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  1. ¤ Welcome to Hell High ¤

    Finally the day that many dreaded had come.The first day of school at Hell High.There would be new faces and old faces returning to the school.Anyone familiar with the school knew all hell would break loose.Surely the first day couldn't be that bad though.Could it?Returning students and teachers all knew the answer to that.The principal and vice principal also knew the answer.Which was why they darkly grinned upon knowing school was starting again.

    Pandora had some how managed to survive her first year.Now she was returning to this insane school for yet another dangerous school year.She took a deep breath as she flew toward the school.She could see other students already standing out side of the school.Those who knew each other were talking or observing other students.While new students were getting to know each other or standing around.Some were even trying to calm their selves due to rumors they heard.Holding her backpack she landed on the sidewalk and folded her black wings.Then she put her dark grey backpack on and looked around.Her ice blue eyes searching for someone as the wind gently her hair.With her long black hair having red streaks in it anyone could tell she liked red.She wore a black Disturbed shirt,black capri pants and black converse that had white soles.

    Pandora (open)


    She started to walk to where the other students stood,'I hope I'll see them again this year.'She thought.She couldn't help but miss the three of them but one she missed the most.She slightly blushed at the thought of him then she caught a familiar scent.Her eyes widened as she began nervously looking around,'No...he couldn't be here.Why would he be here of all places?!'She anxiously thought.

    She searched through familiar and unfamiliar faces but she didn't find the person.They were someone she wasn't looking forward to seeing at all.Suddenly without warning a familiar voice called out,"Hey I'm back! Did anyone miss me last year?!"A male voice yells gaining everyones attention.Pandora froze upon hearing his voice because her worst nightmare had come to past.She looked up seeing him standing on top of the schools' roof giving a cocky grin.He was a tall male with pale skin,white hair and golden yellow eyes.He wore a white unbuckled straight jacket with white pants.On his feet were white boots.To his right was a female demon silently standing beside him.She had on a black hooded straight jacket and her arms were bound by it.The hood completely hid her eyes and horns.Although some of her crimson hair and demented grin could be seen.

    Malic and the female (open)



    After a short pause he continued,"I sure missed all of you. Don't worry though...I'll make sure to give all of you hell this year!For those of you who don't know me! I'm Malic...as in malic acid or you could say Malic short for malicious or malice!"He said in amusement then pointed to himself with his left thumb.before darkly chuckling.He runs his right hand through his hair,"Anyway...I'm the leader of the gang known as the Blazing Inferno. If anyone wants in we're always accepting new members."He says then grins insanely before darkly chuckling.

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  2. Midna knew the day had finally come. Her first day and year at Hell High. She was in a way ready but yet not because of all the rumors going around near home from neighborhood students who attend years before her. She arrived by flight but walked when she was only a few blocks away as to try and not draw attention to herself. She wondered how she might fit in for she was a half demon elf. She was wearing a dark blue hoody with the hood up which covered her pointed elf ears, black little demon horns, and her red hair. All that could be seen was her emerald green eyes.

    She didn't go near a crowd when she arrived she just waited like those who seemed out of place and alone some she could tell that like her they had heard the many frighting rumors of Hell High. She heard a boy speak of being the leader of some group which as her first day of school she knew nothing about. Minda fixed her black book-bag to where it was not crushing her wings once more she hated how it would sometimes seem to shift on top of her wings. She felt her tail wrap around her wrist for this was a normal reaction for her when she was nervous or need something to help her keep calm and relaxed. Minda was not the best when it came to new places and crowds but she was hoping to make some new friends that might could help her get through the year. She appeared lost but looking for something a schedule or map, maybe even a friend perhaps.
  3. Jin appeared fromthe shadows at the corner of the hallway. Once he was fully visible, he smirked while moving a strand of brown hair from his face. "Lets see who wants to fight me today.."

