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It's somewhere in the middle of Autumn, and the new school year is bound to start within just a few short days. The temperature is dropping fast, already down to just about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The leaves on the occasional tree have just begun turning a golden color, with the early ones just beginning to hint at darker reds and browns.
The place where all the people are is in the heart of the moderately-developed modern city, Lendover. In it, you can find two Elementary schools [kindergarten-5th grade] -- Yume Elementary (Mascot: Owl) in the northeast and Wittleson Elementary (Mascot: Wildebeest) in the southwest. Garnet Middle School (Mascot: Goose) [6th grade-8th grade] is a little towards the west.

There is also Prairie High School (Mascot: "Dog") [9th-12th] towards the center, its rival being River West High (Mascot: Catfish) in a nearby city that also holds Burgundy Academy and Burgundy University, two very prestigious schools disdaining anyone from Lendover.
One can find every means of housing from one-man shacks to towering apartment complexes to one of seven colossal mansions. However, the most impressive buildings are the corporate and company buildings. Snowfall Inc. (Electronics in general) and uPyre (Tablets and laptops), owners of the largest in everything, are constantly at each other's throats -- not only do the companies create competition for each other, but even the employees of these two companies feel as if they are bitter enemies.
This city is surrounded by a poor, rundown suburb to the North, a happy countryside town to the East, a downtown shopping-area-slash-danger-zone on the South, and woods that lead up past some hills to a very unpopular, supposedly haunted beach.
Contained within the city are several popular hangouts. In the middle are an amusement park, a normal park, a large arcade, a mall, and an indoor pool. Elsewhere, one could find two or three quality hotels, a fishing pond, a pet store, several cafés, a club, a concert hall, a nursing home, two hospitals, a play theatre, a movie theater, a few nice restaurants, and other similar attractions.
The most popular rumors and urban legends recently include the following:
- Several of the children may actually be werewolves
- A uPyre designer may have been behind the recent tragic murder of a Snowfall Inc. security guard
- A famous boyband is planning to secretly come visit
- If you swim in the ocean within 20 feet of the beach, your love life will be cursed
- Young women brave enough to venture downtown alone who make it back unharmed will be met with great fortune
- The new video game that came out for the Occulus Nerve (aka the RiftGear (sorry, I had to)) is the reason teen suicide attempts have become more frequent
- If you are in the sewers at 1:23 in the morning and say "Death's Door" three times, your soul will be sucked out


Brief Background
It's a little bit of a pain to read through 7-8 paragraphs of fluff in every post, but having just two or three words won't cut it. Anywhere from 3 sentences to 3 paragraphs is good -- I'll leave the details up to you.
Seeing as this is a Jump In roleplay, you can get roleplaying in the same post as you fill out the form, or you could even just roleplay out exposing all of this information IC.

WE WANT MORE FRIENDS! Please join us!!

@Rilette - Julius Smith, m, 12
@Rilette - Emily Smith, f, 10
@Katrina Iceheart - Mariah T. Cross, f, 16

These are background characters whom anyone can control when necessary. You can create some on your own, if you need them.

Daisy Tamuro, f, 17
Attends Prairie High School Y3, works in a café with Mariah. Redhead, blue eyes, flat-chested. Allergic to coffee, a clutz. Very kind, a little shy.
Purpose: Provide interaction at work.

Jake Jackson, m, 11
Attends Garnet Middle School grade 6, shares 2 classes with Julius. Black hair, gray eyes, wears glasses. Likes swimming, very short. A goofball and teacher's pet.
Purpose: Provide interaction at school.

Marcus Wylder, m, 18
Attends Prairie High School Y4 (tends to skip classes), wanders the city every night. Caramel hair, dark brown eyes, lean build. Attracts trouble, does parkour. Witty yet incompressible.
Purpose: Push plot during the night.

Kaylie Fether, f, 29
Street entertainer, travels across the whole city daily. Black hair, hazel eyes, significantly attractive. Can juggle as well as do sword-swallowing and magic tricks. Bubbly, teasing.
Purpose: Push plot during the day.

Yuuki and Megumi Kita, f-f, 10-10
Attend Yume Elementary grade 4, identical twins. Dark brown hair, blue eyes, slender shape. Enjoy practical jokes, good at disappearing when there is work to be done. Quiet and mischeivous.
Purpose: Interaction at school.
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A blond-haired boy stood towering over a smaller ginger girl, glancing down at her with his chin raised. The soon-to-be Middle School boy had assumed a threatening position.

"What did you mean to say?" he questioned. "I-I meant you're a great person, a-and it should be your turn first..." the girl whimpered, turning her gaze to the ground. Suddenly, the boy's countenance changed and he beamed, giving her -- his sister -- a warm hug.

"Great! Then I choose... the park. Let's see if anyone else is hanging out there." With that, they headed off to explore the park.


