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    Welcome To Oakwood

    It's May 17th, 2015. The sun is setting, hovering beneath the horizon to make its dramatic exit into the unknown. There is no need to explain the obvious. It's been used as a story for television shows, books, hell even the damn bastards were glorified on T-shirts. I can't think of the last time I heard those shit stories without having to think twice. It was all a joke.

    My name? The Governor. I am the leader of a small town that has survived for over two years now. The first group of survivors cleared out the area and built up the wall surrounding them, creating a barrier that separated us, from the dead. It was an easy way to keep them out, taking only the concrete found within the city and mixing it with the gravel and dirt from outside. The height of the wall grew, and eventually became the motherly, embrace that keeps us safe today.

    The entire town is the shape of a square, being under a quarter of a mile long on all sides. The south touched the forest, as does the north. The west touched a river that was parallel to our city and east lies the rest of the city; open, and ready for the future generations to expand on. The town was much smaller back then, but more survivors showed up, and we couldn't leave them out for dead. Only a year ago, we managed to obtain pure communication. My workers built a radio tower and we made our voices heard as far as the eye could see. Other cities and groups of survivors traded with us, and in the end, ended up adding to our fast-growing population. The people we took in always pitched in to the loving community. Engineers made the windmills that gave us electricity, the nurses gave us the healthcare we desired, the determined built our warm homes, and the intelligent were placed under me.

    Houses align the streets, packed together like urban apartments and supply shops are scattered throughout, always open and accepting. We even use money. No one could let it go even after the dead arrived, so we decided to leave it as our currency. The plumbing is still being tinkered with, typically having small issues from the lack of city water, but hey, we've got electricity.

    It may sound dandy, but order is kept here. Felonies are punishable by death, and misdemeanors are not acceptable. We follow the same principles that America stood on before the attack, but now, with a little more force. Things can get out of hand with a simple flick of the wrist, so we take no risk. You know who is in charge here.

    Today is the third year anniversary of Oakwood, and we planned something spectacular for our people. But, an unidentified helicopter was shot down by unknown fire right outside our walls. The only hope remaining are the ones that are alive, and manage to make it here alive. I opened my gates to them, but how willing are they to stay under my control?

    - The Governor

    The Rules

    1.) Before I get started, I'm going to state this. I am the owner of this role play, so what I say, goes. I'm a nice person, so please, don't make me have to do anything that would involve me stepping out of my comfort zone and ejecting you from the role play. We both wouldn't want that, now would we? Just follow these simple rules and you should be good to go.

    2.) Please use common sense and respect everyone within this role play. I feel I don't need to even tell you this because I'm sure we are all old enough to know better. But, treat everyone as you would want to be treated. No hostility towards other members, even if they do something, believe in something, or look like someone you dislike. We can all manage to be friends here.

    3.) Do not, I repeat, do not make your characters similar to a canon, or real life person. I want original characters here. I want you to make the best damn character you have ever created, and that is what I am expecting from you. Make a character you are proud of playing. Don't be afraid to step out of the boundary and whip up something extraordinary. I want you to try, make an impression!

    4.) All site rules apply even in this role play. Not just a few particular ones, but all of them in general. I do not want to see sticky details, or overly graphic scenes. It will automatically get you ejected from this role play, and I'm sure, from this site as well. There are members with varying ages that will be participating in this thread so please, refrain from describing things with extensive detail. If you and another person are the same age, please feel free to take it to the Mature section.

    5.) Do not god mod, control, or kill of any character unless you have the owner's permission. I feel this is a rule in the role play guide that you should know by now. You may hit, or injure other characters, but stay within a boundary that doesn’t blatantly slaughter them. You wouldn’t want someone to do it with your character, would you?

    6.) All I ask from you is type at least 2-4 paragraphs a post. This will be a slow, turn-based role play, so if you can’t manage a paragraph I suggest you turn back now. Make sure you watch your grammar and spelling, but nonetheless, I’m not picky at all about this. I just want you to try and put effort in your posts. No one-liners.

    7.) If you still don’t understand how this role play will play out, as I stated above, it’s a turn-based role play. Meaning, once we have enough participants, I will shuffle our names to make a posting order. The first person will post, and then after that, the next.. etcetera. A day, or even two, will be the time limit. Any longer than that you will receive a friendly reminder, or after many times, we will skip you. I don’t want to do this. I understand we all have lives, so if you have a legit excuse to why you can’t post, we will wait. Everyone deserves a chance.