    He started to walk through the school with his hands in his pockets watching everyone he passed by. This was his first year, he also knew his strength would be tested.
  4. Hell High. The very school that the teenager stood, breathed, studied, and even managed to killed others at. Fingers with elongated nails that had a silver tint to them near the tips flowed like ships through the sea of her long golden, strawberry-blonde hair. The luscious locks were grown out pass her waist and bounced with each stride she took. There was a pinkish glare to her hair, which was present whenever light hit her hair. The girl slipped her hand back into the pocket of her black hoodie and let out a large yawn. Sleep was catching up to her and its claws were beginning to inject more gasps of sleepiness into her body. Why? Well over the summer she didn't sleep that much. To her, sleep was a waste of life and time and tried to avoided it at all cost. However, no bags appeared under icy blue eyes that were sharp and narrow like a hungry wolf's.

    With a light huff and a twitch of her silver ears, she walked down the hallways. Her eyes darted this way and that way in search of the people she called "friends." She was fairly popular, with her easy going and sometimes loud personality, and found it easy to socialize with others. She wasn't exactly feared nor seen as a person who was straight out psychotic, but was seen as a person who could easily defend themselves whenever trouble came around and a bit of a sociopath. The girl did fell nervous around some students at the school, but did her best to keep calm. Her reason for this was always answered with a simple quote of hers, "Eh, some people, I believe, can sense fear through body language." The only thing she really feared was the school wyvern. She used to like dragons, but after seeing others get eaten by it last year made her change her opinion of them.

    "Bleh, I wonder how many of my friends made it to school for this year," she thought to herself as she walked.
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  5. Pandora could tell that Malic had yet to spot her and she really wanted to keep it that way.So she began to make her way toward the front doors so she could enter into the school.Then she noticed a female she hadn't seen before who looked to be lost.She stopped and against her better judgement slowly walked up to the female,"Hi.You're new right?I remember when I was new last year.Would you like some help finding your way around?"She asks kindly.Little did she know that Malic had spotted her,'Ah...there you are my dear Pandora.I knew I smelled your scent.Surely you didn't think you could hide from me.I'll be seeing you later...so try not to get into to much trouble without me.Right now...I need to make sure the new students learn who I am.'He deviously thought.He turns and looks at the female beside him,"Let's go.We have new students to intimidate."He says clearly enjoying the thought as a smirk creeps across his face.

    Then he suddenly leaps down to the sidewalk and the female silently does the same.The female looked at a male standing a few feet from her and grinning revealing her sharp teeth.The male and other students standing near him instantly panicked at the site of her teeth.Just the grin the female gave sent shivers down their spines because it was a murderous grin.Malic lightly chuckled,"Now...now...you have nothing to fear unless you piss me off.Remember that."He says giving a kind smile that was even scarier than the female's grin.Then he turns and begins walking,"So...who here thinks that they can take me on?"He says hoping someone would be foolish enough to challenge him.The female silently followed him while continuing to grin at students as she passed by.

    Meanwhile in the hall monitor was patrolling the halls and chasing students back outside.The hall monitor just happened to be a female who was shape shifter.She had toxic green hair along with eye shadow,a net top and platform boots to match.She wore black lipstick,a black short sleeve t-shirt with a green radioactive symbol on it and black tripp pants with a green studded belt.She had just scared a three other students back outside when she spotted a guy and a girl.She began walking toward them,"Hey...what are you two doing inside the school?I know he's new but you aren't."She says referring to the female at the end.Then she continues,"The bell hasn't rang yet...so both of you get back outside.Now!"
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  6. Hell High, the school that haunted everyone's dreams but Himiko's. For some reason she didn't fear the school but then again she really kept to herself and stayed out of all the gangs and other things. Even though she wasn't new, she felt new everyday she walked onto the schools courtyard because no one knew her and no one cared to know her, and she wanted to keep it that way. Walking up to the school gates she held her pikachu bookbag on her shoulders as she saw everyone scared to start the next day. Her black ripped skinny jeans matched the Batman T-shirt she had on with her high top converse and matching batman bow to pull the whole outfit together. Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud voice whom was the gang leader, her honey brown ears twitched as she heard his booming voice over the courtyard 'what was that guys name again? Do you honestly care? Well not really but...its still nice to know' she always ended up have fake conversations with the voice in her headhead as she ended up sighing as she sat on a bench that she had found pulling out her book that she was reading for the fifth time.
  7. Today was the day that Dontay was dreading. He hated going to school especially when its the first day of the new school year and the first day to attend a new school. His elf like ears lower as he drags his feet toward the school.

