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    Alderney City (open)

    (Headphones enhance bass, just music to set the tone :] )

    Snow falls gracefully in the midst of the dark and brooding mecca of Alderney City. A bed of snow and frost blankets the ground in an almost white purity that would suggest a certain serenity about the area. But that was not the case here. White turns into drops of dark red as a trail seems to increase more and more in this substance as it leads into a darkened graveyard. A man slides on his bottom with an empty 9mm handgun in his right hand, as his left pulls him backwards up onto a tombstone. Another man walks from amongst the darkness with a silenced pistol and black gloves on, and lights a cigar.

    Injured Man: "Fuck you, you piece of shit....ugh....you think Top is gonna let this shit ride? Huh?"

    The other man simply puffs smoke from the cigar and non-chalantly fires three sharp bursts into the battered man's cortex, as his head jerks back and red sprays among the snow once more. His body goes limp as it slouches down onto the tombstone. The man walks away briskly as he spots an unmarked car that speeds off into the distance as a huge spotlight shines on the man and snipers and SWAT appear on the roof with lasers all beaming on him. The man simply smiles and places the pistol on the ground and places his hands behind his head, his calm glare composed behind his dark shades. He presses a button behind his ear on the brim of his glasses that set off explosions around the graveyard that created large smokescreens. The man picks up his pistol and bolts to the back of the graveyard where the chopper spotlight follows. He hops on a sleek black motorcycle and darts off on a snowy trail as the sharpshooters from the chopper begin shooting. He speeds off trying to control the mild speed wobbles sliding in the snow. The helicopter trails right above him as the light shines down on him.

    ???: "Told you we'd need those explosives..."

    Man: "Just give me a window, cops are on my ass."

    The man kicks up the gear on the bike as it jerks forward and the velocity increases. He gets back on the highway as it's relatively deserted on this snowy night. The man steers mildly to the right then to the left to shake the occasional gunshots being delivered. He looks back and discharges several bursts of fire from the pistol into the chopper, doing minimal effect. Alderney police sirens hollow in the distant background as the man cuts a turn cautiously inwards towards the city. The chopper stays on him as he maneuvers through backroads and alleyways. He exits near an underpass and reverses direction to throw the helicopter off. He darts from under the bridge and cuts into a nearby exit to get onto the freeway. Tunnel vision kicks in as he revs the bike to maximum torque and streamlines the bridge away from Alderney City.

    ???: "Window coming up. EMP ready but it's only be for about 7 seconds. Make it count."

    Man: "Yeah."

    The man looks up to his left and sees yet another chopper closing in on the bridge now. The light shines in the face of the cool-shaded man as he focuses ahead on the road.


    The man returns a begrudging smile directly into the light of the chopper, which fades when the bridge tolls begin to ring, signifying the bridge was about to lift up for an underwater bypass. The man focuses ahead still, now with a more menacing look on his face.


    Man: "Get that window ready..."
    ???: "On your call..."

    The bridge ramps begin to slowly rise as the chopper descends overhead and lines up with the gap of the two ends of the bridge. Gradually the road arises as the chopper waits for the man to get to their location, he wasn't slowing down a bit, so the sharpshooter begins to line up the shot. With the spotlight shining in the man's face, he can't get a good look of the ramp but decides to stay on track.

    Police PA: "STOP!"

    The man wheelies the bike as he begins to accelerate up the ramp and over the gap....right where the chopper is hovering.

    Man: "Now!!!"

    Suddenly the entire city blacks out. The chopper loses all of it's electronic and systematic functions as the sharpshooter looks at the pilot and quickly back towards the man who is now speeding like a bullet directly towards the chopper. He raises his gun to take the shot, but it's too late as the chopper runs through the chopper, taking the sharpshooter and two other SWAT officers with it as it zooms out the other end and crashes into the water. The man barrel rolls into the chopper and fires a shot into the co-pilot's head. The pilot starts to panic as the man throws the corpse from the seat into the river below, and buckles in before returning one final smile at the pilot. He fires a shot. Another body can be seen dropping from the chopper as the man takes control of the helicopter and the electronic systems come back online. The city lights up once more.

    Man: "Dispatch we lost the suspect again we have lost suspect last seen headed south."

    The man cuts off the scanner and radios in to his accomplice.

    Man: "Well that was almost too easy."

    ???: "Ha ha....very funny....you get what you needed?"

    Man: "Yeah...what we've been looking for....it's in San Andreas."

    ???: "Sooo we're moving?"

    Man: "Yupp."

    The man lights himself another cigar as he steers the chopper north and off into the cold night sky. He empties his right pocket to reveal a cell phone and a badge from the IAA. He rolls his neck around to crack the kinks in his tense body. His gruffy beard filled with blood and melted ice as he blows smoke through the police chopper. He pulls out a bloody picture that he got from the man he murdered in the graveyard. The picture shows an older man with an inscription on the back saying 'Tommy Vercetti: The Man That Made It To The Top'.

    Photo (open)


    Man: "Top huh? Hmph...we'll see."

    --------------------PRESENT DAY-----------------

    Finally class was over. I was done for the day. I hastily walk from the campus as I make my way to my Vapid Dominator I just recently bought, well that my parents helped buy. I hit the parking deck and look at my beauty of a car as I unlock the doors and hop inside, the warm leather seats making me feel at ease. It may have been the middle of the week, but that wasn't stopping me. The Venturas Strip was calling me. Cheerleading was so preppy that it was boring. I wanted to be where the action was. I met a few dancers when I first got here, together we start hanging out and I guess formed an unofficial crew. They knew where all the parties were, all the live events, celebs, you name it. Beats staying in my dorm and programming all day or working on some project that I had done a million times before already.

