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    The noise of the radio was only a constant hum to her.. soft whispers edging the back of her mind, gently scraping away the last bit of human from her grey matter with desperate attempts. Her plump lips were pursed together in a straight line, obsidian fingernails tapping a constant repetition against the worn mahogany in front of her. Cecilia could hear them quite clearly, calling for help through the sieges of fuzz and static. But.. she did nothing. She sat there, staring forward outside the centered window of her office with vague features. It was peculiar how, even her own people, pleaded and beat their weak fists against the cement wall for answers they simply couldn't know. Not just yet. The ear-splitting bang that sounded outside of the motherly walls, followed by a large billow of smoke and even, screams mixed with groans of the dead. It was quite obvious what had happened, but it's hard to explain such events to a group of middle aged children.

    A faint knock had interrupted her train of thought, and slowly, the Chinese woman rose from her comforting chair and sauntered to the door, taking only a moment to breath in and tug it open with a flick of the wrist. "What is it?" she calmly questioned, raising a raven brow as if concerned. You could tell by the way of her smooth syllables and dull eyes that, she was in fact, bullshitting. Of course, this was usual for Ms. Cecilia, and her servant as she liked to refer to, lowered his eyes to the tattered floorboards. "The crowds," he began, twiddling with the belt loop at his hip. "They are growing larger near the walls, I think you need to make an announcement to ease their worries a bit. Not to mention at least go out there and help those people.."

    "You didn't think I already knew? I'll just prance my happy little ass out there to help those people, certainly." Cecilia narrowed her almond eyes and sank her pearly whites into her bottom lip, sucking on it to shift her thoughts back onto the correct railway. The young man returned his gaze upwards, shocked at the response he had received from the governor herself. "You need to alert the military units." she stated simply, crossing her thin arms across her bosom. "Tell them to go out there themselves and clear the walkers before getting anywhere near that crash site. Save as many of the poor bastards that are alive, and I'll keep the people occupied."

    The young man straightened his slouching frame to bow gently to his leader, and in one swift movement, was off onto the streets to pass the message on to those that needed it. Cecilia though, exhaled deeply. She wasn't expecting the two year anniversary to be filled with so much bullshit. At least, nothing similar to this. The Chinese woman straightened the wrinkles in her black dress and began to make her way to the streets to do what she could do best; tell the lovely citizens of Oakwood that what is happening, is simply.. a small tragedy.
  2. Jake had been following the noise of the helicopter for quite some time before it crashed down not too far from the wooded area he had taken cover in. The trees gave him protection from being spotted by the helicopter. He was curious but he wasn't stupid. He heard the loud explosion and then a cry for help; someone was still alive inside of the helicopter. One question that sat in the back of his mind was 'What caused this heli to fall?' But he would find his answers later, right now he had a choice to make

    He moved to the edge of the tree line and cautiously looked around, the crash could have attracted allot of attention and that was something that could prove dangerous in these times. He saw a few corpses shambling toward the wreckage looking to feast on any survivors of the crash, but other than that he saw no other human beings. He swiftly but silently made his way toward the wreckage using his tomahawk to take out the few corpses that had began closing in on the crash site. He noticed that the tail of the helicopter was on fire, meaning he had a limited amount of time before this thing exploded. He didn't know why he felt he needed to help the people inside, he just did. He wouldn't allow the world to drag his humanity out of him on its way to hell.

    "Hello, are you still there" he said loud enough for any survivors inside to hear him over the roar of flames. The heat had already began to make him feel horribly uncomfortable, he was still second guessing his efforts but he was already here. "Can anyone hear me?" He asked looking through one of the chard windows, but not being able to see inside. Jake turned to scan his surroundings and saw the huge was of what looked like a guarded town. He had heard on survivors doing this but never seen it up until now. Maybe they could help him if they decided to send someone out. He could hear the distant rumble of what sounded like a crowd of people talking amongst themselves
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  3. Felix grabbed a hold of his stomach. Something about the way the helicopter was swaying was making him sick. On board were the pilot and a few other unfamiliar faces. When he first found these people they had been hiding out in an abandoned police station. Surprisingly these people let him in, even with all those 'things' walking about. They didn't ask him many questions; they didn't even ask his name. In fact no one called each other by name. Felix wondered if this was a way of not getting too attached, in these days it’s not unusual for your best friend to suddenly try and eat you. The few days he had stayed with them were pretty brief. The pilot was the man with the plan. He said he’d been hearing a broad cast of survivors and how once we got the helicopter on the roof running we would go and pick them up, then head for a town he heard rumors of.

