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  1. :raven: So you want enroll in this high school. Well welcome to to what I call hell. I will let raven the head girl of the school talk for my behalf. I see every thing, hear every thing and smell every thing:M_BlackSkull: (OCC:it for the laugh. i am a joker). SO DON`T CAUSE ANY TROUBLE HERE OR OFF WITH YOUR HEAD.-head mistress.

    hello my name is raven. please don't ask about the head mistress behavior And I'm not the head girl she was being over dramatic. please. (i made this place for other to fool around in just don't cures and i won't shout at you)
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    Hello Raven, my name is Ellis, but I prefer to be called Elly! Even if your not head girl, can you explain this place to me? I heard this is the high school for...beings like me.
  3. raven smiles "Ok. well let me tell you the rules and what you will need or will have. rules first not curing, no fighting, no powers if you have any but there is one class where you are allowed but that all and no biting for any vampires. you will have a room mate in you room. you will go to class on time if your new it Ok but the teachers don't like it when your late. you need your books." she looks at her watch. "now it time for me to leave I need to talk to the head mistress if you need me i will be in my room or in the head mistress office." (if you need me pm me Ok this is not for me i made it for others)
  4. Rusti walked in right as the "head girl" had just left. Rusti turned to the other girl who's name appeared to be Elly as he had barely over heard. "Hi my name's Rusti," he said with a quick smile. "I saw the head girl give you a quick briefing...what did I miss?"
  5. A 'tisk' like sound echoed behind Rusti and Ellis, where a demon stood. A black substance forming the shape of a cloak covered his body. His face was hidden behind a crow-like mask and a vibrant red pierced through its shallow eye holes. A long black cloth extruded from his cloak, as if the shape of a tail. After she had left, he spoke up abruptly "Heh, cheeky brat..."

    Lava's voice was low and had a lingering roll of the tongue, similar to a hiss. He was obviously not pleased with how Raven left so quickly, or how the head mistress was so loud ...and quite sinister, if he dare say so. He turned his eyes to the two in front of him though, catching the conversation Rusti was engaging in.
    "You didn't miss much," he said "just don't do anything fun and you'll be fine." Lava let the word 'fun' roll around quite a bit, his lips arching in a disgusted way as the word left his mouth. It was true though! No fights? Seriously? But they were so much fun! And you have to be kidding me with the no powers? Ah....

    He blinked and refrained from airing his complaints, instead he smiled (although it couldn't be seen) and introduced himself as well,
    "And I'm Lava, a pleasure! Hehe"
  6. Rusti didn't really appreciate the creepiness of this guy, but then again he grew in a creepy sort of house hold. "Um...nice to meet you Lave,"and uh...thanks?" Rusti was confused at the "no fun" comment he made. Rusti licked his lips. He needed blood. "Yeah when do we get grub around here?" Rusti asked.
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    "You're quite an impatient one eh...? " Her voice was soft yet pierced through the air. Another demon, just great. It probably wouldn't take long before the different races would clash and cause a fight, so it wouldn't take too long before they could have 'fun'. she gave a short glance at the girl apparently named Ellis, she could get annoying... assuming she had wings she wasn't going to like her the slightest. then there was a boy named Rusti, a bloodsucker maybe? On her way towards the little commotion she had passed the head girl, busy as always it seemed, oh well.

    She closed the distance and finally eyes the demon, it depended on how he would act whether she would like this one or not. Ignis crossed her arms the scars in her face forming an x underneath her right eye, her eyes itself however would be more interesting, at least that was what she thought. It was the color of a burning flame, and instead of having a normal or slit pupil it was a cross.... Her clothes were rather simple, more to not scare others off, just simple skinny jeans with a black shirt covering up the scars on her arms, black sneakers had to keep her feet save however she would like to take them off right away. This was the appearance she had given herself the moment she had arrived.

    "My name is Ignis... I look forward to going to class with all of you.... " A soft annoyed sigh and she looked back in the direction the head girl had went.
  8. Rusti turned to the girl as she said her name and how she was supposedly "looking foward to going to class with all of us...." 'How many weird, creepy, and rude ass people are in this school?' he thought to himself. Rusti snarled as she turned around. Rusti looked back at Raven. "When does class start?" he asked.
  9. ((OOC: Don't forget, Raven left to the head mistress, she's not here at the moment))

    Lava clasped his hands together, his eyes squinting as his mask closed in on Rusti- only a mere 3 inches separated him from physically connecting his mask with the vampire's face. "You are quite welcome, little bat" he said. Just as quickly as his face had drawn in, it snapped back, turning to a set of footsteps heading their way.