    I blast my music as I drive onto the freeway with my shades on and my outfit. The sun hits me as it warms my skin and my hair blows through the wind as I speed down the freeway. I was on my way to my friend Stretch's house. He was a fellow dancer that welcomed me with open arms when I got to this glorious place. Even though I don't drink he offered to but me rounds and shots, introduced me to some celebrities, and even gave me tickets to clubs and performances. In fact, a ton of men have offered me free stuff, I only accept the VIP offers. Greenglass wasn't having any parties until the weekend, so I would have to settle for nightlife. Ironically I don't party nowhere near like when I first turned 18...or in high school. Country girl gone city, that tends to have it's own wild stories. Dancing doesn't seem that interesting right? I mean of course it's entertaining to watch, but what people don't realize about the underground scene is that it is the most exhilarating, rushing, most phenomenal thing. My friends back home and I used to get into trouble from time to time staying out late and trespassing on private property dancing...among other things. It was fun, and now I'm at a place where people get paid at least thousands to do the same!? I was won from the start.

    I hit the everlasting traffic of Venturas as I simmer in this blazing heat of the city. Tourists were already out and about marveling the wonderous taking in the sights that I enjoyed every day almost. The sun was already starting fade into the sunset as midday was here. I take out my phone to check my messages, which I had a good bit free VIP and offers at clubs. Cheerleading practice which was okay at times but all in all rather lame, especially when our sports teams at the college are doing nothing as far as games yet. How was I going to balance classes, practice, games, being a computer genius, and dancing on top of having time to actually go out? Life...at least it wasn't like back in the day when apparently the entire city was being run by the Triads. The ACTUAL Triads, that's insane. Crime was still crime in San Andreas, but there's a reason I picked LV. Relatively safe and secure aside from the occasional crackheads.

    I can see the V-Rock Hotel in my sights, where Stretch and his brother lives. I'm a few blocks away now, as I wonder what the day has in store for me. Last year in college, I was about to do it big. I didn't know HOW big yet, but I wanted to do something...revolutionary.
  2. I never understood why I decided to come to Los Santos. I suppose one reason was that it was one of the few cities left that I didn't make myself an enemy of every crime syndicate in the damn area. I had a funny way of getting to people. Though I guess it's understandable. After all, I did steal from their pockets and killed their men.

    In liberty city I pissed of the Russians, Italians, Albanians, the Georgians and the lost MC. I swear to god that they must of gotten into gang wars over who was going to kill me. Of course I had to watch my ass so the IAA didn't find me. I was really good at covering my tracks, though along the way I slipped.

    It was in vice city when it happened. I was bringing crew I trusted on a score for the largest bank in vice. We made it in their and got out ok, but we didn't know who's money we stole. It turned out we stole from the biggest arms salesman and drug pusher in the city. Before we knew it all of us were being picked off one by one. I was the last man standing so I faked my death to throw them off my scent and took all the money I had left and moved myself to Los Santos.

    I had to create a new life and hid my small fortune, but I needed a job to go with my new life. So I used my skills with technology and called in a few favors. I have settled myself in as one of the younger professors at greenglass college. I have settled myself in quite nicely.

    Though to be honest I miss the life living by the gun. I still do target practice and stay in shape. I feel I need to so I can remind myself who I am. Now even with this life I feel myself wanting to get back to my roots.

    I sit in my office grading the last of the reports returned from my students in my advanced technology studies class. I decide what ever else there was that it could wait. I changed my suit and tie for my original clothing(Profile pick minus the mask). He would think about one student and how her work in his class excelled further then the others. He took his pistol from his desk and put the ammo clips in his trench coat. Thank god for budget cuts to security.

    I walked to my car. It wasn't a speed car, but it has a lot of muscle to it. It was a phoenix. i drove to the V rock hotel. I liked gambling at the casino. It was a nice way to make money, and even if I lost I had money to burn.
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  3. I finally pull up to the V-Rock Hotel as the valet recognizes me. He smiles as I hop out the car and toss him the keys. Stretch had gave me a membership here at V-Rock as if I was an honorary guest, I could even set up my own suite if I wanted to...though I never used it, I liked my dorm, and I had a suite all to myself there it was the life. The lights begin to activate and light up the strip as the evening sets in.

    Valet: "Hey Mel, what you guys getting into tonight?"

    "I have no idea..."

    Valet: "Let me know if something pops off."

    "Got ya."

    I head into the wonderful and exquisite building that is decorated with marble flooring and gold laced pillars. Every time I step in here it never ceases to amaze me. I was finally old enough to gamble now (even though I could have underage due to Stretch's rep) but I wanted to be careful about what I decided to gamble. Three years here and I haven't gambled once, but I was smart enough to know that blackjack was a sure loss. Stretch told me that craps was how you beat the system. He'd won $30,000 on a $1000 bet one time! It's the most probable game to win. It wasn't like he didn't get 50k a week anyways...yes 50k a week. That's the salary for a Las Venturas professional dancer. Sheesh. All I had been doing was building up my name and rep in the streets. People everywhere knew me for dancing. At clubs, parties, college, you name it....all but the big concerts that tourists pay to see. I had many videos on the web, but I wanted to be a pro. Be set for life! Stretch had let me dance around with him and his brother before, as well as other dancer around Venturas, but even his rep couldn't just land me a professional gig. I needed my own push. I walk past the casinos and look at all the people in their glory and misfortune, from shouts to cries. Just another day in LV. I head to the elevators and press for the 31st floor out of 33. The oak and marble doors slide open as I see Stretch in the hallway with about 7 other people being loud and obnoxious. They all look at me and smile with open arms when I exit the elevators.

