Welcome To Los Santos (Arius and Nells)

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  1. Welcome Welcome Welcome! To beautiful sunny Los Santos! As much as they try, don't let the travel guides fool you! This lovely city is overrun with gangs and crime! There is always something to do at the Boardwalk if its not under repairs from the latest gang war! And make sure to stop by the mask shop, where the best thieves buy their disguises! Newest on the Gang Board are the Emerald Snakes, an new gang, and though small moving up past bigger gangs piece by piece. The Snakes are rumored to have to best shooters around and we will not be let down in event of shoot outs!

    So welcome friends, to sunny Los Santos, do us all a favor, and go back to where you came from.

    Vinny was excited to hear that the Emerald Snakes had moved up another notch after finally taking down the last branch of the Toreadors. One step closer to running the city. She sat down on a couch in the crib, relaxing for the first time in weeks. They were moving up so quickly it was one mission after the next. And this morning the took a strip club from the Morning Stars, which meant anyone that is a part of the Snakes are a constant target from the Stars until the Snakes have finished disposing of them.
    So far, they had taken down all of the smaller gangs and were scratching away at the medium ones. They gained more members each day, though Vinny rarely participated in the Jumps. Blood in, blood out. Which is how most gangs worked around here, but when the Snakes take prisoners, they are offered a choice. Be jumped into the Snakes and desert your former gang, or blood out, which the Snakes would gladly do in a blink.
    She propped her feet up on the glass coffee table of the apartment she is currently in the process of buying. It was a Penthouse, with a great view of the city. She kicked off her sneakers, obviously not expecting to be put on another mission today, especially after taking a Morning Star club.
  2. Skye walks into the penthouse for sale without knocking not realizing anyone is inside she starts looking around. She and another Snake had taken a club just today so thier boss had given them some time off, still she hated working with that Vinessa and she made a slight growl sound under her breath before wandering into the room and sending a glare at the girl kicked back in the pad that Skye had been eyeing for months now. She had been with the Snakes since almost the beginning because her Father helped finance the Snake operations. "Hey, what are you doing in here Vinessa?" Skye sounds super pissed as she walks over to Vinessa and knocks her feet off the table. "Shouldn't you be staying on the beach, you bum?"
    Still glaring Skye walks over to the balcony doors and opens them wide letting it a soft gust that makes her expression soften for a second in time before she swings her rifle bag from her back and starts looking through the scope at the city. "I could kill damn near anyone from here..." She mumbles almost to herself her posture relaxing a bit.
  3. Vinny snickered, Skye's insults amused her. Then she realized that Skye had come into her home unannounced and unwelcome, "I just put the down payment on this place, its mine." She shot back, not really in the mood for Skye's constant jabber and insults. She was tired and wanted to relax in her new home, "Looks like you were too late.. again." Vinny shot in an unpleasantly cold tone. She stood from her new couch and moved to where Skye was on the balcony, "Put your rifle away. As much as I agree, this place is brand new and I would rather not have the cops, or worse, the Morning Stars busting down my door. At least not today." Vinny smirked. She has had plenty of shoot outs and stand offs with the seemingly infinite ranks of the Los Santos Police. She has killed hundreds of their men, and didn't really regret it. Here she was alive, well, and with a new apartment. "Also, I do not spend all my time on the beach, and no bum would be able to afford this wonderful new Penthouse now would they?" Vinny asked a sly smirk pulling at her lips.
  4. Skye shoots another glare at Vinessa and puts her rifle away yawning a bit. "Ah I don't care honestly, it's just one of the many places here in. Los Santos." She shrugs her eyes looking icy despite the fire colors that make up her looks. "I thought you prefered the beach by the way. Although... This is close to the beach." Skye shrugs once more letting her vindictive nature calm down a bit. She hated this girl but once Skye won the right hand place at their leaders side maybe they could get along. "Pfft I doubt it." She says to herself mostly and stretches. "I'm going to the beach, there's a small festival going on I think. Enjoy your new place, I will be sure to tell all the Morning Stars I see that I know where the sniper that took them down lives. Well..." She smirks, "At least one of the snipers. By the way... I won this time I got the most kills remember, you were afraid to hit the pedestrians it seemed."
  5. Vinny shrugs, "There's no need to kill civilians, but by all means congratulations on killing the people we aren't actually trying to kill." Vinny offers a sincere smile and waves Skye towards the door, "Have fun at whatever you're going to, I do hope from the bottom of my heart that you get a bullet to your knee, Goodbye!" Vinny said in a cheery voice and waved from where she stood near the balcony door, rolling her grey eyes. Sure, Skye had more documented kills then her, but Vinny had very little casualties when her and her squad went on missions. They actually had the lowest death rate out of all the other squads within Emerald Snakes. As hard as Vinny and Skye were competing, Vinny worked near opposite of Skye. Vinny did almost purely Guardian Missions while Skye was mainly mercenary (i think?).

    Vinny sighed shoving off the wall and closing the glass doors. A festival at the beach? Vinny might make an appearance. If not just to stop by the mask store. Her favorite mask, a completely black hockey mask, was worn our, scratched and stained with blood. It was about time to bury that hatchet and get a new mask. And the ammo shop was within walking distance, so she could touch up on her supply.
  6. Skye leaves and heads downstairs muttering under her breath, "I never hit any civilians but I wasn't afraid to aim past them either." As she rides the elevator down her cell begins to ring. She pulls out a small smartphone wrapped in a purple protective casing and answers it. "Hello?" There's a pause before she begins talking to the man on the other end. "What do you mean, don't come back to the main crib?" She seems nervous in the elevator now and starts pacing inside. "Morning Stars found it? Who led them there?" Hearing the answer from the person on the phone followed by a gun shot makes her hang up instantly and dial Vinessa's number hesitantly. "This is so irritating but it sounded like there were too many for me to handle alone..." She mumbles as she waits for her rival to answer her damn cell phone.
  7. Vinny moved to pick up the ringing cellphone. She thought about ignoring the call after looking at the caller id, but Skye would only call her in an emergency. She pressed the answer key pressing the phone to her ear. She was already grabbing her weapons from her closet, before Skye could even finish. All she needed to hear was Morning Stars and Home. Vinny went down to her garage and grabbed her favorite pink lambo, and drove off. She was speeding and swerving in and out of traffic. She came to a screeching halt, and was already picking Morning Stars off from her car window. She climbed the parking structure across from the Crib, which was a great vantage point to pick off the members already inside.
  8. Since Skye had already been on her way to the main crib she had already found a sniping position and kept taking out all the Morning Stars she could. She was cursing under her breath with each shot that fired, "damned fucking thugs don't like us taking one of your bases so you think you can attack our home?" Her breath comes quick and she begins to notice targets going down without Skye herself aiming at them. "About damn time..." The shots become more rapid but never does she miss a target. As she aims at another though she sees a Star dart into their boss' office and her instincts fire her actions. She latches a climbers clip to the railing of her high location and drops off the side sliding down the rope she had set up quickly but not recklessly.

    Her feet hit the ground and she's running into the building firing a pistol at any Stars she sees, she wouldn't kill them all but they were disabled and unable to try and take her out. It didn't matter how she felt about one of their members though, in her head she knew this and if anyone threatened Vinessa she knew she would help her, but she wasn't telling her that!
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