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Lusinoi's Circus:

It was dark everywhere, eyes watched intently for what would happen next and then there was a spark of fire, all eyes were fixed on what they saw. A face appeared from behind the light. "Welcome friends." A voice spoke, a sweet girl's voice yet in a mystical tone. The spark vanished and then a spiral wave of sparks lit up to reveal there were candles levitating in a spiral form upwards from where the girl stood. "Ladies & Gentlemen, feast you eyes for this evening's final and most extraordinaire act. I present to you 'The Fire Dance'." Just then you could hear a laugh, with a sinister aspect to it and all the candle burned themselves up into complete darkness and then amidst the silence of the audience suspense a blade came rolling out of nowhere, a blade of fire and shot fire sparks all around to light the stage with a dim light but visible enough for the act to be seen. A girl jumped right through the ring of fire, dressed in the most absurd outfit, taking hold of the blade she tossed it in the air and jumped from pole to pole and with accuracy though the fire blade, while landing on her feet she opened her blade into two blades of fire. She juggled them as she laughed and enjoyed her performance, throwing them in the air, out of what seemed nowhere came two bird like creatures with wings of a bird instead of arms and claw like feet but with a body of a woman. Those girls played bu running over, under and through the fire blades. In the end the fire blades collided and there was spark everywhere and the blade was now one again in the hands of its owner, the bird like creatures appeared beside the blade master and were cheered on by people. "Thank you for coming to Lusinoi's Circus. We hope you enjoyed and will come again." the girl who had introduced the act was now standing tip toed on top of a smaller pole with the spot light on her. She jumped down as the entertainers left and the people started to leave. There was quite once again and everyone went back stage whee they cheered and laughed and caroused. "Great job ladies, well done." spoke a short bald stubby man, he was Lusinoi, the owner and creator of the circus and despite his rough attitude he wad a heart of gold. He would take in the outcasts and give them a family in the circus.

Next Day:-

It was late afternoon, nearing to early evening and another town. Freya was out and about helping out with setting up everything for the nights stay and of course the performances. She was near the animal cells and was looking over it Kibay who had just woken up. The performers were practicing on the stage when Freya walked in with Kibay, he needed to have a stretch so she'd open him up but he was only allowed to roam inside the circus perimeters, he would scare the non gifted ones if he ever went out. "Hyaaaaaaaa" and there was a fire ball dancing in the air far on top. Rose jumped from hoop to hoop and then on the ground. The fire ball shot itself down on the ground and vanished. "How'd ya like that huh, say it?" Rose spoke and boasted. "It was fine I guess." Freya teased back and saw Rose's expression change to being annoyed, "Oh really, well I'll show ya-" she turned around and raised her arms but Freya chuckled, "What's so funny?" Rose arched a brow, "Nothing I was just joking." Freya replied as she walked over inside to see what the others were up to backstage. "See I knew you'd like it." Rose smiled mischievously like always and walked beside Freya.
Another day, another show, as Taran had always said. Even if it's not a paying one, Everyone performs to everyone else. This was his life philosophic stance on his life, but he didn't care. He just liked performing. He sat backstage playing his harp, practicing illusions to make some of the less talented acts more gripping. While he practiced he watched two performers on stage, Freya and Rose, mock each other. then they started walking backstage together, this would be a good chance to try a new one. He put an odd shaped whistle in his mouth and waited for the girls to get near. Just a little moment longer...

He suddenly plucked and strummed furiously and quickly, even using his bare feet for some strings. The music was tense and wild, and somehow... hungry. "See I knew you'd like it." came the fire demons voice, just before Freya was close enough to be enthralled by the illusion. An illusionary lion, slightly larger that normal, came round the corner silently and bared its teeth. Taran blew his whistle and the beast roared at Freya, the roar itself coming from the whistle. "Whaddaya think, Mam?" he said standing up (the lion disappeared as he stopped playing) "For a lion tamer. It's what we're missing and with this it's a hundred percent safe."
Jewel heard a lion's roar coming from backstage as she helped to set up a few of the ropes and dangly things she'd need for her act. She called them dangly things because even if she was the tight rope walker she actually had no idea of what anything was in her 'trade'. This made her chuckle to herself as she stepped back to look at her handy work. "I think it's done." Said one of her coworkers and she nodded her agreement. "Now I'm going to go help some of the others." And with that said co worker walked off and away.
She sighed and pulled out a flask from the small black bag she carried around with her when she wasn't performing. Undoing the lid she tipped the bottle to her lips and took a big gulp. "That'll help me for tonight." She giggled to herself as she took another swig of the hard liquor and then put the flask back into her bag. Once that was done she walked backstage and saw Freya, Rose, and Taran all standing near each other. "Was that lion noise just a minute ago you, Taran?"

