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  1. [video=youtube;x8cvvK0vzxg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8cvvK0vzxg&feature=youtu.be[/video]

    Parody of the Guns N Roses song "Welcome to the jungle". Much better with headphones. And you're welcome, or I'm sorry depending on how you feel : )

    Dedicated to all of you awesome Rpers!
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    That was sheer brilliance. XD
  3. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to tease you about having too much time on your hands. Wait and FEAR.
  4. Oh gods.
    I just... Holy hell. You're awesome.
  5. I want to post this all over the internet. It's like the best advertisement ever!
  6. ......

    You sir, are fucking brilliant. This was completely mind blowing!
    You have made my day. XD

    <3 This is totally amazing and awesome. 8D

    Much praise to you! <3!

    Also, your voice is awesome!
  7. This is so many kinds of awesome. -gives October all mah internetz- Just... homg. This is the best thing ever! :DDDD

    I just have to ask one thing... What is that "MUAA!" noise you made? It was like the start of a plotter's evil laughter. XD
    sheeeeeeeeeer awesome.
    I just. I just don't know what to say. My mind..
    ​it's all over the floor. D:

  9. My god, this is.........this is.......THIS IS THE IWAKU!!!
  10. ....

    I want to have your babies!

  11. Dude, ears are in complete ecstasy =p
  12. Yes, either that or my bad imitation of Axel Rose XD
  13. [size=+1]Your ego is going to be all inflated and stuff after all this >:[[/size]

    [size=-2]But it was really awesome and stuff so I guess you deserve it... Really good job! Liked it lots.[/size]​
  14. *ponders*....*sits in silence*......*ponders some more*.....hmmm....*looks all judgemental at octo*

    alright not bad : D
  15. Well Imma say it's a plotter's evil laughter. Goes along with the whole roleplaying thing. >:3
  16. this video needs more roleplay.
  17. *throws women's panties at monitor* yeeey, I love the way you say shunuhnunununu RP. Hurray for OK
  18. Hahahha awesome song xD
  19. This! This should be our new advertisement thingy on all those sites!
  20. *Manages to hit the "like"-button and facepalm at the same time*