    Stretch: "AYYYY!!! Melanie! What's up girl! How was classes?"
    "They were okay...had to finish an assignment for this advanced tech course. Aced it."
    Stretch: "That's my girl...so hey, we're hitting the club tonight, Caligula's , you coming right?"
    "Heck yeah I am! I'm in there!"
    Stretch: "Good!"

    Suddenly Stretch stops talking and randomly runs down the hall and cuts flips off of the wall, I didn't know why he was so hyper all the time, but I've gotten used to it now. Well, sort of. Stretch is a bit of a player as well, he's tried to hit on me a few times, but I refuse. I may be wild, but I'm not a slut. I still believe in romance, even in this jacked up world of ours. I enter into Stretch's suite where his brother Slim was on the bed smoking 420 with a chick. Slim was rather large in size, but he was a great dancer also. And hella paid. He was the first person I befriended when I got here, we instantly connected talking about music and all that, he even recognized my dad's band which is...surprising to say the least.

    Slim: "Supp Melanie"
    "Hey. Sooo do I need these heels or should I change into sneakers?"
    Slim: "I've seen you kill the dance floor in heels before...up to you."
    "I'm hungry...you want something? I'm running down to the food court."
    Slim: "Yo umm....get me a taco with lettuce and cheese."

    I skimp past the people outside as Stretch still acts out and I make my way back to the first floor towards the food court. The elevator picks up a few people along the way. A couple of guys looking at me, a few tourists, and an elderly couple. I could smell the overspray of cologne on the juice heads, it almost suffocated me. The elevator opens and I walk east to the large food courts that had all the delicious, greasy foods one could request. I head over to Taco Bomb and wait in the long line as I check my phone. I send a remote command from my phone to my computer in my dorm room to update the systems in about an hour, and to also remove any program that was not booted up manually. Perks of knowing technology. I was using a P2P secure encrypted server, so no other source could get in unless they know the IP of the devices. I tried to talk to Stretch and some of the crew about this stuff but they look at me like I'm speaking in Japanese. The smell of tacos invades my nose as my stomach growls.

  4. I knew that gambling was my thing. At times I played it safe, but other times I would play as a high roller. Though due to his current wardrobe you wouldn't assume that. I had my car parked by the valet. He walked into the casino. This time he was going to be a high roller. I brought10,000 dollars and planed to clean them out as much as i could.

    I walked past the slot machines and the craps tables and roulette. They were all games of chance with too many variables to calculate. Too many ways they could work against him. I do my work on the Texas hold em table. It gave out a good amount of money and he could count cards.

    I looked to see that abother player joined the table after he had just lost a grand on the last game. This tactic I used to get others to join and think they can take him. They never expect a white guy in his thirties ro be a hustler.

    I had my fun and cleaned the guy for five grand. Though he wasn't please. Saying something about how madrazo was going to have me. I didn't really care. I decided to cash out and walk across the street to taco barn. My bowels could use a good cleaning out.

    My brown trench coat blew in the wind. I put my black baseball cap back on as I walked in and waited in line. I decided to take my phone out. Though I didn't know why. I had no contact... I didn't have anyone.
  5. “No, no phones. Face to face meets only. I come to you, you give me a job, I come back to you when the job is done. You want me to do another either give it to me then or get in touch with Hannah, she'll get me back to you quick time... So, what's my first job?” House finished, taking a sip of water.

    “It's easy. I need you to take a key of coke to my man on the corner on Forum Drive. It's Families turf, so you shouldn't have any problems, but keep an eye out just in case. You strapped?”

    “I've got a handgun. It'll be fine for the street.”

    “Don't underestimate these dudes fire power English. I don't know how ya'll do over there but here even them little homies roll with Mac's, AK's, shotguns and all kinds of other sick shit.”

    “I can handle it. Am I exchanging for cash or has that been taken care of?”

    “He paid half up front. You're picking up the other $12,500. Cool?”

    “Aye. How likely is it he'll try to play games?”

    “Unlikely, he's my boy, but this the hood, so be ready.”

    “Good. I can't just hand this shit off on a street corner though. Can you get word to him?”

    An hour later...

    House had told the employer to rearrange the meeting in a nearby alley. That way they were a little more out of plain sight and if some crap did end up going on there was enough around for him to use as cover for him to handle his business without taking bullets. The kilo was in a courier bag and although he got a few looks walking around it didn't seem all that bad. Locals were likely just suspicious of a white, soldier looking bloke walking around casually. He got to the meet with almost an hour to spare so he did the smart thing and began recon. Quickly finding his way to the top of the nearby flats he began scanning the area. There were a lot of young men wearing green and quite a few of them were on the corner selling whatever narcotic was popular around here. Coke, he guessed. That's not what he was looking for exactly though. He was looking out for spotters. Kids usually. Typically warned the dealers if police or stick up artists were coming. He was more interested in the ones who were seemingly trying to spot him however. He scanned and waited.
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  6. The line gets shorter as I gradually make my way up towards the front. I was behind three more people and that I could indulge in the savory goodness of Taco Bomb. Their nacho nuke salads were to die for. No not literally. I look around the food court and into the casino at the hordes of people sprawling about. Girls in bikinis, guys in shorts with tanned torsos, people hitting the slots, and then the food court full of tourists and hungry moochers who would probably find a way to snake people out of their money later on. I look at the few people behind me waiting to get their food as well...I see a man that freakishly resembles my advanced tech professor, but in much less appealing clothes....wait...is that him? I wait until he looks up from his phone with his dark hat on and sure enough his face strikes as he recognizes me. I tilt my head in curiosity with a small grin as I stretch my hands out in a gesture suggesting my surprise to see him here.

