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    The world is overcome with monsters and magic, the only hope for it now are the Magic Hunters trained at Elkhorn Private Academy. Elkhorn Private Academy a place of peace and tranquility where students learn how to get rid of the monsters, each monster with its own level and each student with their own rank. It is also known for its ownership of land. Elkhorn kept its state for years until Bozidar Hephaistos, Ayu Konata ( credit to @york ), Miranda, Bozidar's magical servant Kid, and Raven Romach ( credit to @Raven ) enrolled. These five turned the history of Elkhorn upside down ranging from adventures like attacking a Type-5 monster at beginner level ranks to conquering the realm of the spirits. They each have graduated and a memorial stands for them in the halls of Elkhorn for their bravery, but the world does not stay forever peaceful and monsters live among our species as well. A select few will be called forth to travel to an imposing threat on the students of E.P.A. The headmaster has called for a tourney students from all three factions; Thief, Acolyte, and Assassin, will be forced to participate in Exceptionals Exams risking their lives. They will then be sent on their own to stop one who calls himself the Ruby Knight. He's left a little surprise for the headmaster at his front door.

    Important NPCs (open)

    Headmaster Gor Lapus (open)


    Assassin Mistress Rin Masumi (open)


    Thief Master Harukichi Chinatsu (open)


    Acolyte Master Victor Palenski (open)


    Ruby Knight ??? (open)


    Story So Far... (open)
    Alojz discover's the 3 dead of E.P.A. and the man behind it. Headmaster Gor comes shortly after and deals with the large group of students, telling them that the winners of the next few D-Day Exams will go on to fight the monster. Alojz goes on to train and meets Yu. Yu triggers his curse by hitting him with a training dummy and he goes running from the noises. Mr.Chinatsu punishes Alojz and begins class despite all the horrifying events happening. Yu and ALojz destined to meet again find themselves chatting together toward the Cafeteria. Our heroes; Alojz, Yu, Karma, Null and Brent now eat in wonder of the next few events to happen.

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  2. Alojz sat in Mr. Chinatsu's class studying on how to redirect a magical attack like a fireball using our mana without actually using any of our accursed powers. Alojz's blade sat on his desk as he leaned on one hand staring at the board. The headmaster was holding a tournament soon, but so suddenly. It was strange to say the least especially taking account for lives at risk. Alojz leaned back in his chair and sighed, Mr. Chinatsu's lesson was but a figment of imagination now. If Alojz had Mr. Palenski he'd be deathly bored right about now and Ms. Masumi was too strict. Mr. Chinatsu on the other hand was just loud and obnoxious.

    "Barna! Barna!" Mr. Chinatsu continued to beckon Alojz from his dream like state. Alojz slowly woke not realizing he fell asleep.

    "Sorry Chinatsu." Alojz said half asleep.

    "Mr! Mr. Chinatsu!" Mr. Chinatsu caused a dent in the board as he tapped it with the chalk repeatedly. "Ah great!"

    "Sorry." Alojz replied staring at the dent.

    "Be quiet Barna." Mr. Chinatsu banged the dent out and proceeded with his lesson. Alojz gave a hand salute and store off at the board again.
  3. Yuriko was sitting in class, listening intently, it was a class on how to efficiently use your mana, in fact, occasionally, she was practicing this by tossing her eraser up in the air and slowing down time a little in order to catch it. Slowly but surely, she was getting the hang of this and she was using a little less mana to slow down time the same way each time, to your average observer though, it appeared she had some inhuman reflexes, or at least that she was extremely lucky. This used to drive Ms. Masumi crazy when she had first started teaching this class, but perhaps it stopped looking so odd after she had explained what she was doing to her, though she still got some wierd looks from her fellow classmates sometimes and people often talked about what she did, no doubt thinking it was rather odd behavior for such a "cute girl" like her. All in all however, it was strange to begin with that someone as small as her was in a class such as this, even if most of the students weren't too far from her age, she looked like a child at first glance, and sure she did exceptionally well in class and progressed fast, she'd never skipped ranks. Nor does she plan to, she wanted to learn as much as she could to prepare for her ultimate goal; to defeat the Ruby knight once and for all. She really did aspire to be just like her distant cousin Ayu Konata, though she had no idea where she was, or what she was even doing, not many did if any at all...
  4. Just then the bell rung signaling a free session. It was music to Alojz's ears, he could finally escape the prison of Thieves 107. He grabbed his blade and sprinted for the halls, he zipped all the way to a large crowd sitting in front of the entrance to the forest. Alojz came to a slow stop and looked around to see what was going on. He pushed through to the front and stumbled out onto his knees. When he looked up he almost threw up, three upperclassmen that were dressed for a mission sat crucified on a set of 9 trees conveniently placed trees bound by chains. The headmaster walked through the crowd each step he took the students subsided to make room. He reached Alojz and rose him to his feet.