    8.) Make sure you read everything. Character sheets, personalities, biographies, the rules, the plot, and posts. I don’t want to have to baby you through the story all because you were too lazy to read. A little reading goes a long way! Lastly, don't be afraid to ask questions. They are more than welcome, and it shows me how interested you are.

    The Posting Order

    1. Charlene

    2. Judge
    3. ObsidianShimmer
    4. xxDarkest_Assassinxx
    5. Khaleesi
    6. Naruka-Chan
    7. Lord_Rylek
    8. Lonewolf888978
    9. Kitty
    11. Vibrant Kisses
    10. wildpelt

    The Character Sheet

    Full Name: (first, middle or nickname, last)

    Age: (any age is allowed)






    Weapons: (one firearm and a melee weapon, that’s it. more weapons will be picked up later on)

    Equipment:(a small list of basic supplies in an average backpack, nothing too extreme)

    Skills: (even the little things matter. good at yelling? good at tying? list it)

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  2. Name: Jake Colton

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Jake was a bounty hunter before the world changed

    Birthplace: Columbus Ohio

    Personality: Jake tries his best to be a good leader and cares for those around him but he is also not afraid to get his hands dirty. Jake is able to both save and take lives depending on the scenario. Being a bounty hunter has given him the mindset of a hunter or assassin but he tries to remain as in control of himself as possible

    Biography: Jake served in the armed forces for two years as a marine sniper before coming back home and becoming a bounty hunter. He has been tasked with killing and capturing everyone from local serial killers to national terrorists so he is no stranger to danger. When he wasn't dealing with hunting targets, he had a wife and son that he took care of back home. His wife was a police officer and his son was in middle school. Jake was out of town when the infection struck and when he came back his family and pretty much everyone else in his town was gone. He has absolutely no idea where his family is and has spent most of his time searching for them but has found nothing. He now looks for other survivors and would like to find somewhere to hold up and begin a new life in the world he once knew

    Weapons: M14 EBR marksmen rifle and combat tomahawk

    Equipment: Basic first aid kit, binoculars, rope, flashlight, and small radio, bottled water and some canned foods

    Skills: Hunting, tracking, shooting, hand to hand combat/melee combat, first aid, parkour( you may search it on YouTube if you don't know what that is) and driving

    Appearance: r169_457x256_13463_Brian_2d_post_apocalyptic_character_picture_image_digital_art.jpg
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  3. Full Name: Cecilia Xuemei Liu

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Governor

    Birthplace: Shanghai, China

    Personality: Cecilia is a calm person. Her father was narcissistic, arrogant, and had the shortest temper known to man, so no one in the household was ever allowed to say much. No matter what it was, they were in the wrong, and he was right, so she quickly learned to keep her mouth shut around him. Since Cecilia is so reserved and disciplined, she is also very observant, always keying in on little details. Her normal peers would never bother to approach her, let alone speak to her, so she has had all the time in the world to sit back and watch people. Reading someone's body language and the fluctuations in the tone of their voice has practically become second nature to her. An intelligent and proper creature, Cecilia can be somewhat off-putting at first impressions. There is a perceptiveness about her that catches many people off guard, and a sharpness to her gaze that can be unnerving to some. She's isn't outwardly respectful. She won't bend over backwards trying to make you feel comfortable. If you were expecting her to bat her thick eyelashes, offer pretty smiles with pretty words: you'll be more than disappointed. Passionate, strong-willed, stubborn as an ox. Cecilia puts her heart and soul into everything she does. If it isn’t worth doing right, she doesn’t feel it's worth doing at all.

    Biography: Cecilia’s father, John was a physics professor at a private college in Shanghai, China. For a man who could never be wrong, it was a fitting occupation. He was very talented in his field, and his students vigorously absorbed every concept he fed them without complaint. How could the extinguished professor possibly be wrong about anything? Yet those sort of statements only served to inflate the man's already infinitely large ego. Her mother, Anelie, was a nurse at a local hospital. She was a hardworking woman, the type who would always volunteer to continue working well after the end of her shift for the sake of her patients. Anyone who knew Anelie would say that she was a very generous and well-liked person. The last member of the family was Cecilia's beloved older brother, Florian. In no way was he perfect but compared to his mother and father, he was a saint. Sure he did drugs, got into fights, and was caught for the occasional petty theft, but there was one thing he did that his parents never did and that was actually take care of Cecilia.