    "Professor Stevens?? What the heck are you doing here!? You gambling before you head back to Los Santos?"
    @Zadok shadows

    I was sure not to lose my spot in line. I had to admit his attire was a bit...sketchy, especially since I'm used to seeing him so well dressed and casual, but then again when you're a software and security genius clothes like that would seem common I suppose? He started to teach this year, first year and apparently he makes great money with backing and benefits from the college. I don't know where he transferred from or what his school was, but I know when he presented the first lectures of class he knew his stuff. And then some. I prided myself on my intelligence and being ahead of everyone in my department, but when he proposed the curriculum there were concepts and theories I thought only I knew, even some I'd never even heard of. It's a wonder he wasn't with the IAA, or maybe he used to. I hope he isn't like...leading a secret life and cheating on his wife or something. That would be crazy.

  7. I looked at the woman who called me professor and gave her a grin. "Oh hello Melanie. Yeah I like coming to this casino. I actually finished grading your assignment very nice work. Here let me buy you dinner here. I came into quite a bit of money this evening, plus I wanted to discuss something with you." I was quite surprised to see one of my best students here, but its a small state. I felt that there were some new concepts that I wanted her to tell her about. And here was an optimal place.

    I felt that she could really excel in programing, but I knew from the past year that she was passionate about her dancing. I had come across some of her videos when her was taking a break from grading. I thought that she was very talented, though I saw that cheerleading at times bore her. I remember the rumors about me having a wife, but to be honest I never really had the time as a younger man. Don't get me wrong Im not living on old glories like some high school jock. I still have the body I had from my twenties. I liked to keep myself in shape and well groomed.

    I suppose I tell myself this because I want to feel that I can still get women. Though to be honest I never was interested in anyone I met, but out of the people I have met I feel that I would enjoy Melanie's' companionship. Though I wouldn't ever want to cross a line that could cost me my cover job. I had heard of a few professors had carried on relationships with their students, but these seemed more like acts of lust and desperation. I wouldn't want that. I felt that Melanie was brilliant with technology, as well as dance. Perhaps if I was ten years younger and not a world class thief.
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  8. --Last Night, outskirts of Los Santos--
    A Semi-Truck is on its way to Los Santos. Later, three heavily modified cars, all Black; a Grotti Cheetah, Imponte Ruiner and a Karin Sultan RS, are speeding towards the Semi. As they use their Precision Driving to confuse the Truck Driver, a girl, who is wearing all black and donning a Motorcycle Helmet with an opaque visor, emerges from the Imponte Ruiner, which was a T-Top, uses a Harpoon Gun to shatter a part of the Windshield of the Semi and pull it off before shooting a second harpoon to attach herself to the front seat and climbing onto the front of the Truck. As she enters, the Truck Driver attempts to fight her with a Baseball Bat, but she retaliates by Pistol Whipping him and knocking him out to take control of the Truck. As they speed through, the Cheetah goes under the Trailer of the Semi to avoid hitting anything while the Ruiner takes the lead and the Sultan RS stays close to the back. As they get back into town, they pull in behind a massive building and two Vapid Speedos show up. The Robbers begin to unload the Trailer of the Semi and load them into the Speedos. The girl driving the truck, exits and jumps into the Imponte as the five vehicles drive off back into the road and into the night.

    --Present Day--
    After getting rid of the Stolen Merchandise and selling them off onto the Black Market, I wire-transferred the money into the accounts of those who assisted me in last night's heist. That was some good driving I did last night. Now, everything should go back to normal. I should lay low though, Police are probably after me. But its just another day in Los Santos. I'll probably be contacted to serve as a getaway driver for another heist, but whatever, I'll worry about it later. Life kinda sucks when you don't really have anyone around. My Sister and my Mom are back in South Korea and I'm just living day to day here in Los Santos. Wonder what I should do today. Later, I'm going to check on my Tuning Shop and Convenient Store. Besides those hijackings, those are the only ways I'm keeping myself afloat. Better then living in a trailer or on the street. But to keep the FIB off my back and investigating me or whatever, along with the LSPD, I frequently donate to Charity and just pay bills. Oh well, I guess today I'll relax and take it easy. Or maybe go to the Gym. Yeah, I'll go to the Gym.

    After getting dressed, I got into my Daily Driver, a Annis Elegy RH8. I know, pretty weird for a Daily Driver right? Then again, I also do get enough cardio running from Cops. Oh well, good to keep in shape, right? I then drove down to the Gym. Probably just gonna get on the Weights since I get enough Cardio running from Cops.
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  9. "Oh well I'm with friends I couldn't ask you to do that I'm actually getting food for some friends also..."

    I stopped talking when he mentioned that he wanted to talk to me about something. If he had graded my project and wanted to talk to me about something then maybe this was an opportunity. An opportunity from a advanced tech professor like him would go a long way just in case things didn't go as planned with dancing. Slim could wait on his food I guess? Besides we weren't going to the club until tonight, so I had time to spare.

