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  1. Hello everybody! My name is Crowsephone and I just signed up about an hour ago.

    I'm an avid roleplayer in my early twenties and I've been in the game for about a decade. I used to be a strictly forum lady up until I discovered the wonders of tumblr and moved most of my activity there.

    I've been running two in-character blogs over there and for over a year now and it's been really great. However, I've been itching to shake things up lately and I figured going back to my roots at the forums would be a fun thing to do. Through process of elimination I decided that this would be the best place for me to throw down some roots to supplement what I already have going on.

    My roleplaying is basically mirrored by my influences. I love crime stories (particularly organized crime), horror, soft scifi and especially cyberpunk. Include any of those and I'll be won over in no time.

    I also tend to get very into character building. Like, really into it. I sure hope you like talking about original characters because I will yap your ear off about mine and any others I'm interested in. I can't help it. The idea of creating and entire world and all its inhabitants is just too appealing to me.

    I have a couple of other hobbies that tie back to RP. I'm also an artist and roleplaying is my single biggest inspiration.

    Anyway, I hope you like me.
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  2. Hello, Crow, I am also a relatively new player here as well and find this place to be pretty good and easy to navigate. I welcome you here as a new player myself and hope you have a wonderful experience here.
  3. ; 3; You sound awesome. (Probably because we have a lot in common, especially genre favorites.)

    Welcome to Iwaku. :)
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! It sounds like you'd have fun in the Content Forums; there's lots of fun challenges you can complete there to explore your characters and even make new ones to show off!
  5. Thank you for the very warm welcome!
  6. Hi there Crowsie! :D It does look like you chose the right spot, we should have lots of fun things for you to get in to. Welcome to the community! <3