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  1. Welcome one and all! I am happy to meet everyone on Iwaku! Here is a quick introduction to me. Down below is me rambling a bunch, but if you want a short version I'm here to role play gay romances in original and canon/established worlds. I'm very flexible with most things as long as we are both having fun. If you want to do non romance plots I'm up for those too, but they are harder to hook me into. Mostly anything can be discussed with me and in the end just want to be friendly with people and enjoy your company ^.^

    If you want to get into the introduction and why I'm on the site and stuff skip this block. This paragraph is ranting and stuff I'd like to get off my chest off the bat. So if you want to skip that move over to the next line of sentences from where this group breaks. Now then. Just because I do enjoy yaoi role-playing does not mean the following, A that I only do sexual role-play. Shounin AI lover was too big and yaoi is one of those magical words that once you say it everyone knows what your saying, also B I do straight and rps with not a single ounce of romance as well. Please note straight rp there is a good chance the female was changed from a male during the rp because for some odd reason gender bending males are a turn on for me. With all that out of the way let me get into full on introductions.

    Hello everybody! If you are here that means you want to learn more about me and that is awesome! I'm here to have fun and make friends! My favorite types of role plays 9/10 involve romance of some sort. Of course I do non romance stories as well, but typically those really need to be sold to me like you were selling as if your life depended upon it. I do have original ideas along with canon stuff. In case anyone is confused by what canon is because some people do not know what that means basically something taking place in an established world in the fiction world. Something like Legend of Zelda or Harry Potter.

    Girls are kind of hard for me to role play with. Sorry to all females. I don't you or anything like that. Just ... eh don't really ever played with you guys and it feels weird to get some plots going. If you want to talk and be friends that is always on the table! I'm afraid this is getting to long for people so I'm gonna wrap up here and try to put all the big info on my profile. Keep checking my profile as I try my best to keep updating that stuff. If you want to try and do something feel free to hit me up! If my profile does not have any info yet then good chance you read this just as I posted this. In such event pm me and Ill talk to you one on one about more info! So ya. Thanks to everyone who reads this!
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  2. hello and welcome to the site *i bows* i hope you injoy this site just as much as we do and find the rps that make you happy and convertible
  3. Welcome 91, Iwaku enjoys you, It's a Pleasure to have you if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  4. Hi and welcome to Iwaku. I am rather new here as well and always looking for more roleplays to consume myself with. Feel free to pm and perhaps rp sometime
  5. Hello, and welcome to Iwaku, 91, and please make yourself at home. And don't worry, we won't take offense. My suggestion would be to try rping in a good-sized roleplay or two at some point, until you have the hang of rping with both genders.
  6. Please feel welcome here to Iwaku! There is plenty of full homo Rp's here! I can't say that with a straight enough face. Try going into One x one roleplays or the libertine to indulge in those types of plays.
  7. Hi there Yaoilover! :3 Welcome to the siiiite!