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Lusinoi's Circus:

It was dark everywhere, eyes watched intently for what would happen next and then there was a spark of fire, all eyes were fixed on what they saw. A face appeared from behind the light. "Welcome friends." A voice spoke, a sweet girl's voice yet in a mystical tone. The spark vanished and then a spiral wave of sparks lit up to reveal there were candles levitating in a spiral form upwards from where the girl stood. "Ladies & Gentlemen, feast you eyes for this evening's final and most extraordinaire act. I present to you 'The Fire Dance'." Just then you could hear a laugh, with a sinister aspect to it and all the candle burned themselves up into complete darkness and then amidst the silence of the audience suspense a blade came rolling out of nowhere, a blade of fire and shot fire sparks all around to light the stage with a dim light but visible enough for the act to be seen. A girl jumped right through the ring of fire, dressed in the most absurd outfit, taking hold of the blade she tossed it in the air and jumped from pole to pole and with accuracy though the fire blade, while landing on her feet she opened her blade into two blades of fire. She juggled them as she laughed and enjoyed her performance, throwing them in the air, out of what seemed nowhere came two bird like creatures with wings of a bird instead of arms and claw like feet but with a body of a woman. Those girls played bu running over, under and through the fire blades. In the end the fire blades collided and there was spark everywhere and the blade was now one again in the hands of its owner, the bird like creatures appeared beside the blade master and were cheered on by people. "Thankyou for coming to Lusinoi's Circus. We hope you enjoyed and will come again." the girl who had introduced the act was now standing tip toed on top of a smaller pole with the spot light on her. She jumped down as the entertainers left and the people started to leave. There was quite once again and everyone went back stage whee they cheered and laughed and caroused. "Great job ladies, well done." spoke a short bald stubby man, he was Lusinoi, the owner and creater of the circus and despite his rough attitude he wad a heart of gold. He would take in the outcasts and give them a family in the circus.

So you get the idea, it's a circus thread. The time period is historical fantasy where the only magical things can be found in the moving circuses. Human and elves were considered normal and anything else with gifted abilities would be called a demon or a monster and outcasted. Lusinoi was a man who took in such children and people and gave them a place where people would appreciate them and where they'd feel like home, he related the circus after realisi8ng their talents and made it a traveling circus. Since it's a circus threads be creative, odd sort of animals and humanoid people can be found here. I have a character sheet lay out of two characters, however don't over do with your abilities and no god modding. Romance is well encouraged but with bigger ideas consult me first in here.

Character Sheets:-
Name: Rose
Gender: Female
Race: Fire demon
Appearance: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs8/i/2005/334/4/6/SoulCalibur_III___Tira_by_Artgerm.jpg except has red hair and crimson red eyes and her outfit is of mauve color in contrast with plum. She carries her ring blade almost everywhere with her.
Occupation: Fire dancer
Short Bio: Rose grew up in the downtown of a small town as an orphan who stole for survival from the market place. She was a witty little girl faster from other orphans, specially when they played in the market place but one day she was caught while stealing apples for her and her friends and the an stated to have her hands cut for robbery that is when she realised what abilities she had for the mans market caught fire out of nowhere and people accused her of it, she was only six when they outcast her from the town. After a few days of surviving on her own she was found by Lusinoi whose circus was traveling and he took her in and gave her a home, he was the one who names her Rose because of her red hair and crimson red eyes.

Name: Freya
Gender: Female
Race: Gifted human, she has the ability to understand animals and so all the animals are fond of her at the cicus.
Appearance: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_btuxJmTyc...HfQ/s1600/FInal_Fantasy_XIII_Serah_Farron.jpg except her eyes are the same shade as her hair but ofc she wears something else, She wears a loose white shirt with baggy sleeves and a skin tight pants which comes up till her waste with her shirt tucked in but loosely to keep it baggy. She wears knee high laced heel boots.
Occupation: Host
Short Bio: Freya is Lusinoi's niece and the only family Lusinoi has. He took her in when she was extremely sick, the same sickness had killed her parents and so he took her, the circus was a magical place. The medic there knew how to work with herbs and cured her disease. Since then she lived with Lusinoi at the circus, both Freya and Rose were 6 years old when they met and befriended each other since then. She also has a pet wolf, white in colour, gender male and larger than a usual one. She calls it the spirit wolf and named it Kibay. he is not friendly with anyone except Freya and is starting to get to know Rose slowly since he is new.

Following the above given, post your character sheets here once I have a few people in I will post the IC thread for playing =)
How's this sis?

Name: Taran
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Gifted human, has the ability to make small illusions.
Appearance: Short with a big nose, his hair is down to his shoulders and he has a young, round, friendly face.
Occupation: Bard/musician
Short Bio: His father died when he was a baby, and he was raised by his mother, a dancer, till he was 11. His older brother was in a crime ring and he was taken away from home when it was found out, they claimed that the orphanage was for his own protection. But he wasn't allowed to play his music there, it scared the other children when he created lights with it. He ran away a year later and has been honing his skills with the circus since. He can play most instruments but prefers the harp.
good to go probably just one person and I'll put up an IC post =)
Care if I join or are you guys tired of me yet? :D
no not at all in fact if u join the threads up then hehe
Name: Jewel
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Fae
Appearance: http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w187/princess-in-training/p_fairy.jpg
Occupation: Tight rope walker person
Short Bio: Both of her parents were killed right infront of her when she was a child and she was left to die on the streets. After a year or two of stealing for a living she stumbled upon a circus that took in her kind. Having been fully award that nobody else would hire her because of her Fay blood she decided to join up with the circus and make a living there doing whatever she could. With her wings they thought she'd be perfect for the job of a tight rope walker since there'd be no fear of her falling and getting her. Not that she ever would fall since fae are known to have excellent balance. She also does small tricks down on the ground like balancing on random objects of the audience's chosing or even people from the audience. It's all good fun and she knows what she's doing which makes it really fun when they try and chose small and thin objects for her.

Let me know if this is okay. :D
hmm i'd like a little more talent as in related to fae stuff or rope walking cuz u know she needs more than that t0 atract the audience get wat i mean?
Gotcha' Boss. ^^ Want me to put it in the bio or occupation?
Fae would work for trapeze too. perhaps both together
Fae, Fay, Faeire they all mean the same to me. But if there's a difference let me know. ^^
one. Fay and Fae are 5 and a 1/2 foot tall, faeries are 10 inches, depending on the fairy tale you believe *pun intended*
Gotcha'. I'm bad with mythical things. Never do my research but she is Fae. Now would you like to tell me the difference between magic stuff with Fays and faeries? Infact anything you know about them would help since I like to know all my facts but google hates me. >.<
Well, the most modern interpretation of 'Fae' is a descendant of a demonic rapist race that looks human and can read minds and blast demons with holy light, but the usual on fae's is pretty girls with wings, magic and fairy dust. Their magic is most often apothecaries, but they're also known to be incredibly graceful and, in this context, she could go en-point on a pinhead.
I was thinking more of the second one which why I thought it was also faerie.
Most people do, the first one's mostly used in fantasy horror stories. and not very well known
well there u go hehe even i ddnt hav much knowledge on fay/fae's thnks mezz i'll be putting up the i thread soon and put the link here be sure to chek it out =)
Alright, I give in.
Might make a character for this. If I can think something up. :U
(Tempted to just re-use Todd. Because I can. )
(I won't.)