    "Umm...okay sure! I'll find us a seat after I get something for my friend. Since you're buying...could you get me a Nacho Nuke Salad please? A water would be fine also."

    Before long I stepped up in line and ordered just what Slim asked for, but I got about 5 just in case anyone else wanted anything. While I was waiting for their food to be made, I went ahead and found the professor and I some seats. I grabbed a ton of napkins and placed them in the middle of the table. I went back up to the counter and paid the $15 for their food and grabbed the bag as I sat down. I wonder what this was going to be about? Oh I hope he didn't find out about me hacking the school's security mainframe so I could watch streamed movies....or maybe he found out about hacking the school's DNS server so I could get free online service for my game console. I shoot a text to Slim that I'd be up in a bit after running into someone I knew. He was probably too high to respond anyways. I wait for the professor as I relax and chill in my chair. @Zadok shadows

  10. I smiled at this as i went to order the food. I decided to get a nacho nuke salad as well. I knew my colon would kill me for this one but who cares. I paid for the food with some of my winnings. I walked over to Melanie and sat across from her. I gave her the nacho nuke salad.

    "I'm glad you agreed to this Melanie." I took off my hat and straighten up my short brown hair. I had a little stubble today due to not shaving, but it gave me a rugged look so it worked. "First I want to say that it has been a pleasure to have you in class. You are a very gifted programer.... and a good hacker too. Yes I know about your little hacks into the school system, but don't worry I won't tell. I wanted to tell you though that your infiltration was a bit sloppy to me, but its still better than most. I wanted to show you that you could have the potential to do more. So... stay calm with what I'm about to do."

    I took my phone out and went to an app I created. I pressed a button and the entire area but taco bomb went beserk for a few moments. I pressed the button again and the other buildings power came back to normal. I gave her a grin.

    "The senator of Los Santos approved a deal with they eyefind company for them to take control of the power grid and security of the city. I have found their encrypted source code and I can now hack into most of the city's security. To an extent. I haven't looked much more into in. It doesn't interest me much. Anyways I wanted to ask you something. Actually it's more of an offer. I'm looking for someone to partake in a paid internship for me. I have gained a few contracts that require serious programing and hacking abilities. Your are at the top of the class so I wanted to know if you were interested."
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  11. I smiled and thanked the professor for the food and generosity. Instantly I begin to smite the food before me as the nachos and cheese mixed with fried beef and other topping hit the spot. I savor the flavor for a moment as the professor speaks. The hat made him look a lot less sketch now, he had the welcoming face I was used to seeing in lectures. He talks about how good I've been in class and the work I was doing. He liked my programming skills apparently. I thought they were average but I guess not. Engineering was my forte not programming, I'm pretty sure I was to electronics what he was to programming and encryption. Give me an old 2G phone and I'll take the camera and cell comms from it and make a makeshift POV cam that releases satellite images and signal back to any source with a digital address. I had done so when I was 14 to spy on my neighbor next door who dad said was wandering in the middle of the night....turns out he was going down the street to Mrs. Fuller's house, and not for pancakes.

    My face goes blank when he mentions the hacks into the mainframe, but then I get curious when he says he has no interest in telling. Strange. Maybe he just respected my skills, maybe he did the same as a student. When he told me my programming was a bit sloppy, I tilted my head in surprise. I don't think he knew I was using a weak source encryption used on wireless routers, or maybe he did. He was full of mystery at times. He told me to stay calm for what came next.

    I look around to see all the restaraunts and chain stores' light flicker on and off with the systems going haywire. My eyes widen as the employees all panic except for Taco Bomb. He pressed a button on his phone and the systems returned to normal. Whoa. I leaned in close and whispered with a n excited breath.

    "The heck was that!? What did you do!?"

    "The senator of Los Santos approved a deal with the eyefind company for them to take control of the power grid and security of the city. I have found their encrypted source code and I can now hack into most of the city's security. To an extent. I haven't looked much more into in. It doesn't interest me much. Anyways I wanted to ask you something. Actually it's more of an offer. I'm looking for someone to partake in a paid internship for me. I have gained a few contracts that require serious programming and hacking abilities. You're are at the top of the class so I wanted to know if you were interested."

    "Wait what?...but why would you...did you hack the city's mainframe!?"

    I tried to keep my voice down. Holy crap the professor was a badass. I hope not literally though, I'd hate to be tangled in some kind of IAA conspiracy. I was interested in this internship. Paid at that, working with a very skilled teacher. But I had to play it cool. On the outside I appeared casual, composed.

    "So...what would I be doing? And why is the senator giving the grid to EyeFind? They're just a search engine and database company."

    Slowly but surely the pieces began to fit together. Was it a scandal? Was the professor digging into it himself? Maybe there was a bigger picture I wasn't seeing, but I felt like I was about to find out. Suddenly my phone vibrates as I get a text message from Slim.
    Slim: 'Kool.'

    I look back up at the professor.

    "How much does it pay?...is any of this legal?"

    My phone vibrates again as Stretch calls me this time. I quickly hit ignore and await the response from Dr. Stevens. I had always imagined myself in some fantasy movie where I would hack into the IAA and save the world or something, but I knew this wasn't anything like that. But the thought of it got me excited a little bit. Then I thought about my life. A job on top of cheerleading and class, I know I would probably not be going out as much at all. Stretch would definitely have a problem with that....not like he's my boyfriend or anything so he'll get over it. If I take this job.

  12. I looked at her grinning how I had her impressed. I acted like I didn't do anything. I allowed her to ask her questions. I knew I had to give her the truth at least a little bit at a time. I continued to eat my food. I won't lie. I thought it was delicious though I knew I was going to pay for or it later.

