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  1. Something mysterious is happening. High school students all over the world are getting letters claiming they've been "accepted" to a mysterious high school known only as Inbishiburu Academy. The letter also mentions they'll pay for the flight there as long as you tell the assistant at the counter, "This flight is anonymous."

    The hopeful students brave enough to take the strange invitation are taken to a island, amazing and ginormous, and yet it's not located on any map. The whole island is the campus for the school, and what's stranger is the whole school is run by shady creatures. There is definitely something dark happening...that's only why the bravest, most reckless, and maybe a shy one here or there arrive for the school. Here anything can happen; something beyound your wildest dreams, or your worst nightmares.

    Welcome to Inbishiburu Academy.

    (The story will take place right after the students get of the flights and are greeted by the first creature that marks the troubling aura on the island.)


    OOC Sheet:
    Teacher or student?:
    Subject: (Only if you're a teacher. Some subjects may sound normal, but others should sound strange like Mystery class or Fear class or something of that like.)
    Appearance: (Picture is preferred, but typed is okay too.)
    Extra: (Optional, but I'd be great to know a couple more details about the character.)

    My character:
    Name: Kyōfu
    Age: ???
    Gender: Ambiguous, but has the voice of a male.
    Teacher or student?: Teacher.
    Subject: He is the principal, thus he's in charge with greeting new students and dealing with any problems the students address to him.
    Species: Looks like a hybrid of wolf and some kind of reptile.
    Appearance: [​IMG] (There we go, fixed it to look a little better)
    (Don't mind me, just trying a new art style)
    Extra: The purple parts are semi-transparent and flow as if it were a fire, though it can't harm anyone. He can walk bipedal as well.
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  2. Student
    Name: Kurai Usagi
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Subjects: (To be decided)
    Species: Human or is she?
    Show Spoiler

    Her raven black hair is short at the back with two long strands at the front. She wears her glasses constantly, never taking them off as her normal vision is blurry. She wears a loose, black, jumper hoodie and a black tank top underneath as well as her favourite light blue, ripped, skinny jeans and red converses that match her eyes.
    Personality: She comes off as shy and a bit blank and enotionless towards people. She may be considered 'odd' by some as she constantly talks to herself. She's also clumsy, tripping over her own feet or dropping things.
  3. Name:
    Callie Crenshaw

    18 (Held back a year)


    Teacher or student?:

    Human(No surprises^^)

    Blonde with heterochromia iridis. (One Blue eye and one Green eye)
    Show Spoiler

    Callie was recently released from a mental hospital. She has a dark past that she tries to hide by being sweet (possibly over bearing at times) to others.
    Pop-up books are a big no on her list, and be careful… You don’t know what she’s capable of.
    ((Nothing inhuman))

  4. Kyofu waited patiently, and rather excitedly to see the newest students arrive. He sent his letters in waves, a bundle at a time. That way he was always sure to see at least one student show up. As the latest flight came in he nearly leaped from his seat, but thought differently of it, as he nearly tipped his coffee as well. "Oh my, the newest batch is here!" He says, with a slightly higher pitched echo following his normal voice. He ran over to the gate attendant on all fours, what looked like a silverish tyrannosaurus except with longer, reasonably sized arms. "Only let them leave one by one, please! I'd like to see every student individually~!" He says with his usual utmost happiness.
  5. Upon receiving the mysterious letter, her parents were more then happy to send her off to this mysterious 'Boarding school' as they called it. She had had thoughts of running away before she was due to leave but decided against it. The flight there was long and the turbulence had turned her drawing into a disgraceful squiggle that looked like a the rabbit had had a seizure. She sighed loudly as the plane finally descended, showing her annoyance with this whole situation. She had chosen a seat close to the entrance meaning she'd be one of the first ones off. The first in fact as this plane was almost empty. She envied those who weren't forced to attend this school. Making her way off the plane in single, file she walked down the narrow corridor that connected onto the plane and the terminal. All of a sudden her body froze and her mouth dropped open as she saw it. 'W-Wha...?' Unable to get any understandable words out she slowly walked forward, giving herself the benefit of the doubt that maybe the long flight had given her hallucinations.
  6. Callie giggled inside when she first got the letter. This was her ticket out she thought. She told the doctors about her letter but they just rolled there eyes.
    "I'm going, you'll see, and then you'll know I'm not crazy!" She returned to her room and neatly packed her stuff. It was two days since she received of the letter and Callie was getting agitated. Grabbing her stuffed bunny she headed toward the doors, but of course the nurses stopped her.
    "Get out of my way..." She wined, "I'm going to leave this place!" A man's voice loudly chuckled,
    "Indeed you shall leave my dear. Uncle came to get you." Callie smiled wide "See I told you so."