    Sure Felix felt that the plan defiantly had holes in it; being the main question does this town even exists? But what else was he going to do, leave by himself? Felix already knew he was lucky to have lived this long, being as his main approach to dealing with them was to hide or avoid. He’d only had to fight them a couple times and even those were close calls. Being raised by his sister’s he didn't really have anyone to show him how to properly fight or other such ‘manly’ things.

    Felix offered his help with the helicopter. His specialty was cars and other small mechanicals. How was he supposed to fix a helicopter?! The group did their best for how uneducated they were on the task at hand. Felix could tell from take off that something wasn't running quite smoothly, but chose to ignore it to make himself feel at ease.

    They had landed a few times, each start getting a bit shakier. Felix took a deep breath; he focused on thinking about his sisters. How their faces would light up knowing that he was okay. He was still in his fantasy world when a sudden heavy thud shook the helicopter. Fear once again settled in.

    “What was that?!” He shouted, but his question fell on deaf ears. The helicopter began to spiral down, smoke beginning to fill the cab. Felix put his scarf around his mouth. I’m going to die, he thought, better than turning into a zombie I suppose. As his thoughts of leaving this world were satisfied, he caught a glimpse of the large concrete walls;

    “You were right!” He tried to shout but the helicopter crashed straight into the ground. Bits of human flesh and helicopter were everywhere. Felix dizzily tried to remove his seat belt. His head felt heavy. There was too much smoke from the fire that was rapidly spreading to see if there was anyone else besides the bits that covered his lap. Is that someone shouting?

    “I’m here..” he said in a small voice. His throat was stinging from all the smoke. He pushed on the helicopter doors, or what was left of them, as hard as he could. He managed to make a small opening and did his best to crawl through. He looked up and saw the walls;
    “So it wasn't my imagination…” he briefly smiled.
  4. Kitty sat in silence on the helicopter, one hazel eye looking down at the ground. The silence was of the uncomfortable variety, the kind that no one knew what to say, and knew even if they said it the whirring blades of the helicopter flying would probably drown their voices out. She had spent a couple days, weeks maybe, in a police station that was now far away. No one talked too much, except the boys sometimes making crude jokes and such. She was very relieved to know while some of the men had been rude and taunting towards her being a woman, that others were very protective and would stand up for her. She was not relieved because she couldn't defend herself, but relieved because she didn't have to show them what she was capable of.

    Sitting back she fixed her tar black hair, making it perfectly cover the white patch that sat over her eyeless closed wound. She had no idea how she had made it this far with such poor depth perception, maybe it was because she so easily was able to target the person or... body... without judging how far away they were. She was only focused on where the bullet would hit. But she didn't think about that now, instead she thought of happy, random things that kept her sane, that kept her okay. It wasn't long she thought of these things when a THUD shook the helicopter and Kitty from her thoughts. She gripped the seat tightly, her stomach dropping into her throat as she realized... They were heading down in smoke and flames.

    Fuck. Was her only thought, After all this hard work, this is how it ends? Fuck.

    It was too loud, but even with the helicopter spiraling out of control she was able to hear parts of yelling that didn't make sense. She tried to think of a way to live, but she was being thrown about with the others, and if she jumped out it'd probably be worse. She didn't have enough time to think though. And when the helicopter hit the ground, metal crunched hard and Kitty jerked falling to the floor, coughing desperately for air. She pulled herself quickly out of the helicopter, following a few other survivors. Her legs wobbly and her black hair messy. Dirt from someone elses shoes was on her arm, and her face was a bit blackened.

