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ehehe finally am such a person to be stalked lols love the feeling XD jk h Basil u ould create someone almost like Todd you know cuz honestly i like that char too =)
Well if you're going to be so nice about this, I'm going to take advantage of you and play two Todd's coworkers.
If that's not cool, let me know.

Name: Columbine
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Race: Appears Human (Embodiment of an Idea)
Appearance: Has smoky, yellowish skin and a bob of black hair. Most take her for someone of Oriental or Egyptian origin. She has thick make-up around her eyes and is quite beauitful - she's thin in all the right places and has gentle curves. She has a habit of wearing a good deal of costume jewelry and usually dresses in period outfits - in her case a red Venetian carnival gown, with a black and red feather mask.
Occupation: Enjmaber (Causer of Enjambment)
Short Bio: Spoiler Heavy. Suffice to say, she's a lazy, silly woman with many whims and desires that she requires her somewhat useless husband to fulfill. She's come to the fairground for a bit of diversion; Todd sent them. Thought it would amuse them. He probably was right; Columbine needed a diversion, she feels under appreciated in her job and has to compete with her more popular and called for co-workers.

Name: Charles Constantine
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Race: Appears Human (Embodiment of an Idea)
Appearance: A bulky man, who has the appearance of a former athlete gone to seed. His face is round and pleasant looking, though his wife refers to it as stupid looking, and usually a confused look on his face. He has small, dark blue eyes, and a thick thatch of dark brown hair. He wears a heavy green coat - that of a military man, and an officer's cap.
Occupation: Enjamber (Causer of Enjambment)
Short Bio: Spoiler Heavy. Suffice to say, his wife's friend Todd, and his co-worker, advised him to take Columbine to the fair, to get away from her frustrating situation at work. He agreed, which was surprising in itself; he's not too keen on Todd. He genuinely loves his wife, but she finds him repulsive and believes him to be both a coward and to be without honour. The sad part of that, is that it's true. Columbine accuses him of not even being an Enjamber - He cannot successfully embody his idea.
1 question basil are they in or are they not in the circus ? and guys pls get on with the story in the I part will ya
They're not members of the circus, they are guests.
ah kk great one again mezz and bau and basil now that u joined start on the IC =) lets get this thread rolling.
For the record, Kable (My ch on The Hunters) is Tarans dad.
(I might draw a better pic, but until then this is what I have)
Name: Theodore "Teddy" Quantanimo Maximillion III (He gave himself a middle and a last name)
Age: 10 or 11 more or less
Race: Demon of some kind. He doesn't know himself.
Occupation: Clown of many talents: Juggler, unicyclist, gymnast and sword swallower.
Short Bio: Theodore is an orphan whose parents were slain when he was young, even though he likes to believe his parents are alive and well and live somewhere nice. He also likes to believe he's a normal human, with a normal life, and a normal job. Teddy has a huge imagination and makes up a whole bunch of stores about how he got where he is today, and he's also a compulsive liar.
He's short on friends because of how simply bratty and annoying he is, so he carries around a black and white, guinea pig-like rodent named Panda
(because he actually believes it's a miniature/baby panda). Panda and Teddy are BFF's and Teddy tells everything to Panda. Ted loses Panda a lot but he can usually be found in other peoples pant legs or scurrying up people's shirts.
Name: Darrikk
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: Rikk is a tall scruffy man, with a double braided beard (about three inches long) and long unkempt hair. He has a large gap in his sharp teeth and has five peircings in his left ear, two in his right. Aside from his hairiness, he's considered very handsome and even a bit charming. He has a slight, Scottish-sounding accent.
(I may also crate a picture of him and post it)
Occupation: Daredevil, gymnast and sword swallower.
Short Bio: Darrikk doesn't remember much of anything from before he was the age of fourteen. He's a bit lost about where his life went and can even seem a bit clueless, though he's very clever. Usually He's soft spoken and and cool but when he's angry, he gets very violent and aggressive, and just plain awful. He's a bit narcissistic, but he always keeps it in check, so no one really knows. Not many people know a lot about Rikk, but that's only because he doesn't know much about himself. <o:p></o:p>


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I thought that Teddy chased the rabbit into her?

Did I miss read something?
Teddy? no, they were chasing 'panda' I think, a rodent of some variety.

The rabbit is an illusion. and currently sat on Tarans lap belching fire.
Oh. Well, I'll edit it so it's a generic rodent, not a rabbit.