    Once Callie was released and in her Uncle's car, his facade dropped.
    "Callie let's get this straight, I didn't come to 'save' you. I got you out so I can send you to that school. The loads of money I will be saving sending you there instead. I already told your mother, she seemed a bit worried..."

    "--That's because mom believes in me." She beamed. Her Uncle gagged at her words.
    "It's because she's stupid. A monster like you should have been locked up and never see the sun again." A silence filled the car. Callie let go of her bunny.
    "What did you call me?" She asked in a monotone voice, staring at the dashboard. Her Uncle froze a bit. Nervously he faltered with his words until he found a subject.
    "So.- Your mom- Letters... Will you be sending your mother your ADORABLE letters?"
    "Well of course!! Silly!" She hugged her bunny tighter. A few minutes later they arrived at the airport. Her Uncle letting out an obviously loud sigh of relief. Callie went to the ticketing and proudly announced that her flight was anonymous. After boarding, the plane had many landings, and she was starting to get sick of the peanuts. For so many landing no one seemed to be on board. Then they announced there arrival and how to unboard the plane. That's when she noticed there were definitely more people on this plane.

    As she waited in line, Callie noticed the girl with black hair in the front of the line seemed taken aback for a second but quickly recovered.
    Well that was odd thought Callie and with the thought ending she threw her bunny up.
    "Yippy, we're here!!!"
  7. A beautiful young woman read the letter. Her face was milky white, eyes were a light blue color and her hair was long and white. "A boarding school? Hmm interesting...." she said. "I shall pack my things at once," she said.
  8. "Come along, come along!" He leaps excitedly to the guards at the gate, two of them. "Show me the first newcomer!" The guards at the gate for the airline give him a blank stare, not threatening but not kind either. This was normal.

    "Sir, with all due respect, we have to wait for the plane to safely dock." He informs the excited principal. "They've been told to line up, but they aren't even off the plane yet."

    "Oh, yes! My bad!" He replies. "Thank you!" He tries to stand still, but he kept moving around. Greeting newcomers was his favorite part of the job.
  9. Name: Niko Vassal
    Gender: M
    Teacher or student?:Student
    Subject: (Only if you're a teacher. Some subjects may sound normal, but others should sound strange like Mystery class or Fear class or something of that like.)
    Species: Human half blood crossed with ??? TBC in story rp
    Extra: Niko Never only knew his dad shortly and he could remember his dad being he was said to be tall abnormally tall and looked from a distance like he had no face, Niko's dad went missing when he was only 5 years old and now he and his mother Live alone in a woodland area miles from a city as his mother always didn't like the city. Niko is 6"5 and wears a suit almost as homage to his father.