    His dark blue hair contrasting with his gray skin made him look more like troll or a fairy than a demon. He shoved his clawed hands into his blue jeans pocket and sighed as he searched the school grounds.

    He rubs the back of his neck before continuing to the doors but he quickly regretted the idea seeing students run out. Dontay yelps and explodes in a burst of blue flames teleporting to a safe location.

    He shakes and flicks his long tail in distate.

    "Great nearly get trampled on the first day of school...."
  8. Fear. The smell of it Yang, like a sweat, it tears through my soul! What cruel actions could I have possibly done to be put through this torment, idly tucked inside of an imbecile's mind while there are people to terrorize and wreck havoc upon? I can think of a few. A rather small boy with peculiar fiery red hair and a set of calming blue ocean eyes quarreled with his mind while standing among the students. Your being overly dramatic Yin. Really, why you obsess over mindlessly mauling pe- It is not mindless, you degrading fool! How dare you call my tactics mindless? "You know what, then? If you really want to be free so much then go right ahead! We might as well tell everybody that we're...." The boy looked around him, at the curious glares shot at him from his outburst, and he blushed heavily, quickly pulling the hood up on the black sweater he wore "Great, first day back and I already look like a crazy to all the new people." He ducked his head and started weaving through them.

    Ha! You? Crazy? Give me a break. Your like a fly. about as useless as one to. "Shut it." Shut it he says. How dare you tell me to shut it? You keep me locked inside during the setting I thrive in. You think you're going to befirend any of these fools? No, intimidation is how you do it. If they fear you they respect you, Yang. He pondered this, and could feel the devious gears of the other in his brain turning. He waited to see what he would say next, Alright Yang, I propose a deal. You let me out, there's a nice quiet place just over there around that corner. And what's in it for me? Quiet! I'm getting there. You let me out, I do my thing, then you can have all the class time you want without any interuptions from me to read your books or whatever. Yang's eyes shone with excitement at the thought of the offer, and the ego inside of him seized the opening, Not a peep from me, all you have to do is go around that corner and let me be free until class starts. Kapische? Kapische.

    Yang obediently walked around the corner of the school, away from the loud chatter of the students to a secluded area. Alright fine. Here we go. Without a moment's notice his body erupted in a marvelous purple light, that shone upwards like a beacon. The light engulfed him, and he fell to the ground, pushing the hood off his head. Just as marvelously as the light had appeared, it vanished, leaving an inverted image of the boy before. A malicious laugh tore through the air, loud enough for all to hear and send shivers down the spines of most. "I'm back!" Rising to his full height, the man looked well beyond something in a horror movie. Fiery red eyes burned deeply with hatred for everything around it under a calming sea of blue hair. His posture had changed as well. No longer was it hesitant and weary. It held a dangerous quality, one that made him seem unpredictable and dangerous. But it wasn't his eyes, hair, nor posture that sent grown men to their graves from heart attacks, it was the devilish sharp smile underneath, that looked like some weird demented shark. "Now where could she be?" Yin had awaited eagerly for this day. Not simply because of the opportunity to end lives and torture people, but to see an old friend as well. Turning the corner his sharp eyes spotted her immediately, talking to some new student. His grin, somehow, widened, and he pulled up his hood again, covering most of his face. He delved into the crowd of students, and began stalking her like prey.
  9. Dontay stretched some before he spotted a kid dive behind the students as if he was stalking someone.

