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  1. This will be a jump in role play.It will be like a regular high school in some ways,yet it's supernatural.At the same time it will be crazy and chaotic.So pretty much anything can and will happen there.There will be...

    • Scary and dangerous creatures for teachers.As well as a principal who is said to eat students who get expelled.No one knows if it's true or not.

    • Different school events.Like dances,sports games,picture day,ect.So the students can normalize a little.

    • A few conspiracy theories behind the school to discover if they're true or false.Like that they're building an army of underworlders to take over the human world.

    • Two main rival gangs in the school.The Blazing Infernos who wear orange and The Reavers who wear black.They will cause trouble for the good students.Also students get to choose if they're in one of the gangs or in neither.They could join another gang,start their own gang or not be in a gang at all.

    • Dangerous hallways where students are at risk of getting attacked by other stronger students.They're also at risk of being caught by the strict hall monitor.Who is said to strike fear into the hearts of nearly every student.

    • The school mascot Wendy Wyvern who must be fed on time.Otherwise she may try to snack on a student or two.

    And so much more that will be revealed all in due time. XD


    The Rules (open)

    School Rules:

    Rule #1. Killing is only allowed during gym and free time.

    Rule #2. Guilds must have at least 5 members and no more than 15.

    Rule #3. All guild applications must be placed in the box beside the office door. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR OR ELSE!!!

    Rule #4. Any form of killing is allowed.

    Rule #5. Do your best to survive the school year.

    OCC Rules:

    Rule #1. NO GOD-MODING.If you break this rule your posts will be deleted.

    Rule #2. Admit when your character is wounded or killed.If you plan on killing a character please post in the OOC getting the persons permission first.If the character is one of your characters.Then post to let everyone know you're about to kill them off.

    Rule #3. If your character is killed you may rejoin as a new character.That or your character may be revived if at least two people want them back.

    Rule #4. Post at least half a paragraph when you post.If your character doesn't have much to say.Then post about...what they're thinking,feeling,seeing,hearing or smelling.That way you stretch your post.

    Rule #5. No OOC arguing.If you don't agree with what someone did please talk with them in pms as peacefully as possible.

    Rule #6. If you no longer want to be in the role play please create a situation where your character dies.If you have to be away but plan to return say your character got kidnapped or lost some where.That way they can turn up when you return.

    Rule #7. Since this role play has teens as well as adults.Please keep maturity as teen friendly as possible.By that I mean...no sexy time. If you want to do that take it to pms unless you're an adult and a teen.In that case don't take it to pms...because that's against Iwaku's rules.

    Please follow the rules or your posts will be deleted and you will be asked to not post again.Also please follow this thread so if someone says anything you won't miss it.I know the alerts don't always don't always work so please check your watched threads just in case.

    Character Sheets aren't required but you can post them here if you like.You can also just post pics of your characters too or just talk about the role play.No one has to be approved.Posting character sheets or pictures is for fun and once you're done you just jump in. If you need to say anything while role playing...this is the place to say it.So please don't speak in parenthesis in the role play.Thank you.

    The role play began: On
    December 3,2014

    Here is the link to the Role Play:



    My main characters in the role play.

    Pandora (open)


    (Note: When I first drew her she hadn't gained her demon wings yet and she was wearing a different top.I have to draw her again to add her wings and change her top.)

    Name: Pandora Daemon.

    Age: 16

    Race: Vampire-Demon hybrid AKA Vamon.


    She is a tall 5'7 female with pale skin and ice blue eyes with slits in them.She likes to wear black or dark gray lip stick and has a slender body with a weight of 125 lbs.She is a true beauty with black demon horns,shoulder length black hair with red streaks in it and a long black tail.She has short nail-like claws on her hands and feet.To most people she looks like a full demon.

    A little about her:

    She likes to flirt and she can be aggressive when she wants to be.If she gets upset she loses control of herself and goes on a rampage wildly using her powers and attacking people.Most of the time her demeanor is calm and she can be reserved if she feels it will help her stay in control.

    Strengths: She has all of the strengths of a vampire and a demon combined.

    Weakness: She is only weak to holy items since both demon and vampire share that weakness.

    Weapons: Her tail is her favorite weapon to use but she rarely shows what her tail can really do.She mostly swings it around like a club unless she has no choice but to reveal what it can do.It has spikes inside of it that she can retract or be thrown toward her opponent.Her tail also creates a paralyzing venom that is only deadly if her opponent is directly exposed to large amounts of it.The rest of her weapons have yet to be revealed.

    Malic (open)


    Name: Malic Gillian Westbrook.

    Age: 16.

    Race: Vampire. (Note: He's like the noble vampires on the anime Vampire Knight.)


    He treats other people as objects for his own amusement.Only deeming those he finds worthy as,'his pawns'.He is a Sociopath who also suffers from Schizophrenia,Bipolar Disorder and a split personality.His had a explosive and unpredictable temper.He views Pandora as his favorite play thing and will do anything to get to her.He hates when anyone ruins his fun and he's always fearless.Even in the face of death because he's to insane to comprehend fear...or other emotions.He comprehends anger and on some twisted level happiness.