As Freya and Rose were headed back stage in the midst of their way came up a lion, larger than normal Rose armed herself just in case. Freya was about to say something when the lion roared and then vanished.
"Whaddaya think, Mam? For a lion tamer. It's what we're missing and with this it's a hundred percent safe." Freya was impressed and smiled at Taran when Jewel walked in upon hearing the lion's roar. "Was that lion noise just a minute ago you, Taran?" Rose made an annoyed face and replied, "Ya it was him alright, you guys know I aint good around animals." 'Scared the crap out of me.' Rose murmured under her breath. "I think we could have a lot more fun with a lion like this, don't you guys agree?" she turned to Rose and Jewel, "I mean this lion is larger and can do tricks a normal lion couldn't but for this lion tamer Taran I think you hould do this job because that's way it's easier. You create the illusion and you act to tame it." Turning to the other she asked, "What do you guys think?"
"I don't know like I said talk about anything but animals." Rose spoke with a grumpy face.
They appeared in a bright flash, on the edge of the carnival. One was a small, thin woman with smokey yellow skin, and all her weight appeared to be in her hair. She had thick makeup rimmed eyes that were dark and rather clever looking, if also greedy and tricky. Her full lips were painted red. Some would say that she looked like a harlot, others would say that she was lovely, if sickly. That was what Columbine was, after all. Sickly. Sickly all the time, but there was nothing she could do about it. Even though she might like to. Hanging on her arm was a thin, rather tall man, blonde, with black sunglasses who smoked expensive black cigarettes that wafted and coated the small group with blue smoke. His voice was indistinct, but unmistakably accented. The woman, Columbine, looked at him with a smile, holding his head in her thin hands.

Next to her stood a taller, disgruntled looking man, corpulent, though his face hadn't begun to show it yet. He was thinking about the blonde man his wife was courting. She had lost most of her respect for her husband, he thought, and the trouble had begun in the woman. A Constantine always kills the twin in the womb. He should have died. He didn't. But he should of. And now he was stuck with a job he wasn't qualified for, frustrating friends and co-workers, and a beautiful wife who no longer loved him.

The blonde was speaking now - "Listen, Charleh, this will be the time of yer life. Your wife's the spirit of a carnival after all," He grinned and twirled around a bit, "Columbine, queen of masks!" He took her hand and kissed it gently, though a sharp look from Constantine caused him to stop. He glanced at the couple, or one might think he did, though it was hard to see what the young blonde was doing behind those black sunglasses, "The faire is fer yeh, my good lord and lady,"

Charles Constantine grabbed his wife's hand, in a rare display of bravery, "Shut up, Todd. Keep your oily words inside your mouth," He drug his wife with him into the carnival. It was a brutal action, but not brutal enough, and the lights from the circus illuminated that fact. Constantines needed brutality in their life. He was an enjamber after all - brutality defined him. They walked through the carnival, waiting to be impressed by some display, waiting for something that no enjambment could have - happiness and magic.
Taran smiled at the suggestion, then shook his head. "Of course I can't be tamer, who'll work the illusion?" It was the most common misconception about illusions, and he found it funny that no matter how many times he told anyone they never remembered. "The second I stop playing, the lion will disappear." He paused for a moment. "I could create one, but it wouldn't be able to talk, and it would be obviously fake." He thought for a moment. "And I can't really do that many things at once, not if I'm doing the lighting as well." He did the illusionary lighting to a lot of the acts, in his own he did lighting with his feet. "Anyone could do it though, even you if you want." He was talking to Freya but didn't mind whom responded. He started playing his harp one handed, subconsciously, and with the other hand petting the illusion rabbit he was creating.
Jewel watched as Taran played his harp i an easy going way while petting an illusion bunny that he was creating. Then she peeked over at the other two girls and gave them a wide grin. "Sounds fun enough..." She looked around backstage while staying in her spot, it never did change much back here. Just lots of ropes hanging here and there, and the people who worked for Lusinoi standing around. She smiled softly to herself as a warm feeling came over her. This always happened when she stopped to notice the things she loved about this circus, it being her home was one of them. "So who's getting wasted with me tonight after all the shows have ended?" She chuckled secretly to herself, hoping she'd get a yes out of one of them.

(OOC:My friend is telling me that Fae's can't get drunk but let's just say that my girl likes to try.)