    Stumbling, she heard the voices of a few men, but didn't bother to say anything. Instead she just dropped to the ground on her back and breathed deeply the air she thought she'd never be able to breathe again. It was like being scared straight, and it happened so often she should be used to it by now, but everytime she thinks she isn't gonna make it she does. Kitty threw her arm over her face, sighing deeply as her breathing slowed. Trying to feel her body to make sure she wasn't injured or broken. She was definitely bruised though. She could feel it on the top of her arm and on her back and shoulder. It was definitely going to be black and blue come morning.
  5. Elizabeth winced in pain as she tended to the bloody mess which was her leg. She'd dare not speak of how she ended up with a wound like that, though it small it was extremely painful and would completely incapacitate her leg were it not for her antiseptic cream which was also an analgesic. Even though it said 'FOR ANIMAL TREATMENT ONLY' it didn't stop her from using it, she knew it was safe. After dressing her wound in a clean bandage, hoping her blood wouldn't ooze through this one too, she scooted forward and put her legs through the bent, metal railings of the fire escape. She gazed out at the dead city, her usual blank expressing gracing her face. Looking straight down she began to feel slightly dizzy, even though she was only on the first floor of the building and not that high off the ground. Shaking her head gently she stared up towards the clouds. She remembered back to when her life was normal, when the undead weren't trying to chew on her oh-so-delecious flesh. Shaking her head yet again she dismissed her thoughts as she spotted something iff in the distance. 'Is that a bird?' She asked even though she was alone, not counting the random number of undead stumbling around. The rumbling noise was the first dead giveaway. 'Not a bird... A helicopter?' She watched in amazement as the machine flew overhead, attracting the unwanted attention of the zombies beneath her. Some began to sprint towards the helicopter whilst other shuffled on. 'Well that's definitely something you do not see everyday...' A small smile creeped onto her face as she packed up her belongings and stood up carefully, testing her leg. 'Better follo...' The loud explosion cut her off as the ground trembled slightly. 'Well that'll attract some attention...' Sighing loudly she sat back down, dangling her legs over the edge of the fire escape again. 'It'd be safer if i stay here for now...'
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  6. Walking around a deserted building, shotgun ready and a trigger happy finger resting just outside of the trigger guard. Her backpack was starting to chafe her shoulders from under the weight, so she decided to settle for the moment. Just as she sat down on the hard floor, a buzzing noise came into range. Sitting there, not moving, she tried to identify the noise. Soon enough, the object flew past the small building, shaking the already crumbling walls. "A helicopter..." Fayne whispered to herself before leaving her spot and walking towards a window. It flew just beyond the horizon, the undead leaving their hiding places to chase the machine. It didn't make it very far past the horizon as a loud noise flew throughout the air, just a few seconds before the rumbles of the crash. A cloud of smoke filled that section of the sky, taking away from the beautiful blue, engulfing it in black. Deciding that it was nothing but a death trap waiting to happen, Fayne went back to her backpack and was going to wait, it was safer that way.
  7. Dirty blond locks began to sway in a passing breeze. The tip of his hair tickling the edge of his nose. How long had it been since he had a hair cut? His thoughts rolled back to over a year ago, it had been awhile and he was definitely long over due. Shorter hair was cleaner too and while he'd done well to not contract an obnoxious case of lice, it really was only a matter of time.


    His head canted down and to the left as he looks toward the moaning. Sure as the day was bright a handful of undead had gathered beneath him. Greedy arms rose up through the air, blood and dirt caked fingers grabbing at him. Carefully he slipped his left foot from the bough and dangled it just out of reach. "Man, I bet you clowns wish you could jump or climb for that matter." Even as he said the words, he thought otherwise. More specifically he doubted that he had any thoughts, wishes, wants, needs, or dreams. In fact, he frequently attributed their behavior to being akin to a Venus flytrap. The act of capturing and eating prey was not a conscious effort but a mechanical reaction. The plant does not use conscious thought to close its maw, thought never happens. In fact the plant very well might not even be aware that it is doing it. Obviously their ability to walk, to grab, and to sense was a step above the flytrap... but not by much.

    "Yeah, if you guys really were intelligent, you'd figure out how to open doors. I mean, hell my dog use to open up the refrigerator. You guys can't even do that. Or stand up for that matter." His left swung back up onto the bough as he smiled. Yeah, you fuckers can't even stand up. It was true, knocking them onto their stomach allowed them to crawl. However they would never purposefully stand up. They couldn't. They never grabbed onto objects to use as leverage nor lacked the coordination to use their core muscles in conjunction with arms and legs to rise up. Of course the real trick was knocking them onto their back. There they were stuck, unable to crawl, unable to roll over, normally they just flailed and flailed, and flailed. Sometimes they'd stop, but most of the time they'd just keep flailing until their decaying joints fell apart.

