Welcome to Middleton.

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  1. Welcome to Middleton High:

    the quintessential image of adolescent plebbery;

    stomping ground of the cool cliques;

    never ending nightmare for the socially unfortunate;

    watched over with general disregard by the elitist Board.

    Just another school, nestled between towns so small that the rest of the country shan’t bother to remember their names. They have pep-rallies and track meets, proms and bake sales, and monthly fire drills. They issue personalized yearbooks, and make driver’s ed a requirement. The janitors are creepy and the principal is a blustering buffoon.

    There’s just one little catch:

    None of it’s real.


    So that’s my little teaser for a WIP I’ve been tossing around for a while now.
    Think of it as a cross between The Matrix and Buffy.

    Basically, the nefarious super-powers of the distant future have subdued all of mankind and inserted them into a virtual reality of sorts. Taking on the persona of “The Board,” they oversee the day to day activities of the humans, who (none the wiser) are in fact slowly being drained of their electrical bioenergy until their bodies are no longer able to sustain themselves.
    Eventually, a select few of the student body (us, the players) begin to take notice of all of the strange occurrences surrounding the school. Several high-profile students go missing, and finding the local investigation dissatisfactory, the group set out on their own to uncover the truth.

    There are still a lot of details that I don’t have down yet, so I’d be very interested in what others have to offer.

    Ideas, suggestions, questions… throw ‘em at me!
  2. Hm you could have them all be in a club for it like in The Melancholy of Haruhi l u l
  3. This is actually somewhat interesting, but it would have to require a lot of cooperation with the rpers etc, etc to keep the idea coherent and moving.
  4. Yeah, active collaboration would be a must. Especially in terms of the playability of The Board--whether they are kept as ambiguous and able to be controlled by every player as fits, or if they are assigned to be played by a specific person.

    I also haven't thought of a very plausible reason as to why bioenergy is being harvested through the school in secret... maybe it's a case of "the greater good" where families sacrifice a child or two every year in order to keep the region powered and functioning, or The Board is some alien/supernatural race converting the energy for their own gain.
  5. this sounds really interesting. if you're looking for a dedicated member, I'm intrigued. And I have lots of ideas

    (sorry if my typing/grammar is off I'm on something to help me sleep but it just makes me trip.)
  6. Oh yes, always looking for commitment! Haha.
    But really, though. >.>

    I'm all ears!
  7. When you said "Middleton" I was thinking about Growing Up Creepie.
  8. I'm really interested in this as well. I would love to participate!
  9. Neat! I'll try and put up a legitimate OOC/Discussion thread in the next couple of weeks--things are a little hectic at the moment with the semester coming to an end... hopefully no relation to the plot. o_o; Dun dun DUNNN.

    In the mean time, for anyone still interested, feel free to start tossing ideas around!
  10. Is this role-play still active???
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