    "I need someone to help construct some devices needed to pull of a set of jobs. I have a feeling you can help build what I'm needing."

    I saw her check her phone and she texted someone. He knew that this peaked her interest. "I can't saw right now... not here. I can assure you." He took out ten grand and set it on the table. "This internship pays better than any job you have had in the past, but my offer lasts only a short time. So to show your commitment you will meet me at this address." He gave her an address to the Eclipse tower, the most expensive apartment skyscraper in Los Santos. "In one hour. It's about a thirty minute drive from here I believe with the traffic now died down. You are at the crossroads now. It is time to make a choice." I put the ten grand back in my pocket and stood up. "I will be waiting in apartment 803. take the elevator up." I dropped a key into her lap as he walked out with his cap back on. I went to my car and drove off, back to my apartment where I would be waiting to see if I made the right choice.
  13. I look down into my lap as Dr. Stevens walks off and puts his shady black hat on...was I being recruited!? I shake my head in awe as I place the key in my pocket and I grab the bag of tacos and I make my way back to the 31st floor. I had a long way up to think about what the heck just happened. An unassuming teacher that just pretty much went from professor the professional espionage hacker? The fact that he couldn't tell me there let me know that whatever it was wasn't something you experience everyday, and it was slick how he avoided my question on legalities. I was intelligent, he knew that. I knew that. But one thing I wasn't was impulsive. Ten grand...that's a lot of money. That's literally all of my saving I have now for a job's pay. I kept focusing on crossroads and making a choice. What kind of choice? Why and who in their right mind would jump to something like that without hearing all the specs of the job?

    That's when I knew. The door opens to the 31st penthouse suites where I exit and then take myself towards Stretch and Slim's penthouse. I knock on the door as one of the girls opens it and I enter, throwing the bag on the bed beside Slim, who was blazed.

    Stretch: "what's up? I called you fool."
    "I know, I ran into my professor he said he had an internship for me..."
    Stretch: "Doing what?"
    "Making ...well developing electronic devices or something. He showed me 10k up front."
    Stretch: "Wait...he's trying to buy you? What does he do?"
    "He's my advanced tech teacher, he wants me to be there in one hour. In Los Santos."
    Stretch: "Too bad, you're not making that. You're with us tonight. Besides why didn't he tell you then?"
    "I dunno, but it sounds like he's testing me..."
    Stretch: "You've already aced his tests...you need a night out, plus we're getting the crew together...I think it's time we talk about letting you in.."
    "WHAT!? Seriously?"
    Stretch: "Look, you've been dancing around here for 3 years, and killin at that...someone's going to scoop you eventually so we might as well make it official. You know we're the best anyways."
    "Wow Stretch I...ok I'll come check you guys out tonight."

    It was almost dark now. I had made up in my mind that I wasn't going to see Dr. Stevens....but that didn't mean I wasn't going to see Dr. Stevens. I run into the bathroom and pull out my cell phone. This was going to be the easy part. I access a custom app I created that brings up a list of commands on a window prompt. they were all compiled programs that I had made over the past three years. I hit the command that says 'Knock' which was a program designed to grab the digital information of a given GPS location. I type in the Eclipse tower as it pulls up the database for all of it's systems and software. I find the camera feeds and I click the 8th floor stream file as it pulls up. I could see 803 on the right, but he wasn't there yet. there were no cameras inside the room, but I knew how to get his attention. I then searched for the room files and selected file 803. Once in I entered a request for room service delivering a Nacho Nuke Salad, he'd probably pick up on the hint it was me. I also put a request in to have room service write a letter saying 'Sorry I couldn't make it, but I hope you understand.' Talk about awkward when I had his class again. Or maybe he would get why...I had to make good choices, and jumping into something blind isn't one of them. I didn't access any of his tech personally so he wouldn't know how to trace me, but I left a dummy generated IP for the Eclipse tower just in case they decided to trace...if they would even notice...and as if they could hack into the encryption.

    I exit the bathroom and look out the penthouse window to see that the sun is set and it's almost dark. The dozens of affiliates in the penthouse are still loud as ever as they all laugh and wild out. Ironically I didn't feel like I fit in despite my outgoing nature. I knew Stretch and Slim pretty good but every day it was random chicks and groupies, or either weed heads and other dancers they knew and I didn't. I had felt out the loop a bit for so long, and my friends at college were completely on the other side of the fence. Refined, preppy, status based people. I could never have both at the same time. Maybe that's why I'm doing all this, just to belong.

  14. I went back to my apartment and waited. I suppose she wasn't coming. That was when I heard the door bell ring and room service delivered a nacho nuke salad. I was mad, but I couldn't help but laugh. She didn't follow orders blindly. I can respect that. I decided to text her phone. Walking past her my phone scanned for her number.

