Welcome to Huntington Academy.

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  1. [​IMG]
    This is where you'll be staying at for the year.
    It may look like a pretty ok place but the teachers are tough
    The food is barely edible
    and the people here...
    Hi, the names Arriane.
    I feel sorry for you.
    You shouldn't be here.
    This place...its full of the supernatural.
    The Unknown.
    They're among us
    Lurking in the hallways.
    Some of them are the students here.
    How do I know this?
    Well I'm one of them.
    And you must be too.
    Pick your side.
    Light or Dark.
    Good or Evil.
    You must choose by the end.
    Hurry. There isn't much time...

    Name: Arriane Shluter
    Year: Junior
    Age: 17
    Eye color: One eye is green the other is blue (Sometimes wears contacts so eyes are matching)
    Hair: Slighly wavy, medium length hair.
    Wears: Dark red zip up hoodie, black skinny jeans, and converse. (No uniforms)
    Personality: Most of the time shes sarcastic and fun but sometimes it depends on how you treat her.
    Dorm number: 17
    Other: Fallen angel, has giant grey wings that fold, staying hidden underneeth their clothes.
  2. Name: Oran Kazach [Male]
    Year: Senior
    Age: 18
    Eye color: •••
    Hair: Shaggy black hair
    Wears: T-shirt and jeans/sweats
    Personality: Distant but nice
    Dorm number: 21
    Other: Vampire/Demon mixed parents.
  3. Arriane twisted the key around in the doorknob. She sighed. "Another year wasted at this school." She flopped onto her bed, not bothering to unpack. Dinner started in a few minutes so why bother?
  4. Dinner duty again. School had barely begun, and all ready Oran was stuck setting the table. Always in trouble, it seemed like that was the destiny for any creature of the dark.
    Discriminatory? Yes. Fair? Also, yes.
    Oran groaned, realizing that this was his last year at Huntington, the wild days of his youth would soon end, leaving him alone with nothing but alcohol to console him.
    And blood, there was always blood.
    He placed the last plate at the head of the table and ran to the kitchen to wash his hands before supper.
  5. Arriane checked her watch. 7:30pm time for dinner. She watched as the freshmen arrived through the tall wooden doors before leaving to wash her hands. None of them know yet. Remembering her freshmen year she let out a bitter. laugh. None of them knew how crazy life was going to be after the first few months. Arriane smiled as she slipped through the doors back into the dining room. This year should at least be interesting, if not amusing.
  6. Name: Nevaeh Robinson
    Year: Freshman
    Age: 16
    Eye color: One is a pretty light blue, but the other is covered with a velvet eyepatch.
    Hair: long blackish blue hair down to her ankles that turns into a stark white at nighttime
    Wears: a black sundress with matching Mary-Janes and a black choker
    Personality: she's very smart and helpful but if you try to talk to her, she remains dead silent. The only time she talks is in class.
    Dorm number: 27
    Other: Enchantress. When she sings a certain tune you go into a deep sleep.
  7. Name: Zelda Selkins
    Year: Junior
    Age: 17
    Eye color: Very deep blue
    Hair: Choppy, Layered, Medium length purple hair.
    Wears: A oversized sweatshirt with normal skinny jeans and black vans
    Personality: Likes to be alone a lot, friendly but not to friendly, nice, quiet
    Dorm number: 13
    Other: Her parents were a mix of angels and demons/vampires so she has some special powers
  8. Zelda yanked her keys to her dorm out of her pockets and twisted them into her old door to her old dorm, she threw her stuff down onto the floor and took a deep sigh "another year wasted at this place" and fell onto her already made, small bed.
  9. Oran quietly waits at his beautifully set table for people to arrive.
    He feels like a king, sitting alone at the long and formal table, prim, empty chairs surrounding him on all sides.
    Being a kind must be lonely.
  10. Zelda looked at the clock and realized that it was just about 7:30, so she headed down the flight of old, wood stairs and walked quietly through the hallways, somehow she managed to not be seen by anyone else, which she liked. She got to the cafeteria and opened the big, wooden doors that lead to the hundreds of students awaiting their meal of who knows what.

