Welcome to Hell

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    • Welcome to Hell
      You have just died and your soul sank right down to my kingdom and now your Satan's whore forever and ever all you can do now is talk to other hopeless souls. So while your down here mind a well make a couple friends or even find a lover, I mean what else is there to do down here.
      Anyways don't have too much fun and accept your fait as a demon and be nice to other souls they have already been through a lot thanks


    • Rules
      • Since your down here you must only be a demon and always a demon​
      • Try not to be too mean​
      • Never tell your or anyone elses IRL information EVER​
      • If you wish to leave let everyone else know so i may take your soul into my own hands​
      • Only experienced roleplayers​
      • Your allowed to get dirty but keep it at a minimum​
      • Not too much drama​

      • Satan's apprentice​
      • Satan's Wife​
      • Demons​
      • Slaves​
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