    Niko ducks to avoid bangin his head as he leaves the plain and suddenly is greeted by a hybred wolf " hi im Niko" Niko says.
  10. Name: Haruki Murakami 「村上春鬼」
    Nickname: Ruki, Kami-sensei, Kami-sama

    Age: Indeterminate
    Gender: Male
    Teacher or student?: Teacher
    Subject: Illusion/Transfigeration, Literature
    Species: Kyuubi
    Appearance: [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Extra: True to his nature, Ruki is fond of playing tricks and making jokes at others' expenses. While often capricious in nature, he can be level-headed when dealing with students, especially one-on-one, and usually gives excellent advice. He is mostly jovial and friendly, and doesn't mind being the butt of people's jokes. When angry, he is a force to be reckoned with, but fortunately, it takes a great deal to make him lose his temper and few people have ever actually seen it happen. No one is quite sure exactly how old Ruki is, but if one is lucky and catches him alone in the forest, it can be observed that he has gained nine tails; presumably, this makes him quite aged. Ordinarily, he is spotted with only the single tail. It is uncertain why he chooses not to display all nine of his pristine, snow-white tails.

    An interesting bunch, to be sure. Ruki peered down through the leaves of the tree in whose branches he'd been perched for the better part of the day, lazing about and doing his best to avoid the lesson plan on his desk that all but demanded he create some sort of guide for the incoming students. Truthfully, he simply hadn't felt much like doing anything beyond sunning himself. After all, he'd been kind enough to accept the desperate plea for his services as a teacher, and the thought of putting up with a classroom full of sniveling, whiny teenagers didn't sit all that well with him. The way he figured it, he deserved a break from thinking about the tortures of instructing the younger generations! He should be first in line for a vacation, right?! ... Right?

    These branches were getting in the way. This wouldn't do at all. The tall young man twitched one long, fuzzy fox ear when a falling leaf brushed against it, and leaned forward, snowy tail unraveling itself from his lap. With an ethereal grace that no human could ever hope to match, he leaped out of the comforting embrace of the tree, and landed gently atop the main post of the gate that surrounded the runway, directly beside and above the principal, Kyōfu. Knees up, clawed fingers gripping the edge of the brick pillar, he ducked his upper body, leering down at the students who were lining up nearby and the prettier flight attendants, who giggled and blushed, looking away when they realized they'd caught his golden eye.

    "Well, well, well," he chortled, smirking; the shiny edge of one pristine fang glinted in the sunlight. "And how many do we have coming in today, Kyōfu-sama?" In spite of his disdain for the idea of teaching his tricks to these brats, he couldn't help the curiosity that sizzled through his mischievous brain. Anything that looked even remotely interesting usually drew his attention without fail, and this was no different. He would never admit it, especially aloud, but part of him was beginning to look forward to the idea of his new role, all thanks to Kyōfu and this wild scheme of his.

    At least, he presumed the principal was male. He'd never really cared too much, and as a result hadn't bothered to inquire after the creature's true gender. He spotted one or two that stuck out to him immediately: one, a young girl with dark hair and a hoodie who seemed entirely intent on keeping to herself, and the other, another young girl with long blond locks. Even from this distance, Ruki could practically see the shyness rolling off the second female. He had to remind himself that, as a teacher, he was responsible for their educations, not teasing them unmercifully, even if the shy ones gave him the greatest amusement by being the butts of his pranks. Grinning like a fool, he lifted one hand, waggling his clawed fingers at them in what was probably meant to be a friendly wave, but looked more like that "hello, I'm entirely innocent" gesture used by someone who was only too obviously up to something.
  11. He leaped up a few times, getting a few glances at the first tall student brave enough to step up, much less brave enough to not even be fazed by the shadowy creatures around him. "Why, hello Niko! My name's Kyōfu, I'm the Principal of this establishment!" Not caring for personal space, he takes Niko's hand a shakes it with much energy. "Please stand over there," He points over to a line of chairs for waiting. "Until everyone else has come in!"