    For a while, things were relatively peaceful in the Karpusi household. As peaceful as it could be with a raging psychopath as the head of the family at least. Day in and day out things ran smoothly, and Cecilia’s family behaved somewhat like a normal family. However, tensions were always high and on occasion, someone would do or say something that would upset her father, which made him go ballistic. During such episodes there would be a lot of yelling and screaming; objects were thrown, tables were flipped, and doors slammed shut hard enough to shake the house, but no one was ever hurt. There was nothing physical, and anything thrown was never aimed directly at someone. Then each time, without fail, everything would go back to normal the next day. Everyone would pitch in to fix up the house, and their normal routines continued on as if nothing had happened. The incident would never be spoken of again, and that was that. That's how Cecilia’s life went about for most of her childhood. All she had to do was keep quiet as much as she could, stay out of her father's path, and be diligent with her schoolwork and chores to appease him. Those were the happy days when life was manageable.

    When Cecilia entered the seventh grade, life decided to blindside her. Her mother, Anelie, who had always been the one to comfort her at night and hold her hand when she was scared, was exposed as a lying, cheating woman. For her nursing job, it was normal for her to stay late at work. That was just the type of person her mother was, always going the extra mile for her patients. However, as it turned out some of those "late nights" weren't spent at the hospital at all. She had a coworker who was a surgeon at the same hospital, where the two of them had spent quite a few nights together at his flat. When the infidelity had been exposed, John was more infuriated than he had ever been. However, this wasn't another minor incident. It was a giant bombshell, and Anelie became the main target. Cecilia didn't witness anything that happened that night because her father immediately grabbed Anelie and dragged her to his room, but that didn't mean Cecilia couldn't hear anything. Even behind locked doors, she could hear her father's voice shaking the house. He was an extremely self-centered and prideful man, so finding out that his wife was cheating on him was a huge blow to his ego. That was it. No one knew what happened in that room, not even young Cecilia, but the apparent bruises, cuts and black eye on Anelia spoke the truth. Anelie was forced to leave her job as and everyone was moving to America, where John found a new occupation as a professor at the University of Chicago. Everyone followed as they were told, and settled in a nice home close by campus where John was absent most of the days. Things never did change after that, he was still that loud, prideful man, and Anelia was a broken down mess who had never left the house considering what happened in China. Florian grew up and moved out taking the occupation as a lawyer, while Cecilia was pushed and flew through medical school, becoming a nurse just like her mother. The house was quiet as the days grew old. Anelia was a housewife, cooked, cleaned and did her job like any mother would, but rarely spoke to her husband. John was gone most days as a professor, and retired at the age of fifty five; who then sat at home drinking his life away. Cecilia moved out and took a full job working as a nurse and lived on her own in the same city. She went to work everyday and came home to an empty apartment, day in and day out. It was the same until Thomas came along, a young journalist who came in for a broken leg at the hospital she worked at. Since that day, it instantly clicked and both began to see each other regularly. Thomas moved in with Cecilia and dated for about two years, finally sealing it with a big, extravagant marriage next year. Everything about them was relatively normal for a young couple, going off to work and coming home for dinner and night time kisses. This continued on until the outbreak, where Cecilia woke up on her own that day to her husband feasting on a corpse on the kitchen floor. It if it wasn’t for the knife set on the counter, she would easily have been dead. Not that that mattered, for young Cecilia killed her husband with her own hands, something that haunts her every day. She took herself out and traveled as far as she could go, even checking on her parents, who overdosed on their bed together clutching a family photo, and her brother Florian, which was nowhere to be found.

    She decided to stay in her town during the early days of the outbreak, feeling it was the best option to do. Cecilia couldn’t let go of the past so easily. Locking herself up in her own apartment, Cecilia scavenged what she could during the dark hours and piled it up in her home. It was a surprise that she survived for so long, alone, cold.. and yet, so broken. Survivors came and went, and with her own wit, she decided it was time to create something new. Those that wandered in became her friends, her worker bees, and soon one by one the walls rose up. One could say it was her charm, but others could say it was her childhood experiences of dealing with an overly controlling father. Traits get passed down, sometimes.

    Weapons: Cecilia has a combat knife strapped to her right thigh at all times, and a shiny revolver at her hip.

    Equipment: Now being head-honcho and all, Cecilia has everything from food, clean water, and the simplest of matches in her possession. Carrying around a bag of supplies is a thing of the past for her.