Names: Emily and Julius Smith
10, 4th grade ... 12, 7th grade
Female ... Male
Wittleson Elementary Student ... Garnet Middle School Student

Emily is a very small girl with green eyes. Her wavy waist-length hair is thin and strawberry-blonde, and she has a chubby build. She has lived in Lendover for her whole life, and enjoys spending time with her friends. She is generally very shy and submissive, but she has to be to survive with her brother around.

Julius is an athletic young boy with green eyes and silky blonde hair. He is of average height now, but will someday grow to stand just over six feet tall. He used to live overseas, but since he moved when he was 19 months old he can not remember anything about it. He occasionally has intense mood swings.
Name: Mariah Tristian Cross (might answer to Mar, Momo, etc.)
Age/Grade: 16
Gender: female
Occupation/School: prairie high school, works after school at the cafe.
Appearance: http://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=JN.ddDIZQavvick8viFzt1Rcg&pid=1.1
she has orange hair with her hair in a side ponytail. Her eyes are a hazel-Brown. She is shorter than most anyone her age.
Brief Background: she moved into the town in second grade, and immediately set out to disprove or prove different local legends. She didn't try most of the ones that could get her killed, and as of now, she hasn't done the most popular ones of the day. Her legend solving slowed when she got to high school and needed to study and get a job.

(I know it's jump in but I don't feel like incorporating it into the story. Can't find the words today!)

It was between her Saturday tutor session with a classmate and work for Mariah, and she was spending her last break hour, resting at the park. She was sitting on the bench with her arms stretched out and her head tilted back. She yawned, pondering what the next myth was she should debunk next month when she doesn't have work or school on Saturdays then. Maybe she should debunk that Snowfall guard murder, or maybe try riftgear! She lifted her head and scratched the back of it, staring at all the other people in the park.
"Whatcha staring at, old woman?" a boy questioned in what was supposed to be a non-offensive way when Mariah looked in his direction. A couple yards behind him, a smaller child was running to catch up to him. When she finally arrived, panting, she glanced up at the teen and waved lightly before placing her hand on her knees, trying to catch her breath. The boy waited for a reply.
Mariah snickered slightly as the boy made his remark.
"If I'm an old woman, I must be looking at a monkey." She said jokingly, picking at her fingernail for a second. She smiled and waved at the little girl, who seemed so adorable to Mariah. She crossed her legs and rested her chin in her palm and her elbow on her knee, waiting to see what the boy would come up with next.
"Excuse me?" he replied, a bit of his less friendly side peeking out. "Monkeys have tails and I don't have one. I'd say if either of us is a monkey... heh, it would be you. You have ugly saggy legs, and I'll bet they get really hairy if you don't shave, you old p--"

He was quickly cut off by the strawberry-blonde girl, who urgently grasped one of his arms with both of her little hands. "Stop, Ju! Be nice!" she cried out. Immediately after saying so, she realized what might happen to her now. She squeezed her eyes shut, bracing herself for her brother's reprimand.

He tore his arm away from her weak grasp and stared at the stranger as if there were little fires burning in his green eyes.
Mariah laughed again. "Monkeys don't have really saggy legs. They are probably pretty strong to help climb at times. But... Maybe you're right, I'd rather be a monkey than what you are." She picked on him. She knew that her legs were actually recently shaved and nit saggy, but rather strong. She had to keep fit for her missions. She was goading him on, but she gave a wink to the girl and gave her a thumbs-up, signaling that she didn't need help.
"Eh? What do you think I am, then?" he huffed. He crossed his arms and furrowed his brow, expressing his anger. Like most young boys, he was always one to fall for teasing.

"Y-you shouldn't be doing this, Ju," the girl insisted, despite the teen's reassuring gestures. She turned to face Mariah with wide eyes. "Please, um... miss, he does very bad things when he gets mad..." she whimpered. She was clearly afraid of him, and did not want to deal with him in Rage Mode.

"Shut up! I'm having a conversation!" he growled, turning to face the girl only to push her to the ground. He swiftly turned back to Mariah. He was inches from really snapping.
Mariah gave a sympathetic look to the girl, and stood and helped her up. There was no way she would let Ju lay a hand on the girl anymore if it was her fault. She decided to mess with him though. She turned her head to the side, standing between the girl and the boy, giving the signal that she was ignoring his request.
"Nope. I'm not going to tell you! Unless..." She had baited the hook and now casted it into the waters, metaphorically of course.
"Hah, you're only as tall as me!" the boy cried out as if he had just won a battle. The little girl stood up, trembling lightly, and hid behind Mariah.