    "Ah! Hello Murakami-san! Nice to see you~" He then says to the teacher and waves. "I see you're excited to meet the students as well? This time around, there are...four, I believe? I hope to see more frequent show up later though!"
  12. "Excited?" Ruki sat straight up, face scrunching in confusion, as if the word had never entered his vocabulary before that moment. "Excited. Hmm... Ex-ci-ted. Excited." Mindful of the long, razor sharp claws that tipped his fingers, the fox demon stroked his chin thoughtfully, still puzzling over the unfamiliar concept. Eventually, he shook his head, a crooked grin spreading over his face. "Excited? No, not really. Intrigued? Curious? Yes, those are probably better words for it. Ah... with all due respect, of course, Kyōfu-sama."

    He shifted his attention back to the four students lined up nearby, and cocked a brow. His amber eyes sparked with interest, glittering in the bright afternoon sun like twin chips of solid gold, and he studied the motley group warily. Before they could notice the long white ears that capped his skull, or the fluffy, snowy tail that twitched behind him, he withdrew a small green leaf from his sleeve and, between two fingers, he held it up to his forehead and muttered a quiet spell. In a poof of cerulean smoke, the ears had shifted downwards, drawing in until they appeared no different than the ears of a human male; the tail was nonexistent. The golden eyes were masked behind a plain grey-green, and the pale, icy locks of hair had darkened to a humanly natural golden brown. Ruki hopped down from his perch, landing beside Kyōfu and dusting himself off. Even the white shikifuku in which he'd been previously dressed had vanished, replaced by a stylish suit and tie typical of a human professional. He stood next to the principal, waiting patiently for the introductions.
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  13. "Hah, I see." He said, slightly cocking his head in confusion from Murakami's long contemplation on the word, but his confusion wasn't very readable behind his almost permanent happiness. "What a change in style! I'm sure the students will feel welcomed by a human-like face!"

    Suddenly his voice changes tone into a rare seriousness. "But you know you can't keep up a disguise in a place such as this; nothing's normal, and one of our goals is to make the students 'get' that normal." But the tone only lasted for that long and he was back to a jovial attitude. He elbowed Murakami, even though he was only tall enough to hit at about his thigh. "But that outfit is perfectly fine, don't get the wrong idea!"
  14. The fox spirit, who appeared surprisingly human at the moment, threw his head back and laughed, loud and long. After a few seconds of mirth, he dropped his chin back down to give his superior a sly grin that would have given away his true nature to anyone with eyes to observe that wicked, pleased smile.

    "Come now, Kyōfu-sama! You just said yourself that these delectable slabs of fresh meat must understand that nothing is normal as they know it to be," Ruki chortled, rubbing at the spot on his thigh where the principal had elbowed him. "What better way than by getting a head start and forcing them to begin looking beneath the surface of the water for their truths?" A hint of smug pride crept into his voice, and he pressed a hand, bereft of its usual sharp claws, against his chest, his chin in the air and that silly grin still on his lips. "After all, I am the Illusions teacher, no? They must learn to see through my tricks early on!"

    Ruki glanced down at himself, fussing over his suit and straightening his tie with all the aplomb he could manage. Both hands adjusted the suit jacket and long, slender fingers brushed imaginary specks of dirt from the soft fabric. "Well, it is certainly no kimono," he groused, somewhat irritably; he couldn't understand how human men could be comfortable in such restrictive clothing, but he had watched many a Noh and Kabuki performance, and took the leading roles in hijinks of his own. As a result, he wagered that he knew a thing or two about playing a part properly, and he was determined that these new students would not see through his disguise so early on. After all, there were tricks to be played, and pranks to be pulled! "But it will have to do, I suppose."
  15. OOC Sheet:

    Name: Mr. Shadow (It's doubtful he has a real name, and if he does, he's probably long forgotten it.)

    Age: Old.

    Gender: Male...?

    Teacher or student?: Teacher

    Subject: Fear

    Species: The Boogeyman.

    Appearance: Here. As he's a shapeshifter, this isn't set in stone.