    *I see that you left me a gift. I can tell that you just don't go into something blindly. I respect that. It is one of the most important lessons to learn in life. School is canceled tomorrow due to technical difficulties on campus. I would like you to come by around noon. Any questions you ask will be answered with the truth. Dr. Stevens.*

    I sent the text hoping to here a good reply. The truth was that I did need her for what's going to happen. I began preparing every file I had on the subjects that she would be most likely asking. I sat in my chair to watch the latest episode of fame or shame.
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  15. After spending about forty-five minutes lifting weights, I set them down and walked towards a Punching Bag. Gotta keep my skills sharp at all times, right? After wrapping my hands up, I started punching the bag, practicing on the Boxing, which I have been doing since I was seven. Too bad it wasn't a School Sport, but I still competed in Youth Competitions and a couple of others. Never really got in for the Olympics or the Professional levels though. My Passion was in for Racing, but I got banned from the Race Track for life. Not really something I want to discuss right now, so we'll look into that later.
  16. It didn't take too long for House to scope the kid he was looking for, though to be fair he only knew for certain it was him when a nice looking black sedan pulled up and the kid pointed down the alley the exchange was to take place in. It was smart to use one of the corner kids. Most would just think whoever was in the car was copping, House himself would likely have if not for the pointing. Now all he had to do was figure out whether the man was simply being careful and making sure only one man was waiting in the alley for him or whether something altogether more crooked was going on. He quickly decided that he had to take the chance either way. He couldn't fuck up one of his first jobs. He had a reputation to build.

    After quickly making sure his handgun was loaded and the safety was off he made his way down from his little vantage point. He waited for a minute and then slowly made his way into the alley, spotting the man waiting and leaning against the very same car he had seen earlier. He casually walked towards him and nodded, patting his courier bag.

    “Let me see it.” He said calmly, thinking it wise not to mention anything specifically.

    The dude was a big bloke. Both taller and heavier looking than House himself. What he wasn't expecting was for him to be Hispanic. From everything House had seen personally C.G.F seemed to be an all black gang. The man went to open the boot of his car, making House instinctively reach for his gun. He quickly stopped himself when he only glimpsed a black duffel bag. It was soon unzipped and the money was there. He wasn't sure about the exact amount, but since he had bothered to bring it things were more likely to go smoothly.

    More likely wasn't worth shit however, as two seconds later House felt the barrel of a shotgun press into the small of his back. He glimpsed over his shoulder to see the kid who had been a spotter just ten minutes before.

    “G told me you were his boy. You value money over friendship, huh?”

    “Today I do.”

    House frowned, quickly spinning around and catching the shotgun with his hands, flipping it around with the momentum he smashed the teenager on the side of the head with the stock. Doing one more 180 he used the shotgun like a club and mustered as much force as he could in bringing the weapon down onto the Hispanic. He managed to hit him directly on the top of his head, bringing him to his knees before flinging the gun to the side of the alley and pulling his own handgun. He wasted no time in getting behind the man so he could have both he and the kid in his vision and put his H&L pistol to the back of his head.

    “Put your hands on your head kid and stay on the ground. In fact, you should cover your ears just in case I decide on blowing Spanish's head off.”

    “Yo, yo, yo, chill English! It was a test man! Just a fucking test!” The man shouted, obvious panic in his voice. He wiped his forehead to stop blood dripping in his eyes.

    “What you talking about? Don't try and game me fucker, the kid hasn't seen my face, I can off you and not even have to worry about his little ass.”

    “Listen! G runs a game... A test for every new dude he uses. Like now he sends you to pick up this money, he wants to know how you'd react to losing the coke! It's just a fucking test man!”

    “We'll see.” House spoke, taking off the courier bag and throwing it into the boot with the money, quickly slamming it closed. “Get in the car... Kid, wait twenty seconds and then get your ass out of here and get your head checked. Concussions a bitch.”

    House quickly climbed into the passenger side of the car and pressed the gun into the man's thigh.

    “Drive to G's house. Drive slow.”
  17. "Yo, Hernandez where are you!? The race is in ten minutes!" Hernandez's friend, Cedric, called him on his phone, Hernandez was in his room getting changed. "Damn i forgot it was today, I'll be there in five." Hernandez through on his leather jacket and walked out his room. "Wait are you-" "Yup." "You me-!?" "Yup." Hernandez interrupted, as he heard a shouting yes, on the phone. Hernandez ran to his car, he opened the door and jumped in, fixing his mirror and putting on his seat belt, he was ready to go.

    Hernandez drove up just in time for the race, as he drove up he saw Cheetahs, dominator's and even an adder. As he kept driving through the lot of cars, he drove next to a dominator as the male made a confused glare on his face. Hernandez got out of his car, but as soon as he got up the man approached him. "Who the hell is this N-" The man was interrupted by Cedric. "This is Hernandez, he is one of the best racers in Los Santo's, So Lenny if you want a race, he'll give you a race." Lenny glared at Hernandez for a few seconds, then turned and waked to his car. "That's a nice Jester, pink slips?" The man looked at Hernandez's car, then looked back at him. "Why not, i could use another car to my garage." Hernandez smiled as he started his car, giving a smirk he was ready to race.

    "Alright lets do this mother fuckers, at my three...1...2...3!" The two pushed on their accelerator, the two drove down the road, pushing all their weight on the pedal. The two were close but Lenny was 20 feet further then him, Hernandez turned off the road and drove through an ally as he tried to at least get close to him. As he drove through the ally hitting a few trash cans, Lenny was arrogant and cheered as he thought he lost him. But then as he was getting to the finish line, Hernandez drifted in front of him a couple feet taking the lead, then passing the finish line. As he got out, the lot of men and women on their cars cheered for him as Cedric hand shook him.