    Strengths: Supernatural speed,strength and powers.A keen sense of smell,hearing and sight.A lack of fear.

    Weakness: Sunlight,silver,anything holy,garlic,his alter Liam.His temper,the smell or sight of blood.His unstable mind and most of all attractive girls who are powerful.

    Weapons: His cunning and tactical mind,his fangs and his hands.He may use whatever he can get his hands on or his offensive powers.His powers are telekinetic.

    Veronica (open)


    Name: Veronica Carnage.

    Age: 16

    Race: Demon.

    Personality: She is mysterious and quiet most of the time only speaking when she needs to.She may speak if she wants to or if someone has angered her.When fighting someone she can get carried away and will only stop if ordered to by Malic.She be very viscous and cruel,even enjoying torturing others.She is very blood thirsty but she is loyal to Malic almost following him everywhere.

    Strengths: Her demonic strength,supernatural speed and powers.She's skilled at knife throwing and her mind is almost as tactical as Malics.Her hearing,sight and sense of smell are also quite keen.She is also a pyrokinetic and she uses dark magic.One of the things she can do with dark magic is manipulate her aura at will.

    Weakness: Her blind loyalty and devotion to Malic.Her secret love for Malic.Anything holy,her temper and her unstable mind.
    Weapons: Her throwing knives,her claws and hands,her sharp teeth and her tail.She also uses pyrokinesis when she means business.

    Shiro (open)


    Name: Shiro Matsushita.

    Age: 16

    Race: Tiger Demon.

    Personality: He is pretty outgoing,free spirited and giving.He is kind unless someone makes him mad,which can bring out his bad temper

    Strengths: His demonic strength,supernatural speed and fighting skills.He is quite agile and uses hand to hand combat.His hearing,sight and sense of smell are also quite keen.

    Weakness: His outgoing and over trusting nature,pretty girls,anything holy,his temper cat nip and his keen hearing.

    Weapons: His claws,hands and his sharp teeth or whatever he can find to use.

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  2. Very cool idea! I'll join in and post as soon as I can!
  3. Im in. Heres my character...

    Jin (open)

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  4. Thank you and ok.See you in the rp. :)
  5. Awesome and cool character. :)
  6. Yep this chick (or batman what ever I feel like being called at the moment) is in!! :3
    Here my character

    Himiko "Kiko" (open)
  7. Cool,but I don't see anything. O.O
  8. There she is...she was just pretending to be a magician....
  9. Okay I was having technical difficulties.... I hope this works...

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  10. I'll get a picture of him up soon...I can't find anyone who looks close to Dontay X(
  11. Oh I see.And cool.I see her now. :)
  12. Don't worry about it.If you can't find a pic it's fine.It is optional after all. :) Speaking of pics...I forgot to add mine.So I will edit my first post to do that. XD
  13. AGH! Do you know how hard it is to find a picture for what I want? Impossible. It does not exist... (Edit: It does exist, though requires some editing, thanks to awesome people :P)
    Anyways, here are my characters.
    Yin/Yang/???? (open)
    Practically spot on
    (Perfect, and editing done courtesy of Hisoka Kobayashi. Thanks again, your awesome.)
    (Seriously, like how great is Hisoka? I'm going to give her a cookie on all of her posts because of how awesome she is until she sees this and gets mad and tells me to stop :D And even then, it will take some convincing to get me to stop. Let the games begin)

    King (open)

    For the time being, that is.
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  14. Good job Drago! I know what you mean when it comes to finding pics.No pic matched Pandora so I drew her.I was able to get lucky with Malic's pic since I imagined him with white hair.His hair style is different than I imagined it though.As far as his Knight the demon female...I didn't imagine how I wanted her to look.I just looked through pics until I found one I thought would be perfect.Especially since she has a straight jacket on too.Anyway...if you find a pic or pics that come close but have the wrong hair or eye color.Let me know and I'll edit them for you. :)
  15. Alright cool. Thanks. I'll post as King tomorrow, I need to get some sleep now. Maybe find a way to make my posts less confusing, because right now when I look at it, it looks like a gong show to someone who doesn't know the character :P Perhaps sleep will help.
  16. I'll try and have a picture up of Midna soon. But it might just be a pic of really close to what she looks like with a description if that's okay.
  17. You're welcome.Ok.Sometimes I have to sleep to get my thoughts together too.Other times I need to sleep to refuel my imagination. XD
  18. Alright and whatever you can do is fine with me. :)
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  19. Okay I found some pics that are close so I will give a description along with.

    Her facial features are like the first pic. Along with her horns would be that size as well and color which is black. And her ears are elf ears like in this pic as well.

    Show Spoiler

    Her wings are like these and her tail is with the pic of the wings as well
    Show Spoiler

    Midna's hair and eye are:

    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    Her outfit will usually consist of a dark blue hoody, jeans, a t-shirt under neath as black, and black converse.

    If I need to add anything with her description let me know.
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  20. Cool.You did a great job to me.I added my main characters CS in my first post above.I need to find a pic to show what Pandora's wings look like.That is until I get time to draw her again.lol XD I'm not the best at drawing wings so they will probably be drawn folded. O.O
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