    "I wonder," His back pushes from the tree trunk as he lays face down on the branch, extending himself further out over them. "Do you guys ever stop moving?" They didn't need to sleep, they didn't need to rest, so why would they? He'd never seen them stop moving before, unless they physically couldn't. Normally they would just shamble around aimlessly. Sometimes they bumped into one another, sometimes they ran into walls, but they never stopped moving. Even the ones trapped in cars never stopped squirming. Although there had been a few instances when they'd walked upon a motionless corpses and it jolted to life. But those were few and far between and most of them had been badly decayed. "Hmm. I guess there is something to that, huh?" The thought rolled across his mind, a new connection between similar ideas forged in an instant. "You guys do 'try' harder when there are humans....."

    The sentence is cut short. The boom of impact thunders through the air, resonating within his chest. Looking up and off to the right he spies black smoke billowing into the air. The smell that wafts through the air reminds me of kerosene, although the with a slightly stronger hint of petro. "JP5?" The question is mumbled toward the dissipating swarm below him.

    Looking from the plume toward the ground, he watches the them shamble away. Clearly something about louder sounds instinctively drove them.

    Once they had walked a few dozen yards away, Nikolai wrapped both arms around the branch and swung himself under it. Arms extended as his booted feet relinquished their grip on the branch, and his legs swung to the ground. Fingers relaxed and he effortlessly slid to the ground. Toes touched first, his weight rolling back onto his heels as his knees bent, dissipating force and reducing noise. The gortex lined leathers boots had served him well thus far, though the treads were pretty worn and could probably afford to be resoled. That however was a luxury that no one could afford.

    Taking a moment to assess the surroundings and make sure that no straggling shamblers were going to sneak up on him, Nik pushed up into a stand and briskly advanced toward the plume. While there were easily half a dozen reasons to not investigate, there was only one reason to investigate that he was concerned with. JP5 meant aircraft, and aircraft normally had a whole slew of salvageable materials that could be useful. Who knew, maybe he could get a new pair of pants, a shirt, and some shoes from a dead body? The kevlar graphine weave of his outfit had proven more than durable enough, however it was old and dirty. He'd trade durability for clean at this point.

    As he approached the crash site from the North, with the wind to his back, he adopts a low profile. Foot steps become smaller, his knees bend, waists bends, and he practically glides across the ground on just his toes. His right hand pushes down onto his thigh holster, rocking the retention strap forward. His hand draws back and in a fluid motion grabs the pistol grip and pulls it free. His right hand swings up toward the center of his chest, where his left hand marries the right around the grip. After several more steps he finally stops, a dozen yards away. His right leg falling to the ground as he drops to a kneel.

    He can make out the remains of a helicopter, he can see a person banging on the window, he can see flames rising up into the air, and worst yet he can see the horde closing in on their location. "Daaaaaaaaamn." The situation was far once than anyone could have truly appreciated. Mostly because they probably didn't understand the risk of a burning helicopter. The chances of it actually exploding were astronomically slimmed. The real danger was when the metal caught on fire. Because of how light it was, magnesium was a key component in the metal used for many aircraft. Unfortunately when magnesium caught on fire, it didn't go out. It wasn't a matter of if the JP5 would burn hot enough, just a matter of when.
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  8. The helicopter, although its existence to community only just now established, had already created one heck of an uproar. All sorts suggested different things, going out and searching for survivors or accepting the fact that they were all very likely dead from the moment it had crashed. James, although having a seeming heart of gold, did not wear it on his sleeve however. He thought it would be foolish to risk the safety of those here in Oakwood for a pipe dream. But he knew that in the end, they'd get their way.

    With enough clamoring, even their supposed 'Great Leader' had to bend to keep the peace. So they would organize a search party and head to the crash site. He knew if they brought back survivors, it would put strain on their dwindling medical supplies, and a strain on his nerves and sleep. Wiping his hands clean with a kerchief, he tucked it into the back pocket of his jeans where he kept the .44 Snub that he always carried tucked neatly into the strap of his belt.

    James made sure to lock up the medicine cabinets and left the clinic that he had taken over when he first arrived at Oakwood two years prior, assuming control as the de facto doctor that treated everything from the common flu to bullet wounds. It was very time-consuming and stressful, but no one could argue that his services weren't invaluable. He crossed the street, weary eyes set upon the barricade where many of Oakwood's citizens were yelling and carrying on about the helicopter. He pulled his gaze away as he spotted Cecilia moving across the street, intercepting her and following alongside.

