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  1. Assassins are people who have a balanced amount of magic and fighting ability. These tend to be people born with magic.

    Thieves are typically anyone who has mastered a fighting ability in place of their magic due to the fact that the magic hurts them. These tend to be cursed students

    Acolytes are all out Magic users with powerful spells, but no fighting ability what-so-ever besides the occasional drop-kick and jab. These tend to be people who created the magic vessel themselves.

    Exam rules: Each battle lasts five-minutes, you must attend at least 15 school days prior to challenge, Your challenger or prey must also have attended at least 15 days of school to participate, and You may have ONE early exam to settle disputes, afterwards anyone can attack you. You may even be ganged up on.


    Tip: Just respond in a way a character would respond when you encounter someone or are spoken to

    Tip#2:If not encountered or spoken to just make a new scene say me and york are walking in the south wing and your in your dorm make a scene where you leave the dorms for some reason or just get bored in your dorm and fall asleep.

    Tip#3:Try to get in on fighting scenes any wing york or i give you to jump into a problem or battle take it so you can progress quicker.

    Tip#4:Forget about the rest of the story before your entrance so far you havent encountered anything extreme except the end of our battle. Remember if you really were Raven you wouldn't know what happened at the school before you transferred there.

    Tip#5: Tip#4 is only good in high school roleplays and other roleplays where your character is new to a certain place because your character has no background knowledge of what happened.

    Tip#6: I havent restricted much of what you can do so if you get lost you bump into somebody, you see a map on the wall, or you use magic

    Tip#7: Your an Assassin! Your magic and fighting capabilities must be even you cant have crazy strong magic unless a serious punishment is involved.

    Tip#8:Your abilities should hurt as much as being stabbed with a knife if you use magic. Remember thieves are just cursed and hate the pain their magic causes them so they heighten their physical abilities instead

    Tip#9:Acolytes probably took some time studying magic so their physical prowess sucks but as they advance they get it to the point where they could at least win a bar fight. :P

    Tip#10:You do not have to die to win an exam. you can wait the time out and the one who was better scored wins. If you die no such scoring takes place. I will be NPC most of the time any other time a player may control his own NPC interacting with him. Such as i leave you hanging to sleep and everyone is waiting for the story to move on.

    Tip#11:It's fun to see our characters why not show em off i'll make a seperate chat to show off the monsters being fought and armors worn you submit anything where a image could be provided. But if your a person who likes to imagine their character thats fine ignore this .

    V-The pic chat-V
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  2. Hmm... Is there a maximum amount of abilites (varieties of abilities too I guess) someone can have? and does it depend on ranks?
  3. I don't care but just be reasonable with it remember you start out as Rank 1 so you haven't figured out how to do long combinations with no punishment. And the more you have the more limited each should be.
  4. XD alright, I'll just leave my character as is then, hopefully she'll do ok in her first exam o-o
  5. I feel lost. One second it's a classroom. Next gym and a battle with a teacher. Did I miss something? It's still class one right?*So confused*
  6. Well, sorta o-o assassins class just moved into the gym and everything went a little crazy there
  7. Nope First class was interupted with my preliminary D-Day. Then during Assassins gym 1 you guys walk into see and Mr.Denis's mess. Afterwards Ayu follows me and Miranda to the facility. Then she tells Miranda she needs help to put Shima together and we go on a quest the rest is pretty simple from there.
  8. *raises hand!* Is this thread supposed to be in General? O__O It looks like a roleplay OOC thread!
  9. Oh okay that makes since. Thanks. And I think I know how to caught up on what's going on. :)
    Oh and what time do you guys usually get on? That might help me stay on the same page.
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  10. Usually york is on all day if he isnt tired or doing something. And im on most of the day. Both of us pull all nighters a lot
  11. Oh okay. I haven't been an all nighter in a long while. But I am on thorough the day usually till 12p.m. or 1pm. Sometimes less. Hopefully I can keep up a little better. Thanks again.
  12. When i made it I was new and didnt know where to put it Q~Q im sorry
  13. Name: Bozidar "Bo" Hephaistos

    Age: 23

    Class: Master Assassin

    Curse: Bo's curse causes him to have nine black tails, claws, cat ears, and useless red eyes. He cannot hide these features, however he can turn into a giant one tailed, black mane fox. The fox is immune to fire.

