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    You have been sent this note, you have no idea what you did to get this note, but was too happy to question it. Eastford Manor is located in Richmond Virginia. This will take place the whole summer break, so you eight boys need to interact. the mansion is in front of a huge beach and indvisual bedrooms. The maids are there to do your bidding, and your command so they do whatever you say.

    -All kinds of romance is allowed, including sexual themes.
    -Everyone is a boy except for the maids that are boys and girls.
    - At least a paragraph a post (if you are stumped then just PM me)
    - I will announce if there is a new arrival or time skips (not sure if i am sticking with only eight contestants)
    -No fighting in the ooc
    -no goddmoding
    -Have fun!
    Rooms (sorry not animated)

    Bedrooms (open)

    Room 1: Avery Hamasaki
    Room 2: (Open)
    Room 3: (Open)
    Room 4: (Open)
    Room 5: (open)
    Room 6: Xavier Mcintosh
    Room 7: (Open)
    Room 8: (Open)

    Bathrooms (open)

    1st floor:
    2nd floor:
    3rd floor:

    Kitchens (open)

    Kitchen 2nd floor:
    Kitchen 4th floor:

    Living room (open)


    Chill room (open)


    Dining room (open)


    Laundry room (open)


  2. Stelios cleaned the mansion. He had his suit on with a smile on his face. "I can't wait till they come, won't be lonely anymore" He was cleaning Room #1 where he currently slept. All maids weren't allowed to sleep on beds, but since no one was here yet, he would lay on the couch till the managers left and run to the bed, set the alarm clock and fall asleep in whichever bed he wanted. Wonder if their will be any boys my age? i hope so! Stelios was really excited for this year since last year was lame.
  3. "Woah" Ben said as he stepped up to the Jet..."This is crazy!" Ben looked around and went to a seat..the first to be picked up...awesome! Ben was in awe, this was really happening, holy heck. He looked out the window and realized this was going to be the best summer of his life...​
  4. Xavier walked on the plane, his bags hand already been loaded one the plane so he was empty handed. Seeing the comfy chairs only billionaires had in their planes Xavier decided to sit in one. Looking around he noticed there was another boy on the plane. "Hi I'm Xavier" he said extending his hand and taking the seat next tothe other boy.
  5. "Hi, Ben here!" Ben said as he shook his hand, reaching behind his head and scratching at his scalp he give a big toothy smile. "So you're headed to this Eastwood Manor too!? It sounds like it's going to be so much fun!" Ben said as he looked at Xavier​
  6. Wow this kid is energetic Xavier thought to himself. "Yeah it should be fun a mansion and an army of butlers and maids to order around haha jk" Xavier said flashing the boy a smile before sitting back in his seat.

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  7. Avery Hamasaki, Gold
    "Gah, I'm going to be late for the jet and then I'll have to spend another boring summer here!"

    Avery Hamasaki, a small, young boy just shy of becoming fifteen, was struggling to get out of his friend's car. Snickering could be heard and he threw a glare over his shoulder as he finally got out of the car. Closing the door shut, he situated the strap over his shoulder and the cap on his head before making his way around the car towards the trunk. He slammed his hand against the trunk twice, an indication for it to be popped open. Grunting, he pushed the top up and bent down to take out his two suitcases and a backpack. You would think he brought his whole room. Hell, maybe his whole house.

    He closed the trunk and waved at his friend as they drove off. Letting out a sigh, he made his way into the airport, excitement rushing through him. It wasn't hard to find the jet that was mentioned in the letter that he had received. As he did the usual airplane routine, taking out the other information that came in the envelope and showing it when necessary, he was finally able to board the private jet. The blond's amber eyes were wide in awe as he walked down the aisles, looking at everything. I'm in a private jet! I can't believe this, he thought.

    After putting all of his things up, he took a random seat and relaxed in it. The teen noticed that there were two other boys near by. He glanced at them. They must have been selected as well. Since they were all going to be spending the entire summer together, Avery assumed that he should introduce himself.

    "Hi, I'm Avery! Avery Hamasaki," he said in a cheerful voice, beaming.
  8. Turning away from Ben Xavier saw another boy enter the plane. This one was younger than him too, probably the same age as Ben. Xavier guessed they were 14 by the looks of them. "Hi I'm Xavier" he said to the new boy. I wonder if I should introduce Ben to him or if I should let the boy do it himself....he's bubbly enough he'll be fine.


  9. "Hey! I'm Green...Ben Green" Ben said in a funny tone keeping to his upbeat personality! "I can't believer we are all selected for this amazing trip!" Ben said happy as can be and looked out the window again not wanting to wait to arrive to the mansion..​
  10. We would like to thank you for coming to the Eastford Manor. Please take your seat it is a five hour flight so rest up

    The pilot announced as the flight was about to begin. Meanwhile Stelios was so happy that more boys were coming, this was going to be so exciting, he couldn't wait to meet them.
  11. Time skip to The arrival at Easford Manor
  12. Xavier looked out the window once the plane had landed. "Whoa look out the window!" He told the other boys. They were on a private runway and beyond the runway was an ENORMOUS mansion. This place must have cost like a billion dollars. Looking around he noticed a large outdoor pool, gardens surrounding the mansion, and a terrace that faced the backyard and that was only the beginning.
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  13. Stelios smiled when he finally saw the plane land. He ran out the back door. He saw one of the boys already come out and went to greet him. "Hello you must be...Xavier Mcintosh, welcome to Eastford Manor" Stelios had his black suit on with his blue tie.
  14. Seeing a boy come up to him and call him by his name Xavier figured he was going to be staying at the mansion too. "Yeah I'm Xavier" Xavier reached his hand out for the boy to shake it. "Do your parents own this mansion?" Xavier asked, he had noticed that the boy was wearing a suit, one that a butler might wear, he's too young to be a butler.

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  15. "Oh no, i'm just a maid for any of your boys needs, welcome to Eastford Manor, i don't get paid but love coming here, if i'm correct, is your room, Room #1?" He smiled and walked to the plane. "Hello is anyone else there?"

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  16. "Wouldn't you be a butler then.....since you're a guy?" Xavier asked puzzled that the boy would consider himself a maid. "Um a believe my room in #6, at least that's what the paperwork said" Xavier held the paper up for the boy to see.
  17. Ben stepped off the plane with his two suitcases, and his bookbag...Seeing the pool he lit up as he saw a diving board "I'm Ben!" he said Smiling his familiar toothy smile. "Woah this place is absolutely amazing! You guys even have diving boards so I can show off my dives!" Ben said happy as could be..​
  18. "Well i do a lot of needs, but i clean rooms and help around the mansion, and with peoples personal needs, while a butler just serves food, i'm terrible at that" Stelios gave an awkward laugh. "Hello Ben, my name is Stelios Margaritis and i will be your guys personal maid, so ever need me just blow this whistle whenever you want" Stelios smiled and handed them the whistles, "Now let me show you to your rooms"

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  19. Grabbing the whistle from Stelios he said "thanks." Hearing that they would be going to see there rooms not Xavier had a slight smile on his face and said "let's."
  20. "Okay! I can't wait to put my stuff down and test the diving board!" Ben said smiling and followed Stelios

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