    Lava's head cranked sideways like an owl. He blinked several times, his eyes gathering every detail of the new arrival. Underneath his mask, a grin stretched from cheek to cheek, his sharp teeth pearled brightly. Lava caught her eyeing him and he narrowed his eyes back, but for only a brief moment. They quickly shaped into large quarters, one could see the playfulness in his eyes.

    "Hello, hello~ My name is Lava," his long, slender, and claw-like hands reached out to Ignis "A pleasure to meet you as well."

  10. Rusti widened his eyes. "Who do you think you are dude!!!" Rusti walked up to the masked boy. "Don't call me a bat!" he exclaimed. He wanted to snatch that mask off of his face and punch him as hard as he could, but he didn't want a bad reputation on his first day. "Watch your mouth you masked bastard!"
  11. "Calm yourself. "Her eyes shot back towards Rusti, pushing away the strands of hair covering the left side of her face, revealing an eye that seemed to be blind, the iris barely visible, covered with a grayish/ white layer. However she could still see perfectly with it. Her eyes narrowed a bit, this guy eh... disliked from this point on.

    After she gave a last glare at Rusti she looked back a Lava, extending her own hand to shake his, or what was close to it. Her skin rather pale. A smile curled the corners of her mouth and let the playful look in his eyes reflect in her own. She reached about 5'7" in this form and curiously took a second look memorizing the needed details in this demon's appearance.
    "You got a very interesting mask, Lava...." She grinned and turned back to Rusti, her expression cold again. "Shouldn't take too long, just be patient.... Or you won't last long here. " She let out a soft chuckle baring her white teeth, maybe try to scare 'em a bit.
  12. raven appeared behind Rusti hearing every thing. "who said anything about no fun. and i`m not head girl like i would want to anyways" she smirks. "you people better herry or your late for class. just watch you words Rusti and you too lava. or....." she shakes her head "never mind have a nice day" she disappeared
  13. Rusti grumbled and hissed at the girl, before having to turn the head girl....well not really a head girl in her words. Rusti was confused at this school, but he walked passed the girl and bumped shoulders with Lava half brutally, straight to class. He smiled, his fangs gleaming.
  14. "Who do you think you are dude?"

    Lava blinked, feeling as if someone was talking to him ...or the buzz of an insect perhaps? He turned "Oh, it's the little bat…" Rusti seemed to be exclaiming something, but the words didn't reach Lava's ears. Well, that was ...not until the kid continued to yell.

    "Watch your mouth you masked bastard!"

    A chuckle erupted from Lava's throat, his laugh echoing in a cold fashion. "Whatever you say ….little bat." The words were hissed in demon royal dialect, so the kid most likely didn't understand a word.

    "Calm yourself"

    Lava turned, catching Ignis's eye in return. He was careful not to scratch her rather pale skin with his slender claws as he shook her hand. "Heh heh, isn't it?" he cooed "I ripped it from the Crow king himself~" Lava in turn eyed her scars "You have some interesting symbols yourself, if I may add." He released her hand and let her last words linger in his thoughts. This day already escalated so quickly...

    Raven's sudden appearance did surprise him, but Lava had no regrets for what he had said early. Raven was still a cheeky brat in his eyes… "Alas-" Lava was bumped sideways abruptly, cutting him from his sentence. His feet had been quite strongly planted on the ground, preventing any fall from Rusti's somewhat brutal push. His demon eyes flashed a dangerous vibrant red for only a spare second, easily missed. He then turned to Ignis, "Looks like this is going to be fun after all, eh?"
  15. She saw how Rusti just bumped into Lava and since Lava had released her hand she could clench it slightly, the skin becoming a bit whiter than it already was. Oh how she would love it to rip the wings from this little bat, or his head... or both. A rather low growl came from her throat to answer him. Oh she could probably do it if she wanted to, but that would be just too fast, way too fast. And thinking Raven wouldn't like it too much either, or would she...? Maybe she would love to see the halls of school painted a crimson red....

    "You ripped it from his head...? Very impressive. " She grinned a bit at Lava her hand automatically moving to the scar under her eye. "I don't know whether you can call a scar a symbol though.... " Her gaze went back to Rusti's back, maybe she would be the first one to land a punch if the guy kept acting like this. Right hand moved again, her left eye closing slightly as her head tilted to the right. She could do it.... With a soft sigh she turned her attention back to the demon.

