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  1. ~At the JDRRA Teachers and Staff Facility, somewhere else~

    Marie Gatton, or rather, Ms. Cognit put on the specially crafted body suit and stepped into the chamber required for her to take over her android. She as well as the other teachers, would be placed in separate chambers with their own helmets, goggles, and body suit. Each helmet allows for the control of the android it is coded to, which means that if substitution for the teachers is necessary, then all a teacher would have to do is step in another chamber and wear what is provided.

    The headmaster of JDRRA, Ms. (instead of Mrs.) Cognit (instead of Gatton) had decided to go to work earlier than needed to. She, as the word had already spread around by some nosy Nancy, was going through a divorce procedure with her now ex husband. Marie found out that he had been trying to take half of the money that funded the Academy and what she made from running it. But with a little forgery on the pin up she signed before the divorce could happen, her ex husband wasn't getting a single cent.

    Her bitterness was present, as this was not the way she thought her five year marriage would end, but it was happening. If she wore her emotions on her sleeve, her employees may suffer from it. Marie wasn't going to let them see her at her lowest.

    But now, at 6 in the morning, it was time for her to ring the alarms and begin the day.

    ~At JDRRA~

    Mychelle awoke abruptly the moment the shrill sirens started ringing, groaning as she got up and out of her bed. She, like plenty of students who stopped caring, slept in her white T-shirt and underwear on most nights. Considering that sleep wear was incredibly expensive for her kind of pay, this was a much better substitute.

    She knew the drill; Get up, head to the coed showers (cold water of course) while the rooms got searched, get searched again, then head to breakfast. Then, they would begin their 30 minute Core classes, then their 1 hour group behavioral session, their 1 hour physical education, then the janitorial services. After that, 40 minutes of their chosen elections, then working time. Most students didn't choose to work with the Academy, such as kitchen or mail duty, but they found their way of making income.

    Mychelle set up her clothes, shoes, soap, shampoo, a towel given to her by the Academy, and a flimsy brush. She only put on her pants, and not even correctly. The guards would be coming by soon to make sure all students reported to the showers, so why would she dress appropriately if she was going to take it off?


    Andrew was already up before the sirens could go off. It was usually six loud rings to wake up everyone and then it would shut off. Even though he's spent quite a while in this Academy, the sirens and morning protocol was still a nuisance. Everyone only had about 10 minutes in the shower... If the Academy had a lot more students than what it did now, then the entire thing would be chaos.

    He ran a hand through his hair to straighten out his bedhead at least a little, waiting with his clothes, shoes, and hygienic products while he waited for the guard to come around.
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  2. The sound of the loud sirens echoing throughout the rooms of the Academy caused Hunter to wake up immediately, like they did almost every morning. He slowly sat up in his bed, careful not to hit his head on his roommates bunk above him. He was absolutely exhausted, and felt as if every movement he made to get out of bed drain him of all his energy. He hated doing this routine every single morning, all he wanted was to sleep in and be able to wake up and then do whatever he pleased, was that too much to ask?

    Hunter was extremely disgruntled and irritated, though he did his best to hide his emotions from his roommate Mychelle and everyone else in the academy like he had always done. He pushed himself out of his bed and gathered up his clothes, towel, and shampoo that he needed for his shower. Not like it would be enjoyable though, being that it was freezing cold and that it was ridiculously short. He heard the final sixth ring from the siren finally go off, soon the guards would be here. He paid no mind to Mychelle as she waited there with him setting up her things, he was in no mood to talk about anything. Actually, he never was in the mood to talk about anything.
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  3. Blake was groggily awake by the fourth ring. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and blinked. The world came into focus. The day has begun. Blake tended to sleep in his t-shirt and trousers, not finding pyjamas extremely necessary. He put on the remainder of his clothes, and rubbed his back for a few moments. He was sure that he never could get over those beds, hard as concrete. Probably was concrete. He murmured, "Good morning," to Anastassia, his roommate, and the only student he knew of as of yet that was the same height as him, which filled him with glee.