    "I reckon now's a good a time as any to let you know that we have an issue," He began while they walked briskly towards the crowd. Despite his fitness, he was still old, and tapered slightly behind the young Chinese woman in terms of speed. But it did not hinder him from addressing the problem at hand. "We're low on medical supplies again. The upkeep is too much for how little your search parties are bringing in. Add survivors from that helicopter crash, and we won't have anything left. We need to make a big score, and soon before there's trouble." He laid it down just like it was. While others seemed to cower from Cecilia, he found her to be an agreeable woman mostly, and he treated her like such with due respect for the most part.
  9. Slowly awaking Dax's body acked in defiance, turning a simple task of sittign up into a mental battle. Sitting up in his makeshift bed he remembered where he was, an old abandoned house in the middle of the woods... "oh yea, almost forgot." he whispered to himself referring to the condition of the world. Upon remembering he reached into his backpack and pulled out his half drank bottle of scotch and took a big swig from the bottle. He reluctantly stood up and walked over to the boarded up window and peered through the cracks between the boards, seeing nothing but rotting bodies slowly wandering aimlessly through the woods. He took another swig from his most trusted companion at the depressing site that has become the new world that he lives in. Slowly making his way back to his newspaper bed on the floor he bent over and picked up his backpack and had a seat in the rotting chair in the room. After a short search through his backpack he pulled out a can of tuna and the can opener and placed them on the cardboard box he has called a table. Staring at the morbid meal he was supposed to consume he slowly pulled out his silenced 9 mm from its holster underneath his left shoulder and slowly placed it in his mouth. "What's even the point anymore?" he thought to himself as he felt his grip tighten on the pistol, hands shaking his eyes started to water as he told his finger to finish the movement and end his morbid existence. 'Click' was the only sound he heard as he pulled the trigger..."Guess its not loaded...my lucky day." he said as he returned the pistol to its home under his shoulder and stood up.

    Walking over to the rest of his belongings he slowly put on his coat, picked up his katana that was leaning gracefully against the wall in its sturdy sheath and slung it over his back that would rest under his backpack. Walking back over to the table he began to open his can of "chunk light tuna in water" it was a great source of protein for the body and also stored a bit of water, that if you don't mind the taste of fish, was actually quite refreshing. He pulled the lid off the can and emptied the contents into his mouth, slightly cringing at the dissatisfying taste of tuna he reluctantly swallowed and tossed the can aside. "Well, its not a number 7 from McDonalds...but it'll do" he joked to himself knowing that tuna was going to be his main diet for the remainder of his existence. He turned towards the door to leave the small house when he noticed a distant sound, a sound that was very familiar to him, he cautiously opened the door making sure the walking dead weren't going to ruin his day. Looking up he found the source of the familiar sound "A helicopter? Haven't seen one of those in a long time." he said to himself as he exited the run down shack he spent the night in.

    Watching the helicopter get closer and closer through the tree line, he wondered wether he should have stayed in the shack to avoid being spotted. Though his fears were quickly neutralised when the helicopter started spinning out of control, he watched from a distance as the helicopter quickly found its way to the ground, with a loud boom the ground shook as the helicopter and most likely its entire crew found its final resting place. He found himself slowly walking toward the direction of the crash, but then thought better of it. Not only will the loud crash bring hordes of dead, but also anyone else that happened to see or hear it as well and these days people have proven themselves to be far more dangerous than the mindless zombies. "Better keep my distance." he reminded himself as he changed directions to slowly make his way around the crash site. "Won't be able to help any survivors anyways" he told himself to try and convince himself to not get involved. "Besides, crash like that usually leaves fatal wounds, if anyone did survive they won't have long to celebrate it before the hordes of dead arrive." he said as he continued to cautiously make his way around the crash site.
  10. Jake watched as one of the helicopter doors slowly swung open. He looked inside with his tomahawk ready for any attack; dead or alive. He found no immediate threat, but he did find a man that looked to be only slightly younger than him. Jake looked around and saw that they still had time to move before the dead closed in on them.

    "Come on" he said as he reached into the helicopter and pulled the younger man out of the helicopter. He looked around and could see corpses just beyond the tree line. He found a direction with fewer corpses and moved in that direction. He pulled his tomahawk and used it to protect them as he supported the man through the forest.

