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  1. What happened: In the year 2020 the Governments of the world wanted a vaccine to create a much more powerful people. It took 2 years for the vaccine to be created the first test were successful and the people showed signs of changes in their physical and mental abilities. Some where able to copy anything they saw someone do others could summon balls of fir and even became something different known now as a goul, but as everyone seemed to have a different power no one expected anyone else to become that creature again. The vaccine was finally given to the public as an cure for some made up at first no one saw any changes, but four months after the vaccine was released people found out what was happening to them and the world went into chaos riots breaking out and then the gouls appeared and killed millions. Within a month the Governments were destroyed, the world in ruins and billions killed.

    What happened after: The follow up was a bit messy, groups formed many of those groups fell early on, but ones that stayed together joined with other groups and created the communities and factions
    we have today. Now to learn about those groups.

    A group that is trying to bring peace to what one was United states of America, they take most jobs
    that other factions do as long as it's justified in someway. They are cautious when taking jobs to make sure they're safe to do and isn't harming the innocents.

    The Alliance
    A militant group that does mercy jobs and is unfriendly to anyone who gets in there way to power and by unfriendly I mean shoot you up without thinking twice. There men are told to do what is asked of them or die.

    A bounty hunter group that does capture or kill jobs not caring who the target is. They are mostly out for money and can be persuaded if you give them more that the bounty would be.

    A group of people that will do anything they want kill, torture, rape and steal anything they want without caring they don't take kindly to strangers and will kill anyone even if they offered money because they don't need money because they take what they want.

    Many towns that are independent from factions, they are the people that give jobs out to factions and are the main income of factions too.

    Many religions lived through the apocalypse those ones are fine the ones I'm talking about are the messed up one that were created afterward who follow things that shouldn't that make them hostile to people outside their religion.

    (Link to sign ups: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/welcome-to-hopeville-sign-ups-and-ooc.92264/ )
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