    He then realised that he wasn't even ready for the showers, that strangely he enjoyed. The cold alerted him and kept him awake. All the while he was thinking this, his frosted blue eyes scanned over the room. He was missing soap, shampoo and conditioner. Three things that he needed to buy. Three things he needed more money to buy. There'd only be so much for today's shower. He ran a hand through his hair. It wasn't greasy, and Blake decided even if it was, it would only be him who touched it. Perhaps he'd wash his hair tomorrow. Savour the shampoo. Blake decided that was in his best interest before getting the provided towel and sitting down at the bed.
  4. Joe watched his roommate getting ready as he sat up smiling on the lower bunk bed, which he had been doing the whole night. The two haven't quite met yet, since Joe switched with another inmate and was moved to this room after his former roommate complained about Joe watching him sleep all the time and making him feel uncomfortable. The smiling man converse with him, "You're Andrew, right? I must be right, I'm always right... So, you're Andrew then! I'm Joe, and I know now's not a good time to have introductions since you 'just woke up' and about to take a shower, but I felt the need to anyway." He talked quite fast, though he hoped Andrew understood him, for he hated repeating himself.

    He got up from his bed, not bothering to fix it. He simply took off his shirt and set it aside his shoulder, getting ready for the cold shower. Joe has been in the academy for only three months, but he was already used to the facility, but he didn't enjoy it. All the restrictions, it was better at jail, where people would pick on him and they end up with smiles cut through their faces. But in this place, he doesn't get to fight back, or just randomly kill someone for sport. There was no escape from the place, even if there was, there's nowhere to escape into. For the first time, Joe hated being 'behind bars'.
  5. By the time the sixth bell finally faded away Jason had begun to sit up in his bed while rubbing the sleep out his eyes a bit. Today did officially mark his 10th day here at the "illustrious Academy", and plain to say his habits of sleeping in were likely to be broken quickly. Yawning as he stood up he began to gather his bath supplies to get ready for his shower. "If there was a normal school setting i'd be slightly happier with the fact we share showers with women, but seeing how many of them are killers i'll just keep that to myself." Now finally awake after much coaxing to force his body to move at his will Jason was finally ready to get ready for another school day. "And they say public schools are hell..."

    "Pardon me! Late Irish single male coming through!" Riley was currently bolting towards his designated area to get prepared for the school day. Today was his first day upon the job after being asked to come teach here, since the original math and law teachers gave up on life after dealing with these children. Riley had highet hopes and knew that these kids could be reached, but no one gave them that right amount of motivation or belief in that they could pass this school. Finally making it to his workstation he looked over the uniform that apparently helped them interact with the students via the androids they had created for the staff. "What is up with scientists these days and making skin tight body suits. Either someone had a weird fetish at the time or their secretly trying to neuter all males." These thoughts actually made him pause and wonder if his conspiracy theories were truth, but quickly broke out of his trance as he heard the first bell go off. "Questions for later I suppose." Strapping on all the necessary equipment, as comfortably as possible, and stepped into the chamber that gave him control of his new persona.
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  6. Damien awoke to the loud blaring's of the siren but it didn't bother him like most but he did see how it was annoying, Damien saw Jason wake up and it was his first day here, he was actually shipped here overnight...
    Jason was alseep when he got here, but he was told that it was coed everything here really, like the showers which slightly upset him as the one positive of coming here was that his sister was here for about a year and knowing that she's been showering with men to kinda upset him.

    "Hello roomate i'm Damien no need to become best friends just letting you know who I am" he said as he headed to the showers since the guards came to escort them as protocol


    (In the showers)

    Anastassia was washing her body up as she liked to be the first in the shower. The guards alternated who would go first and this time it was Anastasia she hated cold showers but sometimes when the guys came in they'd be "Awake" before the cold showers made them relax.
    Soon Andrew and Joe came into the showers and Anastassia was looking at them.. "Hey guys had any good dreams last night" she said smirking as she lathered her body up....

    While staring Anastassia didn't notice someone behind her...
    Damien: "I've been in jail and you've been here gawking and doing god knows what" he said

    This cause Anastassia to freeze up as she knew that voice as she turned around to see her older brother.... "DAMIEN!!... What are you doing here... and ugh I don't wanna see my brother like this" she says turning away....

