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    Welcome to Elkhorn academy! Where there are over grown monsters and deadly tests! You'll think back on the person who first said that to you after you settle in. That is if you live. Elkhorn Private Academy is designed to help people who have either been born, cursed, or created a magical vessel within themselves. To do so we train our powers on each other in what are called Exceptionals Exams. Most students call these D-Day Exams or in other words Death Day Exams. Exams pair two students of equal power to see who can actually channel their magical power, and to see just an all out 5 minute bloody battle. Until D-Day Exams we study in separate classes individualized to our fighting style. These are Assassins, Thieves, and Acolytes. Things you are able to do depend on your Rank. Ranks are determined by the amount of Exams you survive. Rank 1-9 can only use main things like classrooms, bathrooms, etc. Ranks 6-9 can venture in the forest where dangerous monsters lurk. Ranks 8-9 go on missions to the mainland to rid it of monsters or other evil stuff.

    [[I'll explain the classes in the OOC forums and any questions]]

    https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/welcome-to-elkhorn-private-academy-q-a.55382/ <-- ^make sure you read^
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  2. My name is Bozidar Hephaistos, People just call me "Bo"
    I am 5'6 and a Rank 2
    I am a Thief class fighter and my magic is Sealing magic. This magic seals off any magic I come into contact with, but literally come into contact with. The greater the damage the higher level of sealing I can accomplish. Making it a dangerous magic. So I mastered wrestling and kick boxing to make up for it. I was cursed with my magic by A Leaping Balgun, which is a sort of giant cat. I was also cursed with some feline accessories.
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  3. [Its the second semester]
    Bo walks down the halls of the main building leading to an opening leading three ways; One to the School building, Another to the forest, and the last leading to a ferry. Bo goes to the school building and sits in his seat in Thieving Theories 1. Normally, Rank 2's take Tier 2 classes, but Bo beat up some jerk trying to kill a kid who already used his early exam. So he still is in Tier 2, but in three weeks a D-Day exam comes up and if he survives he will be Rank 3 in a Tier 2 class. Bo falls asleep in class.

    "Bo!" the teacher shouts "How do you survive against an Assassin using close-range magic?"

    Bo suddenly wakes up "What the-" just then he axe kicks his desk in half.

    "Bo, please pay attention." The teacher says unimpressed.

    "Y-Yes sir." trying to fixate his gaze off the desk.
  4. [​IMG]
    I'm Ayu Konata
    A somewhat short person at 5'4 Rank 1 (newcomer) of the Assassins class.
    My magic abilities are healing, and cloaking for a small period of time... I aim to learn and improve on as many other abilities as I can at Elkhorn academy, I have mastered the art of ninjitsu (not being there) along with basic martial arts allowing me the ability to use the shadows as my ally, and defend myself if I'm stuck out in the open. My magic abilities were granted to me at birth from a mother a that bore a magic vessel and a father whom I seldom saw for reasons I have yet to know.
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  5. Bo not being able to handle the stress of just a chair he decides to pick up the broken desk and run out the door to the storage for a new one.

    "Ugh, Why is this thing so heavy." Bo complained as he reached a giant pavilion.

    To the right of the building is a smaller pile of written and scribbled on desk. To the left is Bo's pile of smashed, disintegrated, and beaten up desks. The custodian doesn't bother with any of Bo's messes. He goes to open the gate, but it's locked.

    "Really? No matter." Bo strikes his thumb against the lock, a small cut appears on his thumb. "Okay now to seal it.. an----d unseal it. Haha it worked." Bo rejoiced.

    He threw his desk in his pile and got a new one. On his way back he saw a transfer student in the Assassin's Theory 1 class.

    "Poor Kid." Bo remarked. "Wait what about me!" He shouted.

    before anyone could notice he bolted for Thieves Theory 1.

    "Glad you could find your way back" The teacher snapped. "Now, how do you stop an Acolyte using close combat magic?"

    Bo was ready "By finding the vessel point in their magic and silencing their nerves."