    Skills: Cecilia is the type of person to look ahead, look at every option, and see every possible outcome. But, with the temper she had acquired from her father, can be very manipulative. Other than that, she is an excellent speaker, and knows some basic hand-to-hand combat.


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  4. Full Name: (first, middle or nickname, last)
    Alison (Kitty) Dupre

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female.

    Occupation: (what you do/did and civilian or survivor ex: engineer, civilian; teacher, survivor)
    Full time student (and trouble maker)

    Birthplace: NY, NY

    Personality: Firecracker, loves drama, loves to fight, drink, and play poker. Hard-ass, and a sarcastic bitch at times, and she definitely pushes buttons. That being said, she also knows boundries and what lines not to cross. So even though she pokes at people, she'd never go too far, unless you've pissed her off.

    Biography: From a wealthy new york family, this princess rebelled right from the beginning. Her parent's were often gone to work growing up, so they'd throw her the latest games and fashion to keep her occupied in her freetime. Although she liked the games, they rarely kept her as entertained as having human interaction. People were so easily emotional and so funny to play with, she often 'played' with her nannies by taking their phones and sending inappropriate messages to their boyfriends and family members. Needless to say, Kitty went through nannies just as quick as a three year old would go through a bag of jelly beans. Speaking of jelly beans, that is her favorite candy. She's a sweets addict, she loves dipping lollipops in her vodka before sucking them. Sweet with a kick, just the way she liked it. Her family moved to Russia when she was 8 or 9, and they stayed there until she was about 15, which is when she began to really get a taste for alcohol. They moved back to NY right in time for the apocalypse hit, the only thing that really irritated Kitty was the lack of alcohol and cigarettes, not her family being murdered before her eyes or the fact she had to ditch some of her gun collection because they wouldn't fit in the bag when she left.
    She had quite a bit of practice at the shooting range, and went hunting with her male buddies back in Russia. The small Russian town frowned upon how tom-boyish Kitty was, a very conservative, old-timey town. The boys made fun of her awhile, until they got their asses handed to them on a silver platter both in the fighting "rink" (or playground, rather) and hunting in the woods. The last fight she had was when she was 12 outside of school when a senior told her to be a good little girl and go knit something. She had him down on his knees in minutes (even though she had a bloody nose, because after the sixth punch the boy realized how hard this chick hit and decided to say 'screw it' to the "don't hit girls" rule, which is what most of the conservative town abided by) and when the boy realized he might lose, he pulled a knife on her and cut down her face. A couple of boys came to her rescue and took the senior down for the unfair fight. She went to the hospital, blind in one eye and got stitched up. When she came back, the boy had been expelled and was pissed waiting outside the school for her. Upon seeing him, she took a rock and ran after him. Before he could even reach his knife, she bashed his head in until he was unconscious. After that, being stabbed and still going after the guy, the boys learned respect for the little girl.

    Weapons: (one firearm and a melee weapon, that’s it. more weapons will be picked up later on)
    Mossberg 500 Cruiser shotgun, a crow bar

    Equipment:(a small list of basic supplies in an average backpack, nothing too extreme) A coach color backpack, A mini survival kit (These are twenty bucks and my mom has one in each car, and a couple in our home. They are really assessable so I think its realistic to say I would totally grab one of these within a zombie apocalypse. Plus they are ridiculously tiny, I mean look at it.) stop-painting_2272_7411044.gif
    Anyway, this is what comes in the thing.
    • 1 Six in One tool. Compass, Thermometer, Flashlight, Whistle, Magnifying Glass and Mirror
    • 2 Candles
    • 1 Sewing Kit
    • 1 Snare Wire
    • 2 Pop-up Towels (Wet & Expand)
    • 15 Matches, Wind and Waterproof
    • 1 Flint with Stryker
    • 1 Multifunction Knife
    • 1 Fishing Kit
    • 1 Signal Mirror
    • 2 Plastic Ties
    • 1 Wire Saw
    • 1 Plastic Zip-Bag

    A couple plastic bags (2) full of jerky (16 pieces) and a large container of salt.

    Skills: (even the little things matter. good at yelling? good at tying? list it) Really fucking loud, if she screams in your ear (heaven forbid) you might deafen. (This is based off my brother, he is a loud dude. A LOUD dude.) Good shot, dealt with weapons before. Best with a gun, not so great with melee, although she does know how to fight and to fight well, she is afraid of the Zombies upclose and freezes up. (Who wouldn't realisticly?) Has delt a little bit with explosives before too. Also she can drink a fifth of vodka on her own. Does that count for anything?