    Damien: "From how you were talking just a second ago, seems like you are use to seeing men naked" he said
    Anastassia glared at him, "Yeah well there's women here to, like Mychelle over there" she said pointing
    Damien: "I'm not some perv. I'm here cause they charged me but I didn't admit to anything so they sent me here, thought it'd be nice to see my little sister.. and have a little family reunion. Seeing my sister naked is not my cup of tea so i'm gonna finish my shower away from you but just know big brother is here" he said walked near Mychelle to finish his shower.

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  7. As to their protocol, the guards had come by and unlocked the doors one by one. Each student had been led to the showers without any dilly dallying. All 'A' group students would be able to head to the showers first, then tomorrow would be 'B', then 'C' the day after to keep things fair. More guards would be present at the showers, while others would have gone to search every room for contraband.

    Mychelle had claimed a shower head near one of the corners to keep her from being spotted immediately by a couple other male students. Thankfully their attention went to Anastassia, which was really only feeding their appetite for some sort of sexual image when they go to bed tonight. She, like most of the girls that were there, were afraid of something happening to them out of their control. So if these men wanted a piece of meat to ravage, Anastassia was the way to go. They may not feel anything, but she seemed to be willing.

    Though when the bickering began and her name was mentioned, she inwardly cursed. There was no reason to drag her into something she had nothing to do with... But then again, hearing the older brother say that he was sentenced there yet didn't admit to anything... He was definitely guilty. Everyone at the Academy was found guilty of something. Mychelle, labeled "The Solemn Singer" as responsible for the Shallowlake Mall Massacre, was here because she was found guilty. Andrew Hansen, who was smart enough to see past her, was here because of his crimes. Teenagers were only sent to this Academy if the court believed that they could be redeemed.


    Andrew found his roommate pretty creepy, considering how he acted. But if he didn't put up with it, someone more unfortunate would. The blonde had decided to take one for the team so long as Joe didn't try to stab him in his sleep or something. The staring would be fine, if that's all he was gonna do.

    When the two of them had arrived to the showers, Anastassia greeting them first and asking about their dreams. Probably wanting to hear if they had a "dream" of some kind. Andrew, unlike most of his classmates, wasn't really into the flirtatious teasing and baiting. Unless he knew he was going to have "fun" with the guy or girl, he wasn't into it. Though he did find the bickering between the brother and sister amusing enough. At least that could help start his day on the right foot.
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  8. Lead to the showers, as usual, Blake was left wondering why it was so important to shower. Still, he was not one to argue, and with obedience, walked to the showers with a little excitement. The only thing he hated about the shower was the girls. He didn't like having to share with the opposite sex, partially because he was not even slightly interested in them, and partially because he didn't want to be looked at himself. He made tried to stay as far away as everyone else as possible, but could overhear what Anastassia and who seemed to be her brother were saying. Trying to wash as quick as he could, Blake picked up his soap and began to thoroughly clean himself, deciding if he had to wash, he had to wash well. The cold water poured onto his small back, and his eyes darted in blurred and watery vision as the soap was washed quickly away as he scrubbed along. He could feel that today was going to be one of those long days; the kind that drag on quite a bit. He didn't really like the idea, but nonetheless, Blake was ready to introduce the day with a shower at least.

    He was washed rather quickly, and wondered what he'd be able to do today. More importantly, he wondered how long it would take before he'd be allowed to leave. He wasn't a big fan of conversation (mostly because he wasn't a big fan of someway or another getting into a fight), and luckily nobody had noticed him yet. He shivered a moment, perhaps from the cold, but more likely from the thought that he didn't actually have a clue what he was going to do when he got out of here. If he got out of here. Of course he would. Seem innocent, become innocent, live innocent. Still, he wanted to set fires again. Fires were so warm. Cold showers were not. Blake felt eager to start the day. He waited patiently as the cold gushed along him, thinking of something to do before they let him out again and classes began.

    As his time ended, he dried himself fairly rapidly, before pulling on his clothes, and thinking about his classes. Hopefully he wouldn't be late, but it would be a miracle if he actually listened during them.
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  9. Hunter heard the sound of the other rooms doors being unlocked and opened by the guards outside his cell, until they finally came by and opened up the doors leading him to the showers. Same drill, same routine every morning, get escorted to the showers by the guards, wash up, then get ready to go to each of his classes along with the other classmates. Day after day of being here, and this entire routine was getting quite boring for Hunter, he sighed as he followed the guards to the showers and found himself being stared at by a few others walking by him. It wasn't unusual, he rarely ever talked to anyone and the way he always lurked around watching people and being alone seemed to make the others afraid to ever approach him, afraid of what he might do or what he might say, he seemed unpredictable to most. Hunter didn't blame them, and he didn't care he actually liked being feared like the way people were afraid and unaware of what he might do next after every bank and store he robbed outside of the Academy. His actions were entirely random and, and every one was fearful because it was always a mystery as to what he might do next and that's why he seems so scary to some, especially when he eventually ended up murdering someone.

