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  1. Welcome to Hogwarts


    A one on one rp
  2. Embry had made her way straight to the compartment following Draco. They had been dropped off together, due to her father being in Germany for some important mergers, and her mother had gone with them. It had been like this ever since she started at Hogwarts, Lucius and Narcissa would drop her off with Draco as if she were their daughter. They didn't approve of the fact that she had read so much, or even dressed in muggle clothing. She had promised, though, once she was out of Hogwarts, she would dress normally. She followed Draco into the compartment as she made herself scarce by the window. She pulled out her book looking around for a moment,"Will Nimue be joining us?" She asked Draco softly. She knew Lucius had been hoping for Nimue and Draco to start dating, but they both swore they were just good friends.

    "I do not know, I didn't see here on the Platform, Em," Draco said to her with an eye roll. He didn't understand why she read so much. All she did was read novels, nothing of substance, and he never understood why. He sighed looking out the window at the platform looking for his friends.

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  3. Nimue:

    Once inside Platform Nine and Three Quarters, Nimue rapped on her trunk with a knuckle.

    *BAMF!* Saklas teleported out of her trunk, grumbling as he reached up to straighten an ear. He snapped his fingers, and her trunk levitated, following her aboard the Express. Nimue resisted an urge to sigh. Having her own House Elf accompanying her was an ostentatious display she would have much preferred to avoid. But with the word out that Potter had a "liberated" House Elf of his own, who might well be accompanying him to Hogwarts, leaving Saklas at home this year of all years, was not an option. She counted herself lucky that Mother hadn't sent a whole squad of House Elves just to show the Potter boy up.

    Now began the distinctly uncomfortable process of jostling with other students, searching for an open compartment.
  4. Embry had spotted Nimue and waved at her from the Slytherins compartment. She set her book to the side and stood. "Nimue," She called as she moved to open the compartment door and waved her inside. She wanted her to sit with them. reason one being, it kept Crabbe and Goyle out of the compartment, and reason two Lucius had recruited her to play matchmaker. A secret she would never reveal, even if it did hurt her deeply,"Nimue, please come sit with us," She called to her.

    Draco arched an eyebrow confused. He had never seen Embry invite someone to sit with them. It truly was odd. He didn't even realize Embry and Nimue were friends. He swore they weren't. They had always been very solemn to each other, but he knew as of late Embry had been extra cold to Nimue. He had no idea why. So to him, this behavior seemed rather odd.
  5. Embry? Nimue thought, surprised to see the girl beckoning her. She still didn't know what she'd done to offend her; she'd never joined the others in calling her 'The Whore of Slytherin' simply because she chose to pursue romance in a way that, were she a boy, would generate a heroic reputation as a 'stud.' This new thaw in relations was equally mysterious.

    "Thank you," she said, approaching the compartment. Then, through the glass doors, she saw the boy Embry shared it with. Draco. Oh, bother! Wait...perhaps I can lose out to her! Even lend a bit of assistance? "You look lovely today, Embry. Good morning, Draco." Nimue took a seat across from Draco at a diagonal, so that Embry's options would be the one directly across from him, or the one beside him; either would lend her the edge in drawing his attention.
  6. "Good morning, Nimue," Draco said looking at Nimue with a polite smile. At the comment that Embry looked nice, made him look at her. He had to admit she wasn't bad looking and actually grown to look quite pretty. Much like a doll.

    Embry sat down across from Draco, so she could be by the window. She picked up her book and set it on her lap,"Thank you," She said softly as she looked at her with a small smile. "You look very beautiful today as well Nimue. Doesn't she Draco?" She inquired looking at the pale boy. She couldn't help but notice how he was looking at her.