    "Correct." A bit more relieved teacher said "Now sit."
  6. Ayu sat at her desk, looking quite calm despite this being her first day at the academy."Assassin's theory one.... This shouldn't be too bad, all I have to do is pay attention really." She thought to herself. The academy was quite a new experience for her, as she's mostly trained by herself, sometimes with a help of a mentor, or sensei as they preferred to be called. She hoped to learn some magic attacks and defenses, perhaps they would assist her in the exams she'd inevitablyvtake part she's heard some pretty gruesome stories about them... They both intrigued her, and made her a little nervous, however she couldn't dwell on her concerns now, as the teacher stepped into the classroom to begin todays lesson.
  7. "Crap!" shouted the teacher in the middle of discussing the advantages of magic singeing "Bo run and get me some chalk."

    "Fine, Where?" Bo replied

    "Ask Ms. Masami the Assassin master." He answered

    "What if I die?" Bo asked

    "Would you rather ask Mr. Rurnard?" The teacher smirked

    Mr. Rurnard was the custodian. Bo had bad relations with him. And acolytes just use magic to write and display scenes, so the acolyte teacher was of no help. He had to ask Ms.Masami.

    "No." Bo muttered

    "Ok. Then could you ask Ms. Masami"

    as Bo left the class laughed. Bo cut his palm and and cracked all of there desks.
  8. Ayu watched, slightly impatiently as her teacher started writing things on the board, she wanted to get the class over with... She decided to occupy herself with looking out the window watching the clouds slowly float by for now. Though admittedly it wasn't as fun as stargazing, at least it would help pass the time until lessons finally began..
  9. "Alright, I'm Ms. Masami-" She started

    "Hey Mr. Chinastu needs some chalk." The student ordered "Please."

    "And you are?" Ms .Masami asked

    "Bo, Rank 2, Thieving Class." He responded

    "Bo, Ah! So your the trouble maker. Here take this and scram." She hands him two packs of chalk

    "Thanks" he said emptily.

    Bo left and went back to Mr. Chinastu. Before Bo could be lectured or notice all of the hard staring from the student with a broken desks. A kid challenged him to an Hand-to-Hand fighting Exam. Mr. Chinastu went to the P.A. office to announce everyone to the Gym for an Exam viewing.
  10. "Bo?" Ayu thought to herself, as she followed the rest of the class to the gym to view the exam with the others "So that's his name..." She rembers seeing him when she was heading to class, and according to Ms. Masami, he was the "troublemaker" of this academy, it sparked an interest in her. He seemed like a nice guy, though others seem to treat him with disregard which confused her... Arriving at the gym, she sat down in one of the front rows, she hoped Bo would win this one, though she wasn't quite sure yet, as she hadn't hat the chance to see his challenger yet.
  11. Chatter went on in the audience "Hand-to-Hand with Bo who is the moron that would do that." "This will end quickly." Bo's challenger was top of the class Shima Hou.
    He excelled in Judo. Nowhere near a level as Bo. Bo's magic was deadly to himself so he trained his body to the point where it appeared the only possible answer was magic. Mr. Chinastu signaled the match to begin. Shima charged Bo, but then he dissppeared. Bo reappeared on his shoulders. He grabbed Shima's neck twisting while throwing him hard into a arena wall. Shima was unconscious.

    "He's not dead?! What the hell is he made of?" Bo shouted

    Bo punched and kicked until he bled, but Shima would not die. Finally Shima spoke.

    "Iron casing..." he mumbled

    Bo realized what was going on "Moron..."