    He finally arrived at the showers and began washing himself, he always hated being around other people, let alone bathing with them all in the same room together whether or not they were male or female. Despite him and the others only allowed to clean themselves in 10 minutes or less, Hunter decided this morning to wash himself rather slowly. Him being in a rush and always moving around made him unable to think clearly. He thought about how long he had spent his time here and if he was ever going to be sent back out into the real world, living a normal life like everyone else. Hunter actually wasn't too keen on living his life like a normal citizen, if he ever did get let out he'd probably just revert back to his criminal ways except this time, he'd make sure that he is not caught ever again.

    Throughout the course of time that Hunter had spent in his classes and lying awake in his bed, and even the short amount of time he spent in the showers, he thought about how he could prevent himself from ever being caught doing criminal acts when he got out of the Academy, and as the days past, Hunter got kind of impatient over the fact that he still hasn't been released after all this time. Why was he being kept in here so long? It was driving him mad, he just wanted to escape. Of course, no one who ever wanted to escape this place ever made it very far, mainly because the guards who searched their rooms everyday for weapons, explosives, or anything that might be used to harm another or help them bust out of this place. And even if they did manage to get out would usually just get caught and be right back where they started, or die before they could reach civilization. Hunter thought a lot about if he could pull off a feat that big, actually escape and make it out there on his own without being captured, though it would be impractical to do something that large of scale on his own, he'd need someone to help him with it...

    He immediately shrugged it off as one of his random, and ludicrous ideas and continued to bathe himself before he got dressed and made his way to his classes.
  10. Damien stopped bickering with his sister and went to shower somewhat near Mychelle as he showered he looked at her because she looked familiar he didn't look over at her to gawk at all...
    She was the girl that was convicted of the Shadowlake mall Massacre... she looked innocent enough but it just goes to show you what some people are capable of or what they can accomplish....

    "I wonder if I'm recognizable sometimes," he said to himself aloud just a personal thought... One of the guards signaled at Damien as his ten minutes were up.. but he saw the guard make sure that he was signaling Damien as Mychelle's time wasn't up
    "Yea I got it" he says heading over.... as he saw some of the other people that were there just to know who else was part of this academy...
    Leaving the shower and getting dressed for his classes
  11. Hunter grabbed his towel and began drying himself off and getting dressed and ready to go to his classes. He saw a few other people were doing the same as well. He knew about almost every single one of them and their past, what they had done that caused them to get transferred here to the Academy. He either learned about it through eavesdropping or on the rare occasion, getting into a conversation with them and talking about their lives before they had entered this place. Earlier he had seen Mychelle his roommate, enter one of the shower stalls, but didn't see which one she was in or if she had gotten out yet. He knew about what she had done and so did pretty much everyone else. She was known as "The Solemn Singer," and was the cause of many people's deaths at the Shallowlake Mall after illegally purchasing weapons from an unknown seller. He remembered when he got paired up with her as her roommate and was thoroughly surprised since she didn't appear to him as such a person who could commit such a crime. If only he could appear the same way to people as someone who was less suspicious or intimidating, he often thought about being more social and talking to people more so that maybe that would happen, but he'd much prefer just being alone though he enjoys a good conversation from time to time.

    He got dressed rather quickly in his usual attire for the day and prepared himself for classes as he thought about this. He tried his best not to glare at the others around him, it's bad enough he does it on a regular basis and makes people uncomfortable or wary of him by doing so. It would be awkward to do it in a situation and place like this, especially with all of these girls around, he didn't want to look like a creep.
  12. Jason had been tuning out the white noise of his classmates as he hosed himself down with the cold water to remove the soap from his skin. To be honest these showers kinda made him a bit homesick as he never had warm water running within his household, so showers like these were one of the few times he could let his mind slip away. His thoughts were haulted as he looked over to see one of the guards signal for him to hurry up and exit as it seems his time had run out as well. "Guess reflection time is over. Eh I was guess its a good thing as I was starting to fall asleep in here." Yawning as he turned his shower head off he then began to dry himself off while whistling a small little tune to himself. After making sure he was dry he began to put his clothes on quickly not really bothering to look overly presentable, as everyone basically looked the damn same regardless.