    "May I ask what kind of demon you are, I wasn't fully capable to understand what you said earlier. " The tongue in which she spoke would sound similar to the one in which Lava had spoken, however there would be slightly more growling in it. She didn't fully know there were dialects she didn't know yet, besides ancient demonic. "If you would like to tell me that is. "
  16. Rusti sat down in his first class. The class wasn't full yet so he just chilled took a look around at some of the other students in that class. He waited for a teacher to arrive. In the mean time he thought about those jerks he met out in the lobby. He didn't know if he would like this school, but he knew he would love fighting with the students who enroll in it. Another thousand years of battle with mythical creatures. It'll be like a reunion to him. Knew one knew what he was fully capable of....heck he didn't even know what he was fully capable of, but if he were to get injured or angry enough it would happen and he wasn't afraid of it.
  17. Putting his laugh to a halt, he listened to Ignis. Ah, how he enjoyed different the different accents and dialect presented within his race and others! They were truly interesting and his ears intently listened. She spoke of his dialect earlier …so Ignis didn't know of the royal dialect? Hm…very interesting. But of course It wasn't a common dialect, not common indeed. He curled his tongue to adjust to her now. "Why, I am a royal, dear Ignis" he said, in which he bowed amusingly. A grin played underneath his mask. Royal's were demons of -you can guess- royalty. Be it the son of the Lord Demon himself, or any of the Lords, they held a secret dialect. This dialect wasn't shared with lesser demons or demons who didn't come in contact with royalty often, so that could be why Ignis has never heard of it before.

    "There are many dialects within the demon world" he said continuing, in her tongue so she could understand "Royalty is among the least common known because of the Lords and Ladies of the demon world use it to communicate to each other only, or in, what I did, to insult lesser creatures." Lava laughed a little bit before continuing once more.

    "But ah…" he noticed the time displayed in the lobby "I would hate to miss my first class, shall we go?" He quickly offered "If you would like to know more, we may converse at your convenience~" Lava was quite a playful demon, so he would understand if she didn't take him for royalty. Sometimes his own father didn't.
  18. She listened carefully and patiently, taking ona steady pace the moment he mentioned the passing of time. "My my, you're of royal blood? I never would have guessed.... You're a strange one Lava. " She found it hard to believe but the manner of speaking and the fact his dialect could indeed have been royal would proof it enough for now. The smile kept her lips slightly arched, she was rather amused by listening to his words. Without really thinking about it she walked over to the classroom which Rusti had entered earlier. " The though a simple destruction demon could meet a royalty, earth sure is a small world."

    Her voice became a bit softer the moment her hand made contact with the wood of the door, pushing it further open to make the passage way a bit larger, not that she was that big but still. Her eyes scanned the room and she gave a maybe too sweet, teasing smile at Rusti. So the bat boy was one of her classmates after all, how fun. "I couldn't agree more with you to go to class... seems like this is going to be... 'fun'. If you would excuse me for now." She looked further around, her eye almost instantly falling on a seat besides the male. Either that spot or the one in the back, nice and shady.... However much she would love it to annoy the boy with her presence she chose to stay in the shadows, making her way towards that place by the wall and claiming the seat. Her elbows rested on the table, her fingers weaving together while her chin leaned on them, staring to the back of the little bat.
  19. Next, it was Lava's turn to poke his face in. There didn't seem to be many seats available. Ignis had taken the pleasing one in the back, so he couldn't choose that one. There had been one available in the front …but Lava felt he would be entitled to jester the teacher if he were in such a position. As pleasing as that sounded, he didn't want to start off having too much fun. Ah, so the middle it was! The dark substance that made us Lava's coat fluttered and dissolved into the air.

    His tall slender and more human-looking form revealed itself. He still wore a back hood, but it now rested against the back of his neck, revealing his long slender, golden horns. His hair was pure black and spiked out from the back of his mask. Lava wore a Royal crimson shirt and his pants were of a Royal black, snuggling nicely against his thin legs.

    "It would be best to be comfortable, no?"
    he said, teasing the class with a smile. He took a seat next to Rusti, one of the few seats left available. Beggars can't be choosers. Lava turned, giving a quick wink to Ignis and giving a 'friendly' smile to Rusti. Of course, if Rusti didn't like his position, he could take the seat up front~
  20. Lyle walked the halls quickly. He knew the school was for the abnormals. Technically he wasn't normal. He had indian blood therefore he was a born shape shifter. He was still human until he shifted. He practiced shifting into myths such as Sasquatchs and leprechauns. He sighed and opened the class door. There was a weird dude in the front and another girl in the back. He also noticed a boy about his age in the back. He instantly felt the temperature drop.

    He slung his bookbag off his shoulders and sit in the middle. He hated having people behind him. He didn't like having his back turned. Lyle was freezing. He thought about shifting into a polar bear but assumed that would be frowned upon. He simply reached in his bookbag and grabbed his light green hoodie. He felt comfortably and waited for class to start. He wondered how fast he could shift in case anyone tried to start something. I hate being human sometimes. The 16 year old thought to himself. He rubbed his light brown skin and ran his fingers through his long silk black indian hair. But I love being a Native american.. He smiled and waited for class. He started to feel umcomfortably. He repositioned himself in the seat often and looked around him. He sighed and seemed to shrink in his seat. He didn't want to be at the school..
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