    Draco was still looking over Embry, remembering the holiday his family went on with many other families's. He remembered how angry he had been when his mother invited Embry, due to her slightly lower status. He also remembered how Blaise seemed to sweep her up that week, and how she flirted with every boy she was in contact with except for him, Crabbe, and Goyle. His thought's cleared when he heard Embry's question. His eyes shifted to Nimue. taking in her looks for a moment,"Yes, in fact, she does," He said smiling. He had found her quite beautiful since the Yule ball., but never risked wrecking their potential friendship over it. He hoped Blaise would appear soon to distract him from the two girls.
  7. "Thank you both," Nimue said. She kept her expression veiled, but couldn't suppress a blush. So she doesn't like Draco? she thought. That seemed a little odd. He was the boy it seemed everyone (especially Slytherins) in their Year and younger wanted, whether it be for the status one could gain from having him as a boyfriend, the romantic quest to 'change' a Scoundrel, aiming for a shot at marrying into the Most Noble and Ancient House of Malfoy, or simply for his looks. That Draco seemed almost indifferent to girls only made him more irresistible to those inclined to look his way So, for him to be the one 'highly eligible' boy Embry chose to pass over...

    Embry already had a book out, as if she was about to disappear within its pages and leave Nimue to make conversation with Draco. That was supposed to be her maneuver. "What is it you're reading, Embry?" She turned to Saklas, who was scowling imperiously at Embry, clearly deeming her too 'low class' for the august company with whom she shared the compartment. "Saklas, my book please," she said, then hissed in a lower voice for his ears only, "Stop it! No, don't punish yourself, just be polite from now on." Saklas' ears sagged, but at least he didn't start bashing his head into anything. He snapped his fingers, and a bookmarked copy of Herbology, Transfiguration, Arithmancy, and the Potionmaker's Art: The Four Pillars of Advanced Ecological Alchemy appeared in his hand. This was not a school text, but the sort of tome a practitioner would take up after graduating from Hogwarts. "Thank you," she said, taking it.

    Hopefully my choice of reading material will make me less interesting to him. He despises Hermione. Though that may be more due to her ancestry than her intelligence.
  8. "It's a muggle classic, quite good actually," Embry said opening her book as she had begun reading, obviously, no longer concerned about the conversation around her. She fell easily into the world of Jane Austen and the habits of the Bennet Girls. She smiled to herself as she read. She found herself more the Caroline Bingley of the story, while Darcy the Darcy. Leaving Nimue as Elizabeth Bennett.

    Draco scoffed when Embry said muggle and good within the same sentence,"Nonsense is all that is, you should read that book my father gave you for your birthday. The one on illegal curses, charms, and potions," He lectured, despite knowing it was useless. He knew Embry was lost to her books, and he knew if he insisted upon her attention she would send howlers to his dorm at midnight until he apologized.

    "So, Nimue what are you reading?" He asked curiously. He always had found Nimue more sensible than Embry, and he enjoyed that so much more. He would, of course, ask her of her summer, before they reached Hogwarts. He just didn't want to break the flow of conversation at that moment.
  9. Nimue subtly raised an eyebrow when Draco talked aloud, in a compartment on a public train, about a book of illegal magic his father had given Embry. Aren't the Slytherins supposed to be the cunning House? she thought, hiding her irritation at his reaction to the mention of Muggles. She showed him the cover of her book.

    "Draco, you should not be so quick to dismiss Muggle literature. They outnumber us heavily; it is only a matter of statistics that they will have more brilliant writers than we have writers. And you don't really expect her to read an illegal book on a train where just anyone can walk in, or bring such a thing to Hogwarts, do you?" She kept her tone academic, as if she were discussing an obscure point on the use of astrological timing in the refining of the seven Alchemical metals.
  10. Draco rolled his eyes,"The book its self is not illegal, it just informs a wizard of the more....dangerous magic, and how it has been used in the past. You can buy it in diagon alley," Draco said with an eyeroll. "If the book its self were illegal I would have never brought it up," He added studying the cover of her book. It was academic, very academic."At least you read sensible things," he said in a quiet tone as the conversation grew to an end.

    He waited a moment as he heard what sounded like running down the train cars walk way. It stopped outside the compartment door. The door slid open to reveal Blaise standing there, panting slightly. He walked in and motioned for Draco to slid over. Blaise took the seat across from Embry and stared intently at her as if trying to make her look up. When Embry finally did, she smiled and moved to his lap so they could better greet eachother.