    The headmaster leaned in close to Alojz. "Go stand among your peers boy and listen to what I have to say." Mr. Lapus spoke with a kind tone, but a deep voice. Alojz nodded and scurried over to the crowd. Mr. Lapus, the headmaster, walked over to stand in front of forest entrance. "My students what you see before you is the cause of the tournament. I'm sure you've all heard rumors of things like Santa Claws." Mr. Lapus paced around slowly drawing out each name followed with some descriptive action. "Maybe the undead of Norfolk. Perhaps even the Ruby Knight." Mr. Lapus stopped and faced forward. "The Ruby Knight, a pirate of the lands and a master of the flames. We believe many of these rumors have become true. And our reasoning is... simply the fact... of this." With each pause Mr. Lapus took a larger step back until it was like the dead students were breathing on his neck.

    When he reached them ones mouth and eyes glowed projecting the image of the Ruby Knight, behind him two Type-3 Trolls were setting up the trees for the dead students. Apparently it was some form of magic. "Congratulations old man! You've found me, but you know I don't appreciate that because now I have to leave a surprise for you too." A sudden shriek followed by the shaking of the ground scared everyone, but Mr. Lapus just looked to his left where some students had taken care of the Type-5 Worms. "Nasty bastards they are." He returned his attention to the projection that talked through it. "But, I also hate playing fair so, I left you two! The first is your real surprise. The second is right here!" The man tossed his blade at the student's chest and then looked at it disgusted pulling it out. The projection ended their and it was just static. "So as you can see, Elkhorn has acquired a little enemy, but not to worry because our Exceptionals Exams will determine who goes face to face with this monster. And until further notice, no one leaves Elkhorn grounds." Mr. Lapus took a step forward and opened his spellbook and started chanting, as soon as he clapped his hands together a powerful wave of energy surged passed everyone and secured a perimeter around Elkhorn. The energy then grew creating a large force field. Mr. Lapus then walked away waving and wishing everyone good luck.

    Alojz stood a little shell shocked, he has never encountered something bigger than a Type-4 and now it seems this pirate can tame these beasts. "This isn't right. We'll all die if he brings those here." A hand fell onto Alojz's shoulder and he jumped.

    Mr. Chinatsu stood behind Alojz and looked up at the bodies frowning. "Barna this is the journey of a real Magic Hunter, it's not fun and games. Let's get moving you need to train if you even want to live next week." Alojz nodded and let Mr. Chinatsu guide him to the gym.
  5. Yurika was standing there, nearly at the front of the crowd but not quite, she watched the bodies, not seeming to flinch despite being greatly disturbed on the inside, this was the very thing she'd prepared for... The reason her foster parents urged her to join the academy, and the rumored reason to why she had been orphaned at an early age in the first place; the Ruby Knight, the dark pyromancer, the tamer of the beasts, the heartless killer, someone she didn't hold in high regards to say the least. However, seeing what they had all been gathered here for simply further enforced how she felt, though she knew she wasn't nearly at the skill level she needed to be to challenge him yet, she looked up at the bodies another time, her fists clenching, trying to keep tears from falling... Maybe she was softer than her distant cousin, Ayu, but she'd uphold her legacy... Somehow, but first, she needed to head to that gym and start some physical training for a change, though she couldn't help but spot someone else who was doing the same, except accompanied by a teacher. She didn't approach them, nor did she speak, but instead just quickened her pace and followed behind then, she knew where the gym was but hadn't gone inside it yet. Perhaps she could figure out the standards they had when it came to practicing and sparring in the gym with them, they were the only ones who seemed to stand out from the general crowd at the moment anyways.
  6. Alojz reached the gym and Mr. Chinatsu left him to the gym instructor Derek. Alojz went into the closet and dragged a dummy out, just getting the 250lb weights out onto the gym floor is a work out, let alone when Derek activates them. When Alojz looked ready Derek inserted a magical battery and the dummy summoned a fireball then followed with an axe kick. "Damnit this one is an Assassin!" Alojz rolls out of the way of both attacks then charges with his blade, the dummy kept going back wary of the blade then jumped up shooting a wave of fire from its feet. Alojz sidestepped and pole vaulted with his blade kneeing, the dummy's head. It fell over and then spun upwards Alojz jumped back and slashed downward, but the dummy rocketed to the side by exhausting flames from its rear. Alojz slid into its head at one point of its lap around him flipping it over onto its feet. It stood up and ran at Alojz, Alojz readied his blade and started parrying its deathly blows. The pair stayed in close combat until, it jumped back and launched a fireball and Alojz took his blade and sliced through it. The flame stayed with the blade and Alojz slammed it down beneath the dummies feet and a column of fire erupted. "Magic redirection..." Alojz jumped in the air raising his blade. "Take that!" He started laughing, proud of himself.
  7. Seeing a fellow, albiet slightly higher ranking student pull out a training dummy from the closet, Yurika decided to do the same after a moment, granted the dummy wasn't the easiest thing to lift and she was grunting a little as she carried it out into the open. Though as she did so, she observed the student as he fought the test dummy, noting the rather tricky moves it had been trying to pull, however it seemed this particular student had the upper hand, but just barely... His strategy was a defensive one more than an offensive one, it faintly resembled her own strategies before she had learned to manipulate time, that on the other hand has provided her the versatility she needed for the strategies she liked to employ. Looking towards the Gym instructor however, she wasn't sure what kind of class the dummy would be as, however it was up to the Gym instructor, Derek, if she remembered his name right, not her, so she gave him a nod to indicate she was ready, and crossed her arms, keeping a firm grip on the hilts of her two katana's she'd carried around; they were light, and easy to use with the techniques she usually employed when she fought.
  8. Derek put the battery in the machine and scurried out of the ring, which was just a chalk circle. Normally students are given at least half the gym during exams, but this was training and he had to make room. The dummy stood up and began to levitate throwing its arms in a circular motion. A ball of energy created and its eyes lit up a blew and rune symbols started lighting up on its arms. Acolyte.