Freya arched a brow for a moment and then glanced at Rose who gestured 'no way' and so Freya agreed,"Okay I'll do it I'll be the tamer." Jewel grinned wide like always with the obvious question being followed, she always asked that, "Oh hun I'm with you besides a demon like me needs to drink wayyyyyy more than a normal person to get wasted." Rose winked putting an arm around Jewel. Freya was informed from afar by a colleague that some visitors were early here. "Guys excuse me I gotta handle something." Rose watched as she left and walked out the huge tent and saw a couple, at first Freya thought they were outcasts wanting to join but they seemed pretty contented the way they stood. "Hello my lady and gentleman. I am sorry to disappoint you the circus doesn't start until late evening in like half an hour, but is there any way else I can assist you." Freya asked.
"So Taran you wanna join us in getting wasted?" Rose asked in the same posture her arm around Jewel. "It's gonna be fun."
The couple glanced at the young woman who informed them of the time. Constantine looked at her with his blue eyes. He figured he had seen a young woman like her before, once in his many ravages. Or as his adoring wife might have called them, his 'little temper tantrums'. Constantine considered for a moment this carnival. Todd sent them here for some reason other than just to enjoy the magic and delight of a circus. He had some intrinsic motivation. Constantine privately wondered if this girl belonged to the blonde man, and whether she knew him. It was rare for mortals to see enjambers except for they wished to be seen, so whether or not she would recognize Todd, even if she knew him well.

Columbine, on the other hand, was not concerned with whether this girl knew them or not. She was only concerned with the relative beautiful of the girl, and how very much she would like to have face like that. She, unlike Todd and her many co-workers, could not become anyone she wanted. She was always herself, whether she called herself Columbine or anything else. She looked at the girl, and smiled with her painted lips, "Well, I'm sure you can afford to speak with us, " Columbine tossed her bob of black hair, "After all, we are very important people," She looked at her husband and rolled her eyes, "Well, I'm a very important person. Constantine you've never heard of, I assure you. Or if you have, you won't recognize him."

Constantine rested his large hands on his wife's narrow shoulders, "Don't listen to her. What is this carnival, exactly?"

Theodore's screech could be heard half way across the fair grounds, though, unfortunately, Darrikk, who had decided to follow the rest of the group to where ever they were going (he didn't know for sure, he just needed something to do), wasn't even more than thirty feet away from the boy. His sensitive ears twitched at the boy's loud irritating noises, and he hoped that the kid wasn't running this way.

While Teddy scurried to catch his little pet, Panda's cubby little rodent legs carried him quickly along the ground, hurdling over rocks and various liter from the circus attendees. The green haired boy weaved in and out of the departing crowds, huffing and puffing, calling the rodent's name over and over. Every time Panda's name was called, he only seemed to scurry a bit faster.

Darrikk spotted the flash of gray and lifted his foot, seeming a bit startled. The boy followed after, shoving Darrikk aside along with anyone near him, but stopped suddenly as Panda scampered up the extravagantly dressed woman's garment. Teddy turned bright red with embarrassment, and slight anger. "PANDAA!!! GET OUT!!" He squealed.<o:p></o:p>
Darrikk winced, and growled quietly, as Teddy frantically apologized to the woman, attempting to get the rodent out, all the while trying not to touch her.Theodore wiped his eyes with his sleeves, trying to hide his tears from the rest of the group. He was beginning to fear he would get in trouble again.<o:p></o:p>
((OOC: Bau, it depends which version of fae you believe, but I generally accept that they have a high resistance to alcohol like demons))

Taran considered for a moment then nodded. "Sounds like a plan" he started "But can we please go into town for it? I don't want the guests coming up to me at the bar here and giving me 20 q's again" he rolled his eyes then put on a kiddy voice "What's YOUR job here? how is THAT an act? You play harp? that's so GAY!" He sighed "Some of the kids we get here are just so annoying" his tune had changed while he's been talking and the bunny had become slightly demonic and and was bright red. "I mean, they're lucky that I can only do illusions" as if on cue the demon bunny belched fire.
Jewel jumped slightly when the bunny bleched fire, but not enough to jostle Rose's arm that was on her. "Sweetness." She said, her already wide grin growing with her egarness. "I love trying to see if I can get drunk." She winked at Rose and chuckled. "Us Fae's have a high tolerance for alchol so I start drinking as soon as I can to try and see how long it takes me to get wasted." She started walking towards one of the exits, expecting them to follow. "So we can make it a game, Rose. See who get's drunk first. Hope it's me." This was followed by a very loud laugh that usually shocked so many people when it came from such a soft and shy looking girl. People were always getting her wrong, must've been the wings, or maybe it was the bow in her hair?
Columbine scowled, and then she laughed a little, withdrawing the rodent from her and holding it by the scruff of its neck. Constantine stiffened. He had hoped that his beautiful wife would follow proper procedure, and only enjamb those who required it and who were in the Book. This rabbit was an innocent, after all, simply a little rodent that had gotten out of hand. Constantine liked rodents They were wise creatures, and though they followed a cycle of eat fuck, fuck, and die, Constantine knew that there was more to them than just that. To his delight, Columbine just handed the rodent back to the boy though her eyes were sharp and hard. She laughed again, and Constantine swore that there was never a sound more chilling than that one.