    "Not even two words to me, but instead the first thing you do is snog Embry? I am hurt blaise," Draco complained despite his complaint falling on deaf ears. As he closed the compartment door again.
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  11. Nimue blushed, looked down, and opened her book to the silk bookmark. Now was definitely the time to retreat into its pages. She might even have considered finding an excuse to flee the compartment altogether, if it weren't for the fact that there probably weren't any vacancies anywhere else. For a moment, she almost felt sorry for Draco. No one in the compartment wanted to be here with him. Well, if he didn't always make every effort to be a monumental prat... Now that I think of it, he'd probably rather be with Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy Parkinson anyway. So why isn't he with them? Did Embry drag him off...so she could play matchmaker between him and me?
  12. Draco moved to Embry's now abandoned seat so at least he could look out the window. He wished Pansy and him were on talking terms, but after last summer he broke up with her, due to how clingy she had gotten. When he had tried to apologize and return to the way things were she had rejected him. He wished things would be normal, but soon enough Embry moved off of Blaise's lap next to him.

    "Sorry, Draco. You know if you hadn't locked Embry in her guest room when I was over that wouldn't have been so dramatic," Blaise apologized as he watched Embry pick up her book again. Draco only nodded in reply. "Hey, how's things going with Pansy? Has she forgiven you, yet?" He asked.

    "No, I suspect my mother told her parents about their plans," Draco said still eyeing the window.
  13. Plans? Nimue thought. What sort of 'plans' could his parents have, that would make Pansy mad at him? Could it have to do with me? Given Embry's actions so far, she was starting to worry that Mother had decided to make more concrete arrangements concerning her interest in seeing her and Draco end up together. Or worse, that Mr. Malfoy had decided to take a hand. Mum could have talked to him about it. They could have even agreed to arrange a marriage! Me becoming his girlfriend for the rest of school would make things easier, but Mother and Mr. Malfoy wouldn't let a little thing like me not liking Draco get in the way! Right, don't panic. Fear is the mind-killer.

    Does Embry waving me into this compartment establish a high probability that they're in on it, or could there be other explanations? Hypothesis: Embry could have her own reasons for trying to set me up with Draco? The Slytherin girls are mean to her about the whole 'Whore of Slytherin' thing and I'm not, so she could have decided that I'd be preferable in the position when it comes to her and Blaise hanging out with Draco and his girlfriend. Alright, that is a simpler hypothesis, and it explains the data equally well. But that doesn't mean that Mother won't try to make arrangements with Mr. Malfoy. I'd better come up with some plans of my own...

    Nimue decided to direct some of her attention to the conversation between Draco and Blaise to see if she could glean anything more about these 'plans' that had Pansy's knickers in a knot, and keep an eye on Embry in her peripheral vision. Which left her little attention left to do more than skim the words of her book.
  14. "And what plans would that be? Marrying you off to a pureblood girl with a large fortune? That has always been your parent's plan since we were young," Blaise sounding tired as he attempted to read over Embry's shoulder. "Hell, if they could convince Embry's parents they would have her betrothed within a week. I noticed over the holiday our families took together. Your mother is in quite the habit of playing matchmaker," He said smirking at Draco.

    "Don't look so smug, I heard my mother talking to yours about marrying you off to Daphne Greengrass. They both seemed pleased at the idea of it," Draco said to him smirking back,"As for Embry, my mother is rather cross with her parent's poor parenting. She blames them for Embry's habit of spreading her legs for anything with a pulse and interest in muggles. My mother would not assist her parents in finding Embry a groom, even if bribed, right now," Draco said eyeing Blaise again.

    Blaise rolled his eyes, as he hardly noticed Embry pull away from him. She adjusted herself so her back was against the compartment wall and her knees were pulled up to her chest Her book and body language successfully hiding her face as tears welled up in her eyes.

    "So, do you know who the girl they want you to wed?" Blaise said to his friend after a moment. He completely forgot about Embry's presence at the moment, as he watched Draco shake his head no.
  15. Listening to Draco's cutting words, Nimue started feeling rather cross herself, not that one could tell by looking at her. She bit back half a dozen snappy replies; Draco might be a boor, but descending to his level would only weaken her position. Best if no one could even tell for sure what her position was, all the harder to attack it. A frontal assault wasn't the only way to skin a dragon, however.