    But then Lenny came up to him and whined about his lost. "What the fuck was that, i almost had your black ass" He yelled at him and Hernandez smiled. "Race is a race, now give me your keys." The man growled then threw him his keys, not saying anything else he got in his friends car and left. "Man that was epic, 26 Wins zero losses, next month how is going against an adder for pinkslips?" Hernandez bit his bottom lip, then decided. "You know I'm in for any challenge." Cedric walked over and grabbed his mic. "Everybody listen up...Next month, Hernandez challenges Santiago Martinez for pinkslips!" Everyone started cheering, but Hernandez got worried, first time he had been worried for a race since his very first.
  18. The Las Venturas strip begin to light up the night sky as the city of temptation comes alive. I sit on the leather couch as I watch some episode of America's Next Top Hooker as Stretch and Slim get ready for the club at Caligula's tonight. My outfit was classy enough, but I knew I would play for dancing in heels the entire night tomorrow. My phone dings as I automatically know who it is: Dr. Stevens. He must have gotten my number from the directory, he is a professor after all...or then again maybe not. He was too good. Wayyyyy too good. My head keeps swirling around IAA or something.

    *I see that you left me a gift. I can tell that you just don't go into something blindly. I respect that. It is one of the most important lessons to learn in life. School is canceled tomorrow due to technical difficulties on campus. I would like you to come by around noon. Any questions you ask will be answered with the truth. Dr. Stevens.*

    I let my hair down from my ponytail as my brunette mane drops lushly. A few of the guys in the room look at me covertly as I brush my hair in the den mirror. The same old same old, I couldn't really be so surprised after all this city is know for sin. And why would I expect anyone here to be anything other than sinful. I had my share of good times, sure, but never to the point of jeopardizing my dignity. I would like to think there are still some people out here with actual brains. Maybe Stevens is one of those people, but it has to be something crazy if we have to meet in private. I sit back on the couch while on the tip of my heels and I respond to the professor's text:

    *Sorry, it was just strange to me I guess? And sure I'll come by your office at 12. Have a good night.* @Zadok shadows

    Stretch jumps from out of the room with a black sweater, some cargo pants, and his infamous black and gold dance shoes. He throws on a cap to compliment his tall and muscular frame. He was a good looking gent I had to admit, but he was such a womanizer. He was all about enjoying life though, I knew his story. He was literally homeless, his mom kicked him and Slim out and had it not been for a talent audition here, who knows where they would be. So of course he'd naturally indulge in the finer things in life and enjoy the lavish. Slim was just a weedhead, probably why they got kicked out. Slim hands me a shot of vodka and red bull as I push it away, as usual.

    Stretch: "Fuck that you drinking tonight....it's time to celebrate."
    "I don't drink you know that."
    Stretch: "We're not leaving until you do."
    "Then you should get comfty."

    Stretch smacks his lips and downs the alcohol as he makes a call downstairs to the valet, requesting a limo for the entourage that contained about 12 of us. Sad part was that was only half the crew, the rest were meeting us at Caligula's. I check my outfit one last time before I apply some red lipstick and check myself in the mirror. I wasn't a cocky individual, but I looked pretty darn snazzy. I follow the brothers out of the room as the rest of the wave follows. Slim locks the door as we all jam into the elevator, skin to skin in a mix of cologne, body spray, perfume, and scented lotion. I could feel the other guys with them bearing into my soul, and the heat from their bodies invading my space. Sheesh. The elevator opens and the clash of 12 voices opens from the elevator into the vast night of Venturas. The all white limo was already open as we scoot inside one by one. One of Stretch's buddys sits besides me and smiles. I return a mild grin and I send a message to my roommate Carli telling her I was going to be late.

    Very late.

  19. Bobbi *Reckless* Cheng
    Las Venturas/Club Midnight
    The song playing at Club Midnight

    Bobbi was super pumped for today. It was his big break through DJing opportunity. The last time he was DJing he got shot in the club. He just got out of the hospital 3 weeks ago. Now he had a gig that could be a permanent one at Club Midnight if he did a good job. All of Bobbi's crew was there. His boys, Micky, Carlos, and Trey. His ex was there too, Chi Chi, they were still cool enough to hang out. His whole crew was just hanging out. He was killing it on the DJ booth, mixing all the hot music. If this went amazing he would have a stable DJing position.

    Bobbi started playing Nicki Minaj's new song, he needed to talk to his crew for a second. He got off the booth and went over to where they were. "Bobbi! Yo Bob! Ay Bobbi! Yeah Bobbi my guy!" Everyone in his crew started to give him dap, patting him on the back. Chi Chi gave him a hug, "Bobbi your killing it, like for real! You better get that DJ job. If you don't I'm never coming here again." Bobbi gave her a hug back. "Yeah I better get it! You guys this is going to be huge if I get it. Since yah my people you know you going to get in for free when I'm DJing." Bobbi knew that he probably wasn't going to be able to do that. He just wanted to gloat some more.

    "Yeah right like you could do that!" Bobbi's boy Micky yelled at him when he went back to the couch in the V.I.P. section. Micky was a big jackass but he always had Bobbi's back no matter what. Micky was the one that got Bobbi to the hospital when the big brawl happen at the old club and he got shot. "Shut up Micky! If it wasn't for Bobbi you wouldn't be in the club right now!" Chi Chi yelled at Micky hitting him on the arm. Bobbi ignored the comment, right now wasn't the time to argue with Micky. "Yo anyways, I just wanted to come over here and tell you guys tomorrow we got to go somewhere and do something. After I get this, we need to party." Bobbi's crew started to cheer. "Bobbi! Bobbi!" He went to the booth and started spinning again.

  20. Zeke saw this and began to work. He walked to his room and pulled his mattress off his bed to expose a safe. He unlocked it and took out some files. He made sure that everything he needed was on his table. He went to bed and decided it was best just to go to bed.
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