    After taking a good look at himself and liking what he saw, for the most part, Jason decided that this is as good as he was gonna get before heading off to his first class. "I really hope its just an easy day since I kinda don't feel like doing much today." Hoping that his inner wish came true Jason hoped for the best and prepared for another wonderful day of learning.
    Riley was currently at his desk as he guided his android mentally as he wrote up his lesson plans. He had meant to do this the night before, but his co-workers threw him a little welcoming party and since there was alcohol present...well it would shame his ancestors if he didn't drink a little right? Thankfully he wasn't suffering a crippling hangover like the others that dared to challenge him to a drinking contest, but there was a slight buzz still there that was gonna make thinking a little difficult. Deciding that he had written enough to get over the basics of the lesson he chose to push this off until tomorrow, and instead play a few get to know each other game like they did when he was in school. "Yeah that's a great idea! High-five O'Conner!" He said making his android high-five itself while silently hoping that no one saw such a display. He then began to run through the different games he played and tried to make them interesting to kids who should be in high school/ college.
  13. Joe enters the showers with Andrew, carelessly looking at Anastassia's naked body, not like he wasn't used to seeing a girl's body anyway. Joe finished his shower with no complaint whatsoever, he didn't feel uncomfortable naked with girls in the room, he barely feels uncomfortable with anything. He lousily dries himself with a towel before getting dressed, then decided to follow Andrew once more. Not because he wanted to get into the guy's nerves, but because the guy knows the place more than him.

    "You won't mind me following you, right?" Joe asked nonchalantly, slapping his left hand on his scarred cheeks(Joe's). "Don't worry, I won't be staring daggers at your back. I'd be stabbing em', but ya know, these robocops are strict as a grandma's behind. Nothing personal if I did stab you anyway, nothing's ever personal with me." He talked to Andrew like they were already best buds. Joe wasn't always like this, only when in a situation in which he can't kill or cause any trouble.
  14. Despite the fact that he had taken his shower very slowly, he was one of the few that had just started making their way to his first class. It wasn't like it would be challenging for him, he did fairly well in all of his classes, usually the first one there but hated doing the work and being told how to do it, when he needs to finish it, and when he needs to listen to. Hunter hated being told what to do. He didn't particularly like having androids teaching him for some reason; obviously he knew that there was a real person behind their actions and movements, he'd just rather have an actual human being be there teaching them. Though of course, it has to be for safety reasons just in case one of his classmates lashed out and decided to attack one of the teachers and he didn't blame them for making the androids for that particular reason. Hunter often felt extremely overwhelmed with the amount of work given to him and would love for just once to punch a person in the face for it, but never did so since he couldn't get the same satisfaction from doing so to a random student or to the android.
  15. Marie was checking over the times and schedules when she noticed something. Her newest teacher, Riley O'Connor, had been a couple of minutes late while everyone else had been on time. He had made a good impression on her when she interviewed him because one; He was extremely cheerful and two; he was the only one who actually wanted the job. The other people who had applied, after doing a background check, were currently employed to a media news group.

    After having a good friend of hers hack into the media's computers, she was able to get her hands on some confidential documents.

    One reporter, named Crystal Martin, had masqueraded as a English teacher, whom Marie interviewed the same day as Mr. O'Connor. She had intentions of getting some information on a teenager dubbed "Fire boy" and the infamous Somber Singer Mychelle. Her Shallowlake Massacre had led to the mall having a huge memorial for the downfall, a book written by a survivor, and nearly ruining the business all together because customers were too afraid to shop there. Not only that, but because Mychelle sang about her crime in the court while she was being led out, it rose a lot of questions for viewers and theorists.

