Welcome to Hell My friends

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  1. You might think the devil is mythical but I promise you that I am very real. You may not know it but I stand before you, my eyes locked on a stunning blue feature and I can walk in and out of reality. I wish to play with all of you. I can be casual to advanced RPer.

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  2. Is that Supernatural? Nice! Welcome to Iwaku!
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  3. Yes its supernatrual. Yes I am the devil that sits on your shoulder.

    I kid I kid xD

    Welcome to Iwaku, Lucifer! I'm one of the mods here, and you can message me any time you need a hand!
  5. Thank you dearly
  6. The devil...hmmm..~smirks~ So finally he is making himself known to the world..

    Be careful my dear..I love to play with monsters of all sorts..even the king and devil himself..~winks~
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  7. If you ever like to rp talk to me. Pm. U am still an angel
  8. I shall do that.
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