    He watched curiously as he flicks his tail. He wondered if he should stop him but then again he wanted to see what will happen.
  10. Minda turned to look at a girl who had to be referring to her. "Um... Yeah... I-I'm new...." She said shyly. "And t-that w-would be great." Soon after she replied the man who spoke before talked to the girl. She didn't like the look the boy gave the girl who seemed willing to help Midna find her way around. She felt her tail's grip tighten as the boy jumped down and she saw a girl beside him give a toothy grin. But it was more of the intermediating sort than she liked the looks of. She gave a quiet gulp and hopped no one heard her. She then turned her attention once more to the girl who seemed willing to help.
  11. A male unexpectedly sat walked up and sat on the bench beside the girl.He noticed the book she was reading,"So you like that book too?"He said with a warm smile.He had white hair and tiger ears.His left ear was white while his right ear was black.Even his eyes were two toned with his right eye being red and his left eye blue.He was a unique guy and as anyone could tell he was new at the school.He didn't seem to be afraid which was mostly because he knew nothing of dangers of Hell High.Then again maybe he knew but had no reason to be afraid.

    Shiro (open)


    Malic heard the male yelp and turned to look in time to see him nearly get trampled.He smirks after seeing the male teleport and begins approaching him.He chuckles a little,"Careful...you almost got yourself trampled over.Thankfully you teleported in time.If you need someone to look out for you and show you around.I'm you're guy."He says and gives a a fake smile that was good enough to pass for a genuine smile.Then he hears laughter and a male yelling I'm back before he looks and notices a male he hadn't seen before.Many other students had gotten freaked out by the males malicious laughter.Malic noted that the male seemed to be stalking toward someone,'Hm? Who is that and what is he up to?'He thinks somewhat curious as he begins watching.

    Although Pandora was talking to the female she still smelled yet another familiar scent.She lightly sniffed the air,'Yang's here some where.It would seem that he just arrived.'She thought happy.She wondered how long it would take him to locate her as she looked around for him a little.She turned her attention back to the female not wanting to seem rude,"Don't worry I know how to survive this crazy school and I'll gladly help you."She says kindly.Suddenly she smells Yin's scent and hears his laughter,'Ok...now Yin is...somewhere around here.Knowing him it won't be long before he finds me and he'll approach from behind.'She thinks smirking for a moment.She continues talking to the female like she hadn't noticed his scent,"So were you given a schedule yet?"She asks.
  12. Dontay's eyes light up at the mention that Malic was offering to show him around "Alright, that'll be cool, thanks!" He said his tail swaying lightly.

    He was hoping that this meant he'd be getting a friend soon, despite being a demon his full power has yet to be unlocked.

    And didn't want to end up dead on his first day.

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  13. Minda was curious what had the girl's attention for a moment but didn't ask she figured maybe the girl was after finding a friend. She then gave a small shy smile at the girl saying that she would help Minda. "Thanks" She said then paused waiting to see what else the girl thought. "Um..." She paused again think on if she had found her schedule yet. She then looked at the ground at her feet and shuffled her feet closer together. "No... I haven't..." She said staring at the ground. Minda then looked up at the girl and explained why. "I wasn't sure where to go...Or if I was suppose to get my schedule yet..." She really didn't know much about what to do on the first day for she was home schooled for the longest time and then when her parents had heard about Hell High they thought sending her would do her some good weather she made friends or not she's not sure mattered to them.
  14. She had smelled a new scent arrive next to her as she heard a male voice talk to her."So you like that book too?" she turned to the voice quickly to tell him to get away from her but instead she was met with a warm smile. "O-oh yeah....I...this is my fifth time reading it" a small amount of blush appeared on her face as she noticed how nerdy she sounded. 'Really Kiko....are you really blushing?" she not her lip and rolled her eyes at the comment the voice in her head had made. "So...you're a fan as well I'm guessing?" She didn't know why she felt so embarrassed talking to him but she tries to calm herself down on the inside.
  15. Malic turned his attention back to the male,"Good and you're welcome.I'm Malic by the way.What's your name?"He says keeping up his act of kindness.Meanwhile the female finally walked up beside him and leaned in toward the male he was speaking with.He looked at her,"Don't lean toward him like that.Are you trying to scare him?He's a potential friend."He says in a kind,smooth voice.The female stands back up and takes a step back,"Sorry."Was all she said in a demonic female voice that was nearly void of emotion.