    Alojz looked at the girl resting his unoccupied hand on his hip and the other holding the blade with the tip facing the ground. The girl didn't look familiar in the slightest. Some weights caught his eye and he jogged over to the changing room and got dressed into his gym clothes. He came back out and jumped on the bench-press lifting 230. It was when he finished his set that he realized the weights were apart of the obstacle course. Alojz now had to lift everything else at 230. Derek was giving him the evil eye while Alojz sat still, when Alojz noticed he got busy lifting the weights, then proceeded to the 100m monkey bars, followed by 10 minute push-ups at a rate of 1 per second. By the time Alojz finished the lap around Elkhorn and back to the gym he was out of breath and dying. "This is... cruel and unusual punishment..." Alojz collapsed almost falling asleep on the spot.
  9. Yurika watched, drawing her weapons as the test dummy began to levitate, charging up some sort of mana attack; it was no doubt an acolyte, skilled in magic, but if stuck without its mana supply, it wouldn't be nearly as effective as it usually would be in battle. Closing her eyes, she concentrating, slowing down the flow of time just by a few seconds or so for the time being, she didn't want to exhaust too much ammunition, though she already had an idea what the dummy would do, running towards it, she swerved left and right at a seemingly irregular rate, seeing to move a bit faster due to her tampering with the flow of time... As she did so, she aimed to jump up towards the test dummy when she got close enough, carefull to stay away from the front of it as she did so. One thing she knew for sure about acolytes was that she couldn't affort to be caught right in the middle of one of their mana blasts, but that didn't mean she couldn't return such a blast, but she would prefer that she saved her mana for time manipulation, something she was doing more and more regularly as of late.
  10. The Acolyte began teleporting escaping the flow of time with each port. He then teleported behind Yurika and fired a voltage of electricity high enough to kill her even in training. Derek then raised a brow, it wasn't supposed to have enough juice for that. It then landed shaking the ground, upon landing it charge with a rune on its arm for death. Before getting even close to Yurika it fell. Derek was on the edge of his seat, but then calmed down after realizing what happened. The image of the dummy shattered on the ground and the real one and escaped Yurika's time manipulation by traveling high up. It started summoning beasts that would form out of shadows and lunge at Yurika. Derek let out a hearty laugh looking over to a kid who fell off the monkey bars. Alojz had fallen asleep.
  11. Yurika managed to dodge the electricity the Acolyte had shot at her, barely, just because the Acolyte could escape the flow of time didn't mean it's attacks would as well, turning around she was preparing to strike at it, but just then... It fell down to the ground seeming to shatter, it was clear that it had been an illusion now, and upon realizing this, Yurika quickly looked around for the real dummy which had gotten out of the general radius her time manipulation had... Instead of directly attacking the shadow beasts it had formed, she started to break into a sprint, dodging the beasts that lunged against her with the help of slowed down time before launching herself into the air, this time, she tried a new maneuver. Using her mana to help her gain a bit of momentum, trying to keep time slowed to the speed she had it before as she did so, she started rotating, at first slowly, but quickly picking up speed, the rate the blades moved around almost made them resemble some sort of razor as she shot up, aiming to hit the test dummy with a flurry of hits before it tried anything else. As always, she avoided traveling directly in front of it, after all, being in front of it would just simply leave her open to a rather devastating attack.