    Appearance: Scar over left eye, sometimes wears a patch. Black hair that's long, hazel eyes, small lips and pale skin, also a small frame for a 17 year old. Quite thin (a bit from malnutrition)

    Some good examples of her appearance: jjj.jpg jjje.jpg Myspace1.jpg
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  5. Full Name: Fayne "Fae" Montgomery

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Student

    Birthplace: Rockville, Maryland

    Personality: Fayne was once a nice girl, laughing all the time and being the social butterfly she was known to be. Once everything changed, she became more short-tempered and stubborn, liking to take things into her own hands.

    Biography: Growing up with single mother, things weren't that bad, popular all throughout school, she was viewed as "perfect". Everyone wanted to be her, if they couldn't be with her. Once college came along, she left her life of a socialite and started hitting the books more seriously, law enforcement had always been an interest of hers, especially guns. On the night the outbreak reached her hometown, the place was already being evacuated by military. There she sat, in her living room chair, a pistol pointed at her head. Her mother was at the other end, tears soaking her cheeks. Fayne knew what her mother was doing, saving her from everything, but the military came quicker. Shooting her mother where she stood, Fayne didn't have time to react before being taken away.

    Weapons: Pump action 12 gauge shot gun and a hunting knife.

    Equipment: Some cans of food, two bottles of water, a first aid kit, and extra ammunition.

    Skills: Hunting, stealth, marksman, archery, hand-to-hand combat.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  6. Full Name: Elizabeth Black
    (She despises nick names)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: As she was only young when the pandemic spread she didn't have a job though her father was Vet so she has an extensive knowledge of all that is diseases and treatments. Humans and animals aren't that different right?

    Birthplace: England. Her father moved after her mother died.

    Personality: She is a bit shy around people she does not know but warms to them quickly. She can easily handle herself amongst a few zombies but more then 3 and she panics. She does have a tendency to talk to herself as well.

    Biography: Her father was her role model. She looked up to him as she grew and wanted to be just like him, demanding he teach her all he knew. She became very independent after her mother died. She often cooked dinner, though her skills were awful and all she could make him was a melted cheese sandwich and cleaned the house, trying to fill her mothers position. This, in a way, prepared her for 'the end of humanity' making her a bit blank and emotionless at times. She became used to killing zombies and humans alike, feeling no remorse for them and accepting her fate to die in the wasteland of her old city.

    Her gun is strapped to her left leg and a meat cleaver is attached to the back of her jeans horizontally.

    Equipment: Being a bit accident prone she carries a few rolls of bandages and a box of bandaids with some antiseptic cream. She also has the essential water and food along with a flashlight and spare batteries for it.

    Skills: Her previously mentioned knowledge and her sneakiness, able to most almost silently, providing there are no obstacles she could potentially trip over on. She is quite the climber and loves climbing trees but has a fear of heights and falling.

    She wears a white crop top with a panda print on the front and light blue, ripped, skinny jeans though the right leg has been cut off at her thigh like shorts and a blood stained bandage tied on just below it. She has red suspenders and high top converses that match her hair. She is quite short for her age at only 5'1 but sees it as an advantage.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Full Name:

    Haven Marshall Forester










    Kind and caring, Haven still tries to find the good in the world. She is normally nice to everyone, and tries to keep situations calm and clear. She is often only sad when she thinks about her family.


    Born in London, at a young age of 4, the family got a job in the U.S and the family moved to Hollywood. She attended school with straight A's, unlike her rebellious brother. The brother went into the military, and grew up the ranks quickly. He was apart of a special operations team, and after an unsuccessful operation came home. He was now 28, Haven was 20. Haven worked as a Lawyer apart of a small law firm. Her brother went to drinking, making him self over weeks at a time. Haven dropped out to care for her brother, who wasted money on booze, drugs, and "Apocalypse Gear". Once the outbreak came, her brother gave up on life, and killed himself. That was unknown to her family, who believed he traveled someplace for safety. Haven's parents were trapped in a car with a horde around them and didn't make it. With no options left, she returned to her brothers house. To her luck, Haven fit into her same sized brother's Apocalypse Gear (Her Equipment). Those years ago, she traveled and made her way to just a few miles outside Oakwood.