    "Sealing Crack!" Bo shouted

    The blood from Bo spread all over Shima glowed. It started forming cracks in his skin. The glowing stopped and instantaneously Shima's body was obliterated into a million pieces. Mr. Chinatsu lowered his head and declared Bo winner of the match. Ms. Masumi commented "Some troublemaker..." as she left the gym. Bo just sat on the gym floor.
  12. Ayu followed Bo's movements, they were quite fast, but nothing she couldn't keep track of, Bo was quite a remarkable fighter, however Shima seemed to be tanking his hits. Then it all became clear when Shima mentioned he was made of Iron casing, which either meant he was using some sort of "Iron skin" spell, or he was cursed with it... Bo, remarkably used his along with a spell to shatter it, which unfortunately lead to Shimas demise, then Bo just sat down on the gym floor. She felt a little pitifull for Shima, approaching his remains and she held up a hand and whispered "Healing aura" a circle of bright white light surrounded her, covering the pile of parts that once was Shima. It glowed white for a moment, but didn't do much else, even after the white circle faded, she sighed in frustration "I guess I need to find someone with better healing abilites." She muttered to herself. Remembering Bo as she caught sight of him again she turmed to him "You're one strong fighter Bo!" she said softly with a smile, and patted his head, his ears brushed past her hand like a cat's ears would. "They even feel soft like a cats, they're kinda cute!" She thought to herself stifling a little giggle, then she remembered Shima, figuring she'd probably have to carry the pieces of him around until she could find a way to heal him. "Sorry to ask this right off the bat Bo but, would you happen to know where some good sized bags are? Perhaps a broom too..." She asked, a little embarassed now, as she wasn't familiar with the schools layout.
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  13. Bo sat and accepted the strangers praise .Bo remembered the storage pavilion.

    "There should be some in the storage pavilion" Bo answered "Ill show you there."

    Bo took the girl there to find it locked again. He sealed the lock then unsealed it to unlock it.

    "Now that I think about it I could have used my ID I am a Rank 3 now." He thought to himself

    "Well lets see." Bo rummaged through the piles until he found two large bags and a broom

    "By the way what's your name?" as he handed her the bags and broom.
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  14. "Thanks!" Ayu said, a little relieved, she made a mental note to keep track of where the gym was, she needed to gather up what was left of Shima fast, she suspected classes would resume after maybe 15 more minutes.
  15. "Ill see you around Ayu." handing her card back "I wouldn't be a thief if I couldn't pick pocket. I hope we meet again."
  16. Ayu was about to respond when Bo called her by her name before showing her, and handing the card back. It was a little unexpected, but it impressed her despite being a little embarassed that she managed to lose track of her I.D. like that. She needed to get to know Bo better, but for now, she made her way back to the gym and began sweeping up Shima's remains into the bag, finishing after a while and adressing the inquisitive stares she was recieving by people around her "What? Someone's gotta clean him up!" She told them, picking up the bag and heading off to her room where she placed it next to her bed, making it look almost like it had some of her belongings in there. Then she headed back to class quickly, wondering how she'd find someone with enough skill to re-assemble Shima...
  17. Meanwhile on the way back to his dorm Bo was ridiculed by Shima's friends. He wished they would all be quiet.

    "It's that morons own damn fault he is dead." he thought "Nothing could be done."
  18. As Ayu was heading back to class, she heard a bunch of people Bullying Bo about Shima's death, from what she could gather from what thye were saying, they were Shima's friends. Ayu's head whipped around, and she stormed towards them "Hey! Where were YOU when Shima was in pieces! You could have at least TRIED to heal him!" She yelled, quite frustrated that Shima's "friends" did nothing after the battle, and as a result, she had to keep a bag containing his parts...
  19. Appearance:​
    My name is Raven Romach. I'm 5'7", I'm small for my height, but that doesn't mean I don't have some muscle so I'm stronger than I look. I'm an assassin rank 1. So I'm new here.I was born with magic we don't yet know what all I can do. I appear to be able to control darkness, and I have healing magic. I just know that I can heal myself, but my mother who I get it from can heal others so my parents expect such ability from me. My father can control darkness, and fire so we think there are things I do not yet know I can do. That's why they sent me here to learn my powers and how to control them. I have learned some of the martial arts from my father, but mostly the basics although I can protect myself decently when it comes to hand to hand combat.
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  20. 'I got to find the Assassins Theory One classroom soon or I'll be late. Wait I might already be late. Crap, I sure hope not.' Raven was looking at all the rooms she saw looking for her class. Then she turned another corner this time to the right. She finally saw her class. 'Good I found it. Let's hope I'm not to late. These halls are confusing.' Raven entered the class wearily. She looked for an empty desk. She found one near the teacher's desk. 'Oh...Great a front row seat... Man I better not make the teacher mad on my first day I might end up dead. I hate the front.'
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