  12. Reentering the range of the magic the acolyte started mana bleeding. While Thieves and Assassins are taught mana redirection, Acolytes are taught to mana bleed in which they steal the mana of their opponents by consuming their attacks. Sometimes consuming the attack is actually eating it, this is one of those cases. The Acolyte dummy opened its mouth wide and a sucking vortex pulled the mana from her magic some being absorbed the rest turned into a blue ball of energy. The Acolyte now scanned for Yurika, but before he could spot her the cold metal of a blade connected to his corduroy skin.
  13. Letting out a shout, Yurika tries to land as many blows on the dummys body as she could before she plunged downwards as gravity's effects were inevitable, she had her blades ready, but she was a bit tired out from those shadow beasts she's dodged. Looking up at the Acolyte, she tensed herself up, getting herself ready to launch another attack on it if need be, she wasn't so sure the numerous hits she'd dealt it would do the trick as she'd seen this test dummy was quite tricky indeed. This time, she was fully on guard as she looked around every now and then, making sure none of the shadow beasts were still there to cause any trouble, her gaze returning to the Acolyte, she felt a lack of speed from the time manipulation field dispersing... Must have been that Acolyte's handiwork, she couldn't remember the name for such a move, but she had a feeling it had just absorbed her field, converting it into raw mana for it to use.
  14. The Acolyte's magical ball began to surge with energy as its eyes blinked and it fell to the ground. The ball implodes only to pull the dummy up and push him back down with extreme force. This was a cause of raw energy let out of control, the Acolyte had died in a sense. Almost anyways where he had fell Alojz was walking and it fell on top of him. Alojz grabbed its neck and tossed it across the gym. "My hands! What the hell!" When the dummy slammed into the gym wall Alojz turned and faced Yurika seeing her worn out and with an empty circle. "You're lucky I saw that-" His arm pulsed a red hue and he fell grasping it and staring with his mouth open like he was out of breath. Derek leaned on his arm rest and spoke out to Yurika. "You don't look the type to worry, but he'll be fine if I guessed right. I've seen him in D-Day Exams. It's a rage magic, huge lack of breath, etc. It just seems to be an enchantment sort of thing though, I just wouldn't get near him." Alojz's breaths became a red gas and symbols started flooding from his arms, he kept breathing as much as he could until he calmed down and it seemed like time stopped around him for a split second and a flash of light he was normal. "Told ya." Alojz stood up and glared at Yurika. "I'm going to kill you! Ah!" Alojz held his head and ran as fast as he could out of the gym before anything else happened. Derek waved as he ran away. Just then the bell rang "They always said school was a place to get to know each other. Anyway, off to class all of you." Derek jumped down and transformed into a big wolf growling at everyone and throwing the tired, slow, and hard headed students (and dead ones) out the gym. A Janitor came by shortly to clean up the mess in and outside the gym.