    SIG Sauer M400 Semiautomatic Tactical Rifle (Tactical Light)

    American Tomahawk Sibert Comanche


    Gas Mask

    Energy Bar's (3)
    Box of Matches


    Fast Runner
    Good Eye Sight
    Steady Hand



    Do we HAVE to start in Oakwood? If so I can change it.

  8. @Lonewolf888978 You don't have to if you don't want to. You may be a survivor of the helicopter crash, someone who witnesses it, someone from a neighboring town, or a stray.

    Oh, and anyone else that is going to join, we are going to need male characters to balance it out a little.
  9. Full Name: James 'Doc' Churchill

    Age: 56

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Retired, doctor of Oakwood

    Birthplace: South Carolina

    Personality: James has always been known to be a mostly soft-spoken man. He does not raise his voice without cause, and does not actively seek strife. He has an invisible fuse, though, that may set off a hellfire and brimstone temper when pushed to the very edge of his seemingly limitless compassion and patience. Many personal subjects are tender with the wizened man, so he would sooner buckle than open up.

    Biography: Born a small-time boy, in a small-time South Carolina town, James knew only the quiet life with no fame or fortune to his name. Things were a helluva lot simpler back then. He minded his parents' wishes, and went to school. Once out of school, they'd badger him about college. How could he say no to them? But they had very little in the way of actual money.

    But he couldn't let his folks down. So he applied for scholarships, and some accepted him. They still weren't enough. So he picked up several part-time jobs, and effectively worked himself to the bone through medical school. When he was finished, he came back home and opened up a small family clinic that he has maintained all these years.

    In this clinic, he met his first and only love: Maryanne. Needless to say, in between work and family, he was chasing Maryanne's affections going on for years. She'd come in one day with a few lumps, a lively young woman who felt the need to go out exploring into the wilderness despite it not being the proper thing to do at the time. That spirit, and her beauty, were all the reason James needed.

    After a considerable four years had passed, she finally began returning his affections, and it wasn't long before they turned into a couple and married. They were a couple of lovebirds then. And it seemed to stay that way. She insisted they not have children, and at the behest of his parents, James agreed.

    Skipping forward more time. Eventually, James' parents left him behind. They'd died peacefully in their old age. But he still had the clinic, he still had Maryanne. But the outbreak didn't care for your hopes and dreams, your love, even your small-time South Carolina town. It took all of that from him.

    How he got away is still a mystery, but he was no slouch. The easy life didn't wear him down. He tended to keep in relatively good shape, so it wasn't a stretch to imagine he could outsmart and outmaneuver the biters and eventually link up with other survivors.

    Eventually he found his way to Oakwood, after hearing their broadcasts. Since then, he's tried to start over with his life, but it's been difficult.

    Weapons: .44 Special Snubnose Revolver, Louisville Slugger baseball bat.

    Equipment: Two bottled waters, self-assembled first aid kit (reflective wrap, gauze, bandages, sutures, antibiotics, etc.), two bags of trail mix, flashlight, pack of batteries

    Skills: Medicine (extensive), decent marksmanship, diplomacy (voice of reason), xx

    Appearance: James is a large man, but not in the portly sense. He is built tall and broad, but he moves with such practiced ease and patience that one would be hard-pressed to believe he could harm a fly let alone a biter. He has since tossed most personal grooming out the window, because looks don't matter when everything is trying to kill you. As such, his silvered hair is long and unkempt, but typically pushed back with a wet comb and his haggard face sports a thick goatee slowly developing into a beard.

    He typically dresses in boot-cut jeans fastened tight with a leather belt and large silver buckle. He prefers red checkered flannel button-ups tossed over a plain white t-shirt and work boots on his feet, and a simple golden wedding band on his right ring finger.

    (I'm still working on this. Hope it's fine so far.)
  10. Full Name: Nikolai "Nik" Ayden

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Ex-SOG Strike Team

    Birthplace: New London, Connecticut.

    Personality: Confident to the point of arrogance, Nikolai moves through situations with a demeanor that borders apathetic. Although easy to get along with, and the first to crack jokes, the truth is he is untrusting. People are liabilities and only one bite away from being the enemy. He prefers to operate on his own, and dreads groups of civilians.

    Biography: When it happened the U.S. Government didn't just kill over and watch the world burn. Realizing that if they were going to stop the swarms and retake America they would need specialized teams to combat the threat. Having already exhausted their best conventional resources as well as their far less conventional ordinances, they collected all assets to a central location to perform one final counter strike.