    She walks through the crowd of Freshmans, Sophmores, Juniors and Seniors. She kept on walking until she got to the way back of the cafeteria and saw a boy with shaggy black hair and a t shirt on, sitting at one of the huge tables by himself and a sat next to him.
  11. Oran noticed a shock of purple hair out of his peripheral vision, he glanced up only to be greeted with the familiar face of Zelda Selkins. He wasn't sure if she even knew him, but he definitely knew her. He seemed to know everyone at Huntington Academy.
    "Hey Zelda, welcome back." He muttered, fiddling with the shiny fork in front of him. He squirmed in his seat, uneasy in the presence of an unfamiliar acquaintance.
    "Uh--" He paused, "What courses are you taking?"
  12. Zelda stared at this boy that she seemed to know from last year, She tried to remember his name, she thought in her mind "Oh whats his name, oh gosh, um...um...Is it Orin...NO Oran! Got it!" She smiled slightly.
    "Hi Oran, Thanks!." She paused for a second "I'm taking Science, French and a few others..."

    She nervously played with her feet under the table. It's been a long time since she's talked to somebody that's not her mom or her dad.
  13. Oran laughed shyly, feeling the vibrations of her moving feet through the unforgiving floor.
    "I'm taking mostly math and art based classes, and finishing up fourth Demonic language. I wish I'd taken a human language, much more useful in the real world." He blushed, revealing more about himself then he had intended to.
    Several other students streamed in, hugging and rejoicing. Most people tended to be late on the first day, whether you go by plane, train, car or foot... you always seemed to get lost on the way to Huntington Academy.
  14. Zelda blushed slightly. "That's awesome! I hope you do well!"
    She grinned and looked around her and suddenly there was way more students than there was when she got to the cafeteria, she looked back at Oran.
    "Um...So...How was break..?" She said nervously
  15. Name: Kieri Vayleit
    Year: Junior
    Age: 17
    Eye color: Pale blue, almost white.
    Hair: Long, pastel pink.
    Wears: Variations of frilly girly dresses and skirts.
    Personality: Optimistic/Cheerful
    Dorm number: 12
    Other: Mom banged a dragon.. has wings and scales here and there, like freckles... but scales.
  16. A quick black flash slipped by and around the crowd of kids. She glanced around from what she could see. "Uch, does it have to be so crowded?" She thought in annoyance then saw a long table with two kids sitting at it. "Wha?!?! I have to sit near people?! " the thought screamed in her head and she took a big sigh. She sat the farthest away from the ones who were already there, putting off having to be around others for as long as she could.
  17. "Ah, you know. Breaky." Oran knew he sounded lame, but what else could he say? He didn't want anyone to judge him based on his actions, especially not someone like Zelda. In the mere seconds of their conversation, he already valued her opinion. Anyways, what did she really care that he did over vacation?
    "How 'bout yours?" He asked, slightly nervous.
  18. Zelda fiddled with her hands.
    "Yeah, same here. Just staying at home all summer. Not doing anything"
    Zelda knew she sounded really boring but she didn't know what else to really say since she rarely talks to people.
    "Sorry I sound so...Boring I am just really tired...Long ride here" Zelda said apologetically, still playing with her hands.
  19. Kieri smoothed down her scaly wings and pasted a pink smile on her face, her fashion staple. Outside her cramped dorm, people were bustling about. She heard roars and laughs and the sound of fangs being licked. The noises filled her with excited energy, the bubbly kind that can't be tamed when released. What a horrible mixture with the first day back at Huntington.

    Once she felt ready, Kieri busted out of her dorm and speed-skipped to the dining hall. It could be challenging to find a place to sit, much less get an actual meal. She knew that if she wasn't quick, she'd be stuck sitting outside by the dumpster, the scent of cigarettes filling her nose as she ate a half-hearted peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As she flung the grand doors open, she was surprised to see a practically empty cafeteria, the noise level was as dim as the lights, deflating her slightly.

    Right. First day, no one ever makes it to dinner on the first day
    She laughed to herself, finding a seat close, but not beside a girl with bright purple hair and a dark-haired vampire.
  20. "Don't worry about it!" Oran quickly interjected. "You're far more interesting then I am." He chuckled, hanging his head so he could peer at her through his longish hair without her noticing. She had the most mesmerizing dark sapphire eyes that only a demon descendant could own. A bouncy girl with a flushed face squeaked a chair up nearly across from them, taking Oran by surprise. He clamped his mouth shut, unsure whether to continue his conversation with Zelda or invite the smiley rose-haired girl to join in. He stayed silent, hoping Zelda would make the choice.