The boy tested the bait for a moment to see if it was any good. There was a short pause, and then he replied with a little bit of a sour tone. "Unless... what?"
Mariah was internally dying of laughter. She had been picked on most of her life about her height, so she was used to it. She patted the girl's head, mouthing "it's okay." To her. She knew a few tricks to instantly get a midget or a person five times her size on the ground, uninjured. She had gotten tips from guards of both Snowfall and UPyre, both martial arts experts, and a few friends. These skills were needed for debunking rumors of her skill level.

"You do not lay a hand on the girl, and I will tell you. If you so much as harm a hair on her head after... " She pulled off from making a physical threat. "I have made men three times my size cry. " She held her stance, which was strong and protective.
Without realizing it, the girl pressed her head back into the teen's palm, accepting of her protection.

"Pfft, I wasn't doing anything..." the boy grumbled. He seemed more subdued, somehow. His arms stayed folded firmly, but the fire in his eyes dimmed a bit. "So, what thing lower than even a monkey do you take me for?"
Mariah smirked at the boy's arrogance to his own actions.
She sang,
"if it doesn't have a tail its not a monkey,
Even if it has a monkey shape,
If it doesn't have a tail it's not a monkey,
if it doesn't have a tail it's not a monkey..."
She paused her veggietales song, tapping the girl's shoulder and pointing to the bench across the way, signalling for her to sit until ju had finished reacting.
She took a running stance.
"IT'S AN APE!" She yelled, pointing at ju, then started sprinting around the bench she had been sitting at, waiting for the kid to come barreling at her. She could easily outrun him, but she wanted to have fun with this, and give the Kids a fun memory. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a leaf pile. She could incorporate that in sometime soon.
Whoops! Just like that, all the cooling lava became hot and molten again. "Why, you ugly-shorts grandma!!" he yelled, taking off and beginning to chase her around the bench. A few passersby giggled at the scene.

Surprisingly, the boy was very fast. If he hadn't been turning in circles, he would have been able to go even faster. As it was, his lean little legs let him easily keep up with his new acquaintance's handicapped pace.

The girl sat patiently on the bench with her hands in her lap. It was apparent that she was trying to keep a poker face, but she was in no way succeeding. She was torn between terror and laughter, occasionally letting out a little hiccup sound as she watched the spectacle.
"I know you are but what am I?" Mariah laughed, somewhat out of breath. After a few turn a around the bench, she realized how fast this kid was. Not fast enough though. She continued to go until they both were huffing and puffing, then quickly took a dash to the huge pile of leaves. She, unlike lots of girls her age, had no problems with the extra things that leaves hid, like slugs. She quickly tunneled her way into the leaves, letting them get caught in her hair. She then shifted in the leaves so only the top of her head stuck out, like a frog poking its head up from the watera. She was having a childhood nostalgia feeling, which made her sense of fun turn childish too.
"So, who should be buried in the leaves? We can prank people by jumping out of it." She offered, trying to calm the lava. She was going to offer the girl to come help with the leaves too. Mariah didn't think she wanted leaves in her hair, so she wasn't going to bury her.
Intending to throw them over her head, the boy picked up a handful of leaves. However, when a little black ant climbed onto his hand, he let out a shrill squeak and shook his hand violently to get it off.

The girl saw her chance and quickly dashed to the pile, now having reason to believe her big brother wouldn't follow her. She was flooded with relief so strong that she couldn't help but laugh a laugh that rang out loud and light and clear.

"You'll never get Em in here!" she called triumphantly. He was about to prove her wrong when she picked up something small and eight-legged. "Look, Ju! A spider!" she cried out with glee. She tossed the harmless thing in his direction playfully. From him, this elicited a loud, panicked "No!!"

<Please join us me. Will you show up at the park, or will you be somewhere else, interacting with other NPCs?>
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Mariah was rolling in the leaves like a kid. She smiled as the little girl tortured Ju with the spider.
"Don't be too mean. You don't want to act like him, even if he does it to you." She patted the girl on the head. She looked around, staring at the other people in the park for a second.
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"Aw, but I thought he liked spiders," the little girl said, saddened a bit. She hung her head a bit. "Sorry, Ju..." Although her brother usually would have accepted her reply as an act of submission and gone back into friendly mode, his sister was currently standing in the same pile of leaves that had contained the arachnid. He shook his head. "I'm not coming in there with you, no way!" he said, taking a few steps back. He was strongly entomophobic, and though he could usually ignore his fear, actually seeing a bug would kick it into overdrive. He became highly paranoid and kicked and scraped his shoes on the ground, just in case any bugs were trying to crawl up his legs.

"I'll hide with you," the girl said as she turned to Mariah. "What's your name?"
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"Its okay, just give Ju an example to follow." Mariah winked "anyway, I'm Mariah, but I didn't catch your.." She stopped and made a disgusted face. She picked a leaf out of her mouth. "Ugh. I hate it when that happens. Anyway," she there the leaf far away from the pile," I didn't catch your name. And I'm assuming he is Ju, maybe a relative of yours?" She continued, smiling.

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