    Once they made it away from the mass of corpses, he set the man down against the trunk of a tree. He gave the man a light tap on the face to ensure he was conscious. "Hey, you alright?" He said looking for any injuries. "You took quite a dive, it amazing that you survived."

    Jake crouched down infront of the man. He looked as ok as someone who fell out of the sky could be. Jake thought to himself, he could just leave the man. He wasn't his responsibility, and he had just saved the man's life. He had done enough, but for some reason he found himself sticking around. Maybe he felt sorry for the guy, or maybe he just craved human interaction. Either way, he was still here.
  11. As Felix could feel the grass beneath his hands a man shouted at him to come quickly pulling him the rest of the way out of the helicopter. Felix had no time to question the man that now supported him as they ran. One of the things came at them and he flinched but the strong man just swung at it like just the one was nothing. With each step they took a shot of pain moved up from his foot. He could feel sweat dripping down his face. He reached up with his free hand to keep it out of his eyes.

    The man had slowed there pace, and even stopped to prop him up against a tree trunk. The man tapped his forehead forcing felix to look up, his hazel eyes finally unblurred.
    Hey, you alright?" Felix continued to stare at him. He didn't look much older than him, but he was definitely buff. Felix felt himself comparing his small frame to his saver. Some people just get the best genes, he guessed.
    "Oh yeah... the crash." He whispered a bit out of it, but a throbbing pain from his foot reminded him. He took of his right shoe off looking at his toes.
    You took quite a dive, its amazing that you survived." Felix chuckled, not knowing how to react to his own shock.
    "And All I got was this dislocated toe." Felix began to see the bodies of the others in his mind. Why was he to survive? He would probably die sooner or later. He could still feel the sweat on his face, and wiped once again only this time finding that it was not sweat but blood.
    "And I guess a cut on my face?" He looked at the other man, "How bad does my face look, tell me the truth."
  12. Kris woke up on the ground... he quickly stumbled to his feet and began to scan his surroundings, he fell out in the woods, looking around the forest he found that nothing was near him which gave him time to think and check himself. He noticed his lost his handgun on the way down but not his ammo, he was relieved that he still had his rifle and machete... perhaps I wouldn't survive without them for too long he thought to himself as he pulled out his GPS unit. He quickly scanned his surroundings on the GPS and started heading deeper into the forest in search for a place of safety, good thing was that the GPS satellite's did not need maintenance and they worked on solar power aswell as his GPS unit, well most of my equipment is solar powered so I am covered on that part, now to find shelter he finished his thinking and started walking, he heard a river running somewhere, that meant clean water... he picked up his canteen and shook it a bit, there was no water in it... self perseverance is my primary objective right now, I will find the survivors later he thought and continued to move through the forest with quick and careful paces; trying not to alert anything in his surroundings whether they are infected or human.
  13. Haven lay on the old chair as a crash sounded nearby. She jumped up and reached for her tomahawk, which was propped up on her chair arm. She heard a dog bark in the distance and sighed."So much for my beauty sleep..." Haven sat up and tried to brush her hair with her fingers, and ended up sighing and checking the back pack to make sure everything was in place. She left the run down house with her rifle in hand and walked down the road. A smoke trail came out of the forest up ahead, and with it fear growing inside of Haven. She gripped her gun tightly and walked down the side of the road and watched the tree line for any survivors. She jumped when she stepped on a branch and felt it snap under her foot and sighed. She was inline with the smoke now, and up ahead was a gas station. She logged there and carefully kicked the door slightly with her foot to open it. At first nothing seemed to be inside, the small gas station, but then she saw the body move. It's lower body was trapped under a rack were food was once bought, and the undead man gnawed the air trying to bite Haven. She grasped the tomahawk at her waist and pulled it out. She closed her eyes and finished the monster, hitting it twice in the head. Panting, she spotted a bedroll in the corner next to a chair. Taking the canteen, she sat in the chair with her rifle in her lap and slide the gas mask on over her face to help darken the room. She said to herself "Might as well take a break here!"
  14. After refilling his canteen he checked again with his GPS tracker on his location... there is a gas station right there, I could make my way there and find a vehicle... If I am lucky that is he thought to himself and turned to start walking towards the gas station. With a short 10 or 8 minutes he could see the gas station... he stood on rock which elevated him over the gas station and giving him a clear view over the whole station, he crouched and observed it carefully... he pulled out his spyglass and noticed a faint infrared sign inside the gas station, it looked like he was resting, one target, check... this shouldn't be troubling I hope he is friendly he paused for a second and stood up placing his spyglass back in his backpack, he jumped down off the rock and made his way down over to the gas stations back entrance. He poked his head out two times quickly to see where he was and what was inside... as he saw that there was a clear way towards him he pulled out a flashbang and tossed it right between his feet. The flashbang exploded and delivered a loud and deafening bang, stunning anything in it's near surroundings. He rushed in and stood over to the masked man... "Who are you? Are you military?" he kicked over the rifle so he couldn't shoot him and stood over him with his rifle pointed.

