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  1. This RP will take place in a sleepy little British village called Maple upon Trent. It was once a flourishing township, and one of Britains largest manufactors of maplewood. But due to modernisation within the industry and import being the cheaper choice, people stopped coming to the town, and what has later become known as the Great Emigration began.

    The village is now in great peril, on the verge of extinction. However, there is one final hope for the residents to save their beloved homes. Developments on the economical market has led to house prices skyrocketing in the cities while dropping remarkably in the countryside, and the carefree lifestyle of the villages attracts those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of modern life. But will the residents be able to stand out among the competition, and get the village back on its feet?

    Welcome to Maple upon Trent!

    Rules (I reserve the right to add/change this section as I please):
    *You may have one major character and one minor character if you'd like, but the minimum is one major character. Minor characters may include children or elders, or anyone relevant to your major character (friends, family etc.)
    *Please don't pick an occupation if someone else has already taken it. I want the cast to be as diverse as possible.
    *Be kind to the others as much as possible. It's okay to have a little bit of IC drama, but I would like to keep mortal enemies to a minimum
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  2. ~Main Character CS~

    Appearance (Drawn picture please. You may add some type of description as well if you want to make certain characteristics clear, or want to point out something wrong in the picture):
    Age (Preferable in the range of 20-40 years old)
    Bio (Is your character native to Maple upon Trent or have they moved their for any particular reason?):
    Sexuality (Optional, only if you would like your character to have a romantic relationship with another villager):​
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  3. ~Minor Character CS~

    Age (preferably younger or older than a major character):

    Please note that personality/bio should in general be much shorter than for a major character. Sexuality doesn't matter for minor characters because they will not be involved in any romancing, unless you want to point out that they are happily married or something like that in which case it might matter to their character.​
  4. Alright. gonna work on my CS, one problem though; I'm not too good at drawing pictures >.< Would it be alright if I just found some drawn pictures online?
  5. I'm under the impression that by drawn pictures they mean not real life pictures.
  6. Yes, of course you don't have to draw a picture yourself. Just find a picture you like and steal it, that's what we have internet for :D
  7. Name: Bado Domingo

    Show Spoiler

    Age: 25

    Personality: A friendly man, if not a little pushy at times outside of his shop. When making deals however, he would try to offer you his mother if it meant a good sale would take place. He may talk about honesty and loyalty in dealing with his customers, but he would still sell you a broken viola swearing that it was just a foreign violin.

    Bio (Is your character native to Maple upon Trent or have they moved their for any particular reason?): Bado Domingo and his family has lived in Maple upon Trent for generations running a general goods store. Due to the failing health of his father, Bado now has control of his family's store while his father is resting in a hospital far away from home. It's unknown when his father will recover, but Bado is prepared for a permanent change in management

    Occupation: General supply store merchant

    Sexuality: Straight
  8. Oh, Roger Smith :3 Bado Domingo is accepted! :D
  9. Name: Jaqueline Rollin
    Show Spoiler

    Age: 21
    Bio: She moved to the city mainly for her job, after she left the house of her parents and finished her studies she got a job as a write for a magazine and she occasionally writes her own book, this is mainly because she enjoys freedom and moved to a village that wasn't too big and occupied, soon after that her sister joined her because of the death of her parents due to an accident.
    Occupation: She is a writer and not a bad one at that, her stories vary from something just for some magazines to her own books, she does sometimes drift of and writes stories about the village and how it came to be like this depending on her mood she also goes into more taboo topics. One of those books about the villages story sold rather well and she was able to get a small house close to the villages center.
    Sexuality: She hasn't settled on anything, besides one relationship all of her romantic relationships involved a guy, but she may or may not be convinced (just wanna keep it open depending on if we get too many girls as with most RP's)

    Name: Janette Rollin
    Show Spoiler

    Age: 12
    Personality: She is a shy girl that usually hides behind her older sister, yet she can be a bit more straight forward once she opens up, she generally is a shy and quiet person.
    Bio: She is the little sister of Jaqueline and lives with her (If we go for multiple stages I might use her as a main character at some point) She lived with her ever since their parents passed away and therefore she is also in the village, going to school whilst living with her city.
    Occupation: Student

    As for both my characters they originally are from France, don't ask me to speak french though because I just came up with the story and liked those names :3 Hope it's fine like this!
  10. Jaqueline and Janette Rollin accepted~ \^o^/
  11. Name: Clark Thompson

    Show Spoiler

    Age: 24

    Personality: Clark is a relatively friendly individual, albeit somewhat reserved in his relationships (platonic or otherwise) with individuals. He is slightly insecure in his skills, and is hesitant to share his aspirations with others.

    Bio: Clark is a college graduate who has moved to Maple upon Trent in order to begin his life as an independent adult. His elderly grandparents within the village have recently moved out to live with their children, and have placed management of the family deli in his hands. An amateur artist on the side, Clark wishes to eventually leave Maple upon Trent to pursue his dream of becoming an illustrator.

