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    2012. The world’s natural resources are dwindling, conflicts between countries are eminent and people are unsettled. War is inevitable. In the space of just eight years the violent clash of global super-powers will bring humankind to its knees, leaving the terrain desolate and bereft of nourishment, and sucking all hope from the heart of civilization.

    2020. The development of the Genesis Virus, the latest in biological warfare, devastates the populace, wiping out billions of innocents and leaving misery and disease in its wake. Leaving few survivors, the virus saw the end of the war, but not without consequence.

    The M-Gene, found in only a fraction of the surviving community just a few years later, reveals a genetic abnormality in this minority causing previously unknown gifts, both beneficial and harmful, to manifest. The term "mutant" quickly escalates into a taboo term throughout the remnants of society.
    Under the leadership of one Malcolm Liebert, the following years will see the construction of a "utopia" named Eden, a city under a controversial government designed for the protection and improvement of the lives of the survivors. Mutants, however, are ostracized, and treated with hostility.

    It is now the year 2097. Eden’s population is just over 30 million, and under the control Liebert’s grandson.
    Welcome to Eden. It's in the G E N E S.