    Extra: Yep. He's the real, honest to God Boogeyman. He is a physical personification of fear, and he has existed since the very first time any creature felt that chill running down their spine warning them of danger. He is rather benign, for such an entity; he mostly seems to prefer simply getting cheap scares for a quick laugh than truly making someone piss themselves with fright. He's still nowhere near the level of Murakami when it comes to playing tricks, but nobody knows (and more importantly, understands) fears and anxieties like he does. Despite his antics, he can be quite jovial and friendly, and even on his bad days he'll do his best to be polite (when he isn't setting up a scare, obviously). It takes a lot to get him angry, as he's already seen most species at their worst (multiple times), but those who do push him too far do so at their own peril. He can become a true nightmare just as easily as he can be a laughable jump scare.


    In a dark and brooding corner of the forest, there was a dark and not at all brooding figure. Indeed, from the smile on his mask, one might believe he was quite pleased. The creepy chuckling probably helped with that, of course. And really, why shouldn't he be pleased? Students! Oh, new minds to twist and turn and show the beauty of that which lurks in the dark! It would be nice if they could grow as people to, of course, but the important thing was that he was going to be making a slightly different impression than usual. Oh, they'd probably find him creepy, perhaps even a few would find him scary, but he wouldn't be the terror of their dreams as he normally would be. And he did so love trying new things. It gave him the most wonderful ideas!

    Eventually, he got up from his corner and decided to see how the student collection was going. He melded into the shadows before disappearing completely, his absence causing the clearing to suddenly become a great deal more cheery. He emerged from the shadows of the tree that Murakami had been lounging in before just in time to hear his laughter. He allowed the kyuubi to have his say before walking over and deciding to butt into the conversation. "My, but you're in a cheery mood, Haru-kun. Are the little striplings truly so interesting? Or did you, perhaps, have a pleasant nap?"

    The being who called himself Mr. Shadow had decided to go for the humanoid look today, leaving enough of his form wrong for it to fall squarely in the uncanny valley. His top hat was just a bit too clean, the seam of his locket was just a bit too small, his cloak was just a bit too dark, and his mask...well, his mask had a smile made entirely out of fangs, with two almost-glowing orbs for "eyes". He rather liked this look. He'd probably use it as his default form for a while.
  16. "Ah, I see, Murakami-san!" He says hitting his own head. "I nearly forgot you were the Illusions teacher! Where has my memory gone?"

    "Hello, Shadow-san! You've come to see the arrivals as well? Such a good show up for the students~!" He looks over to Niko, standing around the chairs and still looking rather unfazed.

    "Niko-bo! Don't worry, we'll have more students around soon!" He then turns to the guard. "What are you waiting for? Please bring the next student~"
  17. ((Aken Jizo, I love your character concept!))

    Ruki's spine stiffened and straightened, and, from the look that crossed his deceptively mortal features, it was clear that had he still been parading about in his usual humanoid form, his ears would have perked up instantly, twitching this way and that like fuzzy radars atop his head. He almost tried it, too, but realized quickly that the effort was futile with these fleshy, stationary funnels for sound. With a silent curse inside the privacy of his own head, he plastered his silly grin across his face, replacing the disgruntled frown that had contained a hint of childish poutiness, and beamed at the newcomer.

    "And what is not to be cheery about when one considers a pleasant nap under the warm sun, on such a lovely day, Shadow-san? This Haru-kun can think of few things better than sleeping in a patch of sunlight!" His grin widened with genuine pleasure at both the mental image his words had conjured, and the unusual creature's appearance in their small band of faculty. Rather than getting annoyed by a nickname that few people ever used, the fox spirit seemed to take it in stride, adopting it for himself without batting an eye. "I have to admit, I'm somewhat intrigued by them," the kyūbi conceded, hands still fiddling with the suit to which he was not accustomed to wearing. "Especially Miss Sullen Attitude over there--" his chin jerked in the direction of the dark-haired girl in the hoodie, who seemed to prefer not to talk to any of other students and attendants around her, "--and Little Miss Introverted yonder." One finger gestured lazily towards the younger girl with the long blond locks and what appeared to be heterochromia, visible now that she was coming closer to them. "After all, it is always the quiet ones for which one must keep watch, eh, Shadow-san?" Ruki chortled. The barb had obviously been meant in good-natured comraderie, a pointing out of the Boogeyman's own silent way of evaporating and appearing in the most unexpected places; it was evident that the fox had a bit of a soft spot for his teaching companion, especially considering they both enjoyed pranks.

