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  1. This was not how she planned to spend her day...
    Growling, the fox pulled away but seemed wise enough to stop pulling as she felt the wire tighten, tail sweeping back and forth in irritation. How had she allowed this to happen?
    To actually get herself caught in a snare imbued to keep a trapped yokai like her from removing it herself...
    She'd never live down the shame if she lived long enough for others to catch wind of this.
    So how was she going to get out of this without that happening, before the one who set it came back? Pulling wouldn't work...she'd only end up strangling herself.
    Her fox magic wouldn't work thanks to the magic already surrounding it, nullifying her own powers. Reduced to a simple fox...how humiliating.
    Her thoughts stopped and ears perked as she heard rustling and footsteps. Was it the trapper...? 
    She knew people crossed through these woods as a shortcut or just for a scenic walk, but she couldn't be sure who.
    Even so...
    She concentrated, hoping that some of her powers would still work and was satisfied as she felt the shift, the lick of cold breeze on exposed skin making her shiver.
    No tail or ears though...she couldn't help but be aware of as she silently wished to at least be able to wrap her tail around her naked human body to stave off the cold. How did humans stand it?
    She'd have to deal with it for now though, raising her head and calling out in a whiny voice.
    "Somebodyyy! Please, help! Help meee!"
  2. He walked slowly through the woods, his hands stuffed in his pockets. He was listening to music, closing his eyes every once in a while and walking slower. And suddenly he heard something different. It definitely wasn't in the music he was listening to. He paused for a moment on a half step and pulled off his ear buds. Help? Once he realized that was exactly what he's heard, he followed the voice quickly. A few yards away and around a tree he saw her. "Oh, fu--" His eyes widened and he looked around, slightly panicked. "What?" A naked girl? Stuck in a trap? In the middle of the woods? He decided to get over the fact that she was naked and move closer to get her out of there. "What happened? Did someone do this to you?" He studied the trap, "Oh, God... what do I do?"
  3. "Yes, I'm alright..." the vixen sulked, arms crossed to cover her chest at the very least. 
    A human boy...she could definately use him to her advantage. She lowered her head somewhat to produce a rather effective pouty face, eyes peaking out from mixed gold and brown strands of hair.
    "I was the victim of a mean prank..." she whined, the lies rolling off as easily as the truth. "And now I can't get out of this wire...can you help me?"
  4. "Yes, of course," He said. He was still slightly shocked by what he stumbled upon. He wanted to stare at the girl, but that wasn't very respectful. And it didnt help that she was beautiful either. He moved around to her side to inspect the wire. It took him a while to find a way of undoing the knots. "Why would anybody do this?" He mumbled. He stepped back for a moment and removed his jacket. She must have been freezing. "Here" he draped it around her shoulders then continued to remove the wire from her.
  5. "I guess it's my fault...I thought they were my friends but it turns out I was wrong...they just wanted to humiliate me, it seems..." she continued to lie, granted it was impossible to tell that this was the case, the vixen having plenty enough time to have perfected it. She gripped at the edges of the jacket and pulled it more snugly around herself, having expected this already and playing the part of hapless victim perfectly.
  6. He shook his head. "Some people are just disgusting," He said. A few minutes later, he managed to get her out of the wires gently so he wouldn't hurt her anymore. Then he clapped her hands together and stepped back. "I'm so sorry this happened to you..." His eyes flickered towards the rest of her body and he licked his lips. "Uh, wish I had more to help you cover up. I live near by, I could run and get you something," He said. He'd hate to have her walk through the public like this.
  7. She gazed up at him even as she stood, the hem of the jacket covering just past her slender thighs.
    "That's alright, I don't live far." she said, gazing at him as she stood fully. "It's just down one of the connecting trails through the woods here. If you come with me, maybe I can reward you...after you helped me an all."
  8. "Oh, alright," He couldn't help that dirty thought that flashed through her mind. Just because she was naked didn't mean that kind of reward. He instantly felt guilty for thinking that. "I really do not need anything," He said. "But I'll gladly walk you home," He started walking in the direction she looked. "But seriously, don't worry about any rewards, anybody else would have come to help you out of there."
  9. "I'm not so sure about that..." she said softly, gazing sidelong at him as they walked. "You are very kind. At least allow me to invite you to stay for dinner or something of the sort, it's the least I can do." Before giving him the chance to answer she added, "Besides, I don't have guests often. It would be a nice treat."
  10. He paused to think about it for a while. There was nothing else he was doing today. And after everything the poor girl had gone through today, least he could do was give her some company. He nodded, "Alright, that doesn't sound too bad," He smiled at her. "What's your name?"
  11. "It's a bit of an unusual name," she chuckled meekly, looking over at him keenly as they walked. "It's Palastaiyd. And yours?"
  12. "Ahh," he nodded and repeated it to himself so he wouldnt forget. "Anything I can call you for short?" He chuckled. "I'm Ren."
  13. "Anything really, but Lastaiy is the most common one I've been called." She said before perking slightky as he gave his name. "Ren, huh? That's a nice name."
  14. He was slightly surprised she'd said that. She was the one with the nice name. Nothing he'd ever heard before. "Thanks. I really like yours, though," He glanced at her and smiled, "Lastaiy..."
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    She offered him a smile. It was still a few minutes of walking but at last the trail started to open up, the tree's parting. As they gave way, the pair came to a large, gated stone fence that surrounded that of a huge property, sickly trees that almost appeared to have branches of black leaves visible on the other side, and up the hill, what could only be described as a luxurious but ominous mansion. The one known locally as being haunted or something of the sort, that people told everyone else to stay away from.
    "Here we are."
  16. He glanced over at her a couple of times as they walked through the woods, not sure what to say. He was lost in thought mostly, thinking of something smooth or impressive to say. He followed close behind her, taking in his sorroundings and a small frown forming on his face. He stared at the gates a while, then looked at her. "You live here?"
  17. "Yeah," she nodded, gazing up the hill towards the mansion before glancing over at him. "It's a nice place, isn't it?"
  18. He wanted to admmit it was a little creepy, but he didn't want to offend her. The things he'd heard of places like this. He was thinking he should lead her to the door and go home right away. But that was the wimp thing to do. "Yeah, it's... pretty huge," He said.