    The main reason she was so interesting to the internet was because she didn't seem to have a motive for murdering any of those people. There was no trigger to her blood lust, or connection to her victims besides that they were all at the wrong place at the wrong time. Her birth parents, exchange guardians, and closest relatives had been interviewed, but everyone vouched that Mychelle's parents were in no way abusive nor did their daughter show any signs. Just looked like some girl woke up in the morning and decided to murder people.

    She didn't seem to have a motive for any of it, which was why Crystal wanted to try and get it out of her. Blake had been someone whose pyromaniac tendencies just made her want to dig up as much as she could out of him.

    Marie went through more of the documents, and had come to find out that Josef Skal, a man who portrayed a Law teacher, was trying to get his hands on Jason Rodrigo's and Joe Keller's back stories. It was understandable, because there was absolutely nothing on their past. Only that they were convicted and in no way or shape role models. This man was probably the ballsiest out of all of them for trying to sought after information from the two most mysterious killers in Marie's school.

    Another was Serienna Obrin. She masqueraded as a Science teacher to try and get information from, as dubbed by the media, the "King of Narcotics" and "King of Robbery". Those two had definitely been an inspiration to local drug dealers and larcenists to go above and beyond. Hell, maybe the headmaster could expect new students because of them.

    And last but not least, there was Anthony Ortega, looking to get information from the Mafioso siblings by trying to be the next Math teacher. He was one of the interviewees who appeared so passionate about their line of work he had Marie fooled. Anthony had heard all about the siblings, one being a rapist murderer and another being a prostitute. He wanted his hands on that information and he seemed damned determined to get it judging from how well he lied to Marie....

    But unless they had a warrant to come in and interview those kids, Marie wasn't letting them into her school.

    She quickly navigated to the messaging system of her android's computer. With a few taps on the holographic keyboard that appeared before her, Marie sent the message to O'Connor. On the left of Riley's android's eyesight would be a small red envelope, indicating he had a new message.

    'Don't be late again Mr. O'Connor.

    -Headmaster Cognit'


    Mychelle's time was up before she knew it. She ignored anyone around her and went to get dressed. Afterwards, she, and anyone else who had gotten out of the showers, would be searched again in case someone snuck contraband into the showers and was trying to hide it within their anus or genitalia. In the school's history, such a thing has happened before which was why everyone got searched after the showers. Or the infamous "turn your head and cough". Even though what they touched was recorded via the gloves, the headmaster still thought the searches were necessary.

    She would be heading to her first period now that the guards saw she was not up to anything, being watched by more guards on her way to Math. Considering that the academy wasn't at all large, since teenagers weren't always tried for Death Row, one would think that the amount of security wasn't necessary. But... according to the headmaster, it was.


    If anyone could make Andrew feel uneasy or afraid of going near anything sharp, it was Joe. Was he getting a kick out of following the blonde? From the showers, to getting dressed, to getting searched, and now to class? Andrew was started to avoid going into empty hallways and dark corners just so Joe didn't have a chance to strangle him without the guards stepping in.

    "Not a problem... Just, you know, mind the personal bubble." Andrew said to him, not wanting to piss him off in any shape, way, or form. The last thing he needed was to upset his murderer roommate. Or for Joe to find the tattooing equipment Andrew hid away in their room.
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  16. Blake began to make his way to first class after being searched rather unnecessarily. It was unnecessary for three reasons. The first was he clearly hadn't come in with anything. The second was he had gloves that already told the school what he was doing. The third was there was always guards watching and they clearly didn't see him being given anything either. He decided not to voice these thoughts during the search, but once the androids were slightly out of range, Blake started with the near-silent muttering. "Stupid robots. I don't need searching... I don't even know why I have to wear these gloves if I have to be searched as well. I don't carry everything with my god damn feet." His words were fast and unrecognisable as he made his way to Maths. He could feel the eyes of one of the androids burning him. Burning. The word made Blake comforted. He absentmindedly reached for a pocket that wasn't there, where various lighters had once lived. One day, he thought; before grimacing. Just not today.

    Blake glanced behind at the guards with that thought. A brilliant mathematician or scientist would probably want to work out how it works (and how to destroy it), but since Blake was neither of those things, he just looked to make sure they were keeping their distance. Being followed generally made him uneasy. It hadn't happened to his knowledge before coming here. How do you think they caught you then? he wondered, before realising the answer, You became predictable.