    Due to the ineffectiveness of anti-personnel weapons, firebombs, explosions in general, and chemical weaponry it was decided specialized teams would be created to take down large congregations of dead using special weapons and tactics. They took the top trainers from the Coast Guard MSRT, Delta Force, SEAL, FBI HRT, BORTAC, DEVGRU, SOG, Rangers, Scout Snipers, and Force Recon and trained 36,000 mean and women for the SOG Strike Team.

    The SOG Strike Team's first and only mission was the Liberation of DC, the words failure completely fail to describe how sourly the mission went. Dubbed Operation: Hope, it consumed the morale, influence, and money of the United State's Government to such an extreme that they lost faith in themselves. Of the 36,000 men sent into the DC area, only 120 survived. While the teams had performed phenomenally in close quarters, they lacked the numbers to contend with swarming in openings.

    Nikolai Ayden had been point man for SOG Strike Team 7. ST 7, like the rest of the 30 teams, was comprised of 1,200 men. These 1,200 mean were broken down into 26 man units that operated independently of one another. Nik, the point man for ST7Echo, and his team had been one of the last teams to VDEL into the hot zone.... and they were one of the first to escape.

    Having landed in the reflecting pools of the Washington Monument, they were quickly overwhelmed by large numbers of hostiles. Using a tactical circle configuration they fought their way to the Lincoln Memorial, where they climbed on top of Abraham Lincoln's statue to keep from being over run. After only 4 hours of fighting the order to withdraw was given. ST7Echo proceeded to the extraction point near East Potomac Tennis Center. During the fight across the Francis Case Memorial Bridge, Nikolai was thrown over. His last memories of that day were watching an airstrike blowout the bridge with his team still on it.

    Officially Nikolai is believed to be KIA. However the truth is less interesting. He is a deserter, wandering the wastelands... looking for salvation.

    Show Spoiler
    H&K MK 23. .45ACP Hollow points. 12 Round Magazine with standard sights.[​IMG]

    Show Spoiler
    KitchenAid Mezzaluna[​IMG]

    Equipment: Thigh Drop holster attached to a web belt. The drop holster has a multi-tool with seat belt cutter and glass breaker, a Flash Light, and batter pouch. The web belt has 8 cloth magazine pouches, radio pouch with VHF radio, a miscellaneous pouch with latex gloves, gauze, and ace bandages. A tact vest connects to the web belt and contains: Magazine pocket with a spot for four magazines. A spare flash light. Beef Jerky. Water purification tablets. Over his tact vest Nikolai wears a camelback backpack with a combat medical kit attached to it. In one of the pouches is two 50 count boxes of .45 ACP ammunition.

    Skills: Military training has provided Nikolai an extensive list of combat related skills. These include things from combat first aid, breaching techniques, CQB techniques, hand to hand combat techniques, all the way down to basic survival in harsh conditions. Prior to joining the military Nikolai was college student majoring in computer science.

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  11. Full Name: Dax Riccard

    Age: 34

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Mercenary

    Birthplace: Montana

    Personality: A survivor, never staying in any one place for too long always keeping to himself. Resorts to diplomacy before action, but is never afraid to strike first if diplomacy is not an option. Believes in survival at all costs willing to sacrifice others for his own safety and only helps others when there is a clear benefit to himself.


    Growing up in a small town in Montana hunting was the norm, since his mother died in child birth his father always showed a little resentment to him. His father, an Army for life kind of man, beat a rigurous weapons cleaning routine into Dax's head until he could do it blindfolded. His father believed that Bushido was good for discipline and respect, his father spent no time beating "discipline" into his head with practice sword. They would train everyday for the next few years until they switched to unsharpened steel swords, leaving questionable bruises all of Dax's body. His father taught him everything there was to know about tracking and hunting your prey even going to the extreme of abondoning Dax in the woods for days on end leaving him to fend for himself. After Dax graduated high school it was no surprise that he went into the Army following in his fathers footsteps. After 6 years in the Army, Dax was recruited into a unit that was off the official records, leaving Dax officially listed as Missing in Action. His father recieved the traditional flag and found his answer to his sorrows in the bottom of a bottle, guess he cared after all. Dax's new duties involved a lot of traveling something he had always wanted to do, though his off the books missions were less action packed than he had hoped. His main duties were to oversee and develope upcoming nations and to train their armed forces. Essentially he trained militia that eventually siezed power in their respective countries as long as they were willing to house U.S troops and turn a blind eye to their business.