    Headmaster Gor stood up looking for a book on his shelves when the sound of rustling cloths landing in his chair got him to jerk his head and summon a volt of electricity toward his chair singing it and causing the cotton to pop. A portal stood glowing where his door was and then a tail popped up from behind the desk. Then three more and Gor's expression became confused, then five more popped up and they all waved their black tipped ends at him. Gor laughed as he looked at them and continued looking for a book. "Oh, my. Bo! What a surprise for you to drop by." Bo stood up and looked at him. "Yo, Headmaster! I'll cut to the chase, the plane has received quite a bit of revenue from here recently. Do they suck that bad?" All though he sounded as if he was joking Bo was not, as the king of the plane he gets 2% of the money collected in a person's lifespan. Whether they had it with them on their death or otherwise does not matter, if it fell under their possession it's part of his paycheck and recently Elkhorn deaths have hit an all time high. Bo let his head surface above the desk glaring at the headmaster's back. "Well out with it man!" "We're working on it." Bo stood up and walked away. "I'll gather the magic hunters, maybe the others will help." The portal disappeared as Bo walked through it and Gor picked up a book. "What has it been, six years? and he's still on my nerves." The headmaster went and took a seat to read.
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  15. Yurika looked surprised at what just happened, that wasn't something she had planned, she looked towards the unfortunate student whom the dummy had landed ontop of with a bit of an upset expression, she hadn't intended for something like that to happen. Unfortuantely though, he seemed quite mad, but the gym instructor quickly explained his reason for it and Yurika nodded, she had a confused look when the gym instructor mentioned she didn't look like the type to worry, but she quickly shook it off when she saw the boy from before looking rather angry, glaring at him. "Wait... I-" Before she could respond, he'd already rushed out the door, holding his head, she was about to run after him, feeling quite bad about this whole thing when the bell rang. She quickly waved to the Gym instructor "See you and... Sorry for the mess." she said quickly, dashing out of the room after the boy, she was heading off down the hall towards her own class. One thing she knew was that she couldn't afford to be late, it wasn't good for her to miss vital information, but she really needed to find out more about that boy, she still felt bad about what had happened before. Though for now, she'd just get to class and worry about this when she had the chance to, maybe ask around for once, even if it may be a bit awkward at first since she'd never really talked to other students alot of the time.
  16. Alojz began tumbling to his knees as he gained more muscle mass and taller and his skin tone turned to a pitch black. The symbols started sprawling out over his body from his eyes and began glowing red again. He let out a loud cry and stood back up his eyes were pitch black except for the red pupils that now replaced the black ones. His hair grew at an irregular rate and gave him a long wave going down his back, he hunched over onto his hands and spat up a green blood and soon his eyesight faded, then his smell disappeared, then taste left him as well, and finally his hearing increased to where he head the mouse land on the other side of the school. All of the voices flowing into his head only irritated him more and he took of toward his classroom blind and crashed into everything only getting even madder eventually Mr. Chinatsu came out and fixed his glasses. "Well, No way in hell I can fix you now, but..." In a flash a cut went across Alojz's abdomen and he shrunk back to his normal size, but he still had every other effect of the curse. "It's time for class Mr. Barna! Now sit your ass in a desk!" Alojz turned to him holding his side and quivering from all the noise. "I know you can speak Alojz, this is your curse get over it! You've been a whining kid since you got here! Get a rein on your emotions or I won't miss the heart next time!" Alojz continued to quiver until he shrunk back to size and his features except for his hair returned to normal, he also fell asleep like a rock. Mr. Chinatsu cleared his throat as he walked over to him, once above the sleeping boy he raised his leg. "Punishment of the Master: Dead Arm!" He slammed his leg onto Alojz's arm giving Alojz a shocking pain throughout his body and causing him to shoot up. The class had taken this time to shoot into the room before the late bell. Three students joined Alojz on the floor for being late. "Get your asses in your seats. And don't be late next time." The students and Alojz limped to their seats and Alojz's cut was gone the only thing that had ripped from the transformation. Nothing. What had ripped was Mr. Chinatsu's handy work. Jeez my whole body aches! Better take a nap! Alojz let his head hit the desk and fall asleep.
  17. Yurika made his way to class, looking around at the other students, raising an eyebrow to the few that looked at her weird, discouraging people from staring, she was spacing out, thinking about that boy from earlier, he was older than her, but... He seemed less tempered than her, but as the Gym teacher had said, this was probably due to the rage-magic he used, if that was the case, it must be some sort of curse he had, and if that were true, he must be an Theif! This interested Yurika as she'd never really met properly with members other factions before, perhaps she could start with him! She knew where the Thief quarters were and where they took classes, but at the same time, she wasn't sure how well he'd take something like that, in either case, she figured she could at least give that a shot at some point, but right now, she directed her attention to her teacher. She wasn't sure when class would start, but it definitely would be soon, she decided to dig a piece of paper out so she could start taking notes of anything usefull she learned here.
  18. (( @york as much as I would love to have full control over all NPCs, like last one you can control them if necessary. Ms. Masumi is calm and not easily angered like Chinatsu and Derek ))