    Fighting styles: Bo is a master wrestler and kick-boxer. And to accommodate his newly formed claws he chose to learn Drunken Kung-Fu, wear slashing and piercing attacks are common and whip-like.

    Job for revenue: King of the Astral Plane. He gets paid through tax of entering the world.

    Stationed: He is stationed in Arabia, but since he lives in the Astral Plane you couldn't find him.

    Kid, Bo's Servant. He was aquired by an old man who disapear immidiately after giving him a piece of paper which was, Kid. (He is half Bo's size and Bo is 5'8''
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  14. Name: Helena Ridenel

    Age: 20

    Class: Master Thief

    Curse: Wolf like Appearance with white tail and ears that cannot be hidden and allows for shifts between wolf and human forms.

    Style: Use of claws and wolf like ferocity

    Job for Revenue: Mainly works as a waitress but has a side job for taking bounties on wanted criminals.

    Stationed in: Japan currently, but tends to move around every now and then Amaterasu.full.1240271.jpg
  15. Name: Misty Green

    Age: 17

    Class: Master Acolyte

    If Acolyte explanation of magic(up to 10):
    1. Magical Growth, can control and grow plants
    2. Water can use water and control it in all forms including ice and fog and more.
    3. Light can heal using her light
    4. Summoning of little familiars to help fight/aid you

    Job for revenue: Farmer, uses magic to grow crops rather quickly

    Where you stationed after graduation: Lancaster, USA
  16. Name: Ayu Konata

    Age: 22

    Class: Assassin

    History(optional): I am Ayu Konata, a student at Elkhorm private academy, or I was... That was many years ago, it's been a while since I've seen Bo or the others, ever since my peculiar graduation ceremony with that last reunion with bo, I've been stationed in the cold continent of Antarctica. Most of the time I work as an armed guard, protecting people of importance during their journeys in and out of this accursed place. I've taken to carving ice sculptures to sell them or just as a hobby in general when I'm off duty, often times I long to see at least Bo again, I do miss my old friends....

    If Assassin fighting style and magic you've mastered:

    - Advanced ninjitsu (favors using her twin swords for swift and silent combat)
    - Cloaking: This grants me full on invisibility, this gives me more than enough time to perform many stealthy attacks on my target(s) I am still vulnerable to attacks even while in this state, so this does not make me any less susceptible to damage and injuries than I was before
    - Healing aura: The ability to "generate" an white "aura" of light in a 2 meter radius around me, this lasts for approximately 5 minutes and heals most injuries of any allies within this aura over time, it takes longer for more severe ones. This doesn't work for broken bones or any brain damage; those injuries are currently beyond my ability.

    Job for revenue: Armed escort, often hired to keep certain individuals safe during their travels into monster territory, as a side job when she's "off duty" she's most likely found carving ice sculptures to sell.

    Where you stationed after graduation: Antarctica, the territory of rather resilient monsters due to the extreme conditions they're exposed to

    appearance (open)


    As you can see, she's changed her set-up and looks a little to suit her current needs o.o
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  17. (She's back!!!! :D)
    Name: Miranda

    Age: 27

    Class: Master Acolyte

    Magic: Electrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Runes, Body enhancement, Shadow hardening, Magic Circle, Obelisk tech, Weapon enhancement, Flight circle, and Buff magic.

    Stationed after grad: Dense forests or open deserts in deserted African continent.

    Monsters found: Glukkath, Type-5 Worm, Spirit, Golem, Liquirath.

    Job for steady revenue: None. She hunts for food and makes her own clothing. Her food isn't the most appealing to the eye.