    Occupation: Deli owner/Artist

    Sexuality: Straight

    Edit: Not sure how to spoiler things, apologies. Also, not too sure about the character art, might change it eventually if that is ok? Also Got rid of a trait that didn't make sense, at least for me.

    Edit: Despising myself. Too many edits. :(

    Edit: Profession Altered.
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  12. Can I join???
  13. Name: Yuki Swan

    Appearance: Appearance (but whit other clothing ofcourse and more Japanese formed eyes)

    Age: 21

    Personality: Yuki is a very mysterious person, she is friendly and likes to be around other people but she never really tell
    people anything about herself. She is very good at hiding her emotiones. She is never scared and she dont care for people she dont know that much. She always stands up for what she belives in. She is very polite when she dosen't now a person but when she knows someone she can be kind of blunt instead. She likes to tease people and to play pranks. She loves nature and she is an artist, she paints and draws all the time.

    Bio: She is half Japanese half British, she lived in Japane whit her mother until she was 14 then she moved to England to live whit her father. Her father is an alcoholic and he is very depressed that Yukis mother left him. He was taking out his anger on Yuki and her little half-brother, he hit them and punished them and was very violent. Yuki has always loved art and when she was 15 she started working together whit a girl her age, the girl was a writer that loved Japane, anime and manga. They started making a manga together, Yuki draw and Alice, the girl, wrote the story. When Yuki was 16 she took her little half-brother and moved away from ther dad. Yuki works as an artist and she and Alice is still working whit there manga. But they have taken a brake and Yuki has now moved to Mapel upon Trent to rest, paint and live a calm life whit her little half-brother.

    Occupation: She drawes a manga whit her friend Alice but they have taken a break. She is an artist and both ther manga and her art have become pretty popular. A part of the house is an atelier.

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Name: Dylan Swan

    Appearance: Appearance

    Age: 14

    Personality: He is quiet but not shy, he is polite and loves to help people. He likes being alone but has no problem whit crowds. You often find him taking long walks in the woods or siting by the water. He loves to swimm. Like Yuki he is kind of mysterious, you think he is your friend but he has never told you that much about himself. He and Yuki have hard to trust people becaouse of ther dad. He is very nice and smart.

    Bio: He and Yuki share the same dad but his mother was one of his dads girls. She died when he was 2 month old. His dad hurt him and punished him, he is an alcoholic and is very sad becaous Yukis mother left him. When he was 2 Yuki moved in. Ther dad was now hiting and punishing both of them. When Yuki was 16 she took him and moved. They lived in an apartment until he was 14 and they move to Mapel upon Trent. Under all the years living whit ther father his only escaped had been a forest whit a river, located nerby the city they lived in.

    Occupation: Student
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  14. @Levitas It looks great, but could you consider changing his occupation? Kaldoro already made a writer, and we could do with some more variation. You don't have to if you don't want to, though ^w^

    @Aika I would like to accept you, but your CS is full of typos and grammatical errors, making it hard to read. It's nothing personal, just that it gets very tiring pretty fast :<
  15. Name: Luna Feraik

    Age: 20

    Personality: She is a quiet and observant person. Does not talk much. Only talks when talked to or when she feels the need to. She loves to read and write and take walks in parks. She prefers a quiet and peaceful life.

    Bio: She had moved to Maple upon Trent recently, when she wanted to escape the drama of her old life. She was the daughter of a rich man that owned a huge world wide company. Despite that, she is an introvert and does not mix around with others, causing people to avoid her like plague. They tend to talk about her behind her and how she was different than her older, more outgoing, and much more beautiful sister. She is a plain jane and hates make ups and dresses, preferring pants and jumpers. She's the nerd in the family and was always with her books. She was also the result of her father's infidelity towards his wife, rendering her the black sheep of the family. She was only taken in for her mother had died but she had to fend for herself. After highschool, her father had totally stopped giving her allowance, and she had to work in order to pay for college. She had chosen a college that was near this village, that had attracted her attention. At 19, she had moved out and lived in this scenic and peaceful village, her haven and had lived there ever since.

    Occupation: She worked as a waitress at a local bistro.

    Sexuality: Straight.

    Appearance: the pic attached. She is also a person of a petite and short stature, standing at 4'11"
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  16. Changed from writer to artist!
  17. @Levitas Thanks! Clark is 100% accepted, then ^w^

    @Nuria Alva Looks good! I'm assuming that since you put 'female' in the sexuality box that your character is lesbian? Oh, and please find an occupation within the village as soon as possible when the RP starts, you could even go job hunting at the shops of some of the other members. We don't want any deadbeats, after all >:3
  18. Omshi Dx bah. I thought of it wrongly. My char is straight. I'll change it. And, i already have an occupation, I'm a waitress at a local bistro. unless there is no bistro
  19. I think she brought up getting a job because you are using a past tense instead of a present tense.
  20. Oh okay, I got confused because it says "worked". And can you please make a minor character as the owner of the bistro, at least until someone who wants to run it comes along?
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