    Mr. Chinatsu had been explaining how to use mana to strengthen attacks through a force known as chi. If one could empty their mind they could channel enough to seem super human. Alojz used his half-asleep trick, retaining all the information through a dream. Alojz was asleep still when the bell rang and when he woke the only thing he saw was a hand come swinging down splitting his desk in two. Mr. Chinatsu fixed his glasses again. "Normally I would crack your skull for something like that, but considering I sliced your stomach open I let it slide. Don't let me catch you asleep in class again."

    Alojz just sat staring at his split desk then blinked and came back to reality. "Oh! Uh... yeah. I'm fine now though." I was two seconds from being a piece of firewood though! Alojz stood up and collected his belongings and walked out the class.

    "Oh, yeah that was the end of the day bell. Even with all the hell going on Exceptional Exam challenges are still valid. Mind passing those smokes?"

    Alojz looked over his shoulder and saw the smokes on the chalk board's tray. He picked them up and tossed them to Mr. Chinatsu. "Later!" Mr. Chinatsu picked Alojz's desk up with one hand and tossed it to the back of the room. Alojz now walked down the hall unaware of whatever it was Chinatsu did on his spare time.

    Bo trudged through the snow to the house of Ayu Konata. Kid, Bo's servant, walked alongside him holding a frozen comic. "Master I should take my spear and shove it right up your-"

    "I see it! The spa! It looks so warm!"

    "You've gone delusional Master!"

    Bo snapped a gaze at him. "Your just jelly because I found the spa first."

    "Jelly? What the hell... Nope forget it. That there Master, is Ayu's house. Remember the one that obviously had the hots for you. Her face was so annoying, I still hate that girl." Kid being the magical being he is, is completely unaffected by climate here on earth. He is always hot as is the place of the phoenix where his body hails from. Bo can't unsummon him because he lost his guitar case which contained the seal years ago.

    Bo giggled hearing hot. "I'd like to be hot right about now."

    "As you wish Master! Pheonix Cannon!" Kid took his spear and whacked Bo in the buttocks into Ayu's door making a loud thud, his tails followed making the illusion of a knock. A small fire now burned on Bo's rear.
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  19. ((@ShiroKiyoshi Alright o.o I'll do that then))

    Yurika Konatu
    Ms. Masumi began teaching in no-time, and as usual, Yurika listened intently, trying her best to keep up with what she was saying which wasn't too hard thankfully, she was writing down page after page of notes with an increasingly fast pace. A few of the more slacking students actually turned over, staring at her as she did that, it seemed it wasn't as normal as she'd thought for this sort of thing to happen, but, she was far to concentrated on the class for them to notice, and eventually Ms. Masumi giving them a stern glance made them turn back to their work again. Her thoughts drifted back to that boy she had met in the gym, strange fellow he was, and she really was looking forward to meet him, class was just about over, she could tell because Ms. Masumi was wrapping up the remainder of it. Starting to pack up her things since she had finished up her notes, she waved goodbye to Ms. Masumi and started out the door, running as fast as she could as she did this, she hoped she could catch up to that boy from before, she turned a few corners and continued running... Though she screeched to a halt when she almost ran right into him "Oh! Uh... Sorry!" she said apologetically, realizing if she hadn't been on guard, she probably would have plowed right into him.

    Ayu Konata
    Ayu had picked up her blades and was practicing like she habitually did every now and then when she heard a knock on the door, though the first one was actually quite loud for a knock "Who could it be?" she thought to herself, walking towards the door cautiously. Flinging the door open, she instantly recognizes who was at the door right now "BO! Where have you been all these years?!" she exclaimed, though, after a moment, she looked towards him again, noticing he had a distinct scorch mark on his rear and he was quite cold, his assistant was there behind him like always, she quickly dragged him inside, and waited, holding the door open, for his assistant to come inside. She tried to recall his name... Kid? Yeah, that was it, though she forgot that he still held a bit of a grudge against her for reasons she had yet to understand.​
  20. Kid walked in grumpily tripping own two feet, but quickly caught himself and sat on a coffee table. Bo slammed the door shut and his hallucination started to disappear as he warmed up. When the hallucination of a spa was gone Bo shook his head a little, and then sniffed the air. It smelled like Ayu, Bo remembered why he came and in a post Bo started carving a weird symbol with his nail. "Hiya Ayu. Well, you know me just hanging around doing nothing killing monsters and what-not. How about you?" Kid summoned a comic and started reading.


    Alojz wasn't paying attention and walked right by her, but then the silver hair caught his attention and he stomped backwards. He examined her face, it was the girl that hit him with the dummy. "Normally I'd want to plow through you, but as you saw it ain't good for me to get mad." He started walking toward the mess hall. "If you wanted to talk we can do it over dinner."

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