    ((@Lonewolf888978 I was adressing your character, but my character does not know she is a female so I acted out my RP accordingly. Just a heads up))
  15. Kitty took a deep breath of clean air, or rather air that smelled like smoke and fire, but less smoke and fire then had been strangling her before she came out of the helicopter. She wondered idly how many were dead, how close to safety she would be. It wouldn't be long until the noise caught up some of the undead to come her way. Sitting up she rested her arms on her knees before moving each part of her body. Checking the damage. 'Definitely a few bruises.' she decided, then rolled her shoulder back with a wince. 'Definitely.' Getting up Kitty shook out her hair and gave a cough into her shirt. Well, on the bright side minimal injuries, she just survived a bad crash from a helicopter, she had a little bit of supplies on her, and... The only bad news was she was stuck in the middle of nowhere with no idea of what her surroundings are and the infected were probably coming her way at any moment. Kitty weighed her options as she looked at the crash, thinking about going back and looking for more survivors. Chances were, there was one or two, and she'd probably see them later... Or they'd die. But that wasn't the real thing Kitty wanted, she wanted the possible supplies off the dead bodies. That was though tempting, probably impossible. Supplies was probably burned by now, and there was a chance the copter might explode. With a bit of an indecisive head bob Kitty sighed, rolled her eyes, and slipped into the forest. The thoughts of explosions made her wish to get away from there as soon as possible. That wouldn't be good, for it to blow up.
  16. Haven was almost asleep, but a noise peaked her interest. Opening her eyes, she felt something hit the chair leg, and in an instance she was blind. She scream and pushed back, falling out of the chair. She fell straight next to her rifle and felt the man kick it away. Then she heard him speak. It was a bit hazy at first, her ear's ringing and her eyes were a pain. In an attempt to scoot away from the man, she ran face first into the wall. Leaning against it, Haven shakily put her hands in the air and quickly shook her head and mummbled in a terrified tone. "I'm Haven Forester, and n-No sir." Compared to his voice, she could easily here her slight British accent. She reached towards her gas mask to pull it off her head, slowly though so the man didn't think she was reaching for a weapon.
  17. Jake gave a small laugh at Felix's comment. "Over a thousand foot drop, and you dislocate a toe. You're a lucky bastard, you know that?" Jake couldn't help but feel comfortable around Felix, despite not being able to trust anyone these days.

    Jake was going to say something else but his thoughts were interrupted by the unmistakable piercing sound of a flash bang followed by what sounded like a woman screaming. "Are they fucking stupid? This place is crawling with corpses and they drop a flash bang." He said more to himself than to Felix. "Hey, do you think you can hold out by yourself for a few minutes?" Jake pulled his tomahawk from his holster and placed it in Felix's lap. "I'll need that back when i return." He gave a small smile and pulled his M14 EBR from his shoulder and began moving in the direction of the noise
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  18. Noticing her British accent he eased up "Oi... you are a girl?! Also your from London?" he said as he lowered his weapon "If your not military what are you doing in a military uniform and carrying a military weapon... tactical at that" he pointed at the rifle and headed to pick it up... as he leaned over to pick it up he noticed a infected man dead stuck under a shelf, he noticed a hole in his torso a gun shot. He turned towards the girl giving her gun back "I am still wondering where you picked up this much hardware. Tell me if you don't mind and then let's get moving, I am not too quick to trust strangers but the situation calls for it." he continued to look at her through his gas mask visor and into her eyes "Also don't worry about the flashbang, the sound and effect radius are only five feet. Nobody would notice a thing outside from that, so zombies or humans would not hear nothing was just my thought... so don't worry we are safe here" he put his rifle over his back and crossed his hands
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