    His thoughts changed to the other people in the school. Someone very unpredictable was Mychelle. He didn't know much about the others, not caring much for how the world around him was going, but he knew enough. Mychelle was a murderer, which was probably why he wasn't sure how to feel about her. He didn't generally dislike her, he just didn't like her either.

    Jason had the same electives as him and seemed to be quite laid-back. It freaked him out that he was a murderer, because he never would've expected it. Still, he didn't expect Andrew to be here either. As for his roommate, Anastassia, he did see that coming, and he didn't really know much about her brother. Except he's "innocent". If that was the case, Blake was innocent too. That guy had guilty tattooed on his face. And Hunter... well, he just scared him a bit.

    His mental voice of opinion on his peers ended abruptly as he arrived at the Maths door and waited outside for someone else to go in. He was not looking eager with the new teacher. As Andrew and Joe went inside, Blake followed, keeping his head down and sitting down.
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  17. Joe moved a few inches away from Andrew as they were getting near their first class, giving Andrew more space in his 'personal bubble'. Joe knew the blonde was feeling uncomfortable around him, and he found it quite amusing. He noticed a small group of students(inmates) looking at him oddly, and with one glare and a menacing grin, the students instantly looked away. He laughed at how people found him scary and disgusting. "Hehehe, people can't even stand the sight of me. I mean, haven't they seen a man smile before?"

    As they entered the math class, Joe aimlessly finds a seat and quickly sat on it. He noticed the person he sat beside inched away, he only chuckled slightly. He eyed everyone in class, one by one, he only saw an interesting few, the rest, low class criminals. He began tapping on his table as he thought of random things.
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  18. Hunter walked into math class and noticed a couple of students had already arrived: Blake, Joe, and Andrew, who had already made their way to their seats. He didn't know much about those three but wasn't really that interested in knowing to be honest. Naturally, he found himself a nice seat in the back of the room to sit in, he'd draw less attention to himself and have a better chance of not having someone bug him for the rest of the class. He had that happen on a few occasions, some would tease him and whisper to him, asking him why he was so quite all the time and why he was always alone, and then of course, somehow he got blamed for making all the noise. He found it very hard to control his anger and hold his fist back, making sure it didn't find it's way into someone's face. One thing Hunter sure was good at was holding back was his anger, though, he was pretty good at hiding all of his other emotions as well.
  19. Seeing that everyone was here and ready to begin Riley stood up and cleared his throat. "Well top of the morning to ya all! Glad to be seeing the fresh young faces i'll hopefully be spending the next few years with. My name is Mr. Riley O'Conner, but please call me Riley...please." As he spoke anyone could recognize his heavy Irish accent that punctuated every part of his speech. "Now it says here you guys were on some sorta factoring unit correct? Well that can be put off for now as today shall be an easy day." He shoved all the papers on his desk of to the side a bit to make room to allow himself to sit down. "Today we're gonna be playing a sorta get to know one another game if ya don't be minding. This was always my drama teacher's go to method whenever a new lad or lass joined up, and we wanted to make them feel right at home proper."

    He then turned around and filed thorugh his papers a bit before finding the portfolio that had just what he needed. "Alrighty then we'll go by random chance to see who goes first. Now when called i'd like you to give us all your full name, your most favorite thing, a hobby, and just 1 more random fact about yourself." Just then he saw a little message pop up in the corner of his eye from his boss. He quickly replied with a hasty apology and his willingness to make up for it in any way. After that he closed his eyes and began put his finger upon spot on the paper before opening them back up. "Ms. Mychelle your up first!"
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  20. Mychelle looked up from her desk at the jovial teacher, and hearing her name and this "get to know each other" game, she decided to play along and stood up. She had to think of something that wasn't her true favorite interests, something that wouldn't make her look as terrible. No doubt this teacher would report her for saying her favorite thing was guns...

    "My name is Mychelle Beaumont, Monsieur Riley." Her accent was thick in her voice. Despite having lived in the United States with an exchange family, she didn't speak enough English for it to disappear. Mychelle preferred to keep it was instead of Americanizing her voice. "My most favorite thing had been a collection of songs I had in my room; ones used by choirs. I am a singer, and I used to be blind." She told the teacher and loud enough for the class to hear, sitting down once she was done speaking. They didn't need to hear who or what happened.
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