    Her black demon tail swayed back and forth as if she was anxious or perhaps bored.Malic put his arm around her and pulled her close,"This is my dear Veronica.She wouldn't hurt a fly unless someone makes me or her mad or tries to harm us."He says lightly still keeping his right arm around her.She simply stands there silently letting him keep his arm around her.

    Pandora smiled,"You're welcome.Hmm...I see.If I remember right you go inside to get one."She says then begins thinking.Then she continues,"Last year they were handed out in the hall,but I hear that it will be in the auditorium this year.We just have to wait until the bell rings.So...what is your name?"She asks.

    Shiro watched as the female finally looked up from her book at him,"I can't blame you for reading it again.It's a wonderful book.Yes I'm a huge fan of all of this author's books.I actually own all of their books.They're a real masterpiece.Don't you think so?"He says in a thrilled tone of voice.He noticed that she was blushing and found it cute,"I'm Shiro by the way.What's your name?"He says with his ears slightly twitching.
  16. "I'm Himiko.... But you people call me Kiko....we I don't really know anyone so I mainly call myself Kiki cause Himiko is such a l-" 'Your rambling....' she blushed even more rrealozing that she was rambling as her ears went down to show hwre embarrassment. "I-im sorry...I always ramble when I get nervous" she wasn't really used to people actually wanting to be around her, she ended up giving him a genuine smile, something she hasn't done in forever.
  17. High above the crowd of anticipating students, crouched down like a cat with one white gloved hand on the ground to steady himself was a man dressed in full black attire, head cocked curiously to the side. He crouched almost exactly where the one known as Malic had been standing earlier, simply watching the students below, examining each of them. His entire being resembled that of a cat, from his stance, to the mask he wore on his face, to the large metallic ears poking out of his tattered red hood that ran down along his back. He practically oozed mystery. Beneath the two eye sockets of the mask was pure darkness, revealing not even the slightest indication of what the man underneath may have looked like. Slowly, he began to move his left white gloved hand from where it had been steadying himself. He arose to his full height, appearing small in stature but intimidating all the same. He turned away from the roof, his hood blowing to the side from the gusts of winds that blew high up on the roof.

    "What a fool he is, exposing himself to the public like that." An unidentifiable voice came out of the man's mask, one neither high or low, fast or slow, young or old, simply a voice. He started talking to himself as he walked deftly to the other end of the roof. "Is he a fool though? Perhaps he's just powerful beyond measure, and because of that cocky." He walked with a fine grace along the roof, as if he were a nobleman at a ball. He pondered his thoughts, recalling each of the times he ran into the leader of the Blazing Infernos, Malic. Powerful maybe. Crazy, definitely. Unpredictable, well naturally. Reaching the other end of the roof, the man continued to walk even though he was dangerously close to the edge, as if the steep drop simply didn't exist in his mind. "Unlike him however, I believe secrecy is key. Why reveal yourself as the high up in your gang and mark yourself right away? Perhaps it's a scare tactic." Without stopping, the man walked casually off the edge of the roof, and began to plummet head first to the ground below. With the grace of a cat, he quickly flipped his body around, and landed soundlessly on his feet against the hard ground. He continued to walk as if the entire spectacle hadn't happened, "Yes that must be it, reveal yourself as a powerful individual, and others will fear you. After all, those who fear are those who follow, no?" He appeared to be rambling on mindlessly to himself. However, behind him, emerging from a shadow, was a Goliath of a man, who stood nearly three men tall. How such a large man could have hidden so easily in the shadows was nothing short of a wonder. "I recon you hit the nail right on the head there, King."