    When the world went to shit, Dax came back to Montana to build a hideout with his father, little did he know that his father had drunk himself to death a few years before. Dax took his fathers Katana and has been traveling ever since, avoiding the hordes of dead where he could, helping who he could along the way, but always traveling alone. The guilt of his fathers death has weighed heavy on his shoulders, drowning his sorrows with alcohol whenever he gets the chance, following more in his fathers footsteps than he realizes.

    Weapons: Silenced 9mm pistol and Katana

    Equipment: Canteen, Bandages, Canned Tuna, Can Opener, Zippo Lighter, Compass, Bottle of Scotch, 3 Spare Clips and 2 whetstone

    Skills: Bushido, Tracking, Hunting, Military Training (Basic Survival, Close Quarter Combat, Basic Field Medical training), Training and Organizing Militia

    Appearance: A rugged man standing at 6'2 200lbs, a canteen slunk around his neck and his military backpack on his back. Wearing a black hooded sweatshirt under a black light jacket, with black cargo pants with multiple pockets and combat boots, his katana around his waist and his 9mm in a holster around his left shoulder.
  12. We are currently waiting on two people to post their characters, or, if anyone else desires to join.

    Once that is done, I will shuffle the names up and we can get started. (:
  13. 1. Charlene
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    Alright guys, here is the posting order. I placed all the names in a generator and this is what it gave me, so I didn't pick on anyone specifically. The two that need to post their characters I placed at the very end though to give them more time. I will begin the thread and get my post up today, and the next person in line, which happens to be Judge, well then post. You get the idea.

    Anyone else that will join, will be slipped in somewhere. So, the thread will always be open to new participants.
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  14. Hmm i thought about it for a bit and I decided I have too many RPs on the go as it is and now I want to re-play Skyward Sword which naturally takes priority.
  15. @Raitoningu That is perfectly fine. The thread will be open if you wish to join back in the future. Thanks for showing interest though!
  16. So the limit is a day? So it'll be able nine days until I post then?
  17. @Kitty For people to post, the time limit for them to do so is a day. But, say today, we could get down the list fairly quickly. Just depends when people are online and put the effort in to at least post something (which I hope).
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  19. hah once I finish Skyward Sword then ill return and probably make a link or zelda based character :D
  20. Full Name:
    Felix Theodore Pelletier
    A.K.A “Theo”



    A bit of knowledge in Mechanics.
    (High School Drop out)

    June 2, 1997 in Okotoks, Alberta (Canada)

    A bit of a wus, and often times afraid to speak up. Easily intimidated, and therefore a huge push over. Always seeks approval from his peers. He’s a bottler, so if you piss him off enough he has no control over his anger, some would consider this as a bit of a split personality. He’s overly sensitive to people’s words or comments.

    Felix Theodore Pelletier was born in Okotoks, Alberta. (Located in Canada). It’s a town made of about 20,000. Felix’s father left before he was born and his mother didn’t talk much of him. He grew up with 7 sisters; Eva, Sarah, Charlotte, Annabelle, Gabrielle, Sofia, and Coralie. All of them of course pushed him around. But Felix didn’t mind, he loved his entire family. He lived his peaceful existence until he entered high school where he become the target of the school’s jocks. Ink pens exploding, books mysteriously damaged, and even the famous “Swirlies”. After months of being bullied Felix was ready to give up school. On the day he decided was his last for school, one of the bullies made a mistake by calling one of his sister’s a whore. Felix stabbed the bully in the throat with a pencil. He was instantly expelled from school, and luckily was sentenced to community hours. During his time off from his hours Felix would help his sister Charlotte at her mechanic’s shop. He would also help her out with her daughter. It was just about Felix’s 15th birthday when the impossible event happened. Him and his 3 sisters; Sofia, Gabrielle, and Charlotte with her daughter Belle, and his mother tried to travel to America where they said was “Not Infected”. When they got to the border the men they were traveling with pushed him out of the vehicle. The bastards were nice enough to give him a gun.

    Smith & Wesson Model 10 Revolver -loaded
    Hand axe

    1 Picture of his family
    1 Gal of water
    1 Flashlight
    2 D -battries (For flashlight)
    3 energy bars (left)
    5 bullets extra
    Thin blanket/towel

    Mechanics Auto
    Can hold his breath for 5 minutes
    Good swimmer/runner
    Climbing trees and tying himself to them.

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