely not one to let their friends (or whoever it is they are loyal to) down, and they are not afraid to let their opinions be known.

    Howlaon House ~ This is a house all about pride and your magical skill. No, not about how much you know, but how many spells you can perform (quantity over quality if you will). While that may sound like a contradiction, trust me, it isn't. You can say a spell and attempt to cast it without knowing anything about it, however the likelihood of something going wrong is much greater, therefore it is a violation of the school rules. Something which I will go more into detail on later. A last thing about this house. Something I greatly detest (seeing that I am a muggle-born which myself) is that this house tends to be rather hostile to anyone who is not a pure blood (that is, someone who was born to 2 magical parents).

    Lionpuff House ~ As the 'Lion' part of the name implies, this is another house all about pride. However, (or at least in my opinion) this house is much friendlier than Howlaon. They are quite friendly and social beings who tend to have a lot of honor in the pride that they possess. They are just as brave as those from Wolfwing.

    Wyvernhorn House ~ The students in this house are usually well known for there academics. They are extremely book smart and just love to study. But don't be fooled, just because they always seem to have their noses in books doesn't mean that they lack a sense of humor (or anything else for that manner). Students in this house aren't afraid to correct you, in fact, they take great pleasure in correcting others. Their talent for memorizing anything taught to them (from either instructor or book) is outstanding. These students make wonderful friends and tutors, as long as you can tolerate their constant correcting everything.

    Houndor House ~ I personally have a great deal of pride in this house, you see, this was my house when I went here as a student, and I am extremely proud of that. Well now, I guess I should tell you about the house. This house beholds the cleverest of the clever (if you will). The students here are extremely smart, although they may not completely excel in their classes (or maybe they do), they have great wits about them and are usually some of the best at getting out of a sticky situation safely. Aside from cleverness this house is also known for honesty and loyalty. They will tell the truth, so don't tell them something that shouldn't be "let out of the bag" as they say. And no matter what is going on, you can be sure that a Houndor will stay by your side 'til the end.

    As far as the dorms, Grand hall, and means of arriving to the school there is a stable or barn type area (if you will) for any larger pets you may bring. There are 5 common rooms, one for each house. There is a very Large library in the east wing, and a much smaller, reference only, must-have-an-instructor-present-to-be-admitted library in the south dungeon, all the way to the west (we have 3 different dungeons). Also, please don't forget about our infirmary, it's located right under the Great stairs that you see if you've come in through the Great entrance (you should come in that way if you flew here on a vehicle or animal of sorts), or the Chimney room (yes, we have a room dedicated to Chimneys. It's where all you scaredy-cats arrive in... It's on the third floor, the only floor without moving staircases). There is a dueling room and a quidditch field, an air raceway, a herbology greenhouse for your own use, a very large lake to the north west, and several small to medium sized ponds to the southeast. Lastly, all of the teachers have dorms, or houses, in the distant campus (that's only a few of us though), we all have offices and of course, most importantly, classrooms.

    Well, I believe that wraps up most of the schooling explanation... So if you --- oh... Oh yes, perhaps I should introduce myself. I am Headmistress Splendora Agatha Cromwell. If you have any questions let me know, and hopefully you will stay out of trouble... or I may need to feed you to my giant squid, or perhaps you much more fancy a three headed dog or even a Rhodesian Ridgeback Dragon...
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  3. We hust started but are still in beed of a TON more people. Members in general. We have staff spots and student spots, quidditch availability... Everythibg still open!