    She looked up from her text as if she hadn't even heard his comments about Embry. "I say Draco, do you plan on continuing your rivalry with Mr. Potter this year?" she said in a light, conversational tone. The Daily Prophet had never stopped talking about Potter's win in the Triwizard Tournament last year and the debate over his claim that the Dark Lord had returned. The current issue was all aflutter with speculation on what he might do this year to top it. And of course Nimue would hardly need to remind Draco about all the times Potter out-flew him in Quidditch whenever Griffindor and Slytherin faced off in the pitch. Or of the many and varied other ways Potter had proved to be a vortex of humiliation for Draco ever since their first day at Hogwarts, irresistibly drawing him into one defeat after another.
  16. Draco seemed to set his jaw at the mention of Potter," The rivalry never ends, you should know that by now. Him, Weasley, and that stupid mud blood, don't have a chance this year," He said to Nimue obviously still upset over the last few years, as he began his rant about how much Harry sucks.

    Blaise rolled his eyes,"Really, Nimue, did you have to bring up Potter, now he will never stop his tangent," He said looking annoyed at Nimue.

    Embry's hand's shock as she slammed her book shut. "Shut the bloody hell up, Draco! No one cares about your obsession with Potter, if I didn't know any better I would assume you were in love with him," She yelled as she stormed out of the compartment, to the two boys surprise.

    Draco blinked in shock as he caught the book against his chest. Blaise was shocked for a minute before laughing so hard he lost his breathe.
  17. Well, that didn't quite work as intended, Nimue thought. "Really, Draco. The greatest achievement of Potter's life, the root of all his renown, lies behind him. It's not even a feat he had anything to do with, but something that just happened to him as a baby, for what reason no one really knows. Why, the hope of besting you is the closest thing he's got to recapturing the lost glory days of his infancy. So perhaps you could show a little compassion. Or if you simply must choose cruelty, exercise it by deeming Potter and his friends unworthy of continued interest. Whatever would he do without a nemesis to make him shine?

    "Now If you will excuse me, I really should go and see if Embry is alright," she said, rising to leave in pursuit of the other girl.
  18. Embry had taken a seat in an abandoned compartment, sobbing into her hands. She was so frustrated with this whole situation, but she didn't want to see anyone as she sobbed into her hands. this emotional beginning was not a good sign, to the start of this year. She knew this year would not end in her favor if she even managed to survive it.

    Blaise looked at Draco a bit shocked at Nimue's outburst,"Draco, my friend, you have managed to piss off two women in one day. I think you should shut up for once," Blaise said to him eyeing the window.
  19. Though she hadn't exactly yelled at Draco, Nimue kicked herself for not keeping her cool better. Heading down the hallway, she peered through the glass doors into each compartment, finally spotting Embry. Bugger. What do I do? She won't want me to have seen her like this. Being Slytherin, she'll be expecting a knife to the back, and she's probably gotten plenty of those already. But I can't just leave her--buggerbuggerbugger!

    Coming toward her from the opposite end of the hallway was--who else, but Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron. Nimue stepped a few steps past Embry's compartment to interpose herself, fighting down nervousness and more than a little fear.

    "Mr. Potter, Miss Granger, Mr. Weasley," Nimue said politely, rather more loudly than she usually spoke. Hopefully, Embry would overhear and have time to compose herself. They would probably want the compartment she was in. "...Pardon me...sorry, but Draco is down that way, and he's rather out of sorts," she said with a gesture to the hallway behind her. "If you would like to avoid his usual...demeanor, it would be best to choose a compartment down the way you came."
  20. Embry sniffled as she tried to straighten up. Her makeup had effectively started to run down her pale cheeks. She sniffled as she produced a small pack of tissues from her pocket. She wiped away the makeup that ran and produced a compact to check how it appeared. She looked alright, but with puffy eyes. She had to stop crying over Draco, he wasn't worth it. 'He will never love me... i am just a damn muggle loving whore, to him. A poor muggle loving whore. He will never love me. He will only love himself. And if I manage it properly he will fall for Nimue, and I will gain some respect back from Narcissa and Lucius,' She thought to herself as she sniffled and made herself presentable.

    She stood and headed to compartment door. She hardly realized she had an audience, as she had been looking down. But at the sight of the Golden Trio, she nearly lost it again. At the sight of Nimue, her eyes watered threatening to poor over. "Good afternoon," She said to the four hoping the water works wouldn't pour over.
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