    The cat like man, King, sighed deeply before turning to look at the man, "Recon? Really? You talk to the leader of your gang.... no, your Empire, with such uneducated words?" He walked slow deliberate steps towards the man, who began to back off as if fearful, "Uh, no, no sorry sir. I meant to say believe. Yes, I believe you hit the nail... er, I believe you are spot on with your idea, King." King, now merely a foot away looked at the man for a brief moment, the emotionless mask seeming to burn into the very soul of him as he tried desperately to avert his eyes. "No, it's fine Brutus. Really, I was just kidding. How can I be better than Malic if I run my gang the same way, through fear?" His mood had seemingly flipped on a dime, and he turned from the man, making his way around the school. Brutus stood dumbstruck for a moment, but when he heard King yell around the corner, "Are you coming or not? We must see who is fit to be in the Reaver's no?" He was shook out of his trance and hurriedly caught up to King, walking close behind him like a dog.
  18. Something seemed very off about today though in her mind. Quickly standing up she nodded of the guy she was talking to, "Sorry I have to go....it was really nice meeting you though Shiro..." She gave him another small smile before she waved to him and disappeared in the crowed of students. She had a lot on her mind for some reason,today felt different to her, maybe it was all the new smells from new and different people. Thinking to herself quietly she felt another body bump into hers as she looked up to see two guys. One was wearing a mask that seemed so unemotional a mask that carried a long story that never wanted to be told. And the other guy was large and seemed to be following the other guy. Even though she was a small girl she still felt herself become a little pushed back from her bumping into the mysterious guy. "O-oh I'm so sorry for bumping into you..." She quickly apologized to the man as she realized this wasn't like her at all, she would have probably just shurgged it off and walked away, but now she felt like she needed to apologize.
  19. "I'm Dontay. It's nice to meet both of you." he says with a smile his black tail which ended in blue flames flicked happily. "So are you guys returning students?" he asked.

    As his eyes followed and curiously watched as a young girl bump into a guy.
  20. "What about him King? He looks pretty big. Can probably hold his own in a fight too." Brutus' large calloused hand pointed to another student in the crowd. King gave the student not even the slightest of looks, Yeah, big. On the outside. Smirk on his face, hands in his pockets. But it's in the eyes where you can tell a man's worth. There's that glint in his eyes. He's not brave or fearless. He's simply feigning his confidence to hide how terrified he truly is. As are most here. I can smell it on them. It smells.... sour "Brutus,"King sniffed the air around him, trying to get used to the stench of fear that hung in the air "there is more to a man than his ability to throw his fists around. Look into his eyes. Does he seem like he can-" King began, but midway through his sentence, he felt something run into his shoulder, abruptly cutting him off and catching him off guard. He barely moved from the impact, recovering from any instability he felt with grace and ease. Shocked, he stopped moving through the crowd of students to observe what it was he'd run into, which caused Brutus to sub consciously do the same, though he was still looking at the student he'd picked out.

    "Does he seem like he can what?" Brutus slowly moved his eyes to King when he didn't receive an answer, It's a girl.... How peculiar. Though, she's not simply just a girl. King's mask was tilted ever so slightly upwards, looking at the ears on the girl's head. Brutus had grown quiet behind him. After the girl had apologized, there was a chilling moment of silence as King's mask dropped and he began to stare at her, head tilted curiously to the side as it had been when he was on the roof. He began to take slow deliberate steps towards her, not saying a word. "King, it was an accident, she said she's sorry c'mon-""Quiet!" King turned his head sharply and snapped angrily at Brutus. Staring at the man, he took a deep breath under the mask, before averting his attention back to the girl in front of him. He stared at her, standing rather close now, showing no hint of fear or anything really. "Brutus, what are you doing still standing there?" "What do you mean sir?" "I mean, go ahead and look for some recruits. I trust your judgment." That's a lie. I'll end up with an army of half wit brutes if he's got anything to do with it, but still, I feel compelled to be alone at the moment. Besides, I did just convince myself that revealing the higher up in a gang was a scare tactic. While he was thinking this, he didn't move his head away from the girl. Slowly, his head dropped down to her feet, then back up to her head, as if he was analyzing her, "And what might your name be?" He asked, seeming to have completely forgotten about her apology.
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