    He shifted his attention back to Kyōfu and nodded sympathetically.
    "It is the curse of the long-lived, I'm afraid, and we all suffer it at some point," he sighed melodramatically, and pressed a hand to his heart. The other was held out in a gesture reminiscent of a Shakespearean play he had once attended. "The mind is not quite what it used to be; the years have taken their toll. The things once remembered, we now forget. Good gods, it is terrible to get old!" The silly rhyme had him chuckling all over again, and he shook his head at his own cleverness.

  18. (Thank you. I'll try to do him justice.)

    A low chuckle escaped Shadow's "lips" as he successfully startled Haru-kun. He couldn't help it; that reaction had just been too fantastic! After the principal had spoken, the creature of fear nodded, his smile seeming to grow ever so slightly. "Of course, Fu-sama. I figured I may as well take a looksy before orientation." He paused for a moment, his smile returning to its normal length. "Speaking of, I checked up on the rest of the faculty before going for my walk. I'm afraid to say some of the others are quite busy, and may not be able to make it to orientation. Any who do not show send their apologies."

    He replied to Haru-kun's grin with one of his own. He rather liked his mystic colleague. Some of the pranks he pulled, and illusions he could weave...such imagination! It didn't hurt that he was actually quite a pleasant person. Much, much better than some others the Lord of Nightmares could mention..."That does sound rather refreshing, even if I do not share quite as much of your...enthusiasm about the sun." It wasn't as if he hated the day; day terrors and horrific hallucinations were just as much his domain as regular nightmares. He would always prefer the dark, however, even if only because it was so much easier for them to fear than the light.

    He looked at the two students the kitsune indicated and rewarded him with a light chuckle for his comment.
    "Quite so, Haru-kun. Though of course, one mustn't forget the things that are...just out of sight." That one was just too easy. He just looked so...awkward in that suit. "As for the students...I must admit that I am also intrigued by them. Some of their fears are very interesting, if not rather common. I rather think this term will be an interesting one~." At Haru's poem, Shadow decided to add his own two cents. "Ah, to be so young and foolish as to wish for longevity. What must that be like, I wonder?"
  19. Occ:
    Name: Elisia Roman
    Age: 116 (16 Human years)
    Gender: Female
    Teacher or student?: Student
    Species: Dark Elf/Demon
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Extra: Elisia is a fragile, warm-hearted character. She has a soft voice and is cheerful and thoughtful of others. She can be clumsy and a ditz most times but is not stupid. Another important thing about her is that she has a personality disorder when triggered, her other side can be quite violent and monstrous...
  20. Elisia Roman


    "Hahaha! Bye bye now! Thank you for your service Mr. Pilot!" The cheerful girl called out to the man who had flown her here which was now leaving. She turned swiftly and had a cheesy smile planted on her face. She was a pale creature with big red eyes, white silky hair, tiny little white wings, and oddly pointed ears. Some say she could be albino but really she wasn't. She hovered over the cement, her feet never touching the ground unless really needed, her small yet strong wings carrying her. She giggled and glided over toward the front gate, spotting a few individuals there and waved smiling. "Hi!!! Hello!!! ahaha!" She called out to the figures in that soft, fragile voice of hers. Closing the distance between her and them she stood now in front of those figures. Her red eyes scanned the area. "W-where is the person in charge here?" She put her finger to her lip and displayed a curious expression on her face...
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