She looked at the young boy then, smiling with those harlot lips, painted just enough to conceal her true feeling,
"You're not what you seem, boy," She said softly, and Constantine thought he knew what she meant. There was something about the boy, and aura, a tinge, that was not right - but he couldn't place it. He wasn't enjambed, that's for certain, and he didn't belong to either one of them, as far as the big man knew. Then again, he wasn't as adept as his wife at being what they were. Constantine withdrew a handkerchief and wiped his face, feeling uncomfortably warm for some reason. It was natural, he supposed. He was working on his words, so that he could offer to introduce them, but his lady grabbed his arm and introduced them instead, "I am the Lady Columbine, queen of the Carnivale and a variety of other things as well," She gestured with her thumb to the large man she clinged to, "And this is my idioté of a husband, Charles Constantine." Her voice was smoky and light accented. Italian, it seemed, though it wasn't an overwhelming tone in her voice."
Theodore took back the animal as it squirmed uncomfortably in the woman's hands, and cradled Panda to his chest, petting him softly. She had said something after that, but he pretended not to hear it, for he was a normal person with a normal life and a normal job. Nothing more, and nothing less. He stretched out his collar and dropped Panda into his shirt, whose head peeked out of a gap between his buttons a few seconds later. Ted looked up as the strangely pretty woman introduced herself and the man next to her. He looked her and the man over once and stuck out a grimy hand to the woman. "I'm Theodore Quantanimo Maximillion III," He repeated the name he'd made up and memorized years ago in one simple breath. "But you can call me Ted—"

Darrikk pushed Teddy aside, inserting himself into the conversation. "Tha's no way t' greet a woman, Theodore."Darrikk took the woman's hand, with a bow, and kissed the back of it lightly.Theodore's cheeks reddened as he watched enviously, and with a 'humph' he crossed his arms. With a charming smile he introduced himself. "I'm Darrikk, a performer 'ere at Lusinoi's Circus. I'm also very pleased to make yer acquaintance, Miss Columbine." He straightened up his posture, as well as his face, and stuck out a hand to her husband. "You also Mister Constantine." Darrikk turned to the woman again and smiled apologetically. "I'm very sorry if little Teddy was being a nuisance." He chuckled, and sighed, patting the boy's head lightly. "He's always getting' 'imself inta trouble with his little rat." Theodore scowled. "He's a Panda, you stupid dog." Darrikk jabbed Teddy in the gut, hard, with his elbow, all the while keeping on his little smirk. Ted hunched over and whimpered in pain. Darrikk put his hands into his pockets. "So, anywho, you two enjoying yerselves, hmm?"<o:p></o:p>


Freya only watched as the sudden actions took place, the little rodent was out and about again running from right under her legs. It was a good thing Miss Columbine and Mister Constantine didn't object much at this act. Freya stood tapping her foot on the ground with her hands around her hips as she watched the two almost battle out to be noticed by Miss Columbine. "Eherm, shouldn't you two be at practice." After a little pause she continued, "I'm not just talking to Teddy Darrikk and no they aren't going to enjoy unless you practice for your act." Turning to the couple Freya smiled apologetically, "I am so very sorry about all this but perhaps I can show you around a bit, we don't usually do that but since you had to go through a little trouble." She eyed Teddy when she spoke this, "We can make an exception but first excuse us for a moment." She turned around and faced the two, well three counting the little rodent. "Now listen you both uncle Lusinoi should not know a word of this, got it, you heard nothing. Darrikk I don't know if you'll do an act for tonight's show but Teddy you know better than to waste time, you're good boy now run along back stage where Rose Jewel and Taran are, I'll be there as soon as I can."

Rose chuckeled at the imitation Taran did and agreed, "Yup it's a competition alright but hey to go out into town is risky don't you think I mean they'll recognize me from afar as a demon." Rose commented as Jewel headed out. Rose dug her ring blade in the ground and it stood straight and sat on its edge. One would wonder why she never got sliced but she had her training. "So Taran ready for tonight's act?" she asked.
"Who cares if they recognize you Rose." Jewel turned around and continued walking but backwards, not at all afraid of tripping on something and falling. "It just means that we might be able to get some free drinks. Duh~" She giggled and took another swig from her flask, a bit of the liquor slid down her chin and she wiped it away. "So let's stop with the chit chat people and get a move on!" She clapped her hands together and then bumped into a fellow coworker who was standing behind her trying to untie a knot in some rope. "Oof! My bad." The girl smiled at her and told her it was no big deal. "Come on guys before I run into another person while talking like